5 Custom Golf Ball Markers – Discover the Benefits and Elevate Your Game

Custom Golf Ball Markers  - Why You Should Consider

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Golf Ball Markers are flat and small objects used to mark the position of a player’s ball. The ball markers are used to remove the golf ball from its position so that another player can play his or her game without obstruction.  

The golf game rules suggest that the ball makers can be anything like a coin or paper marker unless it is not obstructing another player’s position. We can find a lot of different golf ball markers in the market today; some are metallic or custom-made to give it a personal touch like a company logo or your initials.  

You can also find the combination of ball marker and divot tools, a perfect two in one accessory. The hat clip and ball marker combo are also very popular where the magnetic ball marker sticks to the hat clip making it easy to carry with you on the course. 

Golf Ball Markers are also an inexpensive way of adding a personalized touch to your golf clubs, balls, and putters. If you’re looking to personalize your golf equipment, look no further than personalized Golf Ball Markers. 

Whether you’re looking for a golf marker for your personal use or as a gift, you will be able to find golf ball markers to suit your needs. Whatever your situation, there’s a golf ball marker to suit your needs. No matter what your needs, you will be able to find custom golf ball markers that offer quality, function, and style. 

While you are considering custom golf ball markers, another golf ball marker accessory that can make your game even more enjoyable is a Ball Holder. There are many types of ball holders on the market today. Some offer more convenience than others while some offer less functionality. Ball Holders are designed to hold a set of golf balls at one time while keeping them out of the way of other golfers. 


1. TOP PICK : Giggle Golf Ball Markers


  • This marker puts the FUN in functional, but wears like jewelry, so you won’t mind leaving it on when you’re off the course!

  • With a marker this fun at a great price, you can afford to hook up your foursome with a little something at the beer cart.

  • This marker makes the perfect tee-prize, or a great I’m-a-better-friend-than-your-friend-who-gave-you-the-starbucks-card gift! 


When it comes to golf ball markers, the golf ball marker is really decided by the individual’s personality. In this respect, if you are in the mood of bling and fun, this is the marker for the golf ball. Let’s now talk about the Giggle Golf Ball Marker design elements. They have different kinds of design available, all cute and funny. This ball marker also comes with a hat clip. The company not only thought of style and fun but also functionality. With that in mind, golfers can easily wear it like jewelry and place it on their hat or belt buckle. The one with the diamond bling design looks more like a fashion statement than a regular ball marker. As for its price, we can say that this is one of the best-designed ball markers in its price range. 


“I love this gorgeous ball marker. It came in a super cute jeweled bag, and with an additional plastic ball marker. Unfortunately, mine was broken due to Amazon including other items in one box, but not padding the box well. Bummed about that, but I didn’t know I was getting the plastic one anyway. Would buy these for my golf team!”

“This marker is so cute. I bought it for my friend who is just taking up the wonderful game of golf., She loved it and has put it to use already. I bought it for her because it just reflected her attitude and personality. She loves good wine and she is learning the game of golf. It is of such high quality that I am not ashamed to purchase it for her.”

“This is the second one of these golf ball markers I have ordered. This one was for a gift for a friend and I was pleased that it came in a lavender bag with a second little plastic marker and some lavender cream. It was the perfect gift for my friend that likes to have wine after golf! The first one was for me!”



✔Eye catching and stylish design

✔Comes with a funny saying

✔Cute hat clip attachment


❌The diamond bling can sometimes make the sun reflect off the marker and make it very hard for other golfers to putt 


  • League-specific cap clip easily attaches to any hat & printed with your favorite team’s logo 

  • Set includes: Cap Clip with 2 double sided enamel color fill magnetic markers 

  • Perfect for showing off your team spirit while on the green 


When it comes to quality golf ball markers, it has to be made for durability and quality so that it can withstand the unpredictability of the weather and the usual wear and tear of golfing. With that, we can say, that these golf ball markers are designed with double sided enamel that won’t chip and fade. For added durability and functionality, the markers are also magnetic. Now, these markers do not only mark your ball on the green, they can also be used as a hat clip. So that next time you are at a sports team event, you can use these makers and attach them to your hat to show your support. With plenty of teams to choose from, anyone can show off their team spirit on the golf course. When it comes to the cost, you are getting two ball markers for the price of one. These golf ball markers are fun but also made for durability. For the price, we can say they are worth it, in case you lose one, you will always have a spare ball marker. 


