Must-Have Men’s Winter Golf Pants For Cold Weather Play

Must-Have Men’s Winter Golf Pants For Cold Weather Play

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Now is an excellent time to consider the best golf pants to keep you swinging as the temperature drops in winter. Many people play all year, but to enjoy Winter golf, you must dress appropriately and have appropriate weather protection.

Fabric technology and golf clothes have evolved dramatically during the last two decades. The days of wearing a long-sleeved cotton roll neck under a lambswool sweater are over. Clothing is lighter, more breathable, stretch in multiple directions, and is made for athletic activity.

This article discusses winter golf pants that will keep you comfy on the course.

To stay warm, dress in layers. Layering your gear correctly is the greatest method to stay comfortable while playing winter golf. A proper layering system keeps you warm while also allowing your skin to breathe, your temperature to stay stable, and moisture to be driven away so you don’t feel clammy and cold from your own perspiration.

Winter golf courses are typically wet and muddy. Put away the white pants or lighter chinos in favor of solid dark trousers (black or grey) that will hide dirt while on the course.

Some brands, such as Under Armour, have Winter trousers blends that are thicker and more insulated to give warmth and protection against wind and colder weather.

Invest in high-quality golf waterproofs. A good set of waterproofs is the single most crucial piece of winter golf equipment you can own. The key features you want in a waterproof are water resistance and a comfortable fit that allows you to swing the club freely without feeling constrained.

Wearing waterproof trousers on any winter day, moderate or cold, will keep dirt and divots from getting all over your slacks. It will also help you save money on laundry. Wear a pair of shorts underneath your waterproof trousers if it’s a little milder winter day but still muddy. It’s actually extremely comfortable. 

Top 5 Winter Golf Pants For Men



⛳️ USAG Four Pocket Design: All the pockets you need to hold your essentials and the elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit. Seriously stop wearing cargo pants on the course.

⛳️ Full Range Stretch Stitching: The design of these golf pants gives you the perfect protection from harsh winds. Get unrestricted relaxed, and have a full range of motion. The thick fabric ensures you stay protected from winter’s wrath. Get real low when reaching for the ball out of the water

⛳️ Cuff Hems For Comfort: As we know how much time you'll spend in the wetlands, we have made these pants, especially for you so that you can easily stretch the cuffs to keep the hem out of the water.

⛳️ Stretch Waistband With Belt Loops: Comfort belt loop waistband. Individual sizes with just enough give. Of course, you have to dress the part even if you don't play the part.


The USAG Sweat pants have four-way stitching, as expected from golf trousers, to enable a full range of motion while swinging and walking. The flexibility of mobility ensures that the cloth does not adhere to your thigh and obstruct hip rotation.

Fleece is a popular winter apparel material. Because of its warm and stylish characteristics. USAG used fleece to keep you warm while also looking fashionable, which is something we frequently have to pick between when it comes to winter trousers.

When pants have a loose fit, the hems slide along the ground and absorb all of the moisture. As a result, your socks and the upper section of your shoe get wet. The hems of these pants are cuffed for a great fit and to keep them from getting wet.

If the fleece sweat pants design wasn't comfortable enough, USAG added a stretch waistline. This function allows you to tighten or loosen the pants' fit for ultimate comfort on the golf course. The USAG sweat pants aren't the most costly golf pants on the market, but are they a decent buy?

The USAG golf sweatpants are designed for winter rounds and are comfortable and toasty. These fleeced stretch waistband pants have a four-way stretch construction that allows you to move freely while rotating your hips.

Our Final Verdict

Those looking for comfort, warmth, and to stay on top of the newest fashion trends will appreciate a pair of U Suck at Golf sweat pants.


“OMG! I suck at golf and these U Suck at Golf pants are better than I deserve. So comfortable. Perfect for colder weather. It's literally like wearing sweats.”

“Very comfortable”


✅ Provides a full range of motion during swinging 

✅ Material does not stick to your skin

✅ Warm and stylish

✅ Maximum comfort on the golf course


❌ Quite expensive


⛳️ Maintain your focus despite the wintry conditions. These men's golf pants feature an insulating build that holds in heat and stands up to wind and water so you feel warm and dry as temperatures drop. Four-way stretch fabric delivers extra flexibility with every stride.

