Best Fairway Woods For Low Handicap Golfers

Best Fairway Woods For Low Handicap Golfers

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When it comes to fairway woods, most golfers, especially beginners and high handicappers, disregard them. Many people overlook the reality that the best fairway woods can allow golfers to go significant distances during a round of golf.

A three wood, according to some, is the best friend of the low handicapper. This is a great club to have on the tees or to utilize for a short tee shot. It’s also possible to go for it around the green. The important thing is to get a fairway wood you can rely on.

There is no need to wait any longer if you are looking for the finest fairway woods for low handicappers because we have a few options for you.

Tips for Buying Fairway Woods for Low Handicappers

When it comes to improving their game, low handicappers select a variety of the best fairway woods. Therefore, it is essential to take into account a variety of elements before making a purchase of fairway wood.


Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to have a look at the fairway woods’ forgiveness. Remind yourself that no club will work properly if you hit 3 inches behind the golf ball, regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional golfer.

The fairway woods’ forgiveness level is a crucial consideration for any golfer, young or seasoned.

Fairway wood clubs have gained favor in recent years because of their modest mishits and superior slights. A club with a bigger head is the best option. Professional golfers, on the other hand, may not be concerned about this.

Adjustable Loft

Adjustable hosels allow you to change the loft of the fairway wood. It is usually done by removing the screw in the heel and then re-positioning the head on the shaft in accordance with the desired loft.

The loft can be adjusted by 1 to 3 degrees with this option. The lie, or Shaft angle, can also be altered using this manner.

A lie is in charge of the ball’s horizontal trajectory. While the loft angle can be adjusted, the lie cannot be altered with some fairway woods. You can improve your distance, ball flight, and trajectory if your club includes this function.

Versatile Design

When it comes to fairway woods, they need to be versatile enough to work around the green, in various lies, and even when teed up. Having a model that works in these ways can assist the players to enhance their games at the club.


An effective combination of high launch and low spin results in decent distances, on average The pin is like a sword with two blades. Backspin off the tee is preferred by certain golfers in order to give the ball the optimum lift. The ball rises perfectly with this style of backspin.

On the other hand, a backspin off the fairway generates more stopping force on the green. Low-handicap fairway wood clubs are designed to increase spin in order to hit the winning shot.

Head Shape

Due to the clubhead’s close proximity to the ball, fairway woods are heavily reliant on it. Using a fairway wood with a wide face can make it easier for you to hit the ball from the rough. To the contrary, shallow-faced fairway wood clubs can be used to hit from both fairways and out of bunkers.

Some golfers want a rounder edge to help them hit through the rough more effortlessly. Flat-edged heads are best for those who want to hit from tight lies.

Weight and Center of Gravity

Players can simply transfer the weight from one club head to another by using Center of Gravity Weights (also known as CG Weights). You can lower and boost the ball’s launch angle using the right C.G position weights.

Spins can be increased by using a properly equipped system. C.G. weights have been eliminated by some manufacturers due to a decline in the number of players utilizing them.

Top 5 Fairway Woods For Low Handicap Golfers



⛳️Carbon composite crown  - Shifts weight low for optimal launch and spin conditions

⛳️Shallow head design for ultimate playability from a variety of lies

⛳️Comes with real 55 and arrow 620 ribbed grip

⛳️NEW Speed Pocket – the Open Channel Speed Pocket promotes a larger sweet spot and reduced spin for more distance. More often.

⛳️ M2 features a shallow face to help improve launch, especially from the fairway, and a larger sweet spot that keeps ball speeds high on shots struck low on the clubface or off the heel or toe.

⛳️The stock shaft for the M2 fairway woods is the TM REAX, which comes in 55 and 65-gram models, but multiple premium shafts are also available at no upcharge


Let's start with a club that provides the most distance and forgiveness. The M2 is reasonably priced and suitable for gamers of all skill levels. It almost performs like a Driver, launching the ball higher, faster, and with more spin. The M2 is so well-designed that you can use it to sketch, hook, slice, and do practically anything else. It's very doable.

Whether you receive forgiveness for your everyday faults or not, the M2 will undoubtedly repay you with forgiveness. Forgiveness is beneficial to both novice and advanced players.

