Golf Tees – Improving Your Tee Shots 

Golf Tees – Improving Your Tee Shots 

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Often, the golf tees receive less attention, but in order to hit perfect drivers, the ball needs to be adequately high to make that impact. A Golf Tee is a stand used to elevate the ball at a suitable height for the golfer to strike it. Many golfers will agree that they carry many Golf Tees in their kit as most of them lose the tees frequently.  

Golf tees are made from either plastic or wood. Wooden tees usually break faster than the plastic ones, and so plastic is preferred more.  

Golf tees come in a variety of styles and height, making it a little tedious to find the right one. Different size golf tees are suitable for various clubs like the 4-inch tee is perfect for large-head drivers, whereas the fairway woods and irons can work with 2.25-inch tees, best to carry a few different size tees and use them as required.  

Below we have described and reviewed five of the best golf tees on the market today. 


1. TOP PICK: Pride Professional Tee System
2. BEST PREMIUM: Martini Step-Up Golf Tees 3 inch 
3. BEST FOR BEGINNERS: AckBrands MeasureTees
4. GREEN GOLFER: Wedge Guys Bamboo Golf Tees
5. BEST ALL ROUNDER: Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees


  • Color bar indicates tee length 

  • Low-Resistance Tip for Less Friction

  • Plastic Material to Last Longer 

  • Includes (40) 3-1/4-Inch tees and (10) 1-1/2-Inch tees


The Pride PTS (Professional Tee System) is a patented color-coded tee system that aids in quickly distinguishing the tee length and identifying which club is appropriate to use. The company says that more professionals use Pride Professional Tees more than any other brand. This has not been authenticated impartially, but it would not be so much of a shock since the quality and the consistency of the tees are rather excellent. 

PTS Tees are available in traditional white plastic and in standard wood. There are 5 standard lengths for multiple purposes, but it is still up to you to select the clubs that you want to associate to each length. The first three lengths go to drivers, the fourth to fairway woods and long irons and the fifth to hybrids and the shorter clubs in your bag. There is an exclusive color scheme associated to the different lengths and it will be easy to discern the depth into which each tee is pushed into. In order to make it more economic, you can buy small quantities of different lengths in order to provide a selection of tees for different clubs. 


“I was skeptical to buy these because I always break my tee's and if I was going to spend money on these just to break them then I may as well just have went with the good old fashioned wood tee's. So I pulled the trigger and ordered these and after 3 rounds and several times on the driving range I have only managed to break one tee! The one tee I broke was on the driving range after hitting 4 large buckets of balls, so probably over 200 hits and I can live with that number, I won’t go into the math but I did figure it out and these are actually cheaper to own that the wood tees when comparing to average breaking vs hits. I have used all different tees in the past like the brush type, but what I don’t like about those are they can be a pain to get in the ground, you are stuck hitting every shot from the same height, and you have to pull them out and put them back in a little case after every shot. These tees are just like using the old fashion wood tees except for one major difference "they don't break". Also I only have to put 2 tees (1 long, 1 short) in my pocket now instead of a handful like I used to do. ”


✔ Low-Resistance Tip for Less Friction makes it easy to push the tees into the ground

✔ Different tee lengths linked to different clubs 

✔ Comes in plastic or wood 

✔100% Natural Hardwood 

✔ Leading choice on the PGA Tour 

✔ Consistent height 


❌ Wooden versions of the tees break easily 

❌ Possible to transfer white paint onto clubs 


  • Made from a proprietary polymer resin blend; one tee can be reused dozens of times

  • Tests prove that Martini Tees really do give you longer and straighter drives versus wooden tees 

  • The large cup of the Martini Tee allows you to tilt the ball toward the hole as much as 20% 

  • Martini Tees are made in Michigan and are legal to use in tournaments using USGA Rules of Golf 


The Martini tees factory is based in Michigan, USA and conforms with the USGA Rules making it legal to use these during tournaments under the USGA Golf Regulations. The tees are made of a polymer blend that makes it almost indestructible. This will almost certainly withstand wooden tees for quite some time. The Martini tees design makes them safe for all clubs as they do not harm the base of your woods or irons.

