5 Essential Men’s Winter Golf Shoes for Cold Weather Play: Conquer the Chill

Must-Have Men’s Winter Golf Shoes For Cold Weather Play

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You should have clubs, clothing, and shoes for all weather conditions because golf may be played all year long.

However, while many of the best winter golf shoes are capable of handling increasingly difficult circumstances, there are a few standouts. Shoes that get better as the weather grows wetter will be highlighted in this buying guide and review.

So, what are the most crucial considerations to keep in mind while purchasing a pair? In order to keep any standing water or rain out, the shoes must be waterproof. Stability and grip are essential in the wetter winter weather since the ground can be dangerously slippery.

The finest winter golf shoe should offer you the confidence to swing strongly even during the winter months because as we all know, a lack of grip and stability equals a loss of confidence during the swing. To keep those muddy stains at bay, we also recommend the best black golf shoes for the winter.

We’ve taken all of this into consideration when compiling the following list of the finest golf shoes for winter use.

The best waterproof golf shoes, best spikeless golf shoes, or the comfiest golf shoes are all excellent tips we recommend checking out.

What To Look For When Purchasing Winter Golf Shoes

Consider the following characteristics while shopping for a pair of golf shoes that can keep you warm and dry on those chilly winter days:


In terms of winter golf shoes, the most critical consideration is unquestionably their level of water resistance. During the winter, it is pointless to wear shoes that do not function well in wet circumstances such as rain or snow. Fortunately, most firms have made significant investments in waterproof research and development, and as a result, there are a large number of models available, including all of those listed below.


When playing golf, we should not sacrifice our relationship with the ground, especially when the ground conditions can be damp, slippery, and unpredictable. Grip and stability are critical in this situation. Spiked models have traditionally been the preferred choice for winter use, but a growing number of spikeless models are meeting or exceeding expectations in this aspect as well.


The harsh conditions of the winter require footwear that can withstand them. You’ll be disappointed if you get a model that isn’t built to last during the cold months. We also believe that a good pair of winter golf shoes should be easy to clean because rain, grass, and mud can stick to them in the winter, reducing your ability to perform on the golf course the next time you do so.


What style of winter golf shoes do you prefer? It’s no longer necessary for them to be clunky, heavy, and unattractive when there are versions that are the exact reverse of those adjectives available on the market.


You can spend a lot or a little on your next pair of winter golf shoes because there are options for any budget.

Top 5 Winter Golf Shoes For Men


1. TOP PICK: Under Armour Hovr Drive
3. MOST WATERPROOF: Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro
4. TOUR PROVEN SHOE: Nike Roshe G Tour


⛳️ Textile and Synthetic

⛳️ Synthetic sole

⛳️ Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

⛳️ HD Woven upper delivers lightweight support

⛳️ Integrated lacing system for a locked-in fit

⛳️ 100% waterproof UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability

⛳️ New, lower profile UA Rotational Resistance (RST 2.0) & Softspike Silver Tornado spikes for lockdown horizontal traction & all-day comfort


There is some good technology in the HOVR Drive from Under Armour, but it’s still a very traditional golf shoe. Cushioning is good, though not as soft as some of the more casual newer models, and the traction is excellent. As well as being waterproof, the upper’s breathability is excellent.

It’s one of Under Armour’s most popular sneakers, and some of their tour pros prefer it. Considering that it is priced below the Spieth 5 SL, you can expect a high level of quality in terms of both appearance and feel.

If there’s one thing this shoe has going for it, it’s a great aesthetic appeal. The basic white with the silver accent is a sophisticated choice that can be paired with a wide range of attire.

The creases across the top of the shoe, as with any white shoe, might become discolored more quickly than other parts of the shoe. However, they are easy to clean and will appear crisp as long as you take care of them.

Shoes from Under Armour have come a long way in terms of comfort in the last few years. In comparison to earlier models, which were more rigid, this shoe is more flexible and allows for more movement while still keeping your feet firmly held in place. However, the laces are a touch too easy to undo.

The microfibre top is waterproof and breathable, so your feet will stay dry and comfortable all round thanks to the HOVR Technology and the cushioning provided by the footbed.

Low-profile UA Rotational Resistance spikes and SoftSpike Silver Tornado spikes are strategically placed on the soles of these running shoes to provide traction. Despite the fact that the tires are softer and the ground may be uneven, they maintain their amazing level of stability, traction, and contact with the ground.


