Top Golf Clubs For Intermediate Golfers

Top Golf Clubs For Intermediate Golfers

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So, you’ve crossed the bridge, now what? The ‘beginner’ label no longer applies to you. However, the time has come for you to make some choices. Even though you’ve updated your golf clubs and equipment, it should not be so advanced that it ruins the game for you. When it comes to selecting the right set of golf clubs for your skill level, there are a lot of questions that need to be addressed.

Intermediate golf clubs are the next step up in your game, and you’re in need of some new equipment to keep you progressing. When you’re seeking to switch clubs, it might be a bit intimidating. Playing consistently requires an instrument that you can rely on completely.

Nothing is worse than spending money on a new set of golf clubs only to discover that it isn’t what you expected or that it is not as great as your previous set.

What You’ll Need to Know Before You Buy Your Set of Clubs

We’ve put this at the top of the list because, if we’re being honest, it’s a major consideration when deciding on a set. However, I’d like to issue a warning before we get started. When it comes to purchasing a set of clubs, don’t scrimp.

Consider your new set an investment because you’ll be playing it a lot. You’ll play more if you think of it as a ‘price per usage’ rather than a ‘one-off’ investment.

Which is better in terms of getting the most bang for your buck? A set of golf clubs that you will outgrow in a short period (like your first set of golf clubs)? Does this mean you’ll have to buy new golf clubs soon? Or do you prefer a more expensive set that will serve you well as you go from a beginner to an intermediate golfer?

Try to save a little money at the beginning, but you may end up paying more in the long term.

Forgiving Set

“Don’t run before you can walk” Now that you’ve had some success and gained some self-assurance, let’s talk about what’s next. In order to make the most of your improvements, you’ll need a golf club set. Your performance will suffer if your golf clubs do not match your skill level.

So, hold off on buying that pair of forged tour blades until you’ve had a chance to test them out. As a result, you should instead look for a more playable and nonetheless easy-to-hit alternative. A thin or off-the-toe catch will nonetheless occasionally break the finest sets.

Perimeter weighting, a low center of gravity, and thin, heated faces all work together to provide you lots of forgiveness while also increasing your golf ball’s distance.

You’ll notice that most of the backs we’ve recommended are cavity or partially cavity backs. Golf sets like this one are similar to those used by some of the world’s best players, but they can still help you when things aren’t going your way on the course.

Focus on Increasing your Accuracy and Distance

There are usually two boxes checked by the best intermediate golfers. And they hit the ball a long way as well as they can. You should be able to take at least a few shots off your game if you choose the correct set to enable you to do so.

Look for elements that will allow you to travel further away. The best intermediate iron sets have high lofts and low offsets, both of which contribute significantly to their overall distance. Among the top sets, you’ll find a variety of innovations that will help you gain even more distance.

Club Head Size For Intermediate Golf Sets

If you decide to replace your entire set, you’ll notice a noticeable difference in the size of the clubheads. For the most part, the head of intermediate clubs tends to be a bit smaller. Instead of being large, they are more in the mid-size range. This is a positive development. It means that you must be more precise.

There are alternatives to using a smaller clubhead if you don’t want to do so. Because of their black finish, the Ping G710 irons on our list appear to be mid-size. It’s the ideal set for intermediate players because it has the aesthetics of a mid-range iron but is easier to hit.

Shot Control And Workability

To be fair, the majority of first-time golfers wish they could hit the ball straighter. If you’re an intermediate golfer, you may be looking for a set of clubs that allow you to shape and move the ball more. In terms of shaping golf shots, game improvement irons are terrific for starting the ball rolling, but not so much when it comes to stopping it.

It’s important to have a set of golf clubs that lets you alter the amount and direction of spin you apply to the ball as you play. Such traits could be best realized with a set of Wilson D7 irons, such as the ones seen below.

Top Golf Clubs For Intermediate Golfers


1. TOP PICK: TaylorMade Sim Driver
2. BEST DRIVER FOR FORGIVENESS: Callaway Mavrik Driver
3. BEST IRON FOR FEEL: Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons
4. BEST CLUB SET FOR INTERMEDIATE GOLFERS: Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set


⛳️ Revolutionary New Shape with Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator: Designed to provide faster club head speed for more ball speed and distance while the rear weight creates high MOI for improved forgiveness

⛳️ Speed Injected technology for intelligently optimized C. O. R. where golfers typically hit it: Improves ball speed across the face by calibrating each head to the threshold of the legal speed limit

⛳️ Uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on miss-hits and to produce straighter shots

⛳️ Provides adjustability and personalization to optimize the club for each golfer’s trajectory, face angle and flight bias preferences

⛳️ Creates a head design where weight is positioned precisely in the head for ultra-low CG and high MOI


Many professional golfers carry the Sim driver, despite the fact that it made our list of the best clubs for intermediate players. It's fantastic. The purpose of this driver's form is to increase your swing speed while still providing you with a significant increase in distance.

