Golf Rangefinders are the Best Golf Distance Measuring Devices

Golf Rangefinders are the Best Golf Distance Measuring Devices

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Looking to up your golf game by being more accurate and strategic? The answer lies in golf distance measuring devices. These tools have changed how golfers measure distances, offering reliable data for a step up in your game.

We’re going to look at the best golf distance measuring devices out there. We’ll cover everything from laser rangefinders to GPS watches and apps for your phone. You’ll learn how these gadgets can make your time on the course even better.

What to Expect

  • Find the best golf distance measuring devices to be more accurate on the course.
  • See why laser rangefinders are a top choice for many golfers.
  • Discover how GPS watches can change your golfing experience for the better.
  • Get to know the top golf GPS apps for smartphones that boost your game.
  • Find the perfect device for beginners and explore what serious golfers love.

Laser Rangefinder Vs. Golf Distance Measuring Devices

In golf, more and more players are picking laser rangefinders. They give exact measurements quickly. This is something GPS watches and phone apps can’t match.

Precision Advantage

Laser rangefinders stand out because of their precision. Using laser beams, they measure the distance to the flag or any point accurately. Knowing the exact distance helps you choose the right club and hit better shots.

Using a Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders have a big advantage with line of sight. They need a clear view of the target to work. This means you can measure distances to anywhere on the course, even over obstacles. Seeing what you’re measuring lets you play your shots with more confidence.

Pros and Cons for Golfers

Laser rangefinders are great for measuring distances to specific spots. GPS devices, on the other hand, have the benefit of showing preloaded course details and hazards. Laser rangefinders don’t need course updates, but GPS devices might.

The choice depends on what you prefer and how you play.

Golf GPS Watches

Golf GPS watches are changing how we play golf. They offer accurate distances and much more over traditional devices. You get preloaded courses, hazard info, long battery life, and they’re easy to wear. Golf GPS watches change the game for the better.

Golf GPS Watches vs. Traditional Handheld Devices

Choosing between a golf GPS watch and a traditional handheld device is personal. It depends on what you need. Each has its benefits.

Golf GPS watches let you leave extra tech behind. They sit on your wrist, keeping the course on your mind, not tech. Still, handheld devices might appeal with their bigger screens and extra features.

Whether you fancy quick looks on your wrist or detailed views on a device, both kinds measure distances well. They help you strategize on the course.

Preloaded Courses and Hazard Information

Golf GPS watches shine with preloaded courses from worldwide. No need for manual updates. Get course info with a touch.

They also warn about hazards, helping you improve game strategy. Avoiding obstacles leads to better plays, making progress in your game.

Battery Life and Wearability

The long battery life of golf GPS watches is a big plus. They last for your whole game without worry. No mid-game charging needed.

Their comfortable wear is also key. Easily check your wrist for info during your game. No bag or pocket diving for distances.

FeatureGolf GPS WatchesTraditional Handheld Devices
Preloaded Courses
Hazard Information
Battery LifeVaries
Golf GPS Watches vs. Traditional Handheld Devices

Golf GPS Apps for Your Smartphone

Technology is changing how we play golf for the better. Thanks to smartphones, apps that help golfers are now everywhere. These apps can accurately measure distances and offer course details to improve your game.

Top Free Golf GPS Apps

Golf GPS apps bring a lot to the table without costing much. The top apps in this category are usually free. They can track your position, measure how far you are from hazards, and show you course layouts.

Using a golf GPS app lets you easily record where your shots land. You can then work out the best strategies. They also analyze your game to help you get better.

Imagine playing golf without carrying extra gear. That’s what these apps let you do. They simplify the game, making it perfect for anyone, no matter their skill level.

Garmin Golf App and Others

The Garmin Golf app is known for its super accurate GPS and features. It tells you exactly how far you are from the green, shows hazards, and lets you keep your score and stats.

But, apps like Golfshot, SwingU, and Hole19 are also popular. They offer detailed information about courses, accurate yardages, and tips to help you improve.

If you’re choosing a golf GPS app, consider what each emphasizes. Some focus on detailed maps, and others on weather data. Pick the one that fits your playing style best.

In the end, the right golf GPS app is the one that makes your game better. It should become a natural part of your golfing routine.