“Awesome looking golf shoe and fits perfectly. The only minor issue is that they get dirty pretty easily in wet conditions but this is expected since it is all-white. I recommend using shoe wipes after each round to clean them. Another quality product from Under Armour”

“Comfortable shoes, good support to the ground”


✅ Excellent grip and traction

✅ Highly durable and great stability

✅ Lightweight

✅ Very comfortable


❌ Not a lot of color options to choose from

❌ Laces can come undone easily



⛳️ Approach the tee with confidence in this lightweight design and zero compromises to comfort or performance.

⛳️ TPU Stability Fin locks you in for ultimate power.

⛳️ Boost in the heel combined with a Lightstrike frame offer the perfect base for lightweight comfort throughout your round.

⛳️ The all-new ZG21 spiked golf shoe has just landed. Approach the tee with confidence in this lightweight design and zero compromises to comfort or performance. Boost in the heel combined with a Lightstrike frame offers the perfect base for lightweight comfort throughout your round while TPU Stability Fin locks you in for ultimate power.

⛳️ Finding lightweight comfort shouldn’t sacrifice performance. Make zero compromises in the all-new ZG21 golf shoes. Designed with a new Boost + Lightstrike midsole for maximum comfort and an ultra-light TPU Stability Fin to lock you in throughout the swing.


Despite the fact that Adidas’ new ZG21 shoe looks fantastic, it has a lot more to offer golfers than aesthetics alone, making it one of the greatest golf shoes currently on the market.

Golfers spend a lot of time walking around the course during a round, so Adidas sought to develop a walking shoe that was as comfortable as possible.

That’s why its first priority was to be as light as possible, which it is – it’s 20 percent lighter than the previous generation’s Tour360 XT model.

Adidas, on the other hand, did not achieve this by removing the shoe’s underfoot cushioning. If anything, the combination of Lightstrike EVA and Boost under the heel has made this even more comfortable for the user.

In the beginning, it seems like walking on memory foam, but as the round progresses, you’ll feel less foot weariness because of the little spring it gives.

With the laces laced up, these shoes were a joy from the moment you put them on, and the smooth tongue added to the overall experience.

We were blown away by the performance as well. While swinging, we had a good sense of being low to the ground and that the outsole was making good contact with the turf.

The heel is kept in place and the soft covering surrounding the ankle decreased friction, preventing blisters, thus it was a win-win situation.

A strong acid yellow/blue oxide color might be too much for certain people, but we were pleasantly surprised by the contemporary design.

Even while it’s evident that the ZG21 is a sporty and athletic golf shoe, there are more modest options (all black and all white) as well as a BOA laced alternative available.

Is this the best golf shoe Adidas has ever made? To argue against it is nearly impossible. Despite the fact that some golfers prefer the look and feel of a more refined leather upper, the waterproof Sprintskin synthetic upper featured here has a lovely textured pattern and is just as easy to clean while remaining wrinkle-free over time.

The ZG21 golf shoe does not have any serious flaws in our opinion. It’s a great all-around performer that’s light and comfy.


“I was a fan of the Adidas 360s (owned 3+ pairs) so decided to try this as a replacement. Adidas took a huge step forward :-), by making these so much lighter. ZG1s are 13.6 ounces vs 17.6 ounces for the 360s. Bear in mind these have 6 cleats (and something like 2 dozen traction ridges) vs the 10 cleats for the 360s, so the latter is more stable and has superior traction. However, I’ll take the trade-off all day long. I’m 65, 10 indexes (handicap), play twice a week and go to the range twice a week, walking courses 9 out of 10 times. So lots of use. The lightness and comfort are remarkable. My sense is the new model is more breathable, but perhaps slightly less waterproof (in real rainstorms, during a full round). I’ve had them coming up on a year, so 80 -100 rounds, and while the cleats show wear, they are serviceable. One heel liner (left) is wearing through but I just noticed it. Very satisfied with these shoes and will definitely buy them again. These shoes clean up easily and look newer than their age and use would suggest, so quite durable. I seldom think of my shoes while playing; they just work. Highly recommended.”


✅ Amazing comfort from an attractive, high-performing golf sneaker at every shot from any lie.

✅ Noticeably lightweight

✅ Comfortable but stable

✅ Premium design


❌ Premium price tag

❌ Foam sections are a little hard to clean

3. MOST WATERPROOF: Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro


⛳️ Ace your game with long-lasting comfort in the Skechers GO GOLF Torque – Pro shoe. This lace-up golf shoe features a leather upper with a lightweight ULTRA GO cushioned midsole.

