Golf Ball Retrievers: Buying The Right One 

Golf players know that aren’t going to hit straight shots all the time. Have you had the unfortunate experience of hitting your ball inadvertently into the water hazard?

Despite the fact that often losing a ball is not that pricey, routine golf players can lose a lot of money on golf balls by doing this. Fetching the golf balls from the water can be a downer.  

Thankfully, golf ball retrievers can assist you to retrieve them. They are devices that are designed to pick up golf balls and bring them back in your direction. This is done with the help of a small scoop on the bottom of the device.  

Golf ball retrievers have been around for several years, and also modern technology has enhanced considerably for many years. The best golf ball retrievers include a small size with a long-range telescoping reach of over 10 feet.  

Long-range golf ball retrievers have been designed for the purpose of assisting you in retrieving the golf ball that needs a far reach. They are ideal for the experienced or even the beginner golfer since they are small enough to carry anywhere. Depending on the model you choose, they can extend anywhere from 9 feet to 15 feet. 

Golf ball retrievers will come in different sizes and shapes to suit different needs. The main types available are the ones that are attached to a pole. Most people prefer the devices that attach to a pole as they have the advantage that it can be easily moved around in case you need to find more golf balls or you are faced with a sudden shortage of golf balls on the course. 

A golf ball retriever can also be used to pick up balls that you find lying on the ground. Golf ball retrievers can also be attached to your golf bag to make carrying easier and convenient. They are lightweight and do not take up much space.

There are several golf ball retriever models in the marketplace, some have a collapsible style while others have a clip device. Scoop design is suitable for soft mud, while the chip on one is useful in various other tricky places.  

The shaft size and durability are also critical to consider in golf ball retrievers. The short-shaft size won’t be helpful all the time.   

First and foremost, you need to find a golf ball retriever that is suited for your style of play. This means that if you are a beginner, then you need to pick golf ball retrievers that are light weighted and easy to use. If you are an advanced player, then you would do best with one that is slightly heavier and is much more convenient to use.  

 Next, you should consider the type of materials used in making your golf ball retrievers. There are many models available, but you must know what type of features they have before you make your final decision.  

One good example is the adjustable golf ball retrievers which can be folded in half and used as a storage unit for other equipment. There are also many different types of warranties offered. You should carefully read the warranty so that you know the type of service you will get after the purchase.  

In terms of looking for cheap golf ball retrievers, you have several options. You can check out your local sports store, online shops, and even auction sites. You can also try searching the Internet for some great deals. Just remember that the ones that appear genuine are the ones that will last longer.  

 Finally, it would be best if you also considered the comfort of the golf ball retrievers that you are considering purchasing. Make sure that the body of the device is easy to carry around, the handle is comfortable, and the grip is snug. After all, you don’t want to end up straining yourself while carrying it.  

 The most important consideration, however, is the ease of use. If you are just starting out,  light-weighted golf ball retrievers will probably be sufficient. However, if you are already an advanced player and are using a heavier one, you may wish to consider buying a heavier model since it will be easier to use.  

 You also need to look at the features available on golf ball retrievers you are considering buying. This includes things like the height and size, the weight, the type of retriever frame, and any extra features that the manufacturer may offer you. For example, if you are an experienced golfer, you might want to consider buying one that offers you the option of attaching a bag for better holding the golf ball.  

 If you are an amateur and you are just starting out, you do not have to worry too much about extra features because they may not really add much value to your game.

However, if you are an advanced player, you may find that some of these accessories could really help. For example, if you are using a heavier model, you may want to consider attaching a golf bag.

If you are buying these types of golf retrievers for beginners, you might want to opt for one that has a larger carrying capacity than the average.  

There are many different types of golf ball retrievers available in the market. So, before you buy a particular one, make sure that you carefully think over the features that you need and think about how it would fit in with your style of play. That’s why we wanted to make your decision making a lot easier for you.  