Golf Distance Measuring Devices

We’ll help beginners pick the best golf distance devices. These tools can boost your game, rain or shine. They’re especially key for improving your play on the green.

The Essentials

Starting out in golf requires the right gear. You should choose devices that match your skill level. For beginners, we recommend a few must-have items to up your game:

  • Golf Rangefinders: These use a laser to measure distance to targets precisely. Great for newbies because they’re accurate and simple to operate.
  • Golf GPS Watches: Wearable devices that provide accurate measurements. They come with course maps so you can plan your play effectively.

Features Beginners Should Look For

For beginners, some device features are game-changers. They boost accuracy, confidence, and overall play. Let’s look at what you should be searching for:

  1. PinSeeker Technology: A must in laser rangefinders. It locks onto the flag, ensuring precise distance to the hole.
  2. Range Slope Compensation: Adjusts for terrain slope, giving you more accurate yardage. Essential for diverse course challenges.
  3. Course Mapping: GPS watches with this feature offer hazard info and green layouts for strategic play. They help you plan shots better.
  4. Long Battery Life: Go for items with a strong battery to last through your game. This means fewer interruptions to recharge.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The device should be easy to use, letting you keep your focus on the game. Look for intuitive controls.

Choosing the correct equipment and features is critical for beginner golfers. It aligns with your needs and supports your game. We’ll now review top choices, comparing their attributes in the next section.

Golf Distance Measuring DeviceTypeFeaturesPrice Range
Bushnell Tour V5Laser RangefinderPinSeeker Technology, Range Slope Compensation, Long Battery Life$300-$400
Garmin Approach S62Golf GPS WatchCourse Mapping, Touchscreen Display, Activity Tracking, Smart Notifications$400-$500
Callaway 300 ProLaser RangefinderPinSeeker Technology, Range Slope Compensation, Lightweight Design$200-$300
Golf Distance Measuring Device

Advanced Features

Want to enhance your golf game? Advanced features in your distance measuring device are key. They offer better measurements and insights. Let’s look at slope calculation and wind effect measurements that can level up your game.

Slope Calculation and Wind Effect

Slope calculation is a game-changer. It adjusts distances based on the course’s elevations. This gives you the exact distance you need for a perfect hit. Understanding slope helps you pick the right club and plan your shots.

Wind is another critical influence. Advanced devices tell you wind speed and direction. This info helps you choose the right club and change your aim. These adjustments make sure the wind doesn’t mess up your shot, improving your accuracy.

Bushnell, Shot Scope X5, and Others

Top brands like Bushnell and Shot Scope X5 offer the best for serious golfers. With advanced features, these models boost your game. They are top picks for those wanting to excel in golf.

Bushnell shines with its cutting-edge features and accuracy. The Pro XE and Tour V5 Shift are recommended. They offer slope calculation, wind measurement, and excellent performance.

Shot Scope X5 is also a top contender. It provides slope calculation, wind measurement, GPS, and shot tracking. This device is multi-functional, aiding golfers in analyzing and enhancing their gameplay.

Advanced devices truly elevate your golf experience. They allow you to understand the course better. Bushnell and Shot Scope X5 provide the necessary tools for serious golfers to excel.

BrandModelAdvanced Features
BushnellPro XESlope calculation, wind speed measurement
BushnellTour V5 ShiftSlope calculation, wind speed measurement
Shot ScopeX5Slope calculation, wind speed measurement, GPS yardage, shot tracking
Bushnell, Shot Scope X5, and Others

Golf Rangefinders, GPS Watches, or GPS Apps

Golfers have many choices when it comes to picking a golf distance device. They can choose from rangefinders, GPS watches, and GPS apps. It’s important to pick the right one for you. Your choice can really improve your play on the course.

Matching Your Golfing Style

It’s key to think about your needs when picking a golf device. Each one supports different styles, helping golfers play better. Let’s see how each one fits with different playing styles.

  • Rangefinders: Rangefinders use laser technology for precise distance measurements. They are great for players who need accuracy for club selection.
  • GPS Watches: GPS watches provide distance info on your wrist. They are best for those who want easy access to yardages.
  • GPS Apps: Apps offer many features, like aerial views and real-time tracking. They suit players who like the flexibility of a smartphone.

Thinking about how you play will help you choose the right tool. This can make your time on the course more enjoyable.

