Must-Have Basic Golf GPS Watches

Must-Have Basic Golf GPS Watches

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A golf GPS watch is one of the best pieces of equipment a golfer can have. They allow golfers to easily keep track of their distance and accuracy so they know how far they have to go to calculate the driving distance, and they also help identify different obstacles in the way so that golfers are better prepared for upcoming hazards. Many GPS watches on the market today are stylish, functional, durable, and work very well.

To simplify things, we’ve compiled a list of the five best basic golf GPS watches on the market. Whether you’re looking for a GPS watch with extensive functionality The Best Golf GPS Watch To Help You Improve Your Game or just one that simply provides accurate shot distances and basic features, these five models will work well for any golfer of any skill level.



⛳️ New round watch design with a high-resolution sunlight-readable display 

⛳️ More than 42,000 courses preloaded from around the world 

⛳️ Provides yardages to the front, back, and middle of the green, as well as to hazards and doglegs 

⛳️ Keep score right on the watch and upload directly to the Garmin Golf app (when paired with a compatible smartphone) to participate in weekly leaderboards 

⛳️ Automatically keep track of your score and how far you hit with each club with compatible Approach CT10 club tracking sensors (sold separately)


Approach S12 is a golf watch that activates automatically when you tee off.

42,000 preloaded courses from around the world provide distances to hazards and doglegs, as well as distances to the green.

A compatible smartphone can be used to upload scores directly to the Garmin GolfTM app and participate in weekly leaderboards. Automated game tracking is made possible using optional Approach® CT10 club tracking sensors.

To extend your gaming time, use a battery that lasts for 15 hours while in GPS mode.


“The Watch GPS finds the course faster than any other watch I ever have had...screen is very clear in either black or white background. Its four buttons operate just like the Approach S10. Simple to use. Nice round thin dial. The best GPS watch for someone who wants a clear visible dial and operational speed and simplicity!”


✅ Battery life is up to 30 hours in GPS mode

✅ Easy to use

✅ Has a high-resolution sunlight-readable display

✅ Preloaded with more than 42,000 CourseView maps of golf courses around the world


❌ It’s a little small on the wrist


⛳️ Look effortlessly stylish by wearing this Garmin golf watch on and off the course! Approach S42 also features a sunlight-readable color touchscreen display for easy access and control when playing golf

⛳️ This golf GPS watch is preloaded with 42,000+ worldwide courses, provides each green's true shape, and delivers quick distances to the front, middle, back of the green as well as layups and hazards

⛳️ Receive smart notifications directly to your wrist and have access to activity-tracking features and built-in sports profiles so you can stay fit

⛳️ Never be without a charge again on the course with our PlayBetter Portable Charger - perfect for charging up your S42, phone, or any other electronic device


Get a GPS golf watch that's both stylish and accurate with Garmin Approach S42.

Garmin's golf smartwatch is packed with features like Green View, AutoShot, and more than 42,000 CourseView maps from around the world to help golfers improve their scores.

You won't have to take this golf watch off when you're not on the course, thanks to its long battery life, touchscreen interface, and comfortable fit.

This Garmin golf watch isn't just for the course; it's also a great smartwatch to wear on a regular basis. Featuring a lightweight, 1.2-inch color touchscreen display and quick-release bands that fit any wrist, the Approach S42 is the ideal golf watch for both men and women.

It has a 15-hour battery life in GPS mode and up to 10 days in smartwatch mode so that you can play for hours at a time.


“Am impressed enough to where I now keep my range finder in the bag. Easy to read in bright sun, fairly accurate, and so much easier to have something already on your arm. If you use it for auto-scoring, it usually just gives you a par score, and you need to adjust each hole manually - but that's okay. Batteries are good for two rounds. If you use just the watch (and good-looking enough), it goes for over two weeks. Good buy.”


✅ Very stylish and functional

✅ Lightweight and comfortable to wear all-day

✅ Comes with HD screen protector film

✅ Comes with a portable charger


❌ A bit expensive but worth it



⛳️ Sleek, lightweight and comfortable with a high-resolution, sunlight-readable display

⛳️ Provides yardages as well as hazards and doglegs on more than 41,000 preloaded courses

⛳️ Keep score on the watch for a summary of your round, total distance played, and total time

⛳️ Upload your scorecards to Garmin Express to keep track of rounds

⛳️ Battery plays up to 12 hours in golf mode


Garmin has cornered the golfers' GPS watch market. The Garmin Approach S10 is still one of the most purchased golf GPS watches in the market today. The Garmin Approach S10 may not have as many features to offer compared to some golf GPS watches of higher value, but it surely is a great golf watch for its price!  The Garmin Approach S10 is preloaded with 41,000 golf courses worldwide, and the watch automatically recognizes the course you are playing in with its GPS location. The Garmin S10 Approach doesn't track your game as the expensive ones do, but you can use it to keep track of your score and upload it to Garmin Express during every round of the season.