There has an extra-large club head to increase both playability and forgiveness. As a result of this, you'll be able to personalize the clubhead as well. You'll have a better sense of your typical shot when you're an intermediate player. You have the option of drawing bias or fading bias.

It has a slightly curved clubface. Straighter shots off the tee are the goal of this feature, which is aimed to eliminate sidespin. An intermediate golfer should absolutely have this in their golf bag.


“Got my new Sim driver with the Red 5S (50 gram stiff) shaft and 10.5-degree loft head yesterday. I had been fitted with it at a Taylormade demo day at my club, and according to the launch, the monitor was consistently getting an extra 20 yards on the range. So I was really looking forward to trying it out on the course. I am a 7 handicap, with a swing speed of 90-91mph.”


✅ Offers increased swing speed

✅ Offers straighter shots

✅ Quite customizable 


❌ No rear adjustment to the clubs weighting

2. BEST DRIVER FOR FORGIVENESS: Callaway Mavrik Driver


⛳️ The new face architecture required FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material that’s 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.

⛳️ Two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to promote fast ball speed, and the significantly lighter carbon crown allows us to redistribute weight for higher MOI.

⛳️ The new Cyclone Aero shape dramatically decreases drag for increased clubhead speed.

⛳️ Included Components: Golf Club, Headcover


In addition to being extremely forgiving, the Callaway driver is also extremely long. Is there anything better? You'll find that as you progress through the intermediate level, your swing speed increases, thus it's beneficial to carry equipment that will help you reach your full potential.

Callaways' unique 'jailbreak' technology is used in the Mavrik Driver. A fastball speed is promoted by the clubhead's rigidity, which is provided by two bars. As a result, Callaway's clubs have a higher moment of inertia and are able to place the center of gravity closer to the player's face.

In order to reduce drag and boost swing speed, the cyclone aero form was built by artificial intelligence (AI). Using this with the SS20 flash face gives ball launches and speeds that are impossible to match.

Callaway's fairway woods feature the same cutting-edge technology as their driver counterparts if that's your cup of tea.


“I was hesitant to spend $500 on a driver, typically try to stay in the $300 range, but decided to give this bad boy a try. Best decision ever. This thing is a beast. I've been asked multiple times to let other people try it, and they have all loved it. A++ Callaway”


✅ Has a high launch speed

✅ Massive oversized head to increase confidence

✅ Looks and feels great


❌ Not customizable                                                                 



3. BEST IRON FOR FEEL: Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons


⛳️ Power Hole placement has been optimized for the forged heads, increasing face deflection and contact time between the ball and the face of the iron for more efficient energy return, enhanced ball speed and greater distance

⛳️ This proprietary innovation fills the Power Holes as well as the entire chamber behind the face, resulting in reduced vibration for incredible sound and feel

⛳️ The forged carbon steel and cavity construction beautifully combines the look and feel of a traditional forged iron with game-improving distance


Traditional mid-sized club heads are included in this package. Because of the small club head, it's more of a player's iron than a hybrid. A slimmer topline and a smaller offset have been added to the Wilson D7 in order to appeal to better golfers while still maintaining the classic Wilson profile's good appearance.

To maximize distance and forgiveness, the clubhead's technology has been refined. A row of power holes can be found on the club's sole. For intermediate golfers, these irons have a very soft feel because of the dampening vibrations.

A lower center of gravity should result in a higher launch and significantly increased ball speed.


“I have gained approx 5% more distance with my new clubs compared to my 20-year-old Big Berthas. The D7s are just as forgiving and a very smart-looking club head. The graphite shafts are worth the upgrade.”


✅ A very responsive club set

✅ Has an excellent feel for intermediate golf clubs

✅ Looks and feels great


❌ High handicaps may have a difficult time hitting them consistently                                                                             




4. BEST CLUB SET FOR INTERMEDIATE GOLFERS: Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set


⛳️ The Callaway Edge 10-club set is designed for distance, easy to hit and accurate golfing every time.

⛳️ It helps you to lower your score, as well as it Being designed to hit long, straighter shots from tee to green. The edge driver is produced with an oversized titanium head, with a thin fast face and low, deep center-of-gravity, and lightweight graphite for shaft for fast ball speed and long distance.

⛳️ The edge 3-wood oversized titanium head has, Low CG and advanced perimeter weighting, which enables you to launch the ball straight and higher than one normally would.

⛳️ The edge hybrid is made with a compact head, with chamfered solemn which is extremely forgiving on miss-hits and super easy to hit long and straights from all Kind Of lies.


As an intermediate golfer, Callaway has designed one of the greatest comprehensive sets.

Out of the package, the Callaway Strata 10-piece set performs admirably. Driver, 3 wood and hybrid fairway wood; 6-9 iron; pitching wedge; stand bag and putter included.

