5 Essential Game-Changing Golf Wedges for Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

Must-Have Golf Wedges For Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

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For those who are struggling with their game, golf wedges are the perfect tool to help them improve. There is a lot of room for improvement if you hit a few more of your shots near to the pin.

The driver is the primary club for so many golfers with higher handicaps and newcomers to the sport. They aspire to be able to hit the ball far and straight off the tee. All golfers should care about this, and it’s easy to see why. Beginners and players with higher handicaps should focus on their short game the most.

In order to improve your golf scores, you need to choose a wedge that provides you confidence and control around the greens. Having a fantastic wedge can make golf less frustrating for individuals who aren’t interested in lowering their scores.

A list of the finest golf wedges for high handicappers and beginners in 2022 has been compiled by our team. On this list, you’ll find a solution that fits your budget.

What High Handicappers and Beginners Should Know About Golf Wedge Selection

Consider the following factors when purchasing a golf wedge for high handicappers and novices. As a result, you could end up with a wedge that does not work well for your game if you are too careless about the style and specifications of your choice.

Wedge Style

Wedge shoes come in two main varieties: stiletto or wedge. A blade-style wedge and a cavity back are the two options. If you’re a beginner or a high handicapper, the cavity back wedges are the finest option for you.


Graphite and steel golf shafts are the two most common materials used to make golf wedges. Steel is by far the most prevalent material. Graphite shafts in the wedges, on the other hand, make sense if you already have them in your other clubs.


The normal loft of a golf wedge is between 48 and 64 degrees, depending on the model. Higher loft means that you can hit the ball further and softer. The majority of golfers prefer to have a variety of lofts in their bags in order to have the versatility they require in their short game.


A golf wedge with a higher bounce often has a greater degree of forgiveness. Higher-handicapping golfers will try to exploit the bounce to their advantage in order to make the club a little more forgiving.

Top Golf Wedges For Beginner and High Handicap Golfers


1. TOP PICK: Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge
2. MOST FORGIVING: Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge
3. BEST FOR FEEL: Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge
4. BEST FOR SHORTER BUNKER: Square Strike Pitching & Chipping Wedge
5. BEST FOR BUNKER SHOT: Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge

1. TOP PICK: Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge


⛳️ HOLLOW-CAVITY DESIGN – Additional weight distributed to the perimeter offers more forgiveness at impact.

⛳️ DYNAMIC SOLE – Three different sole grinds deliver more versatility to execute any shot on the course.

⛳️ AMAZING FEEL – Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology along with a GelbackTPU Insert reduces vibration for a pure feel at impact.

⛳️ ROTEX FACE – Fourth generation Rotex Face technology delivers our sharpest Tour Zip Grooves and most aggressive face milling for maximum spin and short game control.

⛳️ Black Satin Finish


The Cleveland CBX 2 is the best wedge for high handicappers and beginners in 2022. Cleveland’s player’s style wedge has a lot of feel and precision, but it’s easy to hit and forgiving for high handicappers.

With a hollow cavity construction, the CBX 2 wedge will perform similarly to any other cavity back wedge in your golf arsenal. Reduced vibration and a more pure impact sensation are two benefits of the feel balancing technology. Since the CBX 2 has a cavity-back design, golfers won’t have to worry about losing their grip when moving to this form of a wedge.

Players on the PGA Tour use wedges with Tour Zip grooves, and the CBX 2 has the same design. When it comes to greenside spin, the Cleveland CBX 2 may be able to help.


“On a whim, I removed my Vokey wedges and replaced them with the Cleveland CBX2 wedges. These wedges have transformed my short game. I am not sure why, perhaps it is just confidence. Yesterday I had a chip-in with the 60 degrees and a number of times I had kick-ins. Even my playing partners have noticed the difference. I just have a better feel with these wedges. I love them and look forward to hitting shots with them. I guess I am a show-off.”


