Golf Sunglasses

Golf Sunglasses are designed not just to look cool but improve your game too. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, and also prevent wind, dust from blowing into your eyes.  

Sunglasses should be chosen to make sure they are not distracting you during the game.

Sunglasses with stable wraparound bands, non-slippery nose pads prevent them from slipping down while watching the ball.  

Since you will be on the course for a long duration, golf sunglasses should be comfortable and lightweight, so you do not feel burdened by them.

Golf sunglasses made with materials like polycarbonate or Trivex are lightweight as compared to the glass lens.  

When choosing sunglasses, make sure they fit your eyes comfortably and do not block any sight of the ball line.

Many varieties of sunglasses like polarized lenses, Bifocal, or Progressive Lenses and mirror coating reflect the excess sun rays and keep your eyes cool.  



  • Plutonite Lenses for 100% UV Protection of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light 

  • PRIZM Lens Technology to enhance color, contrast and detail 

  • Patented HD Optics provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision

  • O-Matter frame for improved strength & flexibility

  • Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads for increased comfort


The Oakley Half-Jacket XL 2.0 is a winner both in the frame and in the lenses of the Oakley line. This lens is a non-polarized Iridium Lens, making the colors in the golf course much sharper and more distinctive than they would in the naked eye.  The Oakley Half-Jackets are amazingly light but very robust and well-constructed. These are the perfect sunglasses for clumsy golfers.  Oakley is possibly, and for good reason, the most established brand for sports eyewear.  You'll see more players wearing Oakley's on tour than any other brand, and many are not sponsored by them at all. You know that you're looking at a high-quality product: when tour professionals use it without being paid for. It goes without saying that you pay, of course, for the prestige of the Oakley brand name, so you might want to check out other sunglasses if you're on a tight budget. For those who are willing to pay a little extra to get the best golf sunglasses available, the price is completely justified. 


"My eye doctor recently told me I need to start wearing sunglasses when playing golf due to the long term damaging effects of the sun on our eyes. Read some reviews on top rated sunglasses for golfers and decided to try the Oakleys. They are really amazing. I was not planning on hitting shots with them on but they are so clear I was able to play with them. They hug the face so no movement orvslippage. Also they gave great contrast on the greens and was able to see contours and breaks I couldn't see without them. I actually am playing better as well as protecting my eyes from harmful uva. Highly recommend."


✔Sleek style that goes well with hats and visors 

✔Great lenses that make the colors of the course pop 

✔Comfortable enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing them 

✔Easily replaceable lenses 


❌A bit pricey


  • Polarized mirror coated lenses 

  • Hydrophilic Megon Temple tips for a more secure fit

  • Kite lets in twice as much light for better depth perception and improved results

  • Adjustable Megon nose pads 

  • 100% protection UVA, UVA, and UVA 

  • Includes lens cloth, carry pouch, and hard case with hanging clip 


You tend to forget that sunglasses can help shield your eyes from harmful UV rays especially during cloudy days.  The Callaway Sungear Kite have awesome bright lenses perfect when the outdoors is gloomy and fairly dark. The lenses keep the world clear, but not too bright and are an all-round sunglass. In general, the lenses help to brighten up the colors and will not make you feeling dreary. An unintended feature of these awesome Callaway Sungear Kite lenses is that they make it easier to find your ball on the rough. Thanks to the tuning of the lenses, the ball really stands out against the green grass, and you'll find your golf ball a lot quicker. The full-wraparound design protects your eyes from strong winds, and behind the lenses is your full field of vision. The adjustable nose pads ensure that they suit all face shapes and sizes well. 


"I think these are great sunglasses for golf. They are very comfortable. I also can use them throughout the entire round of golf as they help improve my ability to read greens. I also have used them for driving in the car as well. I've tried other sunglasses but I am very happy with these. I highly recommend them. I tried going cheap with a $15 pair but they were heavy and not very comfortable."