Distance and forgiveness are provided by this complete set of golf clubs. The clubheads of both the 3 wood and the driver are large. You'll find a fairway wood hybrid with a big sweet spot for individuals who are still apprehensive about using one. Control and forgiveness are provided by stainless steel in the Callaway Unisex's Edge set. The nicest part of the kit is that it includes a putter!


“Let me start off by saying that I am a terrible golfer. I got into the sport in May 2019 and never really took it seriously until March/April 2020. The whole time, I was using an old free set of Rams that were used and abused, to say the least. When I finally thought I was course-ready, I brought my Rams to a few courses and scored a nice double-par everywhere I went. It was very common for me to just skip holes for mental health's sake. Incredibly unmotivated, I asked a friend who started around the same time (although has had much more time to practice than I have) to give my Rams a shot. He obliged, and after one drive, told me these clubs were verging on unusable. I trust his opinion as he is a consistent upper 80s - lower 90s golfer so I looked online for a new set. I found these and decided to give them a shot before giving up on golf entirely. Man, am I glad I did. Without changing a thing about my strokes, no lessons, no extra time at the range, I have shaved a good 20-40 strokes off my game. While it's hard to tell what I would actually shoot if I kept counting past double-par, I am now consistently in the low 120s.”


✅ Has everything you need in a golf club set

✅ Great performance in all clubs

✅ High-quality complete set


❌ It offers average performance. You may want something that is more customizable to suit your preference.                                                                               



5. BEST CLUB FOR DISTANCE : TaylorMade Sim Max


⛳️ V Steel Sole Design: Designed to improve turf interaction through reduced friction and provides additional versatility when playing from tight or difficult lies

⛳️ Uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots

⛳️ High-strength C300 steel allows for a stronger, faster face for explosive speed performance

⛳️ Allows for increased sole flexibility engineered for additional ball speed and forgiveness on low-face mis-hits


Inexperienced golfers should start with cavitation-back sets. When you're a mid-handicapper and you want to be able to hit the ball farther, you'll need a set of intermediate clubs. There is more distance and forgiveness with the TaylorMade Sim Max. Exactly what an intermediate golfer needs to improve his or her game.

It has the look and feel of forged iron, yet it plays more forgivingly than forged iron would. With a 17 percent thinner face, you'll get faster launch times, but you'll also get more forgiveness!

This is a great club for intermediate golfers since it has a broad face area that provides stability, and a wide sole that makes easy work of the turf should you ever hit a "heavy" shot. When used in conjunction with the wider sweet spot and free-floating face, this combination will provide outstanding forgiveness while also providing just the right amount of power to elevate your game.


“This thing is amazing. I cannot believe I've waited this long to buy a TM hybrid. They've always fit my eye all the way back to when the burner hybrids came out. I just never pulled the trigger.

I typically hit a 3 iron about 200-210. This 3 hybrid will go about 230 (off a tee) if I hit it well. But even the mishits off the toe are still going about 220 and STRAIGHT. extremely a straight club. Very very impressed.”


✅ Superb forgiveness

✅ Oversized heads will give confidence to intermediate golfers

✅ Great distance and ball flight


❌ Little muted when it comes to the feel                           





Final Thoughts

Even if we had the option, we’d almost certainly go with forgiveness and ease above looks when it comes to selecting the best intermediate golf clubs. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with if you pair a good iron with a great driver (and perhaps a dependable wood hybrid). We could use a little more distance and forgiveness right about now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the best swing clubs?

For intermediate players, you’ll find much helpful information on the internet. Every so often, there will be some new fad or trend when it comes to selecting the top intermediate clubs.

We can only surmise that manufacturers and experts presume that you already know what you want by this point in the purchasing process. As a result, the selection can be overwhelming. Getting a sense of what works and what doesn’t can be gained by reading at least a few reviews.

Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish with your new set and stick to it. “Getting better” or “lowering your handicap” is not what we mean. You may try these examples:

  • Do you want to learn how to properly form your golf shots and improve your game?
  • Do you want to get a better distance?
  • Do you want to swing faster?
  • Do you want to make more accurate shots?
  • Do you want to reduce errors?

Is there another option? Selecting clubs is much easier if you have a clear idea of where you want to go.

What level of golfer qualifies as an intermediate?

That’s a difficult question to answer. To be an intermediate golfer is to have both a mental and a physical handicap.

If pressed, you’d attribute my status as an ‘intermediate player’ to two factors:

  • If you play to your handicap, you have a good chance of winning.
  • You know exactly what went wrong and how to fix it when things are going not so good in your game.

Can you really improve your game by using intermediate clubs instead of game improvement irons?

For those just learning the game, a good set of game improvement irons is a must-have. They serve to hide your less-than-stellar photos. In an intermediate players club, your mistakes will be more visible. While some forgiveness is desirable, the real benefit of using intermediate irons is the reduction in the number of errors you make on the course. You’ll have to improve your game as a result of being made aware of your flaws.

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