REVIEW: The 5 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers & Mid Handicappers

REVIEW: The 5 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers & Mid Handicappers

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When you are a beginner, it is best to buy golf balls in bulk. This ensures that you will have enough balls to practice with while waiting for the new ones to arrive at the store. After practicing and getting used to the feel of each particular brand, then you can decide which ones are the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Finding your Golf Ball Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is a very important area of finding the best golf ball for average golfers. And finding it in each of your golf ball brands will be very beneficial for your game. The sweet spot has two parts: a smaller one on top of the ball and a bigger one at the bottom. You must practice and familiarize yourself with your sweet spots so you know how to hit a successful shot.

Finding The Right Golf Ball Depth For You

You can find the right ball depth for you by playing around with the different kinds of balls available in the market. Try hitting different kinds of shots at different distances. Check out your average distance and see which golf ball gives you that distance consistently.

Once you have found this, then it is time to work on your swing and maneuvering around the greens to maximize your game while using that golf ball.

Choosing Your Golf Ball Material

There are many types of golf balls available on the market. The one that you would fit best with depends on your skill, ability, and what your playing style is. You may want a heavier ball or a lighter one so make sure to choose the correct one for you.

But do not worry if this is your first time buying golf balls and golf clubs online; you can always ask for professional help from the experts in order to maximize your game while using these products.

For the average golfer, golf balls are a very important factor in improving your game. The best golf balls for average golfers is one that is used with a skill set that properly fits the person using. It is imperative to know your skill level in order to properly select your preferred type of golf ball.

The main factors involved in picking out the perfect ball are the player’s skill level, distance of their shots, their ability to control distance and trajectory, and finally price. 

Distance of Your Shots

Distance of Your Shots
How far can your Golf Ball go?

Each beginner has different needs than every other beginner so it is important to know which ball fits you best before buying it. We already determined that you’re an average golfer. So now we need to determine the distance of your shots:

If your shots are between 0 and 100 yards

You should use a ball with a low compression, which is also designed for beginners. They are easier to hit, and don’t travel very far. You can learn more about that here (LINK BEGINNER GOLF BALL ARTICLE)

If your shots are between 100 and 200 yards

You should use a ball with a medium compression. It is very important to ensure that your ball has spin control. If you are unable to properly control your spin, get fitted for a lower compression ball and/or get fitted for golf clubs.

If your shots are between 200 and 300 yards

You should use a ball with a higher amount of compression. It is important to ensure that you have the proper club selection and the ability to correctly swing prior to making this purchase.

If your shots are over 300 yards

You should be very familiar with your golf balls and have perfect technique before going any further. You are already an expert golfer, congratulations!

There are a variety of golf balls available in this day and age; ranging from $5 to $70 per dozen. It is important to know how much money you are willing to spend on balls, as well as the time frame you will be playing golf in.

If you are more serious about your game and play a lot, it may be worth spending $40 or more a dozen for a higher quality ball that has a greater distance and spin control ability than cheaper brands.

Now that we have determined your shot distance capabilities, we need to look at your ability to control the distance and trajectory of your shots:

Your Ability To Control Distance And Trajectory

The next step is to determine how well you control the distance of your ball. This is important so that you can properly select which ball is right for you. The farther you hit a ball, the less control you have in determining how far it goes.

Your ability to control distance and trajectory depends on how much spin you have in your shot. The best golf balls for average golfers is determined by those with low spin rates. In order to do this, it is very important that you analyze what type of strokes you have when hitting a ball.

A good average golfer needs a ball with low spin such that they can increase their yardage per shot. I would suggest you use a ball that has a spin rate of no more than 6700. You will have to compromise drive distance for accuracy in order to increase your accuracy.

Price Limitations

Average golfers also need to consider the cost of the ball. Some of the best golf balls for average golfers can be expensive, and some are more affordable.

The prices can vary greatly depending on the brand and type of golf ball being purchased. All around best golf balls for average golfers will be more expensive than a beginner round ball, but might not have as high a price tag as a high end distance ball.

Price is not always an accurate indication of quality in a sporting good; however in this instance it at least gives an idea of what is good for you and what might be over your head.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers & Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

There is no single golf ball that is perfect for everyone. However, there are some that are excellent for regular players. These balls may not be good for professionals but they do come at a lower cost and quality than professional balls.

So if you are just an average golfer and just want to enjoy and make the most out of each game, then these golf balls would do great for you. You can check out the different kinds of golf balls online and see which one would work best for you.

