The Best Shot Scope Golf Distance Measuring Devices

the top 5 shot scope golf distance measuring device

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The Shot Scope is designed to help golfers with consistency. This makes it easier to find the distances of your shots which gives you more precise numbers when practicing or playing. With the Shot Scope, you will be able to judge your distance at any time with its easy-to-read meter and see how close you are in relation to your target. The device will save shot information automatically so that the data can be accessed later on for review. This will help fine-tune your game and also help you follow your performance trends.

Like any product in the market, there are many choices available, and this makes it hard to choose the most suitable one. This review is designed to highlight our picks for the top five Shot Scope devices available in the market today.



⛳️ The Shot Scope PRO L1 Laser Rangefinder is a premium product, measuring up to 875 yards with continuous scan mode, advanced Target-Lock technology, and a durable, water-resistant body

⛳️ Provides fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy, together with Target-Lock technology to accurately measure overlapping subjects, perfect for measuring golf flags, hazards, and wooded areas (Yards or Meters)

⛳️ Crystal clear optics with the choice of a red or black display. The lens display shows battery power, mode, slope, and distances clearly

⛳️ Durable construction, hard carry case for protection, CR2A battery, cleaning cloth, quick start guide, and 1-year warranty


With its quick-fire speed and a wide range of capabilities, the Shot Scope PRO L1 is a high-end laser with a lower price tag that offers many of the same features as higher-end versions at a lower price. There is a slew of features packed into the compact design of this rapid-fire laser. It is readable in all light and weather circumstances thanks to the PRO L1's configurable red/black Optics display and Precision Clear Lens, independent of the surrounding environment. It is featured in the rangefinder's Target-Lock Vibration characteristic to ensure that you can lock on to the target with confidence. It is also possible to turn off Adaptive Slope Technology, which provides elevation changes on the golf course with slope-adjusted distances, to comply with tournament regulations.


“Less than half the price of the better-known brands and yet does everything they do. Well established company with a proven track record in laser products.”

“I've played a few times with the recipient and like with most range finders, there is a learning curve. That said, in comparison to my Nikon unit, this is just as accurate and the on-screen display with the colours, etc is a nice added bonus.

If I could do it again, I'd definitely choose a rangefinder with a pin lock vibration like this one.

Bought as a flash deal, but I think it's worth the regular price.”

“Purchased this product and have used on the course 3 times as of now. Numbers were on point, slope function was fairly fast, lock on time is about a half second or two longer then top competitors however this product is half the price. Switching between red and black was also nice to use depending on the course and weather. Overall no complaints, will update mid-way through the season”


✅ Target lock technology

✅ Durable and water-resistant

✅ Finds flag consistently


❌ Plastic build could be improved

2. PREMIUM CHOICE:  Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch


⛳️ Shows distances to the front, back, and middle of the green. Accurate to within plus or minus one yard. Distances to all hazards are included. Measure the distance of your shots

⛳️ Use V3 to track your golf, see every shot on every hole you play. Use Strokes Gained data and our handicap benchmarking to provide insights into how to save shots the next time you play. V3 is proven to lower handicaps and is much more than just a GPS watch

⛳️ Simple to set up. Designed by golfers for golfers. The daylight readable screen shows color only when required to enhance the experience. Navigate easily through features

⛳️ Durable design. Water and dust resistance. The battery will easily last 2 rounds of golf. Fast charging from 0% in a couple of hours


A cutting-edge GPS watch that features automatic shot tracking as well as a statistics platform, the Shot Scope V3 has it all. Being lightweight and beautiful, this watch has a plethora of features and may be worn both on and off the golf field. Using the new Power-Sense strap, you can be certain that every shot you take will be automatically recorded while you are playing, with GPS distances and hazards clearly visible on the daylight-viewable color screen while you are competing. It is one of the most sought-after GPS watches on the market since it offers more than 36,000 preloaded courses from around the world and there are no additional fees or subscriptions required.


“This is a pretty amazing package for an incredible price. The distances have been spot on. The tracking has been almost flawless with very few missed shots.

A couple of minor gripes would be battery life and round editing from the mobile app. I doubt the battery would make it through two long rounds. Editing rounds from the mobile app isn't terrible, but the online dashboard blows the app away. Neither issue warrants dropping a star, though.

I previously used the Approach S60 and decided to give this a try, and am so happy I did.

I'll be sticking with the V3 until the V4 releases. Great job Shot Scope!!!”

“I am very pleased with the shot scope v3. I am still in the learning phase and have a few issues with the method of correcting a round after the fact. The biggest issue has been forgetting to enter the putt on each hole. I am improving (this is a process failure on my part.)

I am particularly pleased to see my club performance statistics although I am very humbled by the fact that I do NOT hit as far as I believed!

This is a very good product and I believe it is helping me.”