“First off, it has the NY Giants logo on it, so it gets 4 stars just for that!! Bonus, you get a backup marker. Another plus, it is two sided, blue classic NY logo on one side, white GIANTS on the other. I thought you got one white, and one blue. Nope, two identical two-sided markers. I don’t usually wear a hat when I golf, so I took a chance that this would work with my golf shoes. It certainly does. Put it on my right shoe, it’s always right there when I bend down to pick up my ball on the green. Even when I wear a hat, I prefer it down on my shoe. Doesn’t budge throughout the round, magnet is nice and strong. I recommend it to everyone…except Cowboys fans. That one would be just plain ugly….lol.”

“Great to have on your cap while golfing. I don’t have to fiddle around in my pocket looking for my marker. It’s on my cap and very easy to use. Love it.”

“I Golf and often mark my ball location on the green; before putting, etc. I’m an Eagles football fan that wears a brimmed hat. Reaching up to the brim to get and/or to replace a marker magnetically held in there. More convenient the using your pocket.”


✔Quality golf ball marker design 

✔Stylish cap clip that is easy to attach 

✔2 double sided enamel 

✔Choose different sports teams 


❌Limited team designs


  • The ball markers can fit most of your own divot repair tools too 

  • Golf cap clips are strong enough to keep ball marker on your golf cap 

  • Golf ball markers are embossed and filled with colorful enamel 


These markers are very eye-catching, built to last long, and offer a large selection of designs to choose from. That said, the designs are made of this soft enamel embossed technique which makes the design really beautiful. You can choose between a happy face emoji, an American flag, a hot air balloon, and more. Golfers have lost a lot of golf ball markers through the years. Or maybe you are tired of digging in your pocket for a ball marker. With that said, these ball markers are designed with a quality hat clip that has a specialty made magnet that is highly strong and durable. If that is the case, this ball marker is designed with a quality hat clip that has a very solid and sturdy magnet. This may be one of the best value items on this list. Taking into account that this comes with 2 hat clips and 2 ball markers for the price of one   


These hat clips have strong magnets and the markers are bright and easily seen on greens. Great value.”

“These look great on any hat. Love using them! Thanks”

“Awesome product. Works great. Never moves from hat, very convenient.”


✔Plenty of color choices to choose from 
✔The clips fit into any cap, belt, or pocket 



❌ Some have mentioned that the ball marker on the clip does not always stick

4. SCHOOL SPIRIT : Collegiate Hat Clip w/ Markers


  • Magnetic hat clip with ball markers attaches to hat or visor 

  • Includes two interchangeable iron stamped ball markers embellished with collegiate trademark

  • Packaged in hangable clamshell 


These golf ball markers have 2 key aspects to them: Consistency and longevity. Therefore, you should expect this to last you a long time.  These ball markers have been iron stamped which means they will last longer than others. The golf ball markers are designed with your collegiate trademark. What a better way to show off your school spirit on the golf course with these golf ball markers. Just like the rest on this list, this golf ball marker also comes with a hat clip. This hat clip, however is made from more high-quality material compared to others. The hat clip can be conveniently placed on any hat, or belt buckle. People can then easily express their pride for their college sports team. With a large number of sports teams to choose from, what is significant about this particular golf ball marker is the materials it is composed of.  They are more durable, making this marker top-notch.  The material composition is, first of all, more durable, making this a high-quality brand for ball markers. However, just like the NFL Markers, which also come with 2 markers and a hat clip, this Collegiate Marker is double its price. 


