Choosing The Best Golf Towels

Choosing The Best Golf Towels

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Another essential element in the golf kit, after your six iron or your hybrid, are golf towels. Yes, the inexpensive, easy to carry, but very versatile accessories are golf towels.  

For those who are serious about their game, golf towels are indispensable items that you need to get yourself prepared for. The golfer’s towels are an important item for this sport because it can help in absorbing the sweat of your body, while also clearing out the dirt from the grooves not only entrenched in the grooves of your clubs, and from your clubface so it is clean & dry.

The most ideal golf towels are made of breathable microfiber, allowing air to flow freely through the golf towels and prevent your skin from perspiring too much. 

As you may already know, many people play golf in public areas, such as clubs or even golf course grounds where they can accidentally get their hands grimy or get their golf club tangled with the turf. In these situations, you can use the help of your golf towel. Because of this, the best golf towels should be made of cloth that has good absorption properties to keep your skin dry.  

You can use it for various purposes, cleaning your clubs, drying the grips, cleaning the muddy balls, wiping your face, or even protecting the back of the neck on a hot scorching day. You can also use the towels for extra grip on the golf club in case you are not wearing your gloves.  

Keeping your clubs clean after every shot is an important part of playing good golf, and the best way to keep your irons, wedges, and woods clean is with high-quality golf towels. 

A white golf towel is great, but it can look very messy. Instead, a dark-colored golf towel will keep your golf gear cleaning and conceal the dirt too.  

A regular towel can also do the job, but a microfiber golf towel can clean the golf equipment without scratching it. Getting a clip-on towel to put on your bag will save you from losing it while on the golf course. 



  • Size 21-Inch x 16-Inch 

  • Absorbent, microfiber construction 

  • Carabineer attachment for easy access 


Callaway is a luxury golf equipment and accessories maker, which you would consider to include the golf towel in this list. The golf towel definitely matches most golfers' standards. This golf towel measures in at 21 inches X 16 inches. There is a selection of 5 colors, and the Callaway logo is available in 3 distinct colors.

It has been made with durable and high-quality microfiber for remarkably fast cleaning and an anti-microbial fiber for odor prevention. The lightweight fabric is highly effectively in eliminating the grime and reliably reduces the mildew smell due to its antimicrobial microfiber. 

A carabiner clip attaches the golf towel to your bag. It's also easy to clip on your cart. Although it works quite simply, the material used in the manufacturing is not the best quality and is likely to crack. Other than that, Callaway still delivers consistent quality products and very little negatives to say about this golf towel. It performs great and keeps your equipment clean and dry. 


“Great golf towel. Matches my bag perfectly.”

“I have a Titleist bag and this is my go to towel. I feel like I’m cheating on them but I like this towel. Lasts pretty well in the rain. For under $20, this towel is worth buying.”

“Very good towel for the price. I see quite a few reviewers saying they received a plastic clasp but mine is metal. Perhaps Callaway listened to the complaints and fixed the problem.”


✔ Available in a variety of colors 

✔ Absorbent microfiber 

✔ It’s soft, it’s long, and high-quality premium material 

✔ Durable and machine washable 

✔ Doesn’t fade even after a lot of washing 


❌ The carabiner clip is prone to breaking 

2. SPORTS FAN : Team Golf NCAA Embroidered 


  • 100% Cotton 

  • Dimensions (inches): 6 x 0.75 x 22; Weight: 0.37 lbs

  • Checkered scrubber design for easier cleaning

  • Swivel clip for easy attachment and removal from golf bags

  • Embroidered logo for your favorite teams 


Show you team pride with this brightly designed towel. Fans of NCAA teams who love their golf and would like to express their pride in the team they support will find this towel much to their taste. The NCAA towels are made from a hundred percent cotton unlike its competitors and come with a scrubber design to help clean golf balls and club heads. The  tri-fold towel is 16 inches X 22 inches when fully opened.