For example, Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls or Nike Company Store Black/Green/White Golf Balls are popular choices due to their good quality at a reasonable price.

Remember that what works for one may not work for the other. So when buying any golf balls online, make sure to check out the reviews from other players so that you can have a good idea about how well these balls will work for you.

You may also want to check out some of your local stores and see which ball they recommend or use themselves. These factors would greatly help you in finding your perfect ball no matter how long it takes. Just remember to always be patient and keep practicing whenever you can. After all, practice makes perfect.

In this section, we shall be reviewing what we think are the best golf balls for average golfers and mid handicappers. We are looking at how these balls will boost your game without having to spend much and how they differ from each other.



  • Longer Distance with Consistent Flight

  • Very Low Long Game Spin and Penetrating Trajectory

  • Increased Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control

  • Softer Feel


The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball has a 330 dimple pattern  that provides a consistent, penetrating ball flight, longer carry and exceptional durability. Mid handicap players will find that this ball is long lasting but not too expens,ive. Titleist is one of the best brands out there for the average golfer to play as the quality is very high but will allow you to enjoy your game more without draining your bank account. It boasts one of the lowest driving spin rates on the market which allows you to hit it far and stop it on greens making for easier putting and helps save shots off the tee box.


"Best balls you can get outside of the Pro V1X’s. I like my balls to spin around the green a little more which these can do but they don’t stop and drop like the X’s. Either way, titleist PROV1 and ProV1X’s are the best balls on the market in my humble opinion."

"I got these as a Birthday gift for a Son. It was requested. I’m glad that he at least narrowed it down to brand. My goodness, who knew that there were so many!"

"I love the Pro V1 golf balls. The newest version seems to provide more distance. As always, great spin and control around the green. They are much more durable than the Callaway Chrome Soft. I often use the Pro V1's for 2-3 rounds. As a 12 handicap, I hit my fair share of trees, etc and the Pro V1's hold up well."


✔Very long ball flight time for durability

✔Prolonged distance and stopping power on greens

✔4 piece Urethane Cover


❌More expensive than other brands but still hits far for mid handicappers

2. FOR THE MONEY : Callaway Warbird Golf Balls 


  • Engineered for maximum ball speed

  • Extra-large, high-energy core is highly compressible

  • HEX Aerodynamics reduces drag

  • Optimized ionomer cover and large core


The Callaway Warbird Golf Balls 2021 is a great ball for those who want more distance and control. It provides faster ball speed which is great for longer drives off the tee box. The 4 piece urethane cover makes it long lasting and durable while the center core offers better control over shots on or off the green. All in all this ball is a good buy for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy as it flies further than most average drivers with better touch on greens than most mid handicap range balls.


"My husband is the golfer. He just bought a new set of clubs and asked me to find some golf balls. He's very picky, these are all he likes to use. I don't golf, so I would have no idea what makes a golf ball better than another. However, my husband tells me these are the best for his game, and he appreciates the quality of Callaway. His father works for a golf course, and is also a big fan of this brand. They both say 5 stars."

"Long, straight and still puts nice. I'm no pro. I'll birdie a hole and bogey the rest. I donate at least 2 balls to the fish each round. Are these as good as Chrome soft? Not even close. Chromesoft balls spin better, and hit straighter off the driver for my swing. But they are more than 2x the price. So if you sacrifice balls to the golf gods like I do, it's hard to drive/put/wedge a better ball than a warbird."

"I have used many Callaway golf balls, but this has become my favorite. Great feel, not to hard, works great off the tee and putting green. an absolute bargain."


✔Provide you with more distance and touch on shots

✔1 Dozen balls can last an average player 2 rounds


❌Not for beginner or newer players due to its price

3. BEST DISTANCE : Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls


  • Longer Distances

  • Responsive Feel

  • Greater Short Game Control

  • Penetrating Trajectory and Consistent Flight


The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are one of the best balls for mid handicap players. They offer superior control, performance, and distance off of the tee box as well as on or even around the greens. The Tour Soft ball has a durable urethane cover with a 4 piece construction and a center core to give you more control over your shots off of the tee box as well as in the fairway bunker and on greens. You will get 12 golf balls with each purchase at an average price but an added bonus is that they are readily available at any golf course that carries Titleist products. Once you try this ball out, you will be a fan of the brand for life.