To accomplish a high launch with relative ease, the designers utilized a long and well-suited graphite shaft, the TM REAX graphite shaft. The clubhead speed, which contributes to distance, is determined by the length and weight of the shaft.

It goes without saying that these two factors influence a ball's trajectory. With the use of a composite carbon crown, TaylorMade has managed to keep the CG low while maintaining the MOI.

Tights or fairway woods, the rounded head will always come through for you, making this club perfect for mid to low handicappers.

TaylorMade employed good acoustic engineering to produce the muted dull sound on contact; while some feel it conveys power to them, others are dissatisfied with the sound. They consider the sound to be a letdown in what is otherwise a good device.

The M2 is ideal for individuals who prefer the pace of drivers yet the forgiving nature of Fairway Woods. This TaylorMade is likely one of the Best Fairway Woods For Mid-Handicappers since it is fast, throws the ball a long distance, and is forgiving no matter where you hit it. As a result, whether you enjoy the sound or not, you will appreciate the distance covered by the ball.


“I have tested the demo at my club so I knew what I want and I ordered it.

High Launch made it easier to hit it high, but it also loses some distance compared to 15 degree. So choose wisely based on your strength of play and not always hit it further means a better score. I have several 3 woods because I used different degrees for different courses I played. Like the feel at impact and how it compressed and launch the ball off the face.

Word of advice, never buy a new club to fix your problem when your swing is in a funk, fix your swing first. Only try a new club when your swing is at the best, so you can appreciate the new club more and sometimes will save you from unnecessary expenses.”

“From using this before buying in a simulator, and after one range session.

Love how the ball explodes off the face of this. The trajectory is everything I hoped for in the HL. The added distance from the M2 over my old 3 woods more than makes up for this being HP. Love it.”


✅Excellent forgiveness

✅Greater distance

✅Low center of gravity and high MOI

✅Produces the muted dull sound on contact


❌Lack of adjustability

2. MOST ADJUSTABLE: Titleist 915F/Fd Fairway Wood


⛳️Forward positioned channel delivers distance from both the tee and turf through higher speed and lower spin

⛳️ High-speed face insert increases ball speed across the entire face

⛳️Low CG design delivers stability and ball speed preserving forgiveness

⛳️Long, straight and forgiving, the 915F delivers great overall performance from the tee and turf. The larger profile provides confidence and a slightly higher flight versus Fd, with no draw bias.


The 915 F3 is distinguished by its thrilling speed, inconspicuous and low spin, awe-inspiring distance, and forgiveness that soothes the frustrated fighter. It's a good all-arounder. Using technology as an active recoil channel, an ultra-thin face, a sure fit tour hosel, a low CG, and a high MOI, this club is one of the most forgiving in the game.

The active recoil channel decreases the rotational energy of the golf ball, forcing it to spin less and produce more speed. As a result, there is a big deep slot that spans over the whole face of the club, which decreases spin while boosting launch angle. It is best suited for those who enjoy going the additional mile.

What more can you ask of a club that ensures even mishits keep speed? The Radial Speed Face feature thins out the periphery, particularly the heel and toes, while leaving the middle robust. This design is responsible for forgiving mishits without sacrificing speed.

Titleist created their clubs with titanium, which made the body lighter and the face ultra-thin—nearly .5mm. They designed a tapered overall to shift the weight to the rear of the head. This increased moment of inertia while decreasing CG. A low CG ensures that the ball arrives at the green well under par, making it more forgiving.

To hit the perfect shot, you can choose from 16 various lofts and lie combinations. Maintaining the appropriate lie angle is critical for increased accuracy. If you are unfamiliar with shifting lies, do not do it; instead, get expert assistance because the erroneous lie increases dispersion rather than distance.

Because of the steep angle formed by the tall face, you can successfully use this club to rescue you from difficulty in the most difficult of lies. The clubhead's tiny pear form makes it more functional and adaptable.

It is best suited for individuals who prefer a more conventional appearance, sound, and feel. It's an intriguing mix of far distance, adaptability, and forgiving.

Good ball hitters and low handicappers who want to increase their accuracy and consistency should look into the F3.


“Just what I was looking for! Good distance, and very forgiving!”