✅ Automatic shot tracking

✅ Shot Scope App

✅ Easy setup

✅ Comfortable to wear


❌ Not recommended for golf courses outside the US

❌ Battery life could be improved


3. MOST LIGHTWEIGHT: Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch


⛳️ Slim and stylish - the lightweight G3 can be worn on the course for highly accurate GPS distances, and off the course as an everyday watch

⛳️ F / M / B green & hazard distances: G3 has you covered everywhere on the course. Shot Scope’s dynamic yardages provide highly accurate distances, specific to your exact angle of approach

⛳️ All courses are preloaded for ease and come with free edits and updates. Play anywhere in the world at no additional cost

⛳️ Measures the last shooting distance: Discover how far your last shot has traveled on the course at the press of a button. Learn the impact the weather conditions have on your golf shot that day

⛳️ Daylight readable color display: The technology behind the screen of G3 means it is clearly visible, even in the brightest and sunniest environment


Shot Scope G3 is a GPS watch that provides very accurate distances to greens, which can be shown in either yards or meters. Using GPS distances to the front and rear of hazards, golfers may plan their approach to the hole and construct a strategy based on the information they get. The Shot Scope G3 has free firmware updates in addition to access to over 36,000 courses from across the world. All of the course maps are created to the highest possible quality standards, and they are updated on a regular basis to reflect the most recent changes. Because of its sunlight-readable color screen and readily accessible controls, the G3 is a breeze to use while golfing. On the market today, the Shot Scope G3 GPS watch is one of the smallest and lightweight devices available.


“I found this watch to be the best of the several that I tried. It is accurate, easy to read and very light weight. I don't even notice that I have it on. Highly recommend!”

“Very cool gadget - great gift for any golf lovers in your life. Easy to use, great quality.”

“Nice quality quick delivery would buy again”


✅ 4 colors with interchangeable straps

✅ Works fine as an everyday watch too

✅ Battery life for 2+ rounds

✅ Great shot distance tracking

✅ Shot Scope App


❌ No automatic shot tracking




⛳️ The Shot Scope V3 provides a comfortable fit on the wrists with its band construction and allows golfers to interchange wristbands easily.

⛳️ This golf watch by Shot Scope provides GPS distances to the front and back of hazards, allowing golfers to come up with a strategy to be formed for the hole. The V3 also provides dynamic F/M/B green distances and measures the last shot distance made plus the Power-Sense strap and tracking tags that ensure that every shot is recorded automatically while you play.

⛳️ The Shot Scope G3 is preloaded with 36,000+ courses worldwide with free firmware and course updates. Perfect for everyday wear, enjoy its topping battery life of up 10+ hours in GPS mode. 


⛳️ Never be without a charge again on the course with our PlayBetter Portable Charger - perfect for charging up your V3 golf watch, phone, or any other electronic device!


The powerful golf-tracking function of the Shot Scope V3 will help you improve your play on every practice session! This small and lightweight golf watch makes use of GPS technology to deliver exceptionally precise distances to the front, middle, and back of the course, as well as hazards and bunkers. It has 16 tracking tags, each with a clever GPS chip for automated club detection, as well as informative golf analytics like Tee Shots, Approaches, Short Game, Putting, Scoring, and complete round/season data. It is also compatible with Apple devices. Take advantage of over 36,000+ preloaded courses, a color screen that can be seen in direct sunshine, and longer battery life. In addition to a color screen that can be seen in direct sunlight for a clear view of the distances, this daily golf wearable has easy-to-navigate controls for exploring the settings and a battery life that lasts for more than two games of golf.


“Only used once at the end of the season. No complaints so far. Pretty accurate. Will use next season.”


✅ Upgrade from V2

✅ Automatic shot detection

✅ Shot Scope App

✅ Good overhead views of course


❌ Some shots might not be detected and need to be corrected in the app






⛳️ Highly accurate GPS to F/M/B of the green (dynamic yardages)


⛳️ Performance tracking / Interactive performance dashboard


⛳️ Best in 16 Club Tags / Highest grade smart GPS chip


⛳️ Play 40,000 worldwide courses with no subscription fees


Shot Scope V2 is a cutting-edge GPS watch that automatically monitors every shot you play on the golf course, delivering GPS yardages to the front, middle, and back of greens, as well as front and carry lengths for hazards. Review your round on the mobile app or interactive dashboard for insights into your game. Distances may be measured in yards or meters. There are 36,000 courses accessible for download. Equipped with ClubSense Technology for Automatic Shot Detection, it would enable smooth tracking. There is no need for a phone or tagging. It features 16 tracking tags with a Smart GPS chip for automated club recognition that conforms to the rules of Golf.


“I received the shot scope V2 from my wife for Christmas. I used it a couple days later and it worked great. I had a terrible day and it very successfully kept up with chasing my ball around the course. I had to fix one shot where the GPS location was off for the tee off (Easily done using my laptop online). I also had to add one shot for a penalty that I forgot to mark using the watch during play. It did a great job documenting my shots including my putts. The pin collect feature worked awesome and was very easy to use.”


✅ Easy to use

✅ Accurate location and shot tracking

✅ Good overhead views of the course

✅ Decent battery life for 2+ rounds


❌ Side buttons can be easily pressed by glove or jacket needing shot adjustment later on

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