We listed down our Top 5 favorite Golf Ball Retrievers to guide you with your selection process! 



  • 45" retracted - extends to 15' ( 4.57 meters ) 

  • Ergonomic sure-grip handle 

  • Stainless steel retriever mechanism picks up balls in a snap 

  • High quality aluminum alloy - will not bend when fully extended 

  • Comes with a dual zip headcover-looks like another club in your bag 


The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever, one of the most efficient and often sought-after golf ball retrieval equipment, can stretch to 15 feet and retract to only 45 inches for simple handling and portability. For comfortable handling, the tool has a cushioned ergonomic grip, and the stainless-steel catch system enables it to quickly pick up and recover balls from a range of hazards. Even when the device is fully stretched out, the lightweight Callaway golf ball retriever is guaranteed to remain stable. The best part about buying this retriever is that it comes with an awesome dual-zip head cover which makes the device look just like another club in your bag. 


"If you’re like me you are probably are looking at a very similar model that’s a few bucks cheaper. I can’t comment on that model, but what I can tell you is you won’t beat Callaway customer support. I lost my cover so I called to buy a new one and they sent me one for free. Very nice people. The ball retriever works perfectly. I ordiginally was going to get the shorter one to hide it in my bag, but ultimately decided on the longer. I figured I had the extra length if I needed it. I originally thought the water was so mirky that I’d never use the extension...but I use it all the time. I’ve gotten where I can feel the ball with the end of it and can feel it latch on. This thing works great. I’ve probably used it 100 times and it’s holding up great. It’s paid for itself many times over again since I bought it. Very happy."


✔Well built. Nice and sturdy  
✔The mechanism for grabbing and picking up the ball is simple and effective  

✔Easy twist and lock mechanism to extend and lock up to 4 sections individually  

✔Looks good in the bag thanks to the Callaway branded head cover that’s included 


❌Takes a while to get used too, as you will drop many balls until you do. 

❌A bit pricey 



  • 10-foot length,14-foot maximum reach  

  • Collapses to 17.5 inches  

  • Weighs only 10 ounces  

  • Best-selling model  

  • Patented spring-release ready head  & Patented stainless steel shaft 


The IGotcha Golf Retriever is a convenient and highly effective tool with a maximum quality golf-ball-retrieving scope of 14 feet. One of the most portable and lightweight gadgets of its type on the market today, and still one of the top selling, weighing just 10 ounces and shrinking to a size of only 17.5 inches. In order to catch and recover any golf ball from any obstacle, the IGotcha Golf Ball Retriever uses a patented spring-release ready head, and its stainless-steel shaft is both sturdy and robust. The IGotcha ball Retriever will slip conveniently into the side pockets of your golf bag with its extreme compact design, allowing you easy access to the device when you need it most. 


"One of the things I really like about the "I Gotcha" ball retriever is that it doesn't have to be reset after each catch, as the directions point out, as it "works open or closed." In fact it actually works better in the sprung position, as it is more sensitive to the presence of the ball being pursued, and just requires a very light push at the proper angle to cage the ball. I imagine that this is easier on the spring, too. So just give the trap a twist to release the newly captured ball, leave the trap "sprung," (so to speak), and go for the next ball. I just got mine and I went out and got 10 balls. So far, so good. I love it!"


"Like most golfers, we have tried numerous ball retrievers over the years. Nine-nine percent of them either were too complicated for the job, or just plain broke within months. Actually, the last couple I have purchased took up a club slot and were just too bulky. Enter this design. Extremely compact, and works like a charm, whether in the underbrush or under water! I bought my wife one of the shorter ones (6 foot IIRC) several months ago and she loves it. I got sick of the bulk of my last retriever, so I ordered one of these, but a longer version. I am impressed, to say the least."