⛳️ Lightweight and responsive cushioning.

⛳️ H2GO 1-year waterproof protection.

⛳️ Softspikes replaceable cleats provide comfort, stability, and traction in all playing conditions.

⛳️ Also available in wide width (2E)

⛳️  The Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro golf shoe is the perfect shoe that combines lightweight, responsive ULTRA GO and GOGA Max technology insole for high-rebound cushioning. The full-grain leather and synthetic upper is the perfect combination between sport and dressy. The dynamic diamond traction plate and replaceable Softspikes provide maximum traction and stability. The Skechers waterproof membrane protection keeps you dry when the weather is uncooperative. The pull tab feature makes the shoes easy to take on and off.


When it comes to golf shoes, Skechers is known for delivering the most comfortable options right out of the box, and their latest offering is no exception.

If you’re looking for a high-performance spiked shoe at a reasonable price, go no further than this one. Skechers’ famed out-of-the-box comfort is always evident as soon as you put them on. Multiple aspects contribute to this shoe’s signature look.

When it comes to walking 18 holes, the Ultra Go midsole and Goga Max insole work together to provide a soft but responsive cushioning. In addition to the leather upper, you get a fantastic fit and feel for the entire foot. In spite of having to cover more territory than normal while playing golf, our feet never felt weight or stiffness as they do with other spiked shoes.

Additionally, the flexible outsole provides traction across the entire base, regardless of the course conditions or hazardous lies you may encounter. Although each shoe has only six spiky studs on the sole, they are more than adequate for providing a good grip on the ground. As a result, the shoe has a lower profile over the turf and the spikes won’t protrude too much in extremely dry conditions. Having a somewhat smaller number of spikes than its competitors also has its advantages. Additionally, the spikes can be readily replaced, which will extend the life of the shoes in the long run.

With a medium and wide width choice available, the sneakers come in black, grey, and white/navy. When we tried on the white/navy pair, we couldn’t get enough of them.

One of the best spiked footwear on the market today, the Go Golf Torque Pro golf shoe offers a lot for a reasonable price with an exceptional combination of comfort, grip, and waterproofing.

Excellent value for money in a complete set of spiked golf shoes. This pair should be at the top of your shortlist because of its excellent grip, complete weatherproofing, and wide range of color possibilities.


“First off, they’re comfortable right out of the box. I didn’t have to “break them in.” Playing in the winter weather, they stayed dry and were actually warm, at least warmer than any of my previous golf shoes. Cleats are replaceable. I switched back from cleatless shoes because my feet kept slipping. These are great for me. Other brands give me blisters. In fact, I liked these so much, that I bought a second pair in case they decide to change the style or discontinue them.”

“This was the first time I’ve bought Skechers as golf shoes. I’ve only been able to wear them at the driving range. As far as the fit they fit perfectly. No slipping or sliding either. I don’t walk when I play I use a cart. But I can see where these would be really comfortable to walk in. Will buy again.”


✅ Fully waterproof

✅ Excellent comfortability

✅ Spiked for increased grip


❌ Not as many spikes on the outsole

4. TOUR PROVEN SHOE: Nike Roshe G Tour


⛳️ With a waterproof upper and removable spikes, the Nike Roshe G Tour Men’s Golf Shoe is designed to help you outlast the weather. 

⛳️ A plush midsole and soft synthetic leather upper offer lasting comfort from tee box 1 to the final green.


This is one of the most recognizable sneakers ever made. Dylan Raasch designed them as a personal project rather than as part of a Nike initiative, and they set the standard for minimalism. Inspired by Zen philosophy and minimalism, these shoes were debuted in 2012. Moreover, they were a steal at just $70 a pop.

Because they were inexpensive, easy to wear, and cool, they quickly became a mainstay of the trainer industry. The more straightforward it was, the greater the impact it would have.

A spiked, waterproof version of the Roshe G, the Roshe G Tour, was debuted in 2018 and has been a mainstay of every tour thereafter.

As comfy as they look, the Lunarlon midsole technology delivers lots of cushioning while also providing a soft feel for the foot. The Lunarlon midsole technology first debuted around the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Because of their outstanding traction and versatility across a wide range of surfaces and climates, the spikeless version was once a source of controversy due to concerns about its stability.

