The Best Athletic Golf Socks For The Course

The Best Athletic Golf Socks For The Course

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In order to perform rigorous activities such as golf, you’ll need to wear athletic socks instead of your ordinary dress socks. They feature a sweat-wicking design, better ventilation, and ankle protection to ensure you stay dry and comfortable. If you are looking for some of the best athletic golf socks for men and want to up your golf game this golf season, we recommend you look at a few of these options. You have a wide variety of choices when looking to purchase some tremendous athletic golf socks for your next game. These options will be perfect for you. Check them out below, and let us know what you think!



⛳️ Our plushest footbed helps absorb impact with every stride and provides lasting comfort, so you feel like you’re running on clouds

⛳️ Structurally modified fibers wick moisture away from your skin 40% better than competitive materials while a thin upper provides breathability, keeping your feet dry and cool to prevent blisters, abrasions, and hot spots

⛳️ Arch band loosely hugs your feet with our most relaxed compression, so your socks stay in place through rigorous activity while providing maximum comfort

⛳️ This no-show sock has a built-in micro tab on the heel to prevent contact and friction with the back of your shoe


Swiftwick MAXUS ZERO Tab is made for total comfort whether you're jogging, walking, jumping, or doing any other activity that requires you to be on your feet all day. This sock has maximum cushioning that cradles and absorbs shocks on your foot without sacrificing fit or performance. MAXUS provides fatigue-reducing compression effects in a relaxed, comfortable fit. The footbed is made with a large volume of Hydrotec fiber content, which wicks moisture 40% better than conventional materials and keeps you dry throughout the most strenuous endurance sports. To keep your feet cool, the sock's thin permeable top material absorbs heat and enhances ventilation. Last but not least, it also has a heel tab for increased protection while jogging or walking on the golf course.


“This is my second order. I have never had socks that fit so comfortably, and I wear them nearly every day. In well over a year, with my first batch of three pair, I have yet to wear out any of the socks. In the past, holes would eventually appear in the bottom of socks since I wear them in the house without other foot coverings. I can’t wear these out! I recently ordered another set - simply to try another color. I can’t say enough about them!!!”


✅ Helps absorb impact with every stride

✅ Provides lasting comfort

✅ Wicks moisture away from the skin

✅ Abrasion and blister-resistant


❌ A little thinner than expected but very durable 


⛳️ The Men’s PhD Outdoor Light Micro Socks feature a 4 Degree Elite Fit System for a dialed, performance-oriented fit with a flex zone at the ankle joint and Virtually Seamless toe for enhanced comfort

⛳️ Designed with Indestructawool technology for exceptional durability and comfort

⛳️ Allows you to wear these performance socks on various trails and road terrains without discomfort

⛳️ The body-mapped mesh zones featured on these socks offer added breathability for all-day wear


The PhD Outdoor Light Mini is designed for use on the links and made with Indestructawool technology for long-lasting comfort and durability. The body-mapped mesh zones on these socks provide additional breathability for all-day use. The Men's PhD Outdoor Light Micro Socks have a softly cushioned bottom that allows you to use these performance socks on a variety of trails and road terrains without discomfort. Whether you're golfing, jogging, skiing, or hiking, these socks will keep you comfortable in every season.


“Okay, I have a confession to make...nearly every pair of socks I own are Smartwool. A friend introduced me to them years ago, and I have never looked back. They keep your feet happy and healthy and last for ages. If you already own Smartwool socks, then you know and probably aren't reading this review. If you're considering buying a pair, give them a chance as you won't be disappointed! Personally speaking, the lightest weight that I enjoy wearing is"Light.” The "Ultra-Light" are too thin, and it feels like my foot slides around in the shoe too much.”


✅ Very comfortable fit

✅ Durable yet breathable

✅ Lightweight

✅ These socks will provide you with padded comfort during any season


❌ Not very absorbent


⛳️ Suitable for most intense exercises. 

⛳️ No-show cushion padded socks can make feet comfortable and relaxed

⛳️ Made from the high-end moisture control and quick dry CoolMax fiber

⛳️ The stitching of these low cut seamless socks uses hand-lined seamless craft, making sports socks flat on the interior and protecting your toe from yarn chaffing and irritation, preventing blisters

⛳️ Mesh ventilation construction on instep provides breathability


While most socks are made on 96-168 needle machines, these are knitted on a 200 needle machine. These socks get softer, denser, and more durable as the number of needles increases. These athletic no-show socks are ideal for wearing with any of your casual or sports footwear.

With a no-show cushion cushioning, this can make your feet more comfortable and relaxed as it absorbs impact and guarantees no blisters after a long day on the golf course. These athletic socks, made of high-end moisture management and quick-dry CoolMax fiber, efficiently transfer sweat away from the skin's surface, keeping feet fresh and dry.


