The Best 4-Wheel Golf Push Carts For The Course

The Best 4-Wheel Golf Push Carts For The Course

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The best golf push carts often have a set of optional features that make them more than just a simple push cart. They range from adaptive cradles to easy-to-replace turf tires that are great for getting around the course and for carrying club bags. Other 4-wheel carts don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they are great for carrying around your bags pretty much wherever you go. You want some that the designed to work in areas with bumps in the ground or somewhere with hard surfaces. On the other hand, you also want a push cart that can handle a little dirt and mud just for those times when it happens to sprinkle rain on your way to the next hole.

We went out and tested the best 4-wheel golf push carts that appeared to meet these specifications. In this article, we will look at their features and how well each product works. We have also included our top picks for the best golf push carts you can buy today.



⛳️ Patented one-click button folds the cart to compact size (17" x 14.2"X 26.4"), strong aluminum frame, weighs less than 17 lbs 

⛳️ Large 11.5" x 2.6" rear and 10.5" x2.4" front EVA maintenance-free wheels provide perfect balance and traction on all types of Terrain

⛳️ 27-inch wide body design for effortless pushing, front-wheel axel suspension adds extra balance to the cart 

⛳️ Scorecard holder integrated with storage compartment, beverage/cell phone/GPS holder, and mesh net 

⛳️ Adjustable handle height for multiple pushing positions and foot brake are included


The CaddyCruiser ONE V8 has an upgraded One-Click Folding mechanism with the redesigned holder and storage compartment, as well as the new clamp-type golf bag holder. It is handy and straightforward to fold in one move. The larger, improved wheels allow it to move freely through the grass.

The sturdy, stable 4-wheel body design preserves a distinctive lightweight and compact folded form for simple storage in vehicle trunks before or after your game. With cushioned front wheels, several handle configurations, and smooth-rolling ball-bearing wheels, golfers can easily drive the cart over all sorts of terrain. The CaddyCruiser ONE V8 provides lots of storage and amenities that most golfers prefer, such as umbrella, scorecard, and beverage holders, as well as the unique & patented compartment with a built-in cooler. Whether it's raining or sunny, transport your clubs around the green in style and enjoy the game in comfort.


“Stop looking at other carts...this is one for YOU! Trust me. I have done the research, followed the blogs, seen the videos. THIS is the push cart for YOU!! I am tall (73 inches), and this cart is PERFECT for my height—plenty of room and stability for a full-sized or oversized bag. The wider stance and larger wheels (compared to Clicgear and other Caddy Tek models) is great for uneven terrain. I’ve gotten multiple compliments on it from others who have smaller or three-wheeled carts. In fact, based on my research, TWO of my golf-buddies also purchased Caddy Tek's. The cart is easy to assemble, open, adjust, close, etc. The adjustable handle, storage, drink holder, umbrella holder, pouch, and cooler are all as advertised and make this a TOTAL PACKAGE!!! I'd write more, but I have to get back on the links. P.S. - If you are interested in the Pitch and Putt tool on the left of the picture, search for Revel… a great tool for $20.00.”


✅ Built with a strong aluminum frame

✅ Weighs less than 17 lbs

✅ It has multiple compartments 

✅ It has a clamp type bag holder


❌ Umbrella holder works but looks cheaply made

2. PREMIUM CHOICE:  Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart


⛳️ Stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket with adjustable support arms lock the golf bag into place 

⛳️ Full feature, extra deep scorecard console includes golf ball storage and mobile device holder 

⛳️ 9.5-inch front and 11.5 inch oversized rear wheels roll through the grass with ease 

⛳️ Super compact for storage and transport


With the Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart, you can push your way to success. The BagBoy Quad XL provides the stability of a four-wheeled cart in an incredibly compact form; it folds up very small. The Quad XL cart rolls well, are lightweight and folds up quickly. The top panel has a scorecard, golf ball, tee, and beverage storage for simple gear access, and the Top-Lok Technology is a unique bag-to-cart connection mechanism that prevents twisting and turning throughout your game. The BagBoy Quad XL is a sleek bundle that will give years of simple and efficient usage.


“I've been going back and forth on riding vs. walking for some time now. On the one hand walking is healthy, on the other I don't necessarily golf for fitness, so why walk. (Sometimes I don't do anything for fitness, so again, why walk?) Given that I hadn't been playing all that much I usually just ended up forking over the cash and riding. Recently I've been getting to play more regularly and this internal debate started all over again. Still, I was having trouble getting used to the idea of a push cart. I'm no spring chicken, but I'm not an AARP member either. I'm just a Dad with a Dad Bod. Still young enough to remember the glory years while also realizing that they are long gone! The only thing that I knew for certain was that I didn't want to carry my bag for 18 holes.” 


✅ Four wheels offer superior stability with lightweight, solid, maintenance-free tires

✅ Compact fold size for storage and transport

✅ Has a beverage holder, mobile device holder, and golf ball storage

✅ Featuring Top-Lok technology, an exclusive bag-to-cart attachment system


❌ No umbrella holder included






3. MOST LIGHTWEIGHT: CaddyTek Explorer V8


⛳️ Patented simple 2 latched mechanism folds the cart to compact size (15. 75" x 13. 4"x 24") in 2 simple steps 

⛳️ Adjustable handle height for multiple pushing positions and 25. 5-inch wide body design for effortless pushing 

⛳️ Width between the two front wheels can be adjusted between 11. 5 to 12. 5 inches to fit any size of a golf bag and add the moving stability 

⛳️ Umbrella holder, foot brake are included 

⛳️ Scorecard holder integrated with storage compartment, beverage/cell phone/GPS holder, and mesh net


The setup of this model is not difficult at all. On the contrary, it's simple and uncomplicated.