Source: Golfmonthly’s Research on the Best Distance Measuring Device

Laser Precision with GPS Convenience

Now, you can have both precision and convenience in one device. Some tools combine rangefinder accuracy with GPS benefits. These are the best devices for many golfers.

Bushnell Hybrid RangefinderLaser rangefinder with GPS- PinSeeker technology for accurate aiming- Preloaded course maps– Precise distances- Fast access to course info- Better planning and strategies
Garmin Approach Z82– Laser with GPS maps- Full-color CourseView- PlaysLike feature for slopes– Sharp visuals- Comprehensive course data- Helps with picking the right club
Laser Precision with GPS Convenience

Devices like the Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder and Garmin Approach Z82 offer the best features. They give accurate distances, help with planning your shots, and provide crucial course data. This can really make a difference in your game.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Golf Rangefinder

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Golf Rangefinder


The price is probably the most important factor when you are choosing a golf rangefinder. If you want to buy one that is affordable, then you will be able to find a lot of different products that fit your price range. 

Keep in mind that if you want a product that works well and gives an accurate reading every time, it will cost more money. You should decide how much you want to spend and then look for products that are in your price range so that they are affordable.


It’s also important to look for features you are interested in, such as learning the distance to your target and measuring in yards or meters. 

Some golf rangefinders don’t offer that feature, so if you are looking for one with that, you should make sure to look into it. Also, you will be able to find those that boast a lot of different features, which can be beneficial if you want one with a lot of different abilities.


Most of them are small and easy to carry around with you everywhere. Many of them are about the size of a matchbox, making them easy to keep in your pocket or in a small bag. Also, many of them can be folded so that they take up less space. 

When you are looking for one, then you will want to measure the distance between your legs because there are some that will be too big to fit in your pocket, and they would need to be carried in a bag instead.


Also, keep in mind how heavy the golf rangefinder is when you pick one out. If it’s too heavy, it can make things complicated when you are trying to carry it around with you all day at the course. 

They can weigh anywhere from 20 grams up to one pound or more. You should look for one that isn’t too heavy because it will get in the way when you are trying to play with it.


This is also important when you are looking at different golf rangefinders. For the most part, they all have a very accurate reading, but some can be off sometimes. 

If you want one that will measure accurately every time, you need to make sure that it has a good reputation for the accuracy or read more of the reviews online to know how accurate it is compared to others.

When you choose a golf rangefinder, we hope you consider the information that this guide has provided to pick out the one that fits your needs. 

Remember that they are very affordable these days, so don’t worry too much about whether or not they will be too expensive for you to purchase. Keep in mind what you want and need from a golf rangefinder, and then make sure to look for one that fits your budget and what features and abilities you need.

Source: Todaysgolfer’s Research on Best Golf Device

Lasering In

Get yourself the best golf distance measuring tools. They can really help make your golf game better and more accurate. You can pick from laser rangefinders, GPS watches, or smartphone apps. Each has its own benefits suited for different players.

These rangefinders are great for getting the exact distance to the flag. This lets you pick the right club and make smarter shot choices. They also help by giving you a clear look at the course, avoiding hazards and planning better.

Golf GPS watches change how you play by giving you info on the course and its hazards. They have long-lasting batteries and are easy to use. For a budget-friendly option, there are golf GPS apps. These can also help you play better without spending too much.

For more advanced players, there are devices with features like slope measurement and wind readings. Devices like Bushnell and Shot Scope X5 have these tools, blending laser accuracy with GPS convenience.

The best golf distance measuring tools can really improve your golfing experience. They are great for both beginners and experienced players. Investing in these tools can make a big difference in how well you play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should I choose a laser rangefinder over other golf distance measuring devices?

Laser rangefinders provide precise measurements to the flag. This gives golfers a big precision boost. They work without a clear line of sight. This is because they use line of sight technology. Compared to GPS devices, laser rangefinders win in accuracy. They also don’t need preloaded courses. But, they lack mapping features and aren’t as easy for beginners.

Q: How do golf GPS watches revolutionize your golfing experience?

Golf GPS watches change the game. They are convenient and you wear them. This means you don’t have to carry anything in your hand. They come with preloaded courses and show you hazards. Plus, they have a long battery life. This means they last the whole game.

Q: What are the best golf GPS apps for your smartphone?