“My husband wears a 10.5-11 size shoe, so we bought the 9-11.5 men’s size, and they fit perfectly. He works in a shop all day wearing cross-trainers. He is walking, climbing, and squatting all day. He wears through regular sports low-rise socks like they’re made of paper. He’s also had issues with low-rise socks sinking into his shoe and getting blisters. So I bought these because they looked better made and hoped investing in a higher-quality sock would mean longevity and performance.

These socks are thicker, with specialty stitching in the arch area and a higher tab in the back. He wasn’t convinced to try the socks, but I bought them, so he tried them. After a full day working, he said, “they’re so comfortable.” The arch stitching is nice to give the sock a great shape and prevent bunching up. After all day in the 100° shop, he came home, and the socks looked like he had just put them on. They hadn’t stretched out. Also, his feet weren’t sweaty. I don’t understand what technology made that possible. Whatever it was worked, the thicker fabric will help with all that wear and tear too. When I put my fingers inside the sock and stretched, I couldn’t see my finger through the stretched material.”


✅ Great for any intense exercise 

✅ Absorbs impact and relieves foot fatigue

✅ Moves perspiration away from the skin surface to keep feet fresh and dry effectively

✅ Protects your toe from yarn chaffing and irritation


❌ They are too thick for running so it might make your shoes a little tighter than usual




⛳️ High-performance socks are essential for keeping your feet happy during running and intense training sessions

⛳️ Whether you're in the gym or on the road, your feet stay fresh with run dry moisture management that provides superior moisture transport with our ultra-wicking fibers.

⛳️ Airmesh venting construction creates maximum airflow to keep your feet cool and dry in any running condition.

⛳️ Targeted arch compression engineered with just the right amount of compression to keep your arch stable and secure. Our arch support system also prevents bunching and helps keep your socks from slipping.


Performance no-show socks from Saucony are designed to provide durability with the added benefit of comfort. These socks are perfect for even the most vigorous exercise sessions. These socks’ arch support, air mesh ventilation, and moisture management features will ensure comfortability throughout the day. Furthermore, it comes in a pack of three, which is worth a great deal in terms of value for money!


“I've been wearing expensive socks for a long time, wool, toe socks, athletic socks. Not sure if I'm allowed to name-drop? Regardless, you name it, I’ve tried them. I've been happy with some but never really blown away. I mean, they're socks. If they do what they're supposed to, you don't think about them. This Saucony has that wow factor for me because I don't miss my expensive socks. They fit my size 10.5 wide feet, they vent well, stay in place, have comfy padding, no bunching or noticeable seams. If I had paid $13 for a pair of these, I wouldn't be dissatisfied, but the fact that I got six pairs for less than the price of one pair from those other brands, that to me is icing on the cake.”


✅ Keeps your feet comfortable during intense training sessions 

✅ Moisture-wicking material

✅ Creates maximum airflow to keep your feet cool and dry in any running conditions

✅ Engineered with just the right amount of compression to keep your arch stable and secure


❌ They are meant for people with narrow feet, so it is best to get a size bigger for people who have wide feet



⛳️ Under Armour Performance Tech collection offers technical features and new composition that will give any athlete a serious edge

⛳️ Mesh channels, half cushion footbed, and new poly/cotton construction means great feeling and fast-drying - what you need to succeed

⛳️ Medium cushioning throughout the foot for all-day comfort and protection 

⛳️ Embedded arch support helps reduce foot fatigue

⛳️ Shaped heel for a contoured fit


Performance Tech by Under Armour has some technological innovations and a new structure that will give any golfer a competitive edge over their peers. The mesh channels, the half-cushioned footbed, and the revolutionary poly/cotton construction ensure a superb fit and quick-drying, which is exactly what you need as a runner.


“I could leave a lengthy review, but I'll make it easy: I have big feet, so finding good quality fitting socks that are affordable is hard. These exceeded any hope I could have had. I'll be buying these socks for as long as UA will make them.” 

“They are good socks, but the package came with one pair that had been pulled out of the bunch and tried on by someone else. They obviously tried to just rip the socks out instead of cutting the plastic part, and it ripped the sock. They returned the package, and we, unfortunately, got them. Didn't want to hassle with returning them, so he is down a pair. Otherwise happy with them

Update: Under Armour customer service is amazing, and we are sending a replacement pair of socks for the damaged one! Stuff happens, and it is great that they are willing to fix it!”


✅ Fast-drying

✅ Provides all-day comfort and protection from blisters and abrasions

✅ Helps reduce foot fatigue

✅ It provides a contoured fit


❌ They run smaller than expected

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