✔Compact size 


✔It doesn't have to be reset after each catch, as the directions point out, as it "works open or closed” 


❌If you extend retractable pole to its entire length the sections near the end with the retriever become flimsy and might snap if not handled with proper care 


  • Adjustable shaft - extends up to 15 feet 

  • Comfortable grip 

  • High visibility fluorescent head - for water retrieval 

  • Save money - pays for itself in no time 


Despite its cheap price, the poles of this Orlimar Golf Ball Retriever are quite solid even when it’s fully extended. The ball scoop is just the right size to grab a golf ball and retrieve it without dropping it. The 15ft extension will enable you to retrieve balls out of backyards, sand traps with water and ponds with so much ease. But extra care must be taken in order for this device to last a long time as it is not made of heavy-duty material.  But overall, this retriever does its job. It’s affordable plus it will help you save more money on golf balls. 


"This is a good product, good enough that this is the second identical one that I have bought. It is relatively light weight, aluminum, and the round ball grabber on the end works very well. It will certainly pay for itself, and make you some golf friends too as you retrieve their errant shots.


My first one lasted 3-4 years of heavy use. The final event for it was when I was retrieving a ball from a pond and the terminal extension, the one with the loop, came off and glub-glub sunk down to Davy Jones' Locker. But I think that terminal extension finally came loose because I had abused it, by pulling out the extensions too aggressively. I also bent some of the extensions by slapping it on the ground, when extended, to make a retrieved ball release from the plastic hoop.


Let me suggest that for longevity of the product there are techniques to keep in mind and make a habit of. Treat it with a little care: when you pull out a section to lengthen the retriever, give the section a little counterclockwise twist to loosen it before you pull it out, then when it is fully extended give it a little clockwise twist to set it. Collapse it down with a counterclockwise twist of each section before you push one section into another. Those measures take just a moment and will rapidly become habit. And don't whack it on the ground (like I used to, duh) to dislodge a ball that you have retrieved, to keep from bending the extensions. These measures should significantly extend its life."


✔Lightweight aluminum 


✔Gets the job done 


❌Can be a little delicate, especially when fully extended.  

❌Not heavy duty 

4. BEST UNDERWATER: JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers


  • JP Lann 15' Foot Retriever. Longest Retrievers in Golf! 

  • Adjustable Telescoping Shaft Extends to 15 feet, 42 inches when Collapsed 

  • Black Anodized Shaft and Comfort Grip Rubber Handle 

  • EZ-View Easy Grasp Orange Pressure Fit Head.

  • Great Visibility under Water 

  • One (1) Year Warranty 


The JP Lann golf ball retrievers are a flexible quality device with two capture choices to choose from: a metal hinge or orange pressure cup which is more suitable for water retrieval. They come in a range of practical sizes to accommodate different requirements, including their retractable versions measuring 9, 12, 15 feet and 18 feet; and a stationary 6 '7' suction cup tool. They have a somewhat proactive sports design.  The different lengths available aid golfers to select appropriate golf ball retrievers that would best suit their needs. This retriever performs great in diverse golf course hazard situations, such as water, brush, mud and rocks. 


"Sturdy and durable for the money. Captures the ball easily with very little force applied, and holds on to the ball tightly. I use for balls in the water and balls located deep out of reach in the brush. Highly recommended."


"My husband picked this out on line, I purchased as a Christmas gift. He hasn't used it yet because we live in cold area but come Spring he will add it to his bag. Says it was exactly what he needed and was a lot cheaper ordering this on line."


✔Can scoop up the golf balls very easy and the balls stay in the holder until they are released  
✔Great in picking up balls underwater  


❌Extensions seem to keep locking up  

5. BEST ALL ROUNDER: Pelican Golf Ball Retriever


  • GOLF BALL RETRIEVER with Robust Golden Yellow Nylon Cup by Pelican Golf in 18ft maximum length 

  • Extends up to 18'; Collapses to 3'8"(44"), weight: 1.6 lb(25.6 Oz), Grip diameter: 1.4" 

  • Robust Cup: Gold Yellow Nylon Cup can help you Easy Grab and Retrieve Golf Ball 

  • Twist Turn-Lock, Adjustable Length, Telescopic Design 

  • Comfort Grip and Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Shaft 


Golf ball retrievers that extend up to 18ft or more can get a bit pricey. But not the Pelican Golf Ball Retriever.  The easy twist turn-lock is a breeze to use even for a first timer. It also has an extendable pole because of its telescopic design. So, you can adjust it based on your requirements at any time. The rubber grip makes this retriever to have an ergonomic design so you can hold it comfortably whenever you use it. The golden yellow nylon cup will securely capture the ball with minimal effort. 