⛳️ Regular tapered fit

⛳️ Belt loops and zip fly

⛳️ Front and back pockets

⛳️ PFC-free water-repellent finish


The Adidas Frostguard insulation offers a cozy fleece inner layer to keep your legs toasty in cold weather. Furthermore, the insulation traps body heat inside your pants for maximum comfort.

The disadvantage of thermal clothing is that it causes you to sweat when the temperature rises. While the thermal function keeps you toasty for the first few holes, sweat quickly accumulates and causes discomfort.

That is why Adidas created these pants with moisture-wicking material that draws sweat away from your body to improve comfort and dryness.

Although the Adidas Frostguard pants are made of 92 percent polyester to keep you warm, they also have 8 percent elastane. The latter material adds elasticity to the pants and improves the mobility of movement. As a result, you will be more comfortable while rotating your hips or walking.

The priority of these golf pants is to keep you warm, but that doesn't mean Adidas forgot about the sun's rays. Even if you're playing in the cold, you're still exposed to the sun's rays. As a result, the Frostguards have UV 50+ protection. UV 50+ protection, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, implies that the pants block off 98 percent of the sun's rays. As a result, your chances of developing skin cancer are reduced.

The addition of ankle zips improves your ability to remove the pants without taking your shoes off. When your legs are on fire and you want them to feel the cold breeze, this allows you to save time on the course. These Adidas golf trousers are priced at the higher end of the spectrum, making them unsuitable for people on a tight budget. While the characteristics of these pants are outstanding, there are more affordable versions available.

When a pair of pants is marketed as Frostguard, you expect them to keep you warm. Adidas has not let you down with golf trousers that provide maximum insulation as well as wind and water resistance to keep you protected from the elements.

Our Final Verdict

The Adidas Frostguard golf trousers are of high quality, and those who can afford them will have a long-lasting pair of slacks. However, there are more affordable golf pants on the market that you may explore before these.


“These pants are amazing, I’ve worn them a few times and they kept me nice and warm. They keep the wind and cold out. They are a nice stretchy fabric and fit great. I highly recommend these pants for cold weather golf.”

“This was a repeat order. I already had one pair and liked them so much I ordered a second pair. They a perfect for golf in cool to mildly cold weather.”

“Great fit and if you golf in cold weather a must-have”


✅ Frostguard insulation 

✅ Optimal comfort

✅ Stretchable

✅ UV 50+ protection


❌ Hard to find due to its popularity


⛳️ Waterproof and highly breathable packable fabric ensures all-weather performance in this classic ZR Rain Pant.

⛳️ Packable fabric combines breathability and durable wind and waterproofness with minimum weight and easy packability

⛳️ Front hand pockets feature zippered pass-through for access to pants

⛳️ Adjustable waistband with elastic drawcord and zippered fly

⛳️ Rear pocket provides ample storage for glove or scorecard

⛳️  Leg zippers with rain gutter provide easy on/off over golf shoes, and ankle hugger snap system helps keep water out of your shoes


To twist your hips successfully during your swing, they must be free to move. The Packable pants' motion-tuned design supports ideal movement while swinging a club or strolling, boosting your degree of comfort.

These pants' motion-tuned construction allows for flexibility of movement during your swing. And the adjustable waistline ensures all-day comfort. If the trousers are too tight, tighten the waistline to make them more comfortable. If they are too big, adjust the band to make them fit better. The waistline combines the best of both worlds to provide maximum comfort during the round.

While these trousers are not as waterproof as the Fit Space Climastorm's. At 15,000 mm, their waterproof rating remains good. This means it shields you from heavy rain and snow, keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable.

Winter gusts are excruciatingly chilly. That is why Zero Restriction windproofs their Packable pants, preventing chilly gusts from directly hitting your skin. As a result, you keep warm and dry for the duration of the round.

If your golf trousers are waterproof but your shoes are not, you are still at risk of getting wet. In damp socks, I'm leading an uncomfortable round. To address this issue, Zero Restriction added ankle hugger snaps. They give additional waterproofing by covering the upper half of your shoe.