The colors represent the 32 NCAA teams and you can choose your favorite team colors. The towels are tailored to include the colors and embroidered crest of your favorite team for a chance to show off your loyalty to other golfers on the course. The attachment clip can move easily and is easily clipped onto your bag or cart. I'm a bit concerned about the quality of the clip because it is made of plastic, not metal. But overall, aside from showing off your team spirit, you also have a durable cleaning towel. 


“I lost my first one and whoever found it that day wanted to keep it, evidently!! So, I bought another one! It is as good as any golf towel ever made and the GA logo is perfect!!”

“GO DAWGS! My son will love this on his golf bag!!”

“Very nice product and gift for the golfer in your life. Good value for your money”


✔ The towel is thick with a smooth texture 

✔ Manufactured from 100% cotton 

✔ The towel does not fade after machine wash 

✔ The clip swivels and can hook to anything for convenience. 


❌ The tri-fold towel does not open fully 

❌ Prone to shedding lint 

❌ Attachment clip is made of plastic 








This quality golf towel is available as a set of 3. It can be used to clean clubs, golf balls and sweat from your face, and other different purposes. This golf towel is made of lightweight microfiber and is designed to be very absorbent and to minimize odor with its anti-microbial features. The towels appear to be at the smaller end of the size spectrum by measuring at 16 inches X 16 inches.

It is very convenient, but maybe quite on the small side when used for all throughout 18 holes. You can pick from 12 vivid colors with double-barrel descriptions. With a plastic carabiner belt, the towel connects securely to just about anything other than your golf bag. While not as popular as the top golf equipment or accessories brand names, the Greens golf towel can do a decent job at a great price. 


“I am on my second set of 3 towels, and still own the first set after 3 years. They are absorbent, stay wet and clean inside the club grooves. Best of all is the convenience of the carabiner clip, which allows me to grab a towel with one hand while my other hand carries clubs. I carry a Frogger towel beside these, but it never gets used because the microfiber towels are so handy. They show no wear, still like new. I play over 160 rounds a year.”

“Nice, soft, absorbent. I have one clipped to my golf bag.

I also have another in the bag's side pocket. When I play after a rain I grab a putter and wedge (I chip with a wedge) and the extra towel. The putter grip goes on the towel, not the wet grass while I chip and the opposite when I'm on the green.

They do fine in the washing machine and like ll microfiber cloths, it is better to let them dry on a rack rather than in the dryer. Overnight is fine.”

“These golf towels were working well for normal playing conditions. Just had them out for the first heavy rain muddy day of winter. 1 on bag and one clipped to belt let me constantly clean up the muck on clubs and ball on winter rules. Back to order another set to have more for the winter between laundry sessions. Note I wash them with a microfiber specific laundry detergent just like I use for my auto detailing microfiber cloths. I also always wash them only with other microfiber cloths to preserve them.”


✔ Soft and super absorbent microfiber 

✔ Odor reducing 

✔ An outstanding range of colors 

✔ Machine washable golf towel 

✔3 for the price of 1 


❌ The plastic carabiner clip might not be as durable as metal 

❌ The towels are thin 

❌ The towels are smaller than its competitors 







  • MAKE A PLAYERS TOWEL - Snap two towels together to make a larger caddy towel – the white side for your hands and dark side for clubs


The Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel, as the name suggests, is made out of microfiber, making it one of the fastest drying towels, regardless of how wet it is. The towel is rather long at 24 cm but is also available in different sizes.  The material of this towel provides an absorption rate of 400 percent that allows it to absorb up to 400 GSM. This will cause it to dry in a very short time and it should be dry if needed for the next shot. The plush look and touch make it easier to get rid of sweat or grim from your face or other areas of your body. As this is available as a bundle it comes in three colors to help you discern which color is used to clean your body parts, golf balls or clubs.  

You can choose between the Snap attachment and the magnetic attachment. With the Snap attachment style, you can clip to anything and can attach the towel to your bag or cart. The magnetic attachment can conveniently be attached to any metal on your golf bag or cart. You can even lift the towel off the ground with your club provided it has some metal to attach to it. This is one of the most flexible and we love the features that make them one of the most convenient golf towels. The cleaning ability, absorption, attachment options and price make it difficult to beat. 


