The Best UPF Golf Shirt That Every Man Should Own

The Best UPF Golf Shirt That Every Man Should Own

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It’s just as important to put some thought into your golf attire as it is your clubs and balls. If your apparel inhibits your movement, it can have an impact on your game. To avoid these, the best UPF golf shirts have been selected by GolfingGPS to assist you.

The top golf shirts, polo shirts, and button-downs for men were vetted by our team to ensure their comfort on the course. The advantages and disadvantages of each choice will be discussed in order to assist you to make a decision.

What to Consider When Buying a UPF Golf Shirt

When purchasing a golf shirt, there are a number of things to keep in mind. The following are the most important points.


There are a variety of fit options available. While fashion is important, your major focus should be on mobility and ease of movement. Those are the two most common options available: Regular fit and Slim fit.

If you have a larger frame, we recommend a normal fit rather than a slim fit because the latter will limit your range of motion and make your swing more limited.

Those of us who are thinner risk looking scruffy if we try a regular workout. Because of this, a slim-fit shirt may be the most comfortable option. Ideally, your golf club should have four-way stretch material to allow for rotation as you are swinging.


Polos were the only acceptable attire on a golf course before. Golf clubs were forced to change their dress code rules after Tiger Woods wore a collarless design during the Buick Invitational in 2003.

In hot weather, the collarless design can be restrictive and uncomfortable around the neck. In contrast, the button-down construction of a golf polo allows for enhanced ventilation around the neck.

Polos are better for warmer weather, whereas collarless turtlenecks are better suited for chilly weather.


Cotton and polyester have traditionally been used to make golf shirts. Or a mixture of both. In today’s world, there are many different materials and combinations that can be used to make shirts. Each has its own set of advantages.


Cotton is the most popular and most practical fabric for shirts. They’re lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay comfortable and dry during the race. In addition to being eco-friendly, it has a pleasing texture and a soft feel.

Cotton with Elastane Blends

Cotton-like qualities can be found in them. The Elastane, on the other hand, allows the shirt to move with you more freely. The greater the proportion of Elastine in the fabric, the more supple the shirt will be.


Polyester is a popular and practical fabric for golf shirts as well. In addition, it is breathable and has the ability to wick away moisture. It features a clean, modern appearance with a plush, smooth touch.

Polyester and Spandex Blends

With the inclusion of spandex, the polyester and spandex blends provide an even more comfortable experience.


Some golf shirts have more stretch than others, as you can see from the fabric combinations shown above. Shirts typically only extend in two directions, one parallel to the grain and the other perpendicular.

Contrary to popular belief, today’s golf shirts include four-way stretch fabric for increased mobility and comfort while playing. As a result, you’ll be able to move, bend, and swing more freely, which will help you perform better.


In order to keep the body cool and dry, this technology removes sweat from the body and transports it to the fabric’s outer layer. Instead of being retained within and near your skin, the water evaporates from the fabric’s exterior.

Anti-Odor Feature

After a round of golf, the last thing you want is a terrible stench. To combat this, a lot of great shirts include unique features. Silver nanoparticles are commonly included in the fabric. These prevent odors caused by sweat-borne germs by neutralizing them.

UV Protection

UV protection is available on a wide variety of golf shirts for men and women. A UPF rating of 50 or higher is common in this category. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UPF 50+ protects your skin from 98% of the sun’s harmful radiation.

Wearing a shirt doesn’t guarantee your safety. Make use of a sunscreen lotion if the clothing doesn’t provide this level of protection.


In addition to looking attractive, the fabric’s breathability is critical. A terrible day on the course is guaranteed if you’re suffering from heat exhaustion and perspiration.

There is a primary function of breathability in moving hot, damp air out of the clothing. Helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.


If you’re a regular golfer, you’ll want a variety of shirts, and the best way to do so is to set aside money each month.

Top UPF Golf Shirts



⛳️ 88% Polyester / 12% Elastane

⛳️ Pull On closure

⛳️ Soft anti-pick, anti-pill fabric has a cleaner, snag-free finish

⛳️ 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction

⛳️ Material wicks sweat & dries really fast

⛳️ Anti-odor technology is a superlative innovation which helps prevents odor

⛳️  UPF 30 UV protection


This year's greatest men's golf shirts include the Under Armour Playoff Golf Polo. The shirt is made with an Elastane/Polyester combination for maximum comfort and stretch. With its four-way stretch material, it provides maximum mobility.

You won't have to worry about snags or pilling with this finish. In terms of moisture-wicking and quick-drying, though, the shirt is a genuine standout. Anti-odor technology is also included. The UPF-30 protection from harmful UV radiation is another amazing feature of this shirt.