“I just bought this device, and I am so far very pleased. I have been using various golf apps on my iPhone for the last five years. These apps work, but they are not at all convenient. Friends have a range of golf watch brands; all of them were in the $400 range and seemingly bulky. This one has the right features and price for me, so I bought it for myself for Christmas.

I had been concerned that the weight of one of these devices would be bothersome during my golf swing, but after a minute, it feels so light that you forget you are wearing it. Nice. On the one outing so far, the watch knew exactly where I was, loaded the course, and proceeded to operate flawlessly for the whole round. A couple of times, it helped to walk a few additional feet on the tee away from the previous green to have it automatically index to the next hole. Overall, the Approach S10 is just about perfect for the way I play.

The display is excellent in any lighting condition I have encountered. I am not sure how they do that, but it is very impressive.

The battery lasted all day and assuming it continues to have good battery life, I don't think I will ever need more uptime than it offers.”


✅ Solid battery life won't let you down on the course

✅ Lightweight and stylish package

✅ Easy to use and lots of features for the price


❌ Lacks the stat-tracking of some golf watches


⛳️ 1. 3” Full color LCD display touch screen

⛳️ 10-hour battery life in Golf mode

⛳️ Green Undulation data to show the slopes

⛳️ Preloaded with 40,000 courses with free wireless course updates via Bluetooth

⛳️ Color course view with the ability to zoom in/out and dual Arc distance readings display all course information


GolfBuddy Aim W10 features a full-color touchscreen display at this mid-range price point. You can use it to zoom in and out around the green, put the pin at the right place and even see green undulations. The GolfBuddy Aim W10 also provides adjusted sloping distances and can connect via the GolfBuddy app to your smartphone. The GolfBuddy W10 comes with 40,000 courses that are pre-loaded and get updates free of charge. The 10-hour battery life means that this golf watch will quickly get you through two rounds, or probably three if you play relatively fast!


“I Love this watch! I was very disappointed with the battery time of the cheap watches I used in the past. They don't last the whole 18 hole round with a full charge. This one can go at least 2 rounds on a full charge.”


“Bought this as a birthday present for my dad who’s a golf enthusiast after he wouldn’t stop talking about his friend’s watch (not the same model). It turns out that this one was actually better than the one his friend has.

He tried it out on the course the other day and said that it was flawless. It mapped out the hole they were at and continuously updated the distance and would automatically change into the slope view when they hit the green.

He has a little trouble reading the small numbers but he’ll get used to it.

Such a great watch for the price”


✅ Comes with an extra black wristband

✅ Touch screen is very impressive (and useful)

✅ Zoom in/out function is excellent

✅ Battery life can last 10 hours on Golf Mode


❌ Some will prefer a more well-known brand like Garmin at the same price point

5. BEST ON BUDGET: TecTecTec ULT-G Stylish


⛳️ The ULT-G Golf GPS watch includes sophisticated features that will make your works easier

⛳️ A lot of useful features to take your game to the next level. It features Bluetooth connectivity to connect the watch to your smartphone for free course updates

⛳️ Learning to use the ULT-G watch is effortless. There are only four buttons to navigate the screen

⛳️ Measures distances to the front, back, and middle of the green. Figure out the distance of your shots. Automatic hole progression while you play golf

⛳️ Comes in a durable design. Water and dust resistance will assist you in hostile weather. Battery power to take you through 2.5 rounds before needing to be recharged


Improve your game quickly by accessing more than 38,000 courses around the world via satellite and measuring precise distances instantly.

Perfect for those courses that have blind tee shots and doglegs, as well as precise distances to each of the greens. Assembling the TecTecTec ULT G is a breeze, and it's built to last.

Included in the purchase price of your watch are software updates. A simple push of the satellite button connects the ULT-G GPS Watch to your golf course (most golf courses are ready to accommodate those with golf GPS watches).

You won't be disappointed with this watch because it has everything you need and nothing you don't!


“I received my ULT-G three days ago and have used it for two rounds already. This is my third Golf range finder device and the easiest to use. It is simple, accurate, and quick to provide distances. I have a TecTecTec VPRO500 laser golf range finder that works great. I checked the distances shown on the Golf watch with the laser range finder and found the distances on the watch to be very accurate. I also use a Neo Ghost. I like the watch better than my Neo Ghost as I don't have to fumble around in my pockets looking for the watch and the ULT-G golf watch provides readings faster. All three devices come up with the same distances. Due to its accuracy, speed, ease of use, and ready availability on my wrist, this range finder will become my go-to golf range finding device.”


✅ Very easy to use. Only has four buttons to control the watch

✅ Perfect for those courses that have blind tee shots and doglegs

✅ Water and dust-resistance


❌ It would be better if it had a micro or type C USB charging instead of the pins

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