The Best 2-Wheel Golf Push Carts For The Course

The Best 2-Wheel Golf Push Carts For The Course

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In the event that a golfer is planning to transport their golf clubs during a round of golf, then a 2-wheel golf push cart is going to help them do it. It makes it easier for a golfer to carry their clubs from hole to hole when using the push cart, which makes golf more enjoyable and more accessible to people who are injured or suffering from back problems. 

In relation to the types of carts available depending on what you need, there are five that stand out from the others, and we have highlighted these five below. We will discuss these 5 push carts in this article, and explain why they’re the perfect choice for certain people.



⛳️ The golf push cart two wheels folding golf hand cart is made with heavy-duty aluminum frame construction material & equipped with upper/lower brackets with elastic strap & bag holder

⛳️ This golf pull carts collapsible golf bag push cart features an ergonomic padded height adjustable handle for multiple pushing positions and to accommodate users of different heights

⛳️ Serenelife golf carts push-pull golf bag roller cart are equipped with two ball bearing wheels that provide balance and easy mobility on the course and traction on all types of terrain for a smooth roll 

⛳️ The push-pull golf cart golf bag stroller features a compact foldable design & easy to fold/unfold in just seconds for hassle-free storage and transport


The SereneLife 2 Wheel Folding Golf Bag Push Cart is great for a day at the golf course. It has two wheels and folds up. This lightweight cart has a top and bottom bracket with an elastic strap that can fit most golf bags, so it is easy to move around.

You can fold this golf cart up and take it with you when you don't need it. It's made of aluminum and has a 2-wheel al-frame trolley that makes it easy to push or pull. You can use this heavy-duty cart to get around on the golf course. It can go over a lot of different types of ground. At a stop, a simple quick brake holds the cart where it is. When you're done, the cart folds up and fits in the trunk of a car.

The SereneLife 2 Wheel Folding Golf Bag Push Cart can be used in a lot of different ways. The TPE handle grip can be used in many different ways and makes it easy and pleasant to move around. As a golfer, you'll love this pull/push golf cart. It's great for anyone, even if you've been playing for years or just started.


“I love this golf push cart. I previously had a pull cart that was getting really hard to use and always tipped over when I pulled it, so I wanted a new push cart that would be much more relaxing to use on the course.

This push cart is sturdy with a metal frame and fits my golf bag perfectly. It feels very secure, and I know the golf bag won't fall off. It also has space for tees and the scorecard and a pencil if you need it.

It is so easy to push around the course, and oftentimes I feel like I'm barely putting any effort, which is great.

It also folds very neatly into a compact space and barely takes up any room in the trunk of my car.

I would recommend this push cart to anyone!”


✅ Lightweight and foldable golf trolley

✅ Includes foot brake for the rear wheel 

✅ Ergonomic padded adjustable handle 

✅ Simple, quick braking system


❌ The scorecard hold could have been put in a little better position on the push cart

2. MOST STORAGE SPACE:   BOBOPRO 2 Wheel Golf Push Cart


⛳️ Strong aluminum frame makes it sturdy and lightweight. Its high quality ensures large weight capacity and perfect balance and traction

⛳️ Wide wheels for stability with a clip-on mechanism for easy removal; Waterproof scorecard holder, Storage bag, Mesh net, Cupholder, Contoured bottom for larger bags with an adjustable bag strap

⛳️ Simple assemble needed. You will get a folding golf cart. Two wheels stability on all terrains, collapsible and easy to store

⛳️ Adjustable handle height is convenient for users of different heights


The ergonomic height adjustable handle is intended for a variety of pushing positions and golfers of different heights. The BOBOPRO 2 Wheel Golf Push Cart unfolds and folds in a split second and is small enough to fit in the trunk of your vehicle. The three detachable wheels make hauling or storing easier.


Any avoidable incidents, such as sliding away or falling down, may be avoided using the foot-brake feature.  This collapsible golf cart also has ball bearing wheels for a smooth ride over any terrain for optimum mobility.


You may pull or push it to your preferred location and change the directions both right and left using this ergonomically designed handle, which has smooth ball bearing wheels.

The cart has an umbrella holder, a scoreboard holder combined with a storage compartment, a cup holder, a mesh net, and a golf tee holder, all of which make it convenient to use.


“The BOBOPRO2 is my second push cart (I wanted one to keep at my cabin up north)– it’s similar to and has all the features of my other cart, but cost over $100 less than the cart I bought at the local golf warehouse. It’s lightweight, compact, and opens and folds easily. It’s solidly built and has all the features I need: holder for scorecard/pencil/tee/balls, water bottle holder (water bottle was included), a cooler bag (looks like it will hold about 4 or 5 cans), a larger open bag for sweater/jacket (or any bulky item), and a mesh zippered bag to hold keys, phone, wallet, etc. Assembly was very easy – it took less than 5 minutes. Although the courses around here haven’t opened yet for the season, I strapped on my bag just to make sure I was good to go. Very happy with the purchase and can’t wait to get out there!”