Zero Restrictions Packable pants are priced at the higher end of the market, indicating that they are a premium item. As a result, there are better-value solutions available that are half the price of these trousers. Zero Restriction has earned a reputation for producing high-quality golf apparel, and their Packable pants have not disappointed.

The quality of these pants is excellent, as one would expect from a garment that costs twice as much as many competitors. The waterproof, windproof, and motion-tuned qualities of these trousers, on the other hand, are critical to their success.

Our Final Verdict

Although the packable pants are more expensive than their competitors, they are of superior quality. The pants' motion-tuned design, paired with their waterproof and windproof properties, make them worth a look.


“Wore them for a tour of western Ireland courses Doonbeg, Lahinch, Ballybunnion, and Tralee and needed them virtually every day. Probably the best test lab, in my opinion, since at least one day the caddies said if it were up to them they would not be out playing golf! Kept me comfortable slashing away in the tall fescue with varying degrees of rain and wind. With plenty of frustration to go around, being wet was not on my worry list, thanks to these. Easily fit over pants and with the adjustable ankle closures they were easy to deal with. Highly recommended.” 

“I tried 2 pairs of another Brand which were almost double the cost and I couldn't even get into them. These are dynamite. I wore them yesterday in 30 plus degrees with rain and from my waist down I was comfortable. Plenty of room I got the XXXL to go over my thick pants. I could not be more please, especially with the cost, front zipper, side openings construction, and lightweight of the fabric. They are long so I had to use suspenders but I don't care.”


✅ Packable pants promote optimal movement

✅ Increases your level of comfort

✅ Adjustable

✅ Protects you from heavy rain and wet snow


❌ Quite pricey

4. MOST LIGHTWEIGHT: Fit Space Climastorm Rain Pants


⛳️ This High-performance men's golf rain pants allows you to play in all weather conditions while keeping comfortable the entire time.

⛳️ 4-Way stretch fabric, Achieves greater flexibility in all directions, and is comfortable for any activity, Without the use of elastic fibers.

⛳️ Lightweight and with the industry's highest waterproof performance, DWR, Waterproof rank 20,000 mm/H20/24h Breathable 18,000 g/24, lightweight and flexible will not add extra burden

⛳️ Seam-sealed, Stretch mesh lining, 3 zipper pockets, built-in adjustable belt (for pro article), Leg opening design with adjustable Velcro

⛳️ This is a high-performance golf rain suit. It is also an excellent sporty pants. Suitable for many outdoor activities like hiking/fishing/traveling and more


Fit Space added an adjustable elastic belt to improve your comfort around the waist. If your trousers are excessively tight, you can modify them to make them fit better. The only disadvantage is that for the skinnier players among us, the belt may not be tight enough.

Fit Space didn't skimp on the waterproofing of the Climastorm rain trousers. The producer discovered that the trousers have a waterproof rating of 20,000 mm or more after checking the quality of their job.

That means the pants can survive heavy rain and snow without becoming wet. Furthermore, the compartments and zippers are waterproofed to protect any valuables you may be storing.

While waterproof trousers are essential in damp climates, they are rendered useless if they are not wind-resistant. Without it, your bones will be chilled by the winter gale-force winds, resulting in a cold, uncomfortable round. The Fit Space Climastorm rain pants are windproof and keep you safe from freezing winds in the winter.

Your pants' four-way stretch fabric allows for an extraordinary range of movement while rotating your hips. Fit Space uses the material to improve your experience when walking, swinging, or stooping down to read your putt's line.

When you twist your hips, your pants may become trapped and hinder movement if they are not made of four-way stretch material. As a result, four stretch fabrics increase your comfort level. If the weather improves and the rain stops, you may wish to swap your trousers for shorts. The leg opening zipper on the Climastorm rain pants allows you to remove the trousers without removing your shoes, making your experience more convenient.

The fact that these golf trousers are built for all weather conditions makes them a valuable asset. As a result, they are well worth the price you spend on them. They are not the cheapest pants you will ever buy, but their functionality and durability provide outstanding value for money.