✅ Available in a wide range of lofts

✅ Very easy to make contact with

✅ Lower vibration and an excellent feel

✅ Hollow cavity design for more forgiveness at impact


❌ Not the latest release from Cleveland golf

2. MOST FORGIVING: Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge


⛳️ More spin from groove-in-groove technology

⛳️ Four sole grinds to suit a variety of playing styles, attack angles and course conditions

⛳️ Broad range of lofts and bounce combinations

⛳️ Satisfying feel from soft carbon steel, precise cg locations and crisp turf interaction

⛳️ Platinum chrome or black matte finish


For a beginner or high handicapper, finding a forgiving wedge is critical. You can get terrific results even if the ball is slightly off-center when you use forgiving wedges.

The Mack Daddy CB Wedge is a fantastic fit for cavity back irons. Wedge to iron is a smooth transition that can help you improve your consistency. There are four different sole grinds and a number of lofts to choose from when purchasing the Mack Daddy CB Wedge. There’s no reason not to pack a few of these into your suitcase.

Overall, the Mack Daddy CB for a cavity-back style wedge wowed me in terms of feel and turf engagement.


“I have the 46 and 56 degrees. I am a 12 handicap and these two clubs are my most consistent. Before these clubs, I was an 18 handicapped. They have really helped my short game. I use the 46 as a replacement for my pitching wedge which was missing from the used set of irons I purchased. This has proven to be forgiving and smooth. I recommend these to anyone looking to up their short game.”


✅ Available in two finishes

✅ Features the Groove In Groove Technology 

✅ Wide range of lofts and bounce combinations


❌ Has a thicker leading edge that can be a bit difficult to get used to 


⛳️ Precisely shaped by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland for a beautiful look and extraordinary feel from 8620 mild carbon steel.

⛳️ The new tour-tested w and C grinds are both updated to make it easy to play a wider variety of greenside shots.

⛳️ Head shaping progresses from traditionally shaped lob and sand wedges to a compact player preferred design in the gap and pitching wedges for a seamless transition into an iron set.

⛳️ Stock shaft options include true Temper Tour issue 115 (steel) and project x Catalyst 80 (graphite). The stock grip is lambkin’s UTX in black/blue.


In terms of Callaway wedges, the Mack Daddy Jaws 5 is the top of the line model. Some people may be surprised to see this wedge on a list of recommended clubs for high handicappers and beginners. But even though this is not the most forgiving alternative, it is a great sensation and should be taken into account.

It doesn’t matter what your handicap or skill level is, a good golf wedge must feel right. In order to get the shots that you need, you need a wedge that feels wonderful. The Mack Daddy 5’s 8620 carbon steel clubhead is flexible and responsive to your golf shots.

Looking at this wedge from the bottom, you’ll see that it has a very smooth and thin profile. The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 wedge is an excellent choice for individuals who are serious about improving their wedge game.


“As a very casual golfer, I’ve never really had the desire to buy new equipment since I mainly play during the summer. However, I’ve never really owned a wedge and have always kinda struggled with the 3/4 and 1/2 swings from around 100 yards and in. After reading some reviewers I decided to give this club a try. I ordered a 54 degree and immediately loved it after a couple of swings at the driving range. I was finally able to play a round and I don’t know if it was a mental thing knowing I had a new club, but being able to put a full swing on the ball from just under 100 yards and sticking it on the green felt amazing. The ball gets amazing spin and was sticking on the green (greens are usually very hard and fast at the course I play). I love this club so much that I just ordered a 58 degree!!! If you’re reading this, stop and order the club already :)”


✅ Teaches players how to perform proper wedge shots

✅ Many different grind choices for the specifics of your game

✅ Comes in both graphite and steel shaft as a stock option


❌ Quite expensive

4. BEST FOR SHORTER BUNKER: Square Strike Pitching & Chipping Wedge


⛳️ The square strike wedge golf clubs for men and women conforms to the rules of golf; Give yourself an edge without breaking any rules with this chipping and pitching wedge

⛳️ The Square Strike Wedge pitching wedge has an extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge prevent digging; No more chunked pitch and chip shots reduces wasted strokes; Heavy, solid feel promotes greater confidence vs thin-faced wedges that dig and rotate

⛳️ The square strike wedge golf club for men and women has a putter-like length, 35.5 inches, and putter-like lie angle, 68 degrees, plus anti-rotational weighting make it easy to swing and control

⛳️ The Shorter length of this golf wedge for men and women makes it easier to control, no gripping down


The Square Strike Pitching is a new concept that helps golfers hit short pitches and chip shots around the green. The Square Strike is an excellent alternative if you’re having trouble chipping back and forth over a green and managing your shots.