If you're looking for a high-tech shirt, this one is worth the money. However, if you're a regular player, this golf shirt is a great purchase.


“The perfect golf shirt for those looking for a more slim-fitting, less baggy, functional, and fashionable shirt compared to other brands and the "old school" style polo. Under Armour does it again. Innovation and design are why they are a global player and gaining ground on Nike. Super comfortable, flexible material that is also UPF to protect against the sun. Slimmer fitting than a regular golf shirt so shorter sleeves, shorter in length, and less fabric in all places that make shirts baggy and get in the way of your movements on the course. This is a "Loose" fit on the UA scale so it is not the super trim fit "Fitted" but it's still more trim than other brands. I am 5'-9" 185lb muscular athletic build that could stand to lose 10lbs or so and the Medium is the perfect fit. Not too tight, not too baggy, perfect length tucked in. Once you go UA you won't find yourself wearing any old school cotton anymore, even if you are not in the FL/GA summer heat down in the Southeast!”


✅ Comfortable fabric blend

✅ 4-Way stretch for great freedom of movement

✅ UPF 30 UV protection

✅ Anti-odor technology

✅ Good moisture-wicking properties


❌ Relatively expensive

❌ Some reports of sizing issues

2. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Amazon Essentials Regular


⛳️ 100% Polyester

⛳️ Button closure and machine washable

⛳️ A classic cut makes this golf polo a go-to on or off the links

⛳️ Lightweight performance quick-dry fabric with UPF sun protection wicks moisture to help keep you dry

⛳️ Unbanded cuffs for a full range of motion


These Amazon Essentials golf shirts not only offer excellent value, but also come in a unique assortment of colors and styles.

The shirts may be washed in the machine and do not wrinkle. They're also remarkably long-lasting.

The material is light and airy. When playing on a hot day, you'll appreciate their quick-drying and moisture-wicking qualities.

UV rays are additionally protected by UPF sun protection in these garments. According to the color you choose, the protection ranges from UPF 20 to UPF 40.


“Very comfortable shirt. I am very picky about my clothes but this shirt fits great. It was not too tight but also not baggy. The sleeves were long enough that my arms were comfortable. I am 6"1' and 275 lbs and the 2XL fits me perfectly.”


✅ Outstanding value for money

✅ Lightweight

✅ Machine washable

✅ Quick dry

✅ Wide range of color and pattern options

✅ Unbanded cuffs allow for easy motion

✅ UPF sun protection


❌ Some buyers found the size and fit to be inconsistent

❌ A few reports of the shirts wrinkling                                







⛳️ 100% Polyester

⛳️ Button closure and machine washable

⛳️ Innovative mesh ventilation in the fabric of the golfing top keeps you cool by allowing air to circulate, providing ultimate comfort on the course

⛳️ Built-in moisture-wicking technology in the polo shirt moves perspiration away from the body to provide a dry fit that's comfortable for all-day wear

⛳️ UPF 15 sun protection prevents damaging UV rays from penetrating the fabric of the golf shirt to help protect covered skin on sunny days


Style and comfort go hand in hand in this well-liked shirt, which is composed of 100 percent Polyester. A great range of motion is made possible by its good stretch. The fabric's Airflux ventilation keeps it cool by allowing air to circulate freely. You'll stay dry thanks to Driflux moisture wicking.

In addition, the shirt is easy to care for because it can be washed in the washing machine. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available. It has a ribbed collar and three buttons in the front to keep it in shape.

Last but not least, this year's Airflux PGA Tour Polo is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate players of all shapes and sizes.


“I am a pretty big guy 5'9", 290 lbs. If you're like me and are large around the middle and need a polo-type shirt that will also let your fat body breathe. This is it. The sizing is very good on these shirts and even after a few months of wear they have not shrunk. The shirt material has a fair amount of stretch and gives to allow movement. The "Air Flux" is a series of small pinholes throughout the shirt allowing superior breathability. I have purchased several of these and are my everyday work shirt in the office. The sizing is great, they fit true to size maybe even slightly bigger which I love. Highly recommended for big guys, I'm sure it's comfortable for you skinny people too!”