Some top-notch, free golf GPS apps can boost your playing experience. The Garmin Golf app is a top favorite. It’s known for its GPS accuracy and many useful features. When picking an app, look for those with good accuracy and the features you want. Make sure it works well with your smartphone. This way, you get the best experience.

Q: What are the essential distance measuring devices for beginners?

For newbies, easy-to-use devices are key. Look for GPS watches or simple laser rangefinders. They should help you get better without being too complicated. When choosing, think about how easy the device is to use and its accuracy. It should be friendly for new users.

Q: What advanced features are available in golf distance measuring devices?

For those who want more, advanced devices offer slope calculation and wind effects. These help you change your game plan and make smarter choices. Products from top brands like Bushnell and Shot Scope X5 bring these features. Serious golf enthusiasts like using them.

Q: How do I choose between golf rangefinders, GPS watches, or GPS apps?

Choose based on what you need and how you play. For precise distances without course maps, a rangefinder is great. But if you like preloaded courses and detailed hazards, a GPS watch is better. Sometimes, devices offer a mix of both. This way, you can have accurate distance and course details.

A: Golf rangefinders have become essential for golfers around the world due to their accuracy in measuring distances to the green, bunkers, and hazards. The latest models coming out are even more advanced, offering features like slope adjustments, GPS technology, and enhanced optics to help golfers know how far they are from their target with an accuracy of within a yard. This precision can significantly enhance a golfer’s game by providing the information needed to choose the correct club and strategy for each shot.

Q: How do golf GPS devices work on the course?

A: Golf GPS devices use satellite technology to provide accurate distances on the golf course. Unlike traditional rangefinders that require a direct line of sight to the target, GPS devices can offer yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as distances to hazards and doglegs without needing to see the target. Many GPS devices come pre-loaded with thousands of course maps and can even keep track of scores and provide green contour data. This technology is perfect for a golfer who wants to enhance their game with accurate data at a quick glance.

Q: Can golf watches really improve my game?

A: Absolutely. A golf watch is a type of golf GPS device designed to be worn on the wrist for easy access to data. These watches can significantly improve your game by providing real-time distances to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as hazards and doglegs. Many golf watches also feature additional functionalities, like keeping score, measuring shot distances, and even suggesting clubs based on your average distances. Having all this information readily available allows you to make informed decisions about club selection and strategy on each hole.

Q: What are the benefits of carrying a handheld GPS device while playing golf?

A: Handheld GPS devices offer several benefits for golfers. They typically have larger screens than golf watches, making them easier to read, especially under bright sunlight. These devices come preloaded with thousands of golf course maps and can offer detailed information, such as yardages to the front, middle, and back of the greens, specific hazards, layup points, and even green contour data. The ability to measure the distance of your last shot can also be beneficial to see how far you hit your clubs on the course.

Q: What is the difference between a golf GPS device and a shot scope pro?

A: A golf GPS device provides real-time distances to greens, hazards, and other points of interest on the golf course. It utilizes GPS technology to help golfers make strategic decisions about their game. The Shot Scope Pro, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive golf performance tracking system. It combines the features of a GPS watch with automatic shot tracking and detailed analytics to review after your round. Whereas a basic GPS device helps with distances, the Shot Scope Pro offers insights into your game, including shot patterns, distances with each club, and areas for improvement.

Q: How accurate are distance measuring devices for golf?

A: Distance measuring devices, including golf rangefinders and GPS devices, are highly accurate tools for golfers. Most modern devices are accurate to within a yard of the target. Rangefinders typically use lasers to measure the exact distance to an object with a direct line of sight, while GPS devices calculate distances based on preloaded course maps and satellite data. The most advanced devices even offer features like slope adjustments and climate conditions to provide the true distance to the target, further enhancing their accuracy.

Q: Why is the Bushnell Phantom 2 popular among golfers?

A: The Bushnell Phantom 2 is popular among golfers for several reasons. It’s a highly user-friendly GPS device, offering easy-to-read, precise distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as up to 4 hazard distances per hole. The device is compact and easy to carry or attach to your golf bag, and it features a strong battery life, ensuring it lasts several rounds. Additionally, the Bushnell Phantom 2 comes preloaded with over 36,000 courses in 30 countries and offers Bluetooth integration for automatic course updates, making it a reliable and convenient option for golfers of all levels.

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