The FitSpace Climastorm rain pants are not winter pants in the traditional sense. They go a step further and may be worn in all weather conditions.

These Fit Space golf pants are windproof and have waterproof pockets to keep your scorecard and other belongings dry. Furthermore, they are light, breathable, and designed to provide four-way stretch for increased range of movement.

Our Final Verdict

If you live in an area where the winters are wet and windy, the Fit Space Climastorm trousers are worth considering. They keep you comfortable, warm, and dry by shielding you from the wind and providing superior waterproofing and stretchability.


“Why pay through the nose for overpriced brands when these work just fine! I could not see any reason to spend $150+ on the big brand products when they really don't get worn that often, so I thought I'd give these a try. I am not disappointed! They fit. They are comfortable and they work!” 

“Used sitting in rain - no leaks, kept dry. Also used for golfing as a cold windbreaker. Very happy with the purchase. Ordered bigger to wear pants or shorts underneath, by doing this it was a little long for my height.”

“Good fit and appears to be extremely waterproof”


✅ Adjustable

✅ Weatherproof and can withstand heavy rain and snow

✅ Wind resistant

✅ Exceptional freedom of movement


❌ Pants run bigger than expected

❌ No zipper for the leg closures


⛳️ Material: 91% Polyester / 9% Elastane

⛳️ These pants are built with UA Storm technology that repels water while still maintaining its breathability

⛳️ It's also moisture-wicking and quick-drying to keep you dry and comfortable during your round

⛳️ The ColdGear Infrared lining is a thermo-conducive inner coating that will absorb and retain body heat to keep you warm during cooler rounds

⛳️ These pants are also built with a four-way stretch and super comfortable waistband


Although warmth and dryness are the primary features of winter golf trousers, stretchability is critical for comfort. The ColdGear Infrared pants have a four-way stretch construction that maximizes flexibility while walking and rotating your hips.

In addition to the four-way stretch fabric, Under Armour added a flexible waistband to these pants. When you walk, bend, or rotate your hips, the waistband stretches to improve comfort and reduce tightness around your waist.

When you're playing in the rain, Under Armour's storm technology is your best friend. It repels water from your pants and dries quickly, so you won't be soaking for the rest of the round.

Pants that are both flexible and dry are useless in the cold if they do not keep you warm. Fortunately, Under Armour has taken care of this issue by including a Cold Gear Infrared lining. The lining has a thermal inner coating that helps to keep body heat comfortable on cold days.

Based on the quality and performance of these golf pants, it's safe to say they're a decent buy. We applaud you for being brave enough to go outside and play in the winter. The Under Armour Cold Gear Infrared pants check all the boxes for what you need from apparel, which is why they are the best winter golf trousers on our list.

Our Final Verdict

Under Armour deserves credit for creating the ColdGear Infrared trousers. They are comfy and keep you warm and dry in damp and chilly weather.


“Typical Under Armor quality. Perfect fit and nice taper. Exceptionally comfortable, wind and rainproof, yet still light in weight. Great pants for the colder weather and at a reasonable price.”


✅ Optimizes flexibility while rotating your hips and walking

✅ Water repellant

✅ Storm technology works in tandem with moisture-wicking fabric and thermal inner coatings to create a pair of warm, dry golf pants.


❌ Quite pricey

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best winter golf trousers to keep you toasty on those harsh winter days. Before we continue, let’s go through our top five selections for the finest golf trousers for winter.

The Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Showdown pants topped our selection as the value for money option. The storm technology, infrared lining, and four-way stretch stitching pleased us.

Adidas Frostguard pants were our top pick for the warmest golf pants, while Fit Space Climastorm pants were the finest waterproof alternative.

The premium Zero Restriction Packable ranked first in the best windproof pants category. And USAG won the award for the most comfortable golf pants.

If you wish to play golf this winter, you need to prepare accordingly. You’ll be miserable on the course and cold if you don’t. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you wear for winter golf?

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

To protect yourself from all of the weather conditions that you may encounter while playing golf in the winter, it is critical that you use a layering system. For golf, we recommend the three-layer technique. A base layer, a polo shirt, and a jumper or jacket are included.