✔Wraparound design for good wind protection 

✔Bright lenses for overcast days 


✔Comes with hard case and hanging clip 


❌Some might find them a little too bulky 


  • Grilamid frames

  • Non-Polarized Polycarbonate lens

  • ArmourSight lenses for superior optical clarity and impact resistance 

  • Ultralight ArmourFusion frames for maximum strength and durability

  • Co-molded rubber nose pad and temple arms for a no-slip comfortable fit 

  • 100% protection of harmful UVA/B/C rays


Almost every pair of sunglasses on the market claim to be "indestructible" and scratch resistant, but it's difficult to determine which are really resilient. These Under Armour Igniter sunglasses really live up to their standards, with real solid frames and robust lenses. The Igniter Multiflection lenses are hydro and oleophobic which repels oily smudges and raindrops to give you a clear view during your round. The lenses are also scratch resistant and made of APVX, which makes them stronger than polycarbonate lenses. Golfers would also appreciate how strong the AmourFushion titanium and Grilamid frames are, resistant to torsion and breakage.  Besides their hardness, these golf sunglasses often protect against UVA, UVB and UVC rays and offer golfers a direct and highly contrasting view. These are the best value golf sun glasses, particularly if you're on a budget. 


"Lightweight glasses, with good fit and a sturdy feel. They have decent side-to-side coverage, and feel good on my head and ears. I didn't have to push them up very often. Color representation is not bad and distortion minimal.
Comfortable fit on my L/XL hat-size noggin.

I tried them in tropical sunlight-- they're not the darkest, but that's what I want considering the tropics also have a lot of clouds. They seem to be "modestly" polarized based on their effect on my smartphone screen. The polarization is actually the reason i didn't buy the "Igniter 2.0" (apparently not polarized), although those are 2mm wider.

I like "wider" sunglasses, since I have a wider/oblong face. I also tried the similar look Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL. Their polarization is maybe a little better, but they're twice the price and the side coverage is less. These Igniters won that round.

Well-fitted, lightweight sunglasses that look a lot more expensive than they are. Recommended."


✔Large wraparound lenses provide good protection 

✔Titanium-infused frame for durability 

✔Good polymer lens 


❌Lenses aren't interchangeable 


  • Plutonite Lenses for 100% UV Protection of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light 

  • PRIZM Lens Technology to enhance color, contrast and detail  

  • O-Matter frame for improved strength & flexibility 

  • Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads for increased comfort 

  • Choose from multiple colors of frames and lenses, non-polarized and polarized 

  • Includes soft vault sunglasses case & Microbag


The Oakley PRIZM lenses have been the holy grail in golf sunglasses. These bright and flashy rose-tinted lenses may not be the first option for every golfer, but the results are evident. PRIZM lenses offer maximum visibility and the highest contrast. The most defined view from a tee box to a pin.  The Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses are only one of several Oakley models that sport the PRIZM lenses, which are used for golf as well as running, baseball and cycling. Golfers will absolutely adore the Flak 2.0 XL glasses thanks to the scratch-resistant plastic used in the lenses, while the 100% UV protection for their eyes. The plastic frame also incorporates rubber grips that remain on your head during windy days.  This Oakley model is one of the best sunglasses for golf, since the lenses make the golf course look high definition while on the fairway. 


"Amazing glasses any golfer needs a pair of these they cut the regular glare of other glasses due to the optimized lens and the view fields that are made special for golfing and it makes the fairways very visible. I use to golf in Edge glasses and when I tried these I have not gone back. They have a crisp view field for putting and walking or riding the fairway. Universal all around golf glasses"

"Great sunglasses Golf prizm lenses is a game changer for me. I play golf once a week I have always worn sunglasses while playing. The detailed optics allow me to putt with these on. I have the light version and wear a hat they help my game and finding my golf ball. I don't think I'd want to play golf without the prizm lenses."


