Golf GPS Watch – Finding The Best One

Golf GPS Watch - Finding The Best One

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There are so many different golf GPS watches you will find on the marketplace. Knowing which one to select can be a real struggle. Once you are aware of the different things to look for, identifying the right watch for your needs will be easy.

Below, we will be going over some of the top things that you should look for and identify when buying a golf GPS watch.

golf gps watch redBudget For Your Golf GPS Watch

The main thing that you should be looking at in the initial stages of your search for the perfect golf gps watch would be the budget that you have to work with. Understanding your budget during the initial stage can really save you a lot of time.

By knowing your budget, you won’t waste a lot of your time on watches that are out of your price range.

Your budget will likely dictate the type of golf gps watches you will be considering. After all, you won’t be looking at watches priced out of your respective budget. You will find these watches that range from $100 to near $1,000 in price.

Therefore, you should be able to find suitable options no matter what budget restrictions you have.

Golf GPS Watch Use-Case

When you are shopping for a golf GPS watch, the primary factor that should dictate your buying decision would be your use-case. By knowing your intended use-case for the watch, you will better be able to identify key features that you will require in your golf GPS watch.

After all, if you plan on using it entirely for running, you won’t necessarily need the same features as someone looking to use it on the golf course.

For runners, you will likely place significant value on features that you will expect to use during your running sessions ranging from the inclusion of interval workouts, heart monitoring, waterproofing, and more.

golf gps watch green

All of these features will be key for those looking to use their watch for running activities.

Whereas, someone that is looking to use it on the golf course will likely value different features like having an easy to view display, having an accurate and built-in distance calculator along with other statistical analysis features that could come in handy when measuring shots and more.


Another factor that is likely going to dictate your buying decision would be the syncing options that the watch comes with.

A lot of the watches you will find on the marketplace hook up directly to your computer and can be downloaded using a USB cord. However, a lot of them also do it wirelessly through Bluetooth pairing.

Some include automatic syncing functionality which can make uploading your data much more seamless.

Golf GPS Watch Battery Life

Battery life can make or break your buying decision completely. Nothing is worse for a long-distance runner than buying a golf GPS watch that is incapable of providing sufficient battery life.

The majority of the watches you will find on the marketplace are capable of lasting around 10 hours per charge. However, some of the higher-end watches can last upwards of 20 hours.

golf gps watch silver


As mentioned, the features are likely to dictate your buying decision. However, some watches aren’t made for a specific audience. Instead, they are targeted towards all-around athletes.

Thus, they include multi-sport features which make them incredibly versatile. For those that are looking for an all-purpose GPS watch, this might be something that sways you towards a specific watch.

Overall, there is plenty that you ought to consider when you are shopping around for the right GPS watch. Follow these tips and you should be in a good position to identify the best watch to purchase.

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