“I like the fact that the snaps on the top of the towels fit perfectly onto the rain hood snaps of my golf bag. I have one hanging from each side, and I put the third in the cart with me in case I need to wipe off my hands or anything like that. Since they snap on to the bag so well, it is easy to just grab one when walking to the green or my ball from the cart and resnap it when I get back.”

“I like the snaps. It makes it very easy to attach the towel to my bag or even somewhere on the cart if I wish. There's nylon reinforcement backing in the area of the snaps which will help with long term wear. The waffle patterned fabric is nice and the weave is tight. The only thing that I would question in the long run is the durability of the snap itself. Time will tell.”

“Great golf towels. Love the snap feature. You can snap it to most golf bags where the rain cover usually snaps or you can snap two of then together for twice as much towel.”


✔A set of three towels with assorted colors 

✔Waffle-weave style 

✔Magnetic attachment option sticks to anything metal 

✔Machine washable 

✔Huge size when put together 


❌Slightly on the thin side 

❌Could dry out too quickly 

5. BEST ALL ROUNDER : Spotless Swing Multi-Use Towel


  • Spotless Swing is three golf towels in one 

  • Outside keeps your hands, face, golf glove and grips clean and dry 

  • Inside traps debris from dirty, muddy and wet clubs

  • Revolutionary Microbrush fabric cleans club grooves effortlessly preparing the club for its next shot


The Spotless Swing Golf Towel is a highly versatile, super absorbing golf towel with separate materials which makes it a multifunctional golf towel. Many players on the PGA and Champions Tour are known to use this. The set consists of three towels that boost the multipurpose versatility. 

There are many components used in the production of the Spotless golf towel. The exterior is made of microfiber to clean your golf balls and hands, while the interior is intended to clean your golf clubheads and to catch dirt from inside from inside away from your hands. Since the golf towel is focused at trapping the dirt on the inside it is important to note that the towel is machine washable. The micro brush fabric rounds off the versatility nicely and is designed to extract dirt from the grooves on your clubheads. 

The size of the golf towel is about 1 1⁄2 foot in length and about 8 inches in width. You must be mindful that the interior of the towel makes the towel more spherical and the dimensions defined are not exact.  


“I mainly use towel for cleaning clubs and works really well. Personally I feel uncomfortable using it to wipe my hands as well as when the clubs are dry I use the outside to wipe them. I use the inside when it is muddy or really dirty. The only problem is me, I forget to get the inside of the towel wet 50% of the time. If there is one negative it is the carabiner is kind of weak. It stays on the bag but the I have to make sure I put it upside down so it doesn't fall off. I could easily replace but I'm lazy.”

“Great cleaning towel, cleans the grooves which is a must”

“I cannot attest for increased distance, accuracy or backspin when using this product, but I do recommend adding this convenient accoutrement to your arsenal. It's time to ditch the cloth towel and wire brush for this all-in-one product. The exterior is soft enough to clean your hands and absorbent enough to tackle a spilled beverage of choice. The interior micro brush fabric quickly dispatches any dirt, sand or grim off your ball or club face. Add this to your cart for a little simplistic flair and function - you won't regret it.”


✔Club and ball cleaning side separate from body cleaning side 

✔Dry moisture quickly 

✔Carabiner hook can clip easily

✔600% absorbency 

✔The microbrush fabric cleans the club groove 


❌It might shrink a bit after a wash

❌Little bit on the pricey side 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a golf towel? 

Golf towels are available in a variety of fabrics, sizes, colors and functionalities. In this piece, we will illustrate how you can determine what is right for you. Selecting a golf towel may seem like an easy task, but we are sure that after reading this, you will change your mind. Many golfers are quite careless when picking their golf towels and often do not do a little more research before buying them. 

Why do I need a golf towel? 