Martini Step-up tees have a wide cup design which tilts towards the target, reducing the resistance of the clubhead by up to 20% at impact. In laboratory tests these tees were independently proven to lead to longer and straighter drives compared to the average wooden tees. Each pack contains five identical tees with a length of 3 1⁄4 inches, labelled with for consistent depth in the tee box. 


“My husband found one of these tee's somewhere and used it. He liked it! After telling me how much he liked them, I decided to order him some for Christmas. So I really can not rate these now, however, I am positive he is going to love them. He talks about them alot. They are hard to find in the town we live in, also. The one he found and uses passes all of the tests (durability/value for the money/sturdiness)! So I rated accordingly. ”

“I love how durable these trees are - they don't split like a wooden tee would. Also, the bright colors make them easier to find after you finish striking the ball.”


✔ Good ball support 

✔ Versatile tees 

✔ Simple yet effective 

✔ Bright colors 

✔ Durable 


❌ Not the greatest value for money 

3. BEST FOR BEGINNERS : AckBrands MeasureTees


  • MeasureTees precision height control allows you to consistently tee low when the wind is in your face, normal for your sunny weekend league, and high to catch the wind at your back.

  • Numbered height control markers allow you to tailor your tee height to your clubs and your swing.

  • With MeasureTees you can drive with confidence knowing that your ball will always be at the ideal height.

  • With 3 1/4" of durable plastic to work with you'll hit the sweet spot every time. 


Ackbrands Golf Tees come in plastic or wood depending on your preferences and are labelled in 1⁄4-inch segments to ensure that the depth at which the tees reach in the ground is the preferred choice of the golfer. The efficient elevation of the ball ensures that your swing will provide an unfailingly good contact between the ball and the club. The golf tees are 3 1⁄4 inches in length and have written measuring lines, which extend at 1⁄4-inch intervals across the plastic tee body. If you have chosen the most suitable height for your different clubs, you can consistently inject the tee into the turf at a specified height. The height consistency provides a more consistent and stable ball trajectory. 


“Why buy wood? I like that i can have my tee super tall for unique cases. Their durability is unparalleled as well. Unless you lose them, there is no need to replace since they NEVER BREAK. Maybe a golf snob wouldn’t like or would complain about performance but for the average golfer like me, they’re perfect and I’m not going back to wood tees. ” 

“Being newer to golf, I found that a million things can change with each swing. These tees allowed consistency for height off the Tee because I could refer to the marks on the tee and KNOW what height I had it at. Hey, call it placebo, but all I know is that I drive better with these... AND they really don’t break, if you’re doing it right.”


✔ Consistent tee height 

✔ Durable 

✔ Tees penetrate the turf effortlessly 


❌ Markings on the tee wear off 

❌ Costly 

4. GREEN GOLFER : Wedge Guys Bamboo Golf Tees


  • The 2-3/4 Inch high Golf Tees are made from specific species of bamboo to ensure a stronger & long lasting golf tee. 

  • Biodegradable ensuring your favorite golf course and equipment stays in tip-top shape.

  • FREE poker chip ball marker 

  • PGA Professional Approved & Conforms to USGA Regulations 

  • 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee 


The Wedge Guys made one of the best bamboo golf tees on the market and offer an amazing value. Bamboo tees have become a favorite to many golfers as they are not easy to break. Another factor is that a few golfers get tired of seeing wooden tees collecting dust in the tee box. An impressive aspect of these tees is their biodegradability. Some golfers haven't even tried using bamboo golf tees yet and it's just a pity. They could save you money from not always destroying tees and giving you a positive feeling for environmental sustainability. 


