REVIEW: Best Golf Divot Repair Tools

Tired of slicing the greens with your perfect approach swings? (Maybe, in your dreams) Well, in the rare event you get to the green, a divot repair tool is essential to have it in your pocket.  

If you’ve been wondering what a Golf Divot Repair Tool is used for, then we’ve got your answer 

This small fork-like tool is necessary if you want to follow proper golf etiquette by repairing dents in the green caused by your ball. 

Divots are the scuffs and dents made on the golf course grass and they are caused by golf balls falling on the putting green or when golfers slicing the turf with their clubs.  

Repairing divots will also help maintain the state of the golf course and ensure that other golfers will not be affected by unexpected holes in the ground.  

You can probably pick up a free inexpensive, plastic divot tool from your local clubhouse but if you want to have a dependable, durable divot repair tool that looks great and makes your friends envious, then look at some we have reviewed below! 



  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.13 inches; 1.6 Ounces  

  • 4 in 1 divot tool  

  • Has a metal groove cleaner for tough dirt  

  • Comes with a magnetic ball marker with the Callaway logo to mark your balls on the green  

  • Also has a nylon bristle brush for cleaning up your clubs  

  • Constructed of durable zinc alloy 


The Callaway 4-In-1 Divot Repair Tool is a quality product! The type of material used is very strong and durable, which makes it excellent on the course for divots and repair marks. The brush is tiny but the brush tips are good enough to help clean dirt on a club. The magnet is strong to hold the ball marker in place to keep you from losing it all the time. It’s multi-purpose which makes it easy and convenient to take with you in the golf course. Overall, this divot repair tool has a solid feel to it and the perfect tool for golf maintenance all in one.


"Every golfer should have this, great to repair divots and clean grooves on a club. The ball marker holds well so you won't lose it when you attach it."

"I've used this for about 6 rounds now and I find it to be very useful and sturdy. The brush for cleaning the grooves on your club isn't really useful and the metal groove cleaner is absolutely useless. I primarily use it for repairing balls marks and marking my ball, for those purposes it is perfect."


✔Multi-purpose: Comes with a brush to clean grooves and shoes 

✔Sturdy and durable 
✔Strong magnet to keep ball marker in place


❌Brush is a bit too small that it can only clean 1 iron groove at a time 

❌Feels a bit clunky in your pocket 


  • Golf Divot Tool Dimension: 2.75 in x 1.25 in x .5 in  

  • Foldable divot tool to avoid it from latching onto your pocket or finger 

  • Pop up button to easily unfold the tool

  • Magnet ball-marker that’s attached to the divot tool

  • Made from solid metal 


This golf divot repair tool feels very solid and has a good switchblade opening. It's a good weight and doesn't feel out of place in your pocket. It has a really good switch action, however; the life span of the spring may become an issue over time. The hinge screw may come loose and you might have to tighten this one yourself. And you might want to stock up on the ball markers since we find the magnet not to be that strong to keep you from losing them. But overall, it’s affordable, does its job as a divot repair tool and it’s a perfect size to fit easily in the pocket, but not fall out when you grab tees or balls. 


"I collect divot tools, so I have seen a lot. Most I keep in the collection, so as to not show any wear and tear. Given that this wasn't expensive I bought this one to bring on the course. It's great--solidly made. The big issue with this type of repair tool is 1) the life span of the spring and 2) activating while in your pocket. So far this one looks like it will be around for a long time and the button was designed well with the perfect amount of resistance. I'm very happy I purchased it."


✔Completely made out of metal so it has a good solid grip and feel to it 

✔Pop up button makes it easy and safe to use 
✔Great gift idea & excellent stocking stuffer 


❌Magnet not that strong 

❌Hinge crew is a bit loose. Might have to tighten it yourself. 