Some of the obvious benefits of having an outstanding quality golf towel on your bag are: 

 Great for equipment cleaning 

  • Golf balls cleaning 
  • Golf clubs cleaning 

Personal utilization 

  • Hand drying 
  • Dry your body and face 
  • Sunshield during the hot season  

Golfers understand the advantages of attaching a high-quality golf towel onto their bag. Towels made from less quality materials will likely leave a few strands and fluff on the club surface after cleaning, thereby posing the risk of inefficient contact at the next shot. 

What is the best golf towel? 

It is incredibly difficult to pick out the best one with the amount of golf towels available to choose from. Below we will give you some tips on how to choose the best golf towel. 

Type of Material  

The most widely used materials for golf towels are: 

  • Microfiber towel golf 
  • Cotton towel golf 
  • Polyester and nylon combination golf towel  

Microfibers have proved to be the most effective cleaner and they collect dirt very well. It doesn’t leave any strands or fluff on the club face or your hand.   It is also incredibly light and flexible to get into the grooves. 

The high-water absorption rate and the fast-dry nature of microfiber towels make them suitable for walking on the golf course. Keeping microfiber towels fresh is not a big challenge because they can be quickly washed. 

Golf Towel Size 

The size of your towel is also an integral part of the decision-making. 

The towel should be wide enough to clean your equipment but not so big that you can scatter the grime from a previous club you cleaned back onto the new club you’re cleaning now. 

The size of the towel should not be a nuisance when it is attached to your bag. If it’s too long, you will end up dragging it through the ground. And it should be wide or long enough to fit in a pocket. 

Absorption Rate 

If a regular towel has absorbed a large amount of water, it gets incredibly heavy and will be such a hassle on the golf course. You would like your golf towel to absorb enough moisture without adding considerable weight to your bag. 

There are two most common methods for calculating the golf towel’s absorption rate: 

  • Per square foot of fiber 
  • Absorption percentage compared to the weight of the towel 

The most accurate way to calculate the towel’s absorption rate is to check the percentage rate. The higher the percentage, the more the towel can absorb. The suggested minimum rate is 400 percent. 


The towel’s color is always determined by personal preference but certain aspects must be taken into consideration when you make your decision.  Lighter shades attract the eye more aesthetically and look nice hanging on the side of your bag. 

However, the main function of the golf towel is not be aesthetically pleasing but to keep your golf equipment clean and minimize the impact of dirt on your game. 

This is where darker golf towels are more efficient as they don’t reveal dirt as quickly as light colored towels. To keep light-colored golf towels looking clean, they need to be washed more often that decreases the longevity of fibers in the towel. 

Towel for Cooling 

Cooling towels are made with breathable material to produce a hyper-evaporative cycle. Once it is immersed in cold water, the cooling effect is retained for about an hour. 

This is perfect because the sun is going to hit you from above and cause much discomfort and dehydration during the summer months. 

Being cooler increases your golf course performance and avoids fatigue early on. 

Personalized Golf Towel 

Customization of golf accessories makes golfers stand out in the crowd and the golf towel industry does not fail. With your towels embroidered with your name, initials or company brand, you can definitely stand out. 

Towel Washing 

The purpose of the towel is to keep your golf equipment clean. In order to do this properly, the golf towel itself must be kept clean as well. 

To keep the towel clean, rather than by hand, you want your golf towel to be washing machine friendly. Bear in mind that if colors are on a towel, they can bleed out and ruin your towel’s look. 

Towel Attachment 

At the beginning of the round, the golf towel is normally soaked in water to facilitate the cleaning of your clubs from the first hole and water is soaked during the cleaning process. 

If it’s wet, you wouldn’t want to put your golf towel in your bag’s pockets. Many manufacturers have added a loop on their bag to attach the golf towel to it and towel manufacturers have placed a clip on the towel for quick storage and prevent you from losing your towel on the course. 

Best Golf Towels: 

Most towels have plastic clips to attach it to your bag or cart, but at some point, this is nearly likely to break, so it is best to get a metal clip. 

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