“If you’re an Ohio State fan/alumnus and a golfer, this hat clip and ball marker is for you!

The clip fits securely on the brim of my golf hat while the ball marker attaches snugly to the clip via magnet. The ball markers are a little smaller in diameter than a quarter. The Ohio State logo artwork is well done.

If you need a ball marker (or even if you don’t!) you’ll enjoy this item. Great gift idea as well.”

“Great little ball marker, that fits onto your cap and doesn’t interfere with your peripheral vision. Looks great on the green too, especially when it’s only a foot from the pin..”

“Does everything a normal ball marker does but reminds you of where you went to school, the team you root for, and/or gets you hyped for college football. I guess the only negative would be if you see it and get so hyped that you grop the putter to tightly and miss the putt. But odds are you’d miss it anyway, so get this and know your putting will be 69% more exciting.”


✔Quality ball markers made from iron
✔Packaged in a clamshell that is hangable 

✔Magnetic hat clip that can attach to a visor or hat 

✔Plenty of sports teams to choose from 


❌ Double the price of Team Golf NFL Golf Cap Clip w/ Markers

5. BEST ALL ROUNDER : Personalized Wooden Golf Ball Markers


  • Personalize a handmade wood or metal golf ball marker & hat clip with a name or initials of your choice

  • Choices of Black Metal, Mahogany Wood, or Oak Wood  

  • Precision Laser Engraved  


Now that we have shared with you a range of different golf ball markers, we want to share what could be the best designed marker on our list.   These markers are specially crafted and built with your very own personalized design.   These are not just high-quality markers, but also for people who value style and appearance. These markers are handmade and customized by Woodulike . Even better is that you can customize them in various finishes. The options are walnut wood, black metal, and oak wood. With the initials of your name carved into it for a clean and sophisticated finish.    These markers are attached with a strong magnetic force to a hat clip. As we discuss cost and value, we can say that this is one of the best markers in the market. They not only took the time to create each one by hand, they are all built with quality in mind. Go with this set if you want a quality golf ball marker. This may cost 3 times more than other markers but for something that’s been beautifully handmade, it would certainly be justified 


“My Husband who is an avid golfer will love this when we give it to him on Father’s Day! The seller did an impeccable job handcrafting this.No flaws at all ,just pure perfection! I also ordered something else from this seller as well but that will be in another review.Highly recommend to the golfer in your life!”

“Ordered a ball marker for my grandfather for Christmas. We’ve played 5 rounds since and there seems to be no issues with the magnet as others suggested. It was also delivered in 2 days which was awesome.”

“This product arrived 10 days earlier than the estimated delivery date. The products were exactly as described if not better! I am so impressed and would use this seller again. Thank you for your time and effort, and making a quality product :)”


✔Quality handmade golf ball marker  

✔3 different wood finishes to choose from 

✔Great gift for Father’s Day, husbands, and more 


❌ Priciest of all

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is A Golf Ball Marker? 

Imagine you’re on the green with your golfing buddy, and you’re both just a few feet away from the hole, your golf balls lying uncomfortably close to one another. Rules dictate that the furthest ball out has the first shot, but unfortunately, your golf ball is obstructing your friend’s line, so what do you do? Do you tell him just to deal with it? 

Comments like that are only a good idea if you want to see how good your friend’s throwing arm is after he picks up your ball and tosses it into the nearest hazard. Golf is a game of prestige and etiquette, and like many other gestures that encompass a day out on the course, there is also one that affords players plenty of room to putt without having to worry about running into another player’s golf ball. 

This is where knowing how to use a golf ball marker comes into play. Pros and weekend warriors alike have used golf ball markers in one form or another since the early years of the game. So what exactly are they? 

