Golf Aesthetic – Why Your Golf Swing Is Hurting Your Golf Game

Golf Aesthetic - Why Your Golf Swing Is Hurting Your Golf Game

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Some people see golf as a form of art rather than a sport. golf aesthetic golf swingA few days ago, a golfer posted a video on Facebook and received heaps of criticism about his golf aesthetic golf swing. While watching it, I noticed that not only did the guy hit the ball perfectly, he also hit it at rather impressive proximity.

I wonder why he ended up receiving all this backlash when all this does is hurt our self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is very unfortunate to see how people are so quick to judge. And it is because of this way of thinking, that it has made a big impact on how a lot of people play.

I consider golf to be a remarkable sport because of its challenge, tactics, and candor. These are just a few of many aspects of the game that lure people to it.​ 

Golfers are too fixated on how they look when they swing. I’ve even heard some golfers say that they are worried about looking amateur.​ FACT: Results are a lot more substantial than how you look when you swing.

Everyone is so quick to judge without the knowledge of this player’s history. ​At the end of the day, I believe it is how consistent and effective you really are. Not how you look.

In my opinion, finding a technique that suits you will result in a more consistent ball flight. Having the knowledge of where the ball is headed, is the most crucial element in the aesthetic golf swingAnd capturing that “perfect” golf aesthetic golf swing provides us with some sort of a golf aesthetic pleasure. But behind that beautiful and rapid movement is not what necessarily defines us as golfers.

Golfers are more preoccupied with golf swing golf aesthetics than accuracy.​ People continue to fixate on how “cool” or “awesome” they look and that it should define you as a player.​ It’s amusing to watch people take their mobile phones out and ask their buddies to record a video of them do a golf swing. The majority of these people don’t even watch where the ball is heading. 

FACT: Pro’s watch the ball’s trajectory. Pro’s know how to aesthetic golf swingThere are more golf aesthetic golf swing video’s on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram than on the PGA TOUR.

A lot of players tend to slice the ball. Everyone knows that. Most of them put too much effort into fixing it. But their score doesn’t improve even if they get their slice corrected because they don’t know how to aim the ball.

Most often than not, people who slice know when it is about to happen. So they somehow make it work and end up scoring better. They know what’s about to happen so they begin strategizing to make it work in their favor. So if people try so hard to fix their slice, they wouldn’t know how to overcome it whenever that happens.

I know it may sound like I’m suggesting that the slice is the best way to play. Everything has its pros and cons. However, it may just benefit you in the long run.

This teaches us how to control and turn things around to better our game. If you are still convinced that it’s all about how your swings look, then go on YouTube and search for Tiger Woods, Ryan Moore, Matt Kuchar, Bubba Watson, and Brooks Koepka to name a few. Their golf swing isn’t “golf aesthetic” enough to some but we all know who they are.

To sum it all up, golf is more than just fixing your golf aesthetics swing. It is more about one’s spirit and determination that will improve a player’s effectiveness out on the course and life in general.

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