You can use this club to simulate a putting stroke while still holding a wedge in your hand because it’s shorter than a conventional wedge. Initially, the ball will rise into the air and roll toward its intended destination. When you have this wedge in your bag, you’ll find it difficult to top or skull your shot.

A beginner golfer should give the Square Strike a try, even if it isn’t one of my favorite options for long approach shots. The Square Strike can help you perfect your chipping and pitching techniques.


“For a weekend golfer, it took a few times to get the speed of the swing down to make this club work correctly. I actually use it between 90-100yds, squared up & full swing, it is deadly accurate with minimal roll after landing on the green. Around the greens it works very well to get you closer to the pin but like I said it takes some time getting the correct speed and motion down. Well made club.”


✅ Very forgiving wedge to hit 

✅ Does not require a very large motion 

✅ Simple design and affordable club head


❌ Not a good wedge for longer approach shots to the green

5. BEST FOR BUNKER SHOT: Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge


⛳️ HIGH TOE PROFILE – Hit more extreme open-face shots with an extended toe portion, perfect for sliding under the golf ball and striking it on the toe.

⛳️ ROTEX FULL FACE – Rotex Milling, Laser Milling, and Tour Zip Grooves cover every millimeter of the hitting surface, ensuring maximum versatility with maximum spin.

⛳️ LOW C-SHAPED SOLE – Optimized for open face shots, Full-Face offers our lowest Cleveland CBX grind to date. It’s also C-Shaped for relief on the heel and toe, allowing for unhindered face manipulation.


Every rookie and high handicapper’s nemesis is the bunker shot. The idea of hitting out of the sand may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The bunker shot can be a straightforward task if you have the right equipment.

While the Tour Zip Grooves on the Cleveland CBX Full Face aid in increasing spin, it’s also a wedge that allows you to open up the club face more than most others on the market today. In every bunker, the open clubface makes it possible to get your ball out with one swing.

Open-face wedges do require some practice, but many high handicappers and beginners may get the hang of it with time. The height required to carry the ball out of a bunker is a common problem for both high handicappers and beginners. When you have this wedge in place, you’ll have no problem doing the task at hand.


“Everything I hoped it would be. Awesome club.”


✅ Great spin rates

✅ Allows for more versatility 

✅ Can slide under the ball in a bunker and easily lift it out


❌ Takes a bit of time to get used to the manipulating of the club face 

Final Thoughts

Cleveland’s CBX 2 wedges are the greatest all-around wedges for high handicappers and novices alike. Easy to use, with a fantastic feel to the ball, and quite forgiving. With a variety of loft and grind options from Cleveland, you can radically improve your short game with a few of these high-performance wedges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many degrees of a wedge should you start with?

Beginner golfers can get a lot of use out of a 56-degree sand wedge or one of the best gap wedges, both of which are excellent choices. With a hollow back design and full-face grooves, you’ll have an easier time dealing with off-center hits.

How many wedges should a player with a high handicap have in their bag at any given time?

The standard is three wedges, but you may desire as many as four or more.

Pitching, sand, and lob wedge are the three most commonly used wedges. A gap wedge, on the other hand, brings the total to four.

What is the difference between a 56 and 60 golf wedge?

Four more degrees of the loft are seen in a 60-degree wedge compared to a 56-degree wedge. When it comes to getting the ball in the air and stopping it on the green, having a little additional loft can go a long way. Wedge clubs with a 60-degree loft are ideal for greenside bunker shots because of their high rate of spin.

What 3 wedges should a high handicap golfer have?

The pitching wedge should be at 46°, the gap wedge at 52°, and the lob sand wedge should be at 58° if you’re going to use a three-wedge technique. Having a gap of 6° between each club gives you a wide range of alternatives.

Do high handicappers need loft wedges?

High-handicappers should have a 56-degree wedge in their bag at the very least. In addition, having a 52-degree and a 60-degree wedge will allow you to play a wide range of shots. The set’s loft gapping is the most important thing to look out for. Make sure that you don’t have significant loft gaps between clubs whenever possible. By doing so, we are able to traverse all of the distances.

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