  • Product dimensions (inches): 2.5 x 0.5 x 5.5; Weight: 0.14 lbs 

  • Features include: Nickel color finish & printed with your favorite team's logo 

  • Set includes: Signature divot tool & 3 double sided enamel color fill magnetic ball markers


You may as well let everyone else on the green know where your baseball allegiances lie if you're going to repair a divot. What better way to do so with this golf divot repair tool from Team Golf. It works as it should. The ball marker fits well into the magnet so it won't fall out and prevents you from losing them. And the fact that it comes with 3 ball markers, isn’t such a bad thing either.  The design and colors are so vivid, you won’t need to look twice to figure out which team it is on the tool. This is also a great gift idea for any sports fan in your life! 


"Like it! Love it! Using it! 🙂
I like that it’s not too sharp because I put it in my pocket and frequently access it. It keeps my fingers safe and my pocket hole-less. Go Dodgers!"

"My husband loved these as one of his stocking stuffers! Thought they were great and makes a great fun addition to his golf collection"


✔Gets the job done 

✔Not too sharp. Safe to be kept in your pocket  

✔Perfect for showing off your team spirit while on the green  
✔Great gift for the holidays, Father's Day, and special events! 


❌Bit pricey for a divot tool  

❌Ball marker is quite difficult to take out from its holder 


  • Divot tool dimensions: 2.83x1.17x0.5in (Folded) 4.53X1.17X0.5in (Unfolded). Weight 52g/1.83oz.  

  • The fork also can be used as a Groove Cleaner to remove mud and debris from irons  

  • Made from high quality stainless steel and aluminum  

  • Comes with a magnetic ball marker 


This Kaveno repair tool is your best bang for the buck. Since it's a switchblade type, they close in your pocket, taking up less room and not poking any holes in your pants. The spring (open/close mechanism) seems pretty robust. It has a well-made design to remove the ball marker from the tool. Just press on one side and it lifts out with no trouble. The only downside is that the ball marker falls off easily. Could've been better if the magnet was stronger.   However, this is still a pretty decent golf divot repair tool. It feels solid in your hands and you can use it to repair the ball marks on the green more efficiently. The best part is that this comes in a set of 2! It’s like getting 2 divot tools for the price of one! 


"I like the divot tool and other product from this seller KAVENO. This divot tool comes with ball marker and is easy to use. I recommend all golfer to have one. This is not the first time I come back to this seller. Their items are very nice. I will be buying more of these as I am sure my golf buddies will "borrow" mine and tell me they gave it back."

"I picked this up as my plastic ball mark tool has seen better days. This was inexpensive but it very solid. I don't play on pristine courses so I try to fix a few extra ball marks when I get to the green. The mechanism to flip out the tool is solid. The magnet for the ball marker is a nice addition but I typically use my course chips."


✔The spring mechanism of the pop-up is pretty robust 

✔Comes in a set of 2  

✔Durable. Has a solid feel to it 


❌Ball marker magnet not very strong 

❌Difficult to find marker replacement that fits 


  • This golf divot repair tool has a premium all-metal construction, which makes the golf accessorydurable and resistant.

  • Magnetic marker strength has been increased 4X for divot tools 

  • Keep your favorite Golf Putting Green clean and pure, no more dings with your golf balls.

  • Keep your golf clubs dry and off the putting greens (and your cigars too). 

  • RETURN AND REFUND POLICY - If you do not like our golf divot tool, you have 30 days to return it and receive a refund. 


This divot tool is solidly made. It works well on very hard ground. Also, it no longer makes holes in your pockets because the pointed ends are closed inside because of its switchblade functionality. Super design with open access between support plates eliminates clogging behind forks. Fork length is excellent for keeping your knuckles out of the grass. Its dual functionality combining divot repair with a recessed rear to keep your wedge dry and off the ground with the groove radius. The ball marker magnet could use more strength as it easily falls of the tool but other than that it serves its purpose. 


"My daughter is on the varsity golf team on her high school and also likes purple so this was a win win.

Works well and no issues. Easy to operate and she likes it. Nobody else on the team carries anything as nice."

"Super design with open access between support plates eliminates clogging behind forks. Fork length is excellent length keeping knuckles out of the grass. Dual functionality is unique to the Talon premier combining divot repair with a recessed rear to keep wedge dry and off the ground with groove radius - best design divot tool on the market. I purchased a second for a gift."