An 8mm sock liner completes the design, adding another layer of comfort and support. All-day comfort is written on the sock liner. As a good summation of a wonderful shoe, “Tee to green” is a good one.

As expected from Nike, there are a variety of color options and a one-year waterproof guarantee in the collection.

Taking inspiration from the famous Roshe sneaker, these golf shoes have become instantly recognizable and simplistically elegant. Every form of weather can be supported and comforted by the garments.


“Great golf shoe. Very comfortable and stable. Waterproof also. Highly recommended.”

“I liked its cushioning, traction and moreover the traditional style with the comfort. I prefer half size up for slightly wide feet. Once it is break-in, these get awesome. Very light. LOVED IT.”

“Great Looking Golf Shoe, Very Comfortable.”


✅ Tour validated

✅ Very popular and well-loved design 

✅ Simple design and can do with anything

✅ Great price


❌ Stability could be better



⛳️ Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

⛳️ Gore-Tex Waterproof technology combines optimized breathability & protection against the elements

⛳️ Biom Natural Motion technology brings the player closer to the ground using an anatomical last

⛳️ YAak leather uppers, extremely strong & lightweight

⛳️ Zarma-Tour spike traction. Hybrid elements including the rotational line on toe and hybrid cleats

⛳️ Removable, washable, open-cell Ortholite inlay sole with long term cushioning, enhanced breathability, and the option for extra width


Premium aesthetics, high grip, and best-in-class waterproof protection and breathability are all included in this shoe for golfers.

With its Biom Natural Motion last, Ecco has created a shoe that is both stable and comfortable. For maximum grip and stability, eight Zarma-Tour spikes and hybrid cleats on the toe and rotation line work together. They also prevent dirt from becoming clogged. Yak leather from Ecco-owned tanneries is used for the uppers, giving them a soft, luxurious feel. Comfort and softness are enhanced with neoprene around the heel.

Different lies had a stronghold on me. The outsole’s firmness and softness worked well together to keep your feet and ankles comfortable. You can remove the washable insole if you need more breadth.

While the midsole and ankle parts have an athletic impact and the leather has a beautiful shine, the overall style is upscale, subtle, and refined, making it appealing to a wide range of tastes.

The Biom G3 is a statement of Ecco’s ability to use quality materials and building methods. In order to improve performance, most golfers will appreciate the combination of a wide midfoot and a tighter heel portion found on these shoes.

Your feet won’t get sweaty thanks to the Gore-exceptional Tex’s breathability, which keeps them dry.

You won’t even notice a mark after five rounds because the leather is soft, supple, and resilient. We also noted that the Zarma-Tour spikes reduced the quantity of dirt that accumulated on the outsole compared to conventional cleats.

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Although these shoes cost a lot and don’t offer much in the way of off-course mobility, they do provide exceptional stability, grip, and comfort. They also look fantastic, and you’ll be the talk of your foursome if you go up to the tee in a pair you just bought.


“This is my 2nd pair of BIOM shoes, with the spikes. I normally wear size 10 American-made shoes, but I’ve found that Ecco’s 9-9.5 (43) size fits me perfectly, is not too tight at all, has no binding or pinching, and is surprisingly the right length. Most importantly they securely hold my feet in the shoes, no jostling around inside during my overly violent swing. I’m going to try and be more careful when changing the spikes on this pair, as that was the death of my previous pair. Something about the Texas heat must weld golf spikes in – they’re always a witch (with a b) to change out, no matter what brand of shoe.”

“These are great shoes! Cannot recommend golf shoes more strongly! Excellent traction and solid support.”


✅Very affordable

✅Provides great forgiveness

✅Designed to be easy to help and help you improve your game


❌Strong draw bias

❌Not meant for “hooking”

Final Thoughts

Winter golf requires the proper footwear, and without it, you may end yourself drenched and unpleasant. We hope these deals will help you get back on the course as quickly as possible and steer you in the correct direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use spikeless golf shoes in winter?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside or what course you’re on, you can depend on these shoes to perform the same way every time. Traction is one of these shoes’ most evident advantages, especially when it’s wet outside.

How cold is it too cold to play golf?

There isn’t much of a lower limit. We’d guess around 30 degrees. But that is on a mild day. If there is wind or rain, that number quickly rises.

Is it more difficult to play golf in the winter?

There is no disputing that winter golf can be challenging. When the temperature drops, certain things are unavoidable when playing golf: the course will become soggy, you will need to wear multiple layers of clothes, and your hands will feel like ice blocks.

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