CaddyTek's four-wheeled golf cart is ideal for players who wish to transport their equipment in elegance. The front wheels' adjustable width allows you to modify the cart to accommodate your luggage, and a tool is supplied to align the wheels. CaddyTek carts are lightweight and simple to use, making them perfect for outdoor exploration and golfing.

This golf cart is highly steady, glides smoothly, and is simple to operate. The front of the golf cart may elevate in two steps to clear obstacles thanks to the two-step rise and fall function. When you need to pull over to the side of the tee box, this is a handy feature. My golf bag fits well in the rear compartment. Overall, this is an excellent golf cart for navigating the course.


“I like everything about this cart. I don't usually gush over a product like this, but this thing is so well designed and full of features. I've owned Sunmountain and Clicgear carts. This one is superior, in my opinion. Set up and take down is reasonably simple after a few practices runs. Construction seems durable. Stability is good. Handling is also good. Front wheels adjust the width to accommodate a large golf bag. A tool is included to adjust front wheel alignment. Foot brake is easy to use. Storage accessory bag is included with a "cool pouch" for cold drinks. The compartment on the handle has an easy-open release button and snaps shut securely. Umbrella and drink holder also included. It even has a holder for your cell phone. Very smart engineering. Excellent value!”


✅ Strong aluminum frame, weighs less than 14 lbs

✅ The distance of the front wheel can be adjusted

✅ Umbrella holder included with storage compartment, beverage holder, and mesh net


❌ There are too many tabs to unlock and lock


⛳️ The Trek features a 4-wheel base for added stability on the course - it prevents the cart from easily tipping over on uneven terrain, the perfect golf caddy cart!

⛳️ Folds easily and compact (26. 5"X17"x13. 5") for convenient Transport/storage

⛳️ Rustproof aluminum construction 

⛳️ Our cart is designed to be comfortably used by golfers of any height and features an adjustable foam-covered handle 

⛳️ You never have to worry about taking our push cart golf caddy out on damp morning rounds


The Callaway Trek Golf Push Cart has a 4-wheel base for additional course stability, preventing the cart from readily toppling over on rough terrain. It includes all of the golf push cart accessories you'll need on the course, such as a scorecard holder, umbrella and drink holder, mesh storage bag, and foot brake. Designed to be utilized comfortably by golfers of all heights.

The push cart is lighter than any other Explorer previously developed, without sacrificing any of its compactness. The frame is built of high-quality aluminum, ensuring a long-lasting golf buddy for you.

It boasts a two-step folding mechanism that emphasizes the product's simplicity of use. The folding and unfolding procedure is simple and provides all of the comforts you've been looking for in a golf cart.

The cushioned front wheels are another characteristic that many players like about this four-wheel golf cart. This cart's front wheels are tough enough to drive across any terrain — there's no stopping the enjoyment when riding this cart.

You'll also like the golf cart's ergonomic adjustable grip, which has been intended to provide comfort regardless of the pushing position.


“Stumbled upon this cart on amazon by accident, and I’m very happy with the cart. I’m not an instructions guy but come to find out; I didn't need them; it was that easy. Umbrella and cup holders are a bonus, and the cart rides smoothly. The only criticism I have is when folded up and you go to pick it up, the clip holding it together can unlatch. Make sure you pick it up below this clip for easy transfer to the ground. The purchase price when I bought it was another bonus. I now see it's selling for $20 more plus tax. I recommend”


✅ It is made of a rustproof aluminum frame

✅ Adjustable foam-covered handle 

✅ Foldable and portable 

✅ Adjustable height


❌ It is pretty pricey

❌ The clip holding the push cart together with folded can unlatch easily

5. BEST ON BUDGET: Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart


⛳️ Golf push cart can be folded in 1 step to compact size(26" x 16" x 13"), and the weight of golf cart is approx 16 lbs

⛳️ Tangkula golf pull cart comes with high-quality aluminum construction and PP with 4 EVA cover wheels, which ensures large weight capacity and perfect balance and traction on all types of terrain

⛳️ With adjustable bag straps, the cart can fix any size golf bag. You can adjust the height of the push handle to accommodate different positions

⛳️ When not in motion, press the brake on the rear wheel, the cart will be parked well and press again to release the foot brake

⛳️ Simple assemble needed


Tangkula's foldable golf cart has a sturdy aluminum frame and four EVA-covered wheels. To conserve storage space, the wheels may be removed in seconds. Before or after a game of golf, the golf cart may be stored in the trunk of your vehicle. The foundation is sturdy and can accommodate any size golf bag. The four wheels provide superb balance. The 10.5′′ rear wheels can glide effortlessly over any terrain. To stop the cart, there is a foot brake in the back wheels. You may also store your phone, gloves, or other personal belongings in the storage compartment, and a cup holder is located on the handlebar. On bright days, the conventional umbrella holder will suffice. The height is also readily adjustable to fit all golfers. Tangkula golf carts will improve the convenience of your golf game.


“I have had this cart for 20 rounds of golf and it is excellent. It pushes easy, rolls well and the adjustable front wheels keep it away from my bag. The only drawbacks are: which it had a hand brake (no big deal, juts lazy) and would like to see the drink holder netting be adjustable for larger drinks.

Would buy it again and would recommend it to anyone!”


✅ Design of the foldable cart is cool and modern

✅ An adult can pick it up with one hand

✅ Very easy to store and doesn’t take much space


❌ It lacks a purse pouch or compartment 

❌ Drink holder doesn’t accommodate large drinks

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