“I have purchased these tees at least twice and will buy again. They are easy to handle and stronger than many other types of tees. A great product and a outstanding product “

“Good to have such a large bag of tees - definitely don't have to worry about running out any time soon. Nice that these are natural wood too, without paint - they look a lot nicer! ” 

“These bamboo tees worked just fine. They held up nicely with my driver and broke (as expected) with my irons. It didn’t bother me to leave the broken tees on the ground. They are biodegradable as opposed to the plastic kind.”


✔ 2-3/4-inch tee that is compatible with all shots off the tee box 

✔ Biodegradable to make a positive impact on the Earth 

✔ Bamboo so stronger and longer lasting 

✔100% money back guarantee for 30 days 


❌ Tends to fly more after impact so it might be hard to find 

❌ A bit pricey 

❌ Typical design 

5. BEST ALL ROUNDER : Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees


  • The ZFTour Hybrid is great for Par 3's

  • Established as the No. 1 Performance Tee on the PGA TOUR in 2005 and has stayed there since with over 70 TOUR victories and 370 top ten finishes

  • Every package comes with a bonus Zero Friction item

  • Place one prong at the target for optimum performance

  • A product made with bio-composite materials. 


This is one of the best performing golf tees on the PGA Tour, and since 2005 it has led golfers to 70 wins and over 320 top 10 finishes. It has also been proven to add a few yards to tee shots and increase the precision of all golfers. 

The Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong tees are constructed from bio-composite materials and built on three pillars of basic design to minimize resistance on the golf ball. The reduction in contact points with the golf ball, the Zero Restriction design, allows golfers to become longer and straighter off their tees. 
It not only stands out on the technical side. The Tour 3-prog comes in a wide range of colors and lengths of 1 inch, 2 ¾ inches, and 3 ¼ inches. 

As a bonus, every set includes a Zero Friction piece. 


“It honestly did increase my drive length. My buddies commented i was driving the ball a little farther the day i got them and used them. It has continued every round since. I golf 3 to 4 times a week. Noticeable difference. And even if they don't help your game as much as mine. You can play a whole round with one tee, as long as you don't lose it. definitely worth the money. “

“I would break my tee every shot. EVERY shot. Ive played 27 holes and two practice sessions with 1 tee. Just buy these, seriously. If youre reading reviews, your concerned about blowing your money on a wasted product. I get it, im the same way. Trust me, just do it.”


✔ Great colors 

✔ Various lengths 

✔ Bonus Zero Friction item in every package 

✔ A proven winner on the PGA tour 


❌ Some found them hard to balance the ball on 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need a golf tee? 

Tees are as close you can get to cheating in golf. You can pick your ideal position within the tee markers at the beginning of each hole and raise the ball off the ground to create the perfect lie. Teeing the ball off the ground is a must if you’re using a driver to catch the ball on the upswing.  When teeing with irons, having the ball raised decreases the likelihood you’ll hit it thin or fat. 

What is the best length for golf tees? 

Golf tees typically range from 2 1⁄4 inches to 4 inches. The selection of the right tees essentially comes down to preference but as a general rule, long tees are preferred if you are looking for maximum length and shorter tees will serve to maintain accuracy. 

What are the different types of golf tees? 

Wooden Tees  

Most tees are made of wood. While wooden tees are not technologically advanced, they are available in various lengths and can be personalized almost in any you want.  If you want a particular color, want to put your business name on it or customize it, wooden tees are fun. But wooden tees do tend to break easily    

Bamboo Tees   

Bamboo tees are gaining in popularity for several reasons. First of all, these unbreakable tees tend to typically last longer than wooden tees. Secondly, on average these tees are cheaper than wooden tees because bamboo is abundant, grows quicker and can be harvested easily. Finally, these tees are maintenance-friendly because they cause much slower dullness in mower blades and rarely causes any jams 

Plastic tees 

In recent years, plastic tees have become extremely popular and are one of the best tees. These tees are available in different lengths, colors and tee height. They have about the same number of choices in these tees as there are in wooden tees. These tees are available in zero restriction variants, which have a sophisticated design to minimize friction at impact, also enabling the golfer to position the ball on a less frictional surface. The key advantage of these tees is their longevity and durability, which can reduce damage and cost from hundreds of shots. 