"Can extend and put away super fast. This ball retriever is the best imo. Great design, can set on top and easily flip it over... pulls out balls stuck in mud or under water with no problem.. easy to clean off, doesn't hold water and is made of aluminum so wont rust... ball has never fallen out once it is in. I love it!"


"This retriever has a longer reach than any I've ever bought. The orange cup snags the ball easily. It is a little larger around & heavier than most but that doesn't interfere with using it."


✔Lightweight and ergonomic


✔Simple to use

✔Available in different lengths


❌Limited warranty period 

❌Gets a bit flimsy when fully extended 


What is a Golf Ball Retriever? 

Have you had the unfortunate experience of hitting your ball inadvertently into the pond or sand pit? Fetching the golf balls from under water can really be a downer. Despite the fact that instead of going through the trouble of retrieving it, losing one golf ball won’t really put a dent in your wallet but, golfers who play often can lose a lot of money on golf balls by doing this.   

Thankfully, golf ball retrievers can assist you to retrieve them. They are devices that are designed to pick up golf balls and bring them back to you without the extra effort. This is done with the help of a small scoop on the end of the device.  

Do I Need a Golf Ball Retriever? 

As the name implies, a golf ball retriever is a device specially built whose sole function is to “retrieve” golf balls from hard-to-reach locations or tricky places, balls that may otherwise be lost in the water, hazards or dense overgrowth that are in most golf courses.  

A retriever will come in handy while attempting to recover your balls from these hazards all by acting as a kind of artificial arm extension fitted with different catch mechanisms that serve as fingers, in addition to providing a kind of water rescue for your pricey golf balls. 

How to Use a Golf Ball Retriever? 

There is no correct or incorrect method to use a golf ball retriever.   The way to use this tool differs from one tool to another, but all retrievers have a very similar procedure.  

Golf ball retrievers are composed of a rather solid pole, a pole that can be stretched to the necessary length to reach the ball.  

There is a sort of cup or trap device at the end of these poles that is used to catch or grab the ball from where it lays, because of the catch and drop mechanism you can quickly collect golf balls from numerous hazards around the golf course. 

What is the BEST Golf Ball Retriever? 

Golf ball retrievers come in a range of styles, have a variety of options for “catch and retrieve” and are crafted from different types of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Here are key features you should look out for when shopping for a golf ball retriever: 

  • Material: The material used in the production of a golf ball retriever is important. They use plastic for the lower-end and high standard material like stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum for the higher-quality models. It is better to choose one that lasts a long time. 
  • Ball Catcher: The head of the retriever (the one that catches the ball) comes in different shapes. The hold on the ball should be secure but easy to release.  
  • Length: Length is a very important factor. There are times when the ball lands on hazardous areas like mud, water, etc. You might not be able to reach the ball if your device doesn’t extend very far 
  • Grip: The handle should give a firm grip without making you feel uncomfortable.  Test the retriever by extending it. It should not cave into your palms. Also, the handle shouldn’t cause your hands to perspire making you lose your grip on the retriever 
  • Stability: There have been a lot of complaints about the long extendable retrievers becoming flimsy or unstable when extended to their farthest length. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the pole is solid and stable and doesn’t lose its posture all the way. 
  • Storage: A handy retriever should fit into the pocket of the golf bag compartment after its retracted 
  • Cost: Its price should suit your budget but don’t let the price get in the way of quality. 

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