The Comfiest & Most Stylish Golf Pants for Men

The Comfiest & Most Stylish Golf Pants for Men

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About Golf Pants

Everyone loves a good, comfortable pair of golf pants. Unfortunately, the market is always crowded with new players in the golf apparel business that tend to confuse which are worth your money and what are not.

To help you with that task, we’ve created this comprehensive buying guide on what you should be looking for when shopping around for these pants. We’ll discuss the most important features and what you should be looking for when picking between them.  

Price Range: $50 – $200+  

The price of a good pair of golf pants can really vary tremendously depending on the materials, quality and brand. If you’re shopping on a low budget, try to aim for ones around the $50 price range, which will at least guarantee a high-quality product. If you’re looking for more high-end pants, expect to pay about $100+.

Remember that regardless of the price, you should always read up reviews from customers who have bought these products before to see how they actually perform before buying them yourself. 

Pockets: 4-5 pockets, if any 

One of the most important features you should be looking for when shopping around for golf pants is pockets. A pocket is that part of the pants that fits your hands and holds their contents, like your wallet or keys. You’ll want to be able to easily access all the things you would need which are stored inside it.

The number of pockets on a pair is also a major factor because more than one will make it easier for you carry and store items. Of course, having five or more pockets is always better than none at all but if you’re not willing to pay extra and get golf pants with more pockets, then there’s no need to worry about this much. 

Pockets: The location of the pockets is also important. You want to be able to fit your hands in a decent sized pocket that can easily fit in your wallet or accessories you would need for the game, especially if they’re different sizes. The best golf pants for guys should also have pockets that are placed off to one side so you aren’t constantly reaching down to put them into the pocket. This will help reduce cases of injury. 

Hook & loop fasteners: Yes, most golfers want it  

You’ll want these on your golf pants because they allow you to easily adjust them because unlike zippers, they’re always flexible and won’t cut into your skin as you go about playing round after round. The hook & loop fasteners also serve other purposes. They keep the pants sealed so that your legs don’t sweat out and make your hands comfortable when you put them in the pockets. 

Elastic Waistband: Yes 

When shopping around for these golf pants, you’ll notice that they come with elastic waists. This feature will help prevent your pants from falling down at the wrong time or in the middle of a round because you’re moving around too much. It will also make it so that your pants are more comfortable overall as they will be able to form to your body better than pants with a regular waistband. 

Stain-Repellant: Yes 

Knowing that you’re going to be wearing these pants during the outdoors and in weather that could potentially damage them, you’ll want something that can protect them from water or even sweat. If the pants don’t have this feature, you’ll end up having to buy something else just to clean them which can get expensive.

If you look for golf pants with this feature, you’ll notice that they’re usually made from the same material as that of a shirt so you can just take them off after a round and wash them in the washer. 

Materials: The best golf pants for guys are made of sweat-wicking materials 

You’d probably expect people to end up wearing these outside during hot days because they’re being used to playing a physical sport. The best golf pants are usually made of moisture-wicking materials that will help keep you dry and comfortable even as the temperature rises.

You’ll also want to make sure that the material is easy to clean because you’re probably going to sweat in them during every round. If they’re easy to clean, you can just wash them off after a round and they’ll be ready for your next one. 

Color: Dark colors are best 

Most golfers wear black pants during their rounds because they help them stay low-profile as their opponents will have a hard time seeing where exactly they’re positioned on the course. Plus, since most golf courses are pretty hot, wearing dark colors will allow you to stay cooler due to the lack of color shading which can reflect sunlight onto your body. Make sure you go with black golf pants if you’re playing on a hot and sunny day. 

Stitching: The best golf pants for guys are side-seamed as they prevent them from pulling down and movement, especially at the waist 

If you’re a golfer who’s into physical activities, chances are that at one time or another you’ve had your pants fall down on the course because your partner moved around so much that all the tension was released on one particular part of your pants and they fell down. A pair of golf pants with side seams will seem to prevent this from happening. 

Lining: The best golf pants for guys have a soft lining 

These will help you feel more comfortable on the inside because they ensure that your skin won’t be rubbing against the material of the pants. It will also prevent you from getting too hot during your rounds, especially if you’re wearing shirts that have similar materials. Look for something with a breathable lining so that your skin can breathe even as it gets hot. 

Sizing: Make sure to get golf pants which fit well 

It’s easy to just buy the smallest size or think that one size fits all but chances are, you’re going to regret it later on. As you’re looking at the sizing chart, make sure that you have as much room as possible in the waist and thighs. You shouldn’t be suffocating inside your pants, especially if you’re going to be playing golf for a few hours straight. 

If you’re still having a tough time figuring out what type of golf pants would best suit you, check out our top 5 golf pants for men that we know you’d love.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about buying a new golf shirt but have some questions on the topic, then you’ve come to the right section! Here are some common questions that we get asked about golf shirts. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, then feel free to send us an email. We love helping our readers and will be happy to provide any advice we can. 

1. What are golf pants? 

Golf pants are the type of pants that men wear to play golf in. They’re usually referred to as “golf pants” or “golf trousers”. In general though, they’re just the type of pants that you wear for playing golf. 

2. Do I need to wear these golf pants while playing the game? 

Wearing golf pants while playing the game isn’t mandatory but it is highly recommended because not only are they more comfortable, but they also allow you to move around with less restriction on your body. They’ll also help you feel more confident during your entire round. 

3. Do these golf pants help improve my game? 

Yes, these pants can help improve your game even if you don’t think they will. They’ll help keep you dry in all sorts of weather. They’ll also allow you to move around freely so that you take on water much easier. Since you’re going to be wearing them for hours on end, they will provide a lot of comfort and they help prevent injury by keeping your legs from getting too hot or uncomfortable. 

4. What are some other features that I should look out for when shopping around for golf pants? 

The most important thing you should look at when shopping around for these golf pants is the material that they’re made of. Golf pants are usually made from different types of materials all of which have their own pros and cons. Think about what you’re planning on doing on the course and then make your purchase accordingly. 

5. Do I need to get golf pants if I’m not a golfer?

Not necessarily but these pants do offer a great amount of comfort and mobility so if you know that you’re going to a golf course for a nice date or even to play with your friends, it’s highly recommended that you bring some with you. 

6. What are the best types of materials that these golf pants can be made from? 

The best type of material would always be lightweight breathable fabrics because it can provide a comfortable fit while maintaining ease of movement. The fabric should also be able to keep your skin dry if you’re playing on a hot day. 

7. What are some signs that I’m wearing too small of pants for my body?

You’ll notice that the pants will be too tight in your thighs and waist. This will not only make them uncomfortable, but they’ll hinder your movement as well. You may also end up with injuries if it’s too tight in the thighs because you won’t be able to swing your golf club properly. 

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