✅ Lightweight polyester

✅ Airfulx ventilation creates good airflow

✅ Sunflux UV protection

✅ Driflux moisture-wicking

✅  Good range of colors

✅  Suitable for larger players


❌ Some buyers complained of sizing issues

❌ A few complained that the fabric was too thin              









4. FOR MAXIMUM MOVEABILITY: Three Sixty Six Collarless Golf Shirt


⛳️ 100% Polyester

⛳️ Designed with moisture-wicking fabric, Three Sixty Six's men's golf shirts wick sweat away from your skin and evaporate it, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable on and off the golf course

⛳️ Made with ultra-soft jersey fabric, this men's polo shirt is lightweight and breathable, giving you maximum ventilation and allowing you to keep cool during those hot days on the golf course

⛳️ These polos are designed with a modern collarless look, a button-up placket, and a hidden button flap for extra sleekness

⛳️ Made with 100% polyester, this men's collarless golf polo shirt is thin to the skin but made with maximum durability and extreme breathability


They have grown in popularity because of their breathable properties, lightweight design, and fashionable look after they ditched their collars. It was therefore imperative that they be included on this list. The Three Sixty Six collarless golf shirt is at the top of the list for men's golf t-shirts.

Top-button closure enhances ventilation around the neck and chest region in this polyester design. With its Anti-Odor and Dry Fit technologies, the shirt will keep you cool and fresh even on the hottest of days.

Whether you have a large or small body, the Three Sixty Six collarless shirt offers a variety of colors and sizes in addition to its cutting-edge technology. Three Sixty Six has a collarless shirt that meets your specifications.


“I was looking for a collarless golf shirt that you see some of the PGA pros starting to wear and this is a great choice. The fit was good and the quality was excellent. It is hard to find these types of shirts and the only other shirt like this that I found is the collarless golf shirt made by Nike which cost at least twice as much if not more. This shirt has the fit and quality of the Nike.”


✅ Wicks sweat away from your body

✅ Lightweight 

✅ Deliver maximum moveability during your swing

✅ Breathable

✅ Fashionable design


❌ Pricey

❌ The collarless design can feel uncomfortable for players who are switching from golf polo shirts                   






5. BEST FOR LARGER GOLFERS: IZOD Big and Tall Golf Title Holder


⛳️ 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

⛳️ Pull On closure and machine washable

⛳️ Moisture-wicking properties pull moisture away from the body keeping you dry and feeling cool

⛳️ Stretch fabric allows for all-day comfort

⛳️ Engineered shoulder seam to move with your swing for a full range of motion 

⛳️ UPF-15 UV protective technology


A large-framed man could enjoy this men's golf polo shirt. We think the IZOD Big and Tall Golf Title Holder is the greatest oversized golf polo for men.

When swinging, the 88 percent Polyester and 12 percent Spandex blend with four-way stretch technology allows you to move freely.

To keep you cool and dry, this IZOD shirt has some decent moisture-wicking capabilities. The UPF-15 sun control also provides UV protection. Shirt upkeep is a breeze because of its wrinkle-resistant fabric and machine washability.

Large-stature soccer players love this shirt. Colors and designs are also available in a broad variety.


“I’m a big guy. Not tall, around. I’m 5’8” and about 355, but I’m all torso with short legs. Most regular-length shirts that fit around are too short and show my belly. Most tall shirts make it look like I’m wearing a short dress.

This shirt hits right in the middle and is a great length for me. Plus, it has a great feel and is breathable.”


✅ Great fit for larger golfers

✅ Good flexibility and freedom of movement

✅ Decent moisture-wicking

✅ Value for money

✅ Effective UV protection

✅ Wrinkle resistant

✅ Wide range of colors and patterns


❌ Some found the sizes larger than expected

❌ The length might be an issue for some golfers              










Final Thoughts

We looked everywhere to discover the greatest golf shirts for you, and we found a wide range of options. You must take into account your own preferences, your playing style, your size, and the environment in which you will be playing.

However, we found the Under Armour Men’s Playoff Golf Polo to be our favorite among them. It’s a breathable, four-way stretch golf shirt that’s ideal for the course. In addition, it has outstanding moisture-wicking properties. UV protection is also a bonus, keeping you protected as you play.

A wide-brimmed golf hat helps shield your face from harmful ultraviolet radiation, as can your golf pants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shirts do golfers wear?

Golf polo shirts with a collar and a button-down top are required attire for players. Some golfers wear collarless shirts or golf tees instead of collared ones.

How should a golf shirt be fitted?

Allow your upper body to move freely during your swing by wearing a loose-fitting golf shirt.

If your shirt gets untucked during a swing, it is suggested that you buy a longer shirt. You should also make sure your sleeves reach your upper arm.

Exactly how many golf shirts does a golfer need?

Depending on your budget and how often you play and wash your clothes, how many golf shirts you should own? Having two jerseys is doable if you play twice per week.

To be on the safe side, we’d suggest having between six to ten shirts in your closet at all times. Gives you a range of possibilities to consider plus golf shirts are not only for playing. 

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