✔Spring mechanism of the pop-up is pretty robust 

✔Comes in a set of 2  

✔Durable. Has a solid feel to it 


❌Ball marker magnet not very strong 

❌Difficult to find marker replacement that fits 


What is a golf divot repair tool? 

The golf divot repair tool is what all golfers should have as part of their golfing must haves.  It is used to restore the golf course’s turf, as it is sometimes damaged by golfers. To remedy the scrapes and dents in the lawn, the divot repair tool is used when golf balls fall on the putting greens or when clubs hit the grass. The marks, also known as divots, can make playing golf frustrating, as the ball can run into a divot and change its line when a golfer takes a shot. This is why all golfers are advised when they walk the course to bring with them a divot repair tool. There are two prongs on a divot repair tool and they are used to carefully patch any mars in the lawn.  

Around the outside of the mark, the prongs are inserted into the grass, and then the sides are pressed back towards the middle. This is the procedure recommended so that the mark can be fixed without causing any harm to the grass root structure. The divot repair tool’s prongs fold back into the casing for protection when not in use, so it is easy to bring it around in a pocket or on a key ring. 

What is the best golf divot repair tool? 

The best golf divot repair tool is one that does what it’s supposed to, would last a long time before having to replace it, and one that can be used for different golfing needs. There are a lot of multi-purpose golf divot repair tools in the market. The most common kind is the divot tool with golf ball markers. There are also tools that come with both a ball marker and a groove cleaner. There are also divot tools that come with a brush and a bottle opener. The all-in-one divot tools are usually heavier and bulkier in the pocket. So, there are some golfers who prefer the simpler divot tools because it’s lightweight.  

How to use a golf divot repair tool? 

Using a Divot tool is simple, but many people still do it wrong. When you find your ball in green and discover that it leaves a bump on the ground, just stick the divot golf tool on the ground around the tooth and gently push the tool towards the damage area. Do it on all sides until the hole is fully covered. A simple tap of your club will flatten the green once again make it smooth and straight. The entire repair process should take less than 10 seconds. Check out the United States Golf Association (USGA) video for the correct way to repair ball marks.  

According to the USGA Ball mark repair tools come in all shapes and sizes. While almost any pointed object can be used to repair ball marks, to repair a ball mark correctly requires the right technique. Practicing the technique during your next round can be the difference between unsightly turf injury and uniform putting greens for all to enjoy. 

What is a golf divot repair tool switchblade? 

It has two metal prongs that like a switchblade, swivel out of its case. The prongs are used on the golf course to fix the damage to the grass, typically induced by golfers contacting the grass with their clubs or by landing golf balls on the putting green. On the outer edges of the mark, the prongs of the switchblade divot tool are embedded into the turf. To close the space, the edges are then carefully moved back into the middle. This process is used so that the dent is repaired without adding any more harm to the grass roots. On the golf course, golfers can take divot tools with them so they can repair any harm they see, helping to maintain the course in good order for all players. 

What is a golf divot repair tool and ball marker? 

Most if not all golf divot repair tools come with a magnetic ball marker attached to it. A golf ball marker is a piece of golf accessory used for the putting green. If one ball is in the path of another player’s aim, there is normally a need for golf balls to be cleared from the ground. If there are a number of golf balls on the putting green, if a player forgets which ball is theirs, it could create uncertainty, so it makes sense to label its position and replace it when other players have taken their turn. It will cause a penalty if a player hits another player’s ball, so a golf ball marker is required to prevent this from happening. 

What is a custom golf divot repair tool? 

For someone who loves golf, a custom golf divot repair tool makes the perfect gift. Compared to most golf gadgets, it is inexpensive, and it can also be personalized with their initials, funny joke, icon or smiley. They can even have a brand or logo, making it a perfect idea to offer the divot repair tool as business gifts, or on corporate golf days. It is an excellent way to build awareness of the goods or services of a company. A custom golf divot repair tool is useful for all golfers and they will be delighted to receive one as a gift. 

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