✅ High-strength metal frame golf cart

✅ Scorecard and cup holder included

✅ Large capacity storage bag


❌ The handle is shorter than expected


3. MOST LIGHTWEIGHT: Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart


⛳️ Golf push cart features lightweight with less than 6lbs, widely adopted as strong and sturdy golf pull trolley to golfers for its steel frame

⛳️ With smooth ball bearing wheels, you can pull or push it to your desired place and change the directions both right and left with this ergonomically shaped handle

⛳️ 2 removable wheels aim to assist in quick storage when you do not use it. Its foldable design totally saves your storage room and makes it tidy

⛳️ The upper board offers additional values to this trolley

⛳️ Our golf push cart can be folded into a compact size effortlessly with a few steps. The compact folded size & lightweight design allows you to store it into the trunk of the car and take it wherever you go


It is simpler to move about the golf course on this two-wheel Tangkula model, which some golfers prefer over the four-wheel type. When utilizing the two-wheel variant, you have the option of traveling at a faster speed.

This push cart is equipped with features such as a foot-operated brake, the ability to change directions, replacement wheels, and the ability to fold into a compact form, making it convenient to store. This is a golf push cart that you will almost likely have for a very long time if you take care of it.


“This is a good one. Sure, it is blow molded plastic and thin gauge metal tubing but it is a golf cart. Don't drag it behind the car on your way to the course, it should last for years. And you own it for the price of 5 rentals? I like the quick release to take the wheels off, so you can squeeze it into an even tighter space when folded up, that is a nice touch. I also have a stand bag, with folding legs on it, and I was able to mount it straight up, not laid on it's side, with no problem. The straps hold it nice and tight, it isn't going anywhere.”


✅ Foldable design with two removable wheels to save storage room 

✅ Strong steel frame and lightweight

✅ Ergonomically shaped handle for both right and left-handed golfers


❌ The wheels could be better because they seem pretty cheap


⛳️ The cart comes with a strong and light aluminum frame which shows outstanding sturdiness and stability

⛳️ The scorecard holder is designed to be compact and with waterproof material

⛳️ 2x9.5" wheels with EVA cover provide smooth riding on different terrains

⛳️ The product weighs only 5.95lbs and with a folding size of 15.4"x14.8"x35.4"-inches, making it easy to carry


The KVV 2-Wheel Aluminum Frame Golf Push Cart is equipped with a smooth sliding lock, which allows for fast and easy folding and unfolding of the item. The scorecard holder is meant to be small and made of waterproof material, protecting your scorecard from being damaged by wet weather. The two-wheel cart is constructed of an aluminum frame and maintenance-free wheels, making it both solid and long-lasting. Additionally, it just weighs 5.95 lbs and has a folding dimension of 15.4x14.8x35.4-inches, making it highly portable and convenient to transport.


“I have had five other GPS units. This one for ease of use and the information it provides is the one I have settled on. The fact you have it on your person at all times helps speed up the round, especially if you walk away from the cart any distance. Graphics, scoring, and accuracy are top-notch. Also, while comparing to other GPS units, I found this unit to be the most accurate ( probably because the courses are manually mapped according to the manufacturer). Green views are with features, a great help.”


✅ Scorecard holder is waterproof

✅ Lightweight and easy carrying 

✅ Made from aluminum which makes it lightweight and easy carrying

✅ Smooth slide lock for quick fold and unfold


❌ It is pretty pricey


⛳️ Lightweight and sturdy, steel Deluxe Golf Cart offers easy mobility on the course 

⛳️ Opens and closes in one fluid motion; folds in half for compact storage 

⛳️ Wide wheels for stability with a clip-on mechanism for easy removal 

⛳️ Waterproof scorecard holder 

⛳️ Contoured bottom for larger bags with an adjustable bag strap


This JEF World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart makes getting your clubs to the green a breeze. Because storage and mobility are two of the most common worries with golf push carts, these characteristics alleviate our fears. This device, it seems, splits in half effortlessly for convenience and has no problems in the mechanism. This golf push cart features a curved base that accommodates heavier golf bags. The adjustable straps also aid in keeping them in place. However, while you're rolling the cart around, these straps might get in the way of the wheels.

You don't want your scorecard to get wet when it rains unexpectedly. As a result, this pushcart considered those unforeseen circumstances and has a waterproof scorecard holder. However, there aren't enough spaces for other crucial things, but it is a very light device that is simple to transport.


“I spent a lot of time reading the reviews and trying to decide to buy this cart. I finally followed the advice of one person who said forget what others say, just buy it. It is totally worth it. It is a very sturdy cart, and I would say of the same or better quality as the pull cart I rented at the local golf course. It is easy to fold and fits comfortably in my car's trunk. Leaving the bag strapped to it is possible but not really comfortable. It's just so easy to strap and unstrap the bag. It really isn't necessary. My bag (with a stand) fits better on this cart than the one I rented previously. It shifts a little, but on the cart I rented, I was forced to strap it in sideways so the bag's stand legs would stay in place. It is lightweight but very sturdy. Some reviewers complained that it was top-heavy and would fall over. It does, but NOT with the bag. It does it when it's empty, and the rental cart did the same thing. Once the bag is strapped on, it is very stable. So, if you are in doubt, just go for it. It is inexpensive enough to risk any disappointment you might have. I am thrilled with it and look forward to my next walking golf game.”


✅ Lightweight and durable

✅ Waterproof scorecard holder

✅ Extra sturdy steel construction

✅ No assembly required


❌ Scorecard holder is useless as it does not have a way to attach the scorecard


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