"Distance with driver is very good. I am a senior (80 yo) man averaging about 185 yds with driver. This ball gets me 5 or so extra yds. Most important though is the spin with my short irons, 8 to wedges. I can finally stop or even back up the ball hit into green. I have not been able to do so in at least 10 years until I got the Tour Soft ball."

"This ball performs wonderfully. Distance was awesome and plenty of spin when you need it. Love the softer feel. I'm just now getting back into the game after a 10 year layoff. I bought a dozen Pro V1, but after a couple rounds, I started searching for a ball that better suits my game- I think I found it!"

"These I've found are great for the mid-handicapper. I'm a 12 handicap, love the distance and spin they get close to the green. I don't like the The just must be magic, because they seem to disappear every once in a while?"


✔Long distance off the tee box and full shots on greens

✔4 piece urethane cover that offers great durability over time

✔Easy to find golf ball that is sure to give you more distance on drives and better touch

✔1 Dozen balls can last an average player 4 rounds


❌Not for beginners or newer players due to its high price

4. SLOW SWING SPEED:  Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls


  • FastLayer Core- gives soft feel and great distance off the tee

  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern - gives more distance overall and better performance in the wind

  • Soft and Thin Cover - provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches


The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls provide players with a softer feel than most other balls. This means that you will have more control over your shots, especially on the green. The soft feel gives this ball more stopping power and allows for better touch around the greens which will save you money on green fees and make you a better golfer overall. These balls also have a 4 piece construction which increases their durability and helps them fly further off the tee box and stop quicker when hitting into greens. All in all this ball will help improve your game while giving you an extra step in distance and touch to help become a better golfer overall.


"I have an extremely slow swing speed. I have found these balls to be the best I have found so far in accommodating my swing."

"Senior. Don't hit the ball the way I used to. I seem to get that compressed 'squashed' feel with this ball more often that any other. Did some side by side tests. This ball seems at least as long as others I tried. Also, my favorite thing is that this ball feels better than any other ball I've tried off the putter and on those little chips and pitches around the greens."

"Long life and soft feel. This is my "go to" golf ball right now. I like the heavy black alignment mark as well."


✔Soft feel that allows you to have more control and touch when hitting the ball

✔4 piece construction that will help this ball last longer than average golf balls

✔Balls are readily available for purchase at most golf courses that carry Srixon equipment

✔️Great golf ball to help you save money on green fees


❌The soft feel of these balls can sometimes cause you to have a harder time getting your ball into the hole if you happen to leave it short on a putt


  • Rubber

  • New Reactiv Urethane cover

  • Reactiv Urethane cover allows the ball to react to the unique needs of each club and shot

  • Extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics

  • Consistent flight and performance are a result of the proprietary Seamless Cover Technology


The Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls have a low compression which allows for your ball to travel much further than the average golf ball. The lower compression is created because of the high quality urethane cover that is on this golf ball. This cover is very durable and helps the balls not become dented and damaged easily allowing them to travel farther than other balls that are dented. The low compression also helps you gain more control over your shots and slows balls down when hit into greens. This allows you to have more control over putting with this ball around the green making for much easier putts of any length. All in all you will have a more efficient game with this ball as you will be able to get to the green faster and putt more effectively.


"I still cannot believe how a golf ball could’ve changed my game the way that these did. Of course it’s probably all in my head, but these are the softest balls on and around the green I’ve ever used. The only con and strange thing that I can say is all four sleeves have #1 balls. Any other packs of golf balls I’ve ever bought has balls in each sleeve that are numbered differently'

"have used this ball or an earlier version since they first came out. Way before anyone played them on tour until Freddy picked them up as a sponsor. Best ball out there, hands down. durable, great flight, soft feel around the greens"

"Shot my best round ever with these balls. I’m about an 8 handicap and just broke par for the first time. A real step up from the original Tiger model. I’d always been sort of a wash on the tour balls (all felt similar and performed similar.). But these feel amazing and are super workable. I would highly recommend these to any singe digit handicap, they’ve blown past Pro V1, TP5, and Chrome Soft in my eyes."


✔The lower compression is created because of the high quality urethane cover that allows for your ball to travel much further than other balls in its category

✔Ball comes pre packaged in a 4 pack allowing you to stock up and save money

✔Excellent ball that allows you to improve your game while saving money on green fees

✔Balls are very durable and can last for multiple rounds


❌The lower compression does not allow as much distance as some other balls do but it does allow for more control and accuracy

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