✅Best suited for those who crave that extra mile

✅Rewarding off-center hits

✅Enhanced forgiveness


✅Pear shaped size makes the clubhead more workable and versatile


❌Can be intimidating for a high handicapper


⛳️F6 CG TUNING - F6 Drivers featuring adjustable 'Front to Back' CG technology. A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position delivers a more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness

⛳️MY FLY-KING F6 Fairways come with eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine-tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing

⛳️Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance

⛳️The F6 Fairway is a medium-shaped fairway wood designed for all swing types. It combines loft adjustments with front and back CG settings. The result is forgiveness with distance through the optimum spin and higher ball speeds


The Cobra King F6 +'s adjustable lofts and movable weights make it ideal for golfers of all skill levels, from low to high. Using it is a breeze for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

Lightweight and adjustable, this club's pivotal center of gravity is a standout feature.

A significant amount of weight can be reduced by using high-quality composite carbon for the head. The club's forgiving and distance allow it to appeal to a wide range of players.

Many of the leading manufacturers now use a combination of materials, including a carbon fiber crown, to reduce the center of gravity (CG), resulting in increased forgivingness and longer range. Remember that when the CG moves forward, spin and loft are reduced; the opposite occurs when it moves backward.

Accuracy is frequently sacrificed in the pursuit of forgiveness. We simply consider a target's distance from us, not its actual location. This is not true of Cobra King F6+. Your club face will always be perfectly square and flush no matter what loft angle you choose to use. It's little wonder that all drills and tutors begin by focusing on getting the club square.

It's easy to customize your game with the hosel's adjustable length. It allows you to tailor your shots to the situation at hand. You have control over the ball's path and trajectory.

With the Cobra King F6+ driver, you have 40 possibilities to choose from five CG variants in combination with eight loft adjustments. In addition, the forged titanium face's larger sweet spot, faster ball speed, and long-distance all contribute to the outstanding club's performance. Versatile equipment that may be employed by players of any ability level. The club's forgiving and distance allow it to appeal to a wide range of players.


“Really excited about this club. I never really had a quality 3 wood in my bag. For me, it has a great feel off the tee. I haven't hit it off the fairway, and I doubt that I will... that is not part of my game. I was looking for a club to use on shorter par 4s and dog legs where I can't 'cut the corner' and needed something shorter than a driver. I've played around with the different settings but not in a systematic way. I have not hit any of the 'draw' setting lofts. With my other clubs, my mistakes already tend to draw/hook. With all the variables, I seem to get the same end result, with the only difference that the ball might travel a little higher or a little lower. When the course is not busy, I've been hitting both a driver (10-degree Callaway big bertha 415...a driver I have been very happy with) and the Cobra F6 set to 16 degrees/penetrating and the Cobra is only about 10 yards behind the driver and I feel like I'm making solid contact with both. One day I was comparing against an Adams Blue 9.5 driver and the Cobra F6 3 wood won several times. But I've always struggled with consistency with that Adams Driver. I went ahead and bought the Cobra F6 Driver in an attempt to get a little bit more distance separation from the 3 wood but I have only been out golfing with that once. I was happy with how the F6 diver hit. It definitely was not a step back from my bertha 415, but this 3 wood has me scratching my head being only 10 yards behind what I thought was a well struck driver. Maybe once I get to experiment with the loft and weight distribution settings on the driver, I can get a little more separation from the 3 wood. I really, really, really like this club.”


✅Excellent forgiveness

✅Great accuracy

✅Gives you the flexibility to shape your shots


❌Sound is hollow

❌Quite pricey

4. BEST FOR SPEED: Callaway Big Bertha B21


⛳️Big Bertha B-21 is our easiest to launch fairway wood that’s designed to give you more distance any way you swing it.

⛳️A shallower face, progressive lengths, and an oversized Bertha shape promote consistent contact and smooth turf interaction.

⛳️Our advanced A.I. design promotes fast ball speeds across an expansive area of the face while Jailbreak bars connect the crown and sole to increase stiffness and promote even more speed.

⛳️Features a completely new RCH shaft, designed by Callaway to specifically enhance the Big Bertha offering, with an Active Tip Flag section for easy launch.