Your garments will trap your body heat and hence keep you warm in the layering technique. This is accomplished without impeding your golf swing, as a heavier jacket would. As a result, you’re far better off with three rather warm layers, and on truly cold and wet days, you could even add a fourth with a waterproof jacket.

Now that we’ve discussed the concept, let’s take a look at the various levels below.

Layer 1: Base Layers for Golf

Begin with the layer of clothing closest to the skin. Golf base layers are fantastic because they are skin-tight, which means they have no effect on your flexibility or range of motion. Their thermal characteristics, along with moisture-wicking technology, keep you warm and dry in the winter, allowing you to be comfortable and focused on your game.

Layer 2: Golf Polo Shirt

You’ll need a polo if you’re playing on a golf course rather than practicing at the range. We recommend wearing a long-sleeved polo shirt during winter golf to keep you warm. If you’re wearing a base layer, you can also opt for a cotton polo for added warmth.

Layer 3: Golf Jumper/Jacket

To complete the three-layer clothing strategy, a golf jumper or jacket is required to keep your body warm. You can wear a traditional golf jumper or a windproof fleece jacket to keep the chill away from the stinging winds. A golf gilet is another alternative. With no sleeves, they’re less likely to impede your swing while keeping your torso warm. On particularly cold days, they can even serve as a fourth layer.

Layer 4: Waterproof golf jacket

Golf waterproofs are required especially if it rains or snows a lot in your area, but they are especially important in the winter. A waterproof golf jacket can, of course, be worn as a third or even second layer in milder weather, but on a very cold and wet winter day, you may require an additional fourth layer. If you become wet when playing golf in the winter, you can say goodbye to a good score because the cold will quickly become oppressive and potentially deadly. Consider purchasing a size larger to ensure plenty of room and ease of movement.

Layers For Your Legs

Layer 1: Athletic Leggings

For winter golf, the three-layer method can also be applied to the bottom half of your body. An excellent pair of sports leggings will keep your legs warm and allow you to swing with full force!

Layer 2: Winter Golf Trousers

Winter golf trousers provide extra protection from the cold that you require. Because of the mix of a fleece interior and technical exterior fabric, they are warm, water repellent, and wind-resistant. We wouldn’t go outside in the winter without these, and you shouldn’t either.

Layer 3: Waterproof Golf Trousers

When playing golf in the winter, you must have a pair of waterproof golf trousers for the same reasons we discussed when addressing waterproof golf jackets. They’ll work as an extra layer, keeping you warm and dry while also keeping dirt off your golf pants underneath.

Depending on the weather and your particular preferences, most can be worn directly against your legs or as an overtrousers.

Waterproof Golf Shoes 

There is no other option for winter golf except to wear a pair of waterproof golf shoes. These will keep your feet dry and, as a result, toasty. Nothing is worse than having damp feet, so don’t try to get away with anything else.

Aside from waterproof golf shoes, you can also get a pair of winter golf boots. These high-rise waterproof sneakers provide extra warmth and weather protection.

Winter Golf Gloves

Warm hands indicate that you will be able to play good winter golf. Normally, only one glove is worn during golf, but a pair of fleece-lined winter gloves ensures outstanding grip while also giving additional thermal comfort in freezing temperatures.

Golf Rain Gloves

Golf Rain Gloves aren’t waterproof, but they do help you keep your grip in damp weather. They should only be used while it is raining because the materials utilized provide superior traction when wet!

Golf Mittens for the Winter

Winter golf mitts are ideal for keeping your hands toasty between shots. They’re oversized and simple to slip on and off, making them ideal for a stroll down the fairway. Get a pair of waterproof golf mittens to keep your hands dry as well!

Beanies / Winter Golf Hats

A winter golf hat will keep your head warm. The traditional beanie is certainly one option, but Inesis has also created a cold-weather cap with a fleece headband. The cap and headband are toasty, windproof, and water-resistant. In addition, there are three methods to wear them: alone, jointly, or both together for weather protection.

Waterproof Golf Bucket Hat

When you’re trying to play golf, the last thing you want is rain pouring down your face. Because of the wide rim, water drains off the hat and outside your jacket collar, keeping your head clear and dry.

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