✔Case included 

✔Different color lenses & frames available 

✔Lenses are prescription ready 



5. BEST COLORED LENSES : Maui Jim Ho'okipa Sunglasses


  •  Enjoy ultimate UV protection combined with premium style, incredible durability, glare-free vision, and color-boosting patented technologies

  • Maui Rose lenses provide a soothing rose tone and are excellent for full sun to overcast light conditions

  • Lenses made with MauiPure material for crisp optics and excellent shatter & scratch resistance

  • Frames constructed from lightweight, injected nylon, designed for extreme comfort and extended wear time 

  • Includes sunglasses case & cloth 


Maui Jim sunglasses are made and crafted in Hawaii. Their original intention was to uncover the true colors of the magnificent island and the ocean that are sometimes blurred by the brightness of the sun.   Looking at the ocean through Maui Jims and then removing them, is such a breath-taking experience. It's just like turning up the Photoshop Color Saturation Slider. The only lenses that genuinely compete with Oakley Prizm Golf lenses, Maui Jims made it easier to read the green with their excellent color filtering. The subtle wraparound style effectively covers the field of view and protects your eyes from the strong winds. Maui Jim provides a wide range of lenses, like Oakley, to support you in varying circumstances.   The design of Maui Jims is unprecedented. It is durable and highly flexible, it fits perfectly and comfortably on your face, but at the same time it feels very sturdy. In fact, you're even going to forget that you've got them on. Maui Jims has a pretty high price tag for exceptionally good visual clarity and feather light comfort. The lenses are polycarbonate so they easily scratch, so I recommend that you keep them in your hard case whenever they're not on your face. 


"I cannot say enough about the quality of Maui Jim lenses and customer service. I've had this style for 15 years--from time to time replacing my old scratched up lenses through Maui Jim customer service. Mine were the bronze tortoise Hookipas. I decided this time to order a new pair of black with the dark gray lens. I like the style even better than the tortoise. However I was hoping the gray lens would be darker than the bronze, but I don't find that to be true. Also the bronze lens offer oomph in color perception--everything looks like a Disney movie through the bronze lens.

This is good for gardeners who care how orange the hibiscus is and how ruby the throat is on that hummingbird in the backyard. Although these fit me fine, I have a large head. I don't think these are good for a person with a small face. Choose a different style.

Here are the best qualities of these glasses: They are lightweight. No headache. They are among the most reasonably priced Maui Jims available. They are large and wraparound just enough for good coverage. They look cool. Glare is basically nonexistent. Have a problem? Call Maui Jim for attentive service.

The downside is: They are lightweight enough that when you bend over they flop away from your nose. You really should use two hands to put them on, however that is true of most glasses."


✔Colors come to life with the lenses

✔Fits beautifully 

✔Virtually indestructible frames 



❌On the pricey side 


What UV protection should my sunglasses have for golf? 

Optometrists suggests that the sunglasses should shield you against UVA and UVB at a minimum of 99%.   UVC rays do not enter the atmosphere and are thus not a threat.  

If you worry about having enough sunshine to make vitamin D, just take off your sunglasses for 5-15 minutes and you’ll be all right. 

What fit should the best golf sunglasses have? 

The best sunglasses for golf will have a wraparound design so that the sun does not hit the corner of your eye at the wrong angle.  

They should be light as a feather but snug enough that you barely feel the sunglasses touching your skin. Youll be wearing them for more than 4-5 hours at a time, so the last thing you want is to strain the sensitive nerves behind your ear. 

What type of frame should I pick for my sunglasses? 

We recommend a lightweight frame made of high-quality plastic material. Metal frames are too susceptible to extreme temperatures and too heavy to wear for long periods.  

An excellent quality plastic frame is sturdy enough to withstand a few drops and lightweight enough to wear for hours. 

What tint do I need for golf in my lenses? 

If you’re using the Golf Ball Finder blue tinted lenses in the desert, we would recommend you go with a brown, rose or neutral gray lens.  

Many golf shops sell sunglasses specifically designed for golf with a range of different tints. You can ask the store manager if you can try on different models on the practice green. Go with the one that helps you read the green perfectly. 

Should I use polarized or photochromic lenses? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 

The dilemma in choosing between polarized and non-polarized lenses is ultimately a matter of personal preference. There are some who favor them, and there are some who don’t. 

Some golfers find polarized lenses make them feel nauseous or woozy, but that’s just a vast minority. Polarized lenses minimize the glare of the sun’s reflection and are very effective when fishing because they allow you to see much better underwater. Golf balls can also be easily be spotted in ponds with polarized lenses.  

However, some claim that polarization hinders your perception of depth, although this has never been proven.  If you test out the polarized lenses and you find that you can’t hit putts at the right distance unexpectedly, it may just only be in your head. But it’s better not to take that risk. 

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