Your club should match your level of skill; the Callaway is designed for intermediate and advanced golfers. If you're looking for a club that will do what you want it to do, this one is for you. In addition, it can go a long way if used correctly. But if you're just starting out, steer clear from this club.

In a precision-based game, fine-tuning is critical to success. For the seasoned player, the opti-fit hosel technology enables a wide range of adjustments to the stance, loft, and center of gravity (CG). They not only increase precision but also speed and launch as a result.

This club has made excellent use of R MOTO technology by implementing it in a way that benefits the more experienced players.

As a result, the ball travels at a faster rate when it comes into contact with the clubhead. Its thinness contributes to forgiveness, as it provides a larger strike area and a better moment of inertia for the stroke. There aren't too many severe misses, and they aren't too far off-target.

When it comes to playing with more control, greater mobility, and less spin, this is by far the best option available. The hosel, the weight, and the excellent post-shot feel all allow strong swingers to improve their distance and accuracy. " It's most suited to players with a low to mid handicap, but even those at the upper end of the spectrum can benefit from it.


“Wow, this came very quickly. My husband cried tears of joy and happiness. In return, I got quiet time as I sent him straight to the driving range. He told me he was able to hit the elusive golf ball further than ever before. In conclusion, I am happy for him and have much needed quiet time.”

“My first investment in golf and I hit this 5 wood just as far as my cheap driver. Looking to transfer all my long game clubs to Big Bertha B21s”



✅Great speed


✅Provides greater strike area and has a better moment of inertia

✅Changeable center of gravity


❌Not suitable for all level players


⛳️With the new Steelhead XR fairway wood, Callaway has improved that iconic shape, made the head more forgiving and easy to launch, and refined the sole to make it even more versatile and playable than the original Steelhead fairway. One more thing: we super-charged it with modern, power-producing technologies to promote more distance, both off the turf and from the tee.

⛳️We improved the iconic Steelhead shape and refined our modern Hawkeye Sole to create a versatile, confidence-building head that’s super-easy to launch.

⛳️Our next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup is exceptionally efficient at delivering fast ball speed and distance across the entire face, especially on mis-hits.

⛳️Lightweight J-36 carbon crown saves substantial weight that’s repositioned in the perimeter for more forgiveness, easier launch, lower spin, and added power. The shorter hosel frees up even more weight in the head and looks appealing too.

⛳️Developed with direct input from aerospace experts, our proprietary Speed Step improves aerodynamics for fast swing speed and distance.


If you're on a budget, the Callaway Steelhead XR fairway wood for mid to low handicappers is a great choice.

For a very low price, these fairway woods are available in a variety of configurations, so you can find one that suits your needs exactly.

Long-distance and forgiveness are the hallmarks of the XR series of golf clubs. This club's goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to learn and develop your game.

As a result, we prefer the 3 wood for mid to low handicappers who have difficulty keeping a 3 wood on the fairway.

This fairway was the first time Callaway introduced face cup technology, and they haven't stopped since! Following the XR, the Rogue and Mavrik series continued to utilize the Face Cup technology to provide forgiving handling.

For a reasonable price, you can get a fairway wood that inspired the design of the new technology that provides you a lot of distance and ball speed.


“First took it to the driving range and noticed I hit the ball straighter and farther than with my old fairway wood. The first time I used it on a round was on the first hole from the rough with about 210 yards to the green. I needed to hit it about 185 yards to clear the water, it went about 200 in the air and ended up on the green about 5 yards past the pin. I immediately kissed club and knew it was a great purchase. I hit consistently hit it straighter and further than ever before. Even the occasional miss-hit went straight. This is my new favorite club.”

“Replaced my 20 yr. old set with new equipment. With this fairway wood, I can grip it & rip it. Very forgiving, I get good distance even when hits are not perfect in the center of club face. I use it off the tee & I can hit the ball well on not-so-great fairway lies. Hits are much straighter without much effort. So far, hard to miss-hit this club. New Technology is definitely worth the investment, even though my swing speed has declined. I like the way this club feels all the way through my swing - perfect weight. There is a very little jolt in my hands even after a towering, great hit.”