Golf ball markers are used on putting greens to mark the position of a player’s ball so that he or she will be able to remove their golf ball to allow another player to putt without obstruction. They can be anything from a lucky coin to a paper marker, so long as the object doesn’t get in the way of the other player’s line. 

Golf ball markers typically consist of small, flat objects, making coins a popular alternative for custom markers. In recent years, however, golf ball markers have taken on new forms and features, giving players the ability to customize their own markers and adding a personal touch to their spot on the green. 

How to Use A Golf Ball Marker? 

When using a golf ball marker on the green during normal play, it’s important to consider the rules pertaining to the use of ball markers, just in case issues arise. The USGA specifically addresses the proper procedures for lifting and marking in Rule 20-1 of the official 2012-2015 USGA Rules and Decisions Manual: 

“The position of a ball to be lifted should be marked by placing a ball marker, a small coin or other similar object immediately behind the ball. If the ball marker interferes with the play, stance, or stroke of another player, it should be placed one or more clubhead-lengths to one side.” 

For example, it’s not uncommon for players to claim that another golfer’s ball marker is too big or distracting, making their putt a little more difficult to carry out. A simple and cordial solution for this issue would be to move your marker a clubhead-length to the side, giving your golfing buddy plenty of room (and little excuse) to complete his or her putt. 

Best Golf Ball Markers Available Today? 

A lucky coin or a little loose change is always a great back-up should you forget your custom golf ball marker at home, but there are plenty of fun and useful variations of golf ball markers available today that can add a special touch to your greenside etiquette. 

The most basic personalized golf ball markers include die struck ball markers. These resilient metal ball markers commonly feature personalized names and logos of the customer’s choosing, and can be custom-made to feature a player’s favorite sports team, alma mater, initials and more. Many of these basic ball markers are also magnetic, making them easy to keep up with around any metal surface. 

Another useful take on golf ball markers are combination ball marker/divot tools. These divot tools feature magnetic ball markers that attach to the handle portion of the tool, creating the perfect two-in-one utensil for use on the putting green. Hat clip/ ball marker combos are popular as well. The magnetic markers attach easily to the hat clip, making losing this little jewel on the course a near impossibility. 

Knowing how to use a golf ball marker is an essential skill that shows the people you’re playing with that you are well-versed in golf etiquette and procedure. Properly using your golf ball marker will also ensure that controversial issues on the putting green are kept to a minimum, giving each player plenty of space and breathing room to complete each putt, without having to worry about playing bumper cars with another golfer’s ball. There are plenty of fun ways to personalize your own golf ball markers today, so consider looking for a marker that promotes your brand on the putting green. 

Pair your custom marker with a great divot tool and read more about it here.

Golf Ball Holders – What’s the Difference and what are the different types? 

A golf ball holder is necessary when you are playing a round of golf. This piece of equipment will allow you to secure your golf ball to the ground, thus reducing the chances of your ball bouncing around during your game. There are many different types of golf ball holders that are available today.

Some are very useful, while others are simply ornamental. Here is a quick and easy comparison between the different types of holders available on the market today. 

Golf Ball Pouches & Bags

This is the type of holder that is commonly used on most golf courses throughout the country. This holder is made out of a durable material and the bottom portion is rounded. The top of this holder has hooks or flaps that allow you to hang the golf ball from the lower part of the top portion of the holder.

You can use this type of custom golf ball holder to keep your golf balls and tees safe and secure. It is important to note though that some models of this holder come with a built-in hook system that enables it to hang it on your golf bag. 

Golf Ball Clips

This type of holder is a bit more flexible than the ones mentioned above. Like a cup dispenser, you simply load balls at the top. Then grasp and pull golf balls out the bottom as you need them in a Quick-Draw fashion.  

The idea is you load up your favorite game balls before your round. Then if you lose one to a water hazard or worse, you simply grab another without the hassle of digging through your bag for another suitable ball. It’s smart and keeps your head in the game. These custom holders can be quickly clipped on a golf bag or golf cart. 

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