Rubber Tees 

Rubber tees are typically used in driving ranges where mats are often used. Rubber tees are one of the best tees, they can be switched from the mat in different lengths. They are perfect for practice, because they don’t get damaged easily and hardly costs anything. 

What are the different tee styles or designs? 

Standard Tees 

For most professional golfers, standard tees are their first choice. They are made of wood, available in 2 1⁄4 inches to 4″ inches and in all sorts of colors. Standard tees can easily be purchased in bulk and personalized as you wish. 

Anti-Slice Tees 

The miss for 90% of golfers is the most dreaded slice. We’ve all seen this, which begins straight and curves aggressively to the right and lands short and right of our intended target. This shot causes a loss of distance, precision and is especially detrimental off the tee. 

Fortunately, tee manufacturers are working hard to alleviate the horrific slice epidemic. Anti-slice tees are built like regular tees with the addition of a flap covering 1⁄4 of the balls surface area. When using an anti-slice tee, tee the ball up as usual, so that the flap covers the back of the ball where the club is going to make contact. While anti-slice tees can help to minimize sidespin, they are non-conforming and can’t be used in competition 

Brush Tees 

As soon as they hit the market, brush tees became an instant hit. Built with a plastic base on which the bristles support the ball, the brush tees are available in a range of length and color. The bristles that carry the ball practically removes friction at impact as the club sweeps the ball off the tee. The result is additional distance and sidespin reduction. 

Zero Friction Tees 

Zero friction golf tees are built for the exact purpose of their name, eliminating friction for longer, straighter and more accurate tee shots. Although regular tees have a full-circumference cup on the top, zero friction tees have a prong design that reduces the contact points with the golf ball that it sits on the tee. This tee’s principle is that the friction between the ball and the tee is becomes less. Some think less friction with the ball from the tee will give you a better shot. Usually, these tees are made of plastic and are stronger than wooden tees. 

Customized Tees 

Customized tees are a golfer’s favorite. Customizable options for these tees are practically limitless, and can be bought in bulk. Whether it be your name, company logo or your favorite sports team, custom tees can be ordered for a relatively low cost in any length.   Custom tees are a fantastic way to advertise your business or make a great holiday present for any golfer. 

Here are some tips when selecting golf tees: recommends using extra-long tees for when you need to use a driver. While having a shorter size for fairway woods and par-3s can save your longer golf tees from being broken.   

Piqua County Club recommends the following 5 tips for improving your golf tee Shots

  1. Use Your Grip

Your hands are the only part of your body that comes into direct contact with your driver. So, their positioning is one of the most significant aspects of any swing. 

You should regularly alter your grip depending on your swing style and the course your playing through. Using the same hold over and over again may feel more comfortable, but it could be hurting your game. 

Keeping your grip loose will allow your driver’s face to stay open, which will add loft to your shot. Alternatively, using an extra tight grip can help you hook the ball. 

Next time you hit the driving range, play around with your grip to figure out what variations will better suit you on the course. 
  1. Keep the Wrists Flat

When your wrists are flat, you can drive more energy out through your hands. Keeping your wrists flat can also help you square up the face of your driver. 

Hold up your fist like your preparing to throw a punch and analyze the position of your wrist. Try to mimic that posturing next time you pick up a club. 

  1. Lean into the Shot 

For most golfers, leaning too far into your shot is a big mistake. But, steepening the tilt of your shoulders can help create a rounder and more shallow swing. 

  1. Focus on Stance

The broader your stance, the wider your swing will be. The more open your swing is, the straighter the shot will be. Keep this in mind when stepping up to the tee. 

  1. Improving Your Golf Tee Shots

Fixing your golf tee shots is not something that’s going to happen just because you read a few tips online — you have to go out and put these tips into practice. Read this article on how to improve your golf swing.

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