✅Very affordable

✅Provides great forgiveness

✅Designed to be easy to help and help you improve your game


❌Strong draw bias

❌Not meant for “hooking”

Final Thoughts

In this guide, you’ll find the finest fairway woods for low handicappers within the range of the best fairway wood clubs depending on different game levels, abilities, and skills. 

All things considered, the TaylorMade M2 Fairway Wood is still the finest pick on this list. 

You can also experiment with different launch angles and spin rates because the weights are adjustable. That makes it one of the most forgiving fairway woods, making it an excellent pick for golfers at the advanced level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a 3 and a 5 wood on hand?

Set makeup is primarily a matter of course management. Carrying a three wood isn’t necessary if you play the same course every time and only sometimes use it.

Investing in a set of two adjustable fairway woods is a wise move. You may set your fairway woods similarly if you hit a 3 wood best when it is set to 16 degrees. You can ensure that you don’t have a large gap in your bag if you hit it best at the age of 14.

Do I really need fairways?

This is a matter of personal taste. We believe that most of the best golfers carry at least one fairway wood in their bag. Just because your driver is having a terrible day doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to try to hit a par five in the hole.

More and more golfers are shunning full sets of fairways, but most still carry at least one or two in their bags.

What lie should I hit fairways from?

Using a fairway wood from the real fairway is a rare occurrence for some golfers. Most golfers use fairway woods as an alternative to a driver from the tee but never utilize them from the fairway.

From a tight fairway lie, fairway woods aren’t always the easiest to hit. This shot, particularly if you choose a three wood with a very low loft, has the potential to land much outside your intended target area.

Make sure you are not in a divot if you are confident enough to hit a fairway wood. You’re better off hitting a hybrid or even an iron if you’re more comfortable with it than trying to hit from a divot.

You can use a fairway wood if you’re in the rough, but the ball has to be sitting up. Club head speed will be difficult if the ball is buried in any way, thus you must be able to move the ball at all times.

Try a hybrid or perhaps an eight or nine iron for a buried ball. However, you will have to give up some distance in order to get back into the game.

When it comes to fairway woods, it’s not the quality of the lie that makes them effective. This is where your hybrid is going to shine above your fairway wood. Analyze the situation well before removing your club from its sleeve.

What Is the difference between my fairway woods and hybrids?

When it comes to fairways, your driver is like a sibling to your fairways. The hybrid is more like your irons than a hybrid. Like a driver, you’ll want to use a sweeping action when swinging your fairway woods. You’ll be able to swing like an iron with the hybrid.

A short tee shot or a good lie in the fairway will yield good results with a fairway wood. In a sloping or rugged lie, hybrids are a better bet, but they still perform well.

Hybrids are a better option if you need to stop a ball fast on a green. The fairway wood is your weapon of choice if you’re looking to get as far away from the green as possible with your approach stroke.

Even if the player has hybrids, why should he or she use fairway woods?

With their ability to accommodate golfers of all skill levels, hybrids have become a popular choice for the game. Hybrids and fairway woods, on the other hand, belong in every golf bag.

Using fairway woods, golfers can achieve the perfect edge distance thanks to their larger heads and longer shafts. The short rough and long tee shots benefit from them as well. Instead of a hybrid, consider using a fairway wood for your tee shot and your long shot.

What should a golf player look for prior to buying a fairway wood?

For fairway woods that have a lower center of gravity, experts say that shallow-faced fairway woods launch higher than fairway clubs with deeper, rounder faces. For those with a lower handicap, a fairway wood with a larger head-to-toe profile is perfect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fairway wood?

Fairway woods can be used as a driver substitution for low handicappers. However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind before you can do that. There are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing wood for a rafter:

The adjustable hosel in the club allows for improved spin development, thus there are three types of wood to choose from.

A driver-like wood should be used that has a deeper face, rounder profile, a large head to achieve the needed distance..

How many fairway woods should one have in their golf bag?

It’s a matter of personal preference, after all. Few players, though, prefer to carry a five- and three-wood on lengthy par 4s and 5s, according to research.

Those with low handicaps may have to take long shots to get to the green. So, having a variety of fairway woods is a good idea. You can combine the 4-iron and 5-wood into a hybrid as your game improves.

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