Best Golf Trunk Organizers

An ideal golf trunk organizer will keep your equipment from rolling around in the back of your car and becoming lost under the seat when you drive to the next golf course.

When you bring your ball markers hats and shoes into the house after each round, there’s a good chance you will forget to bring it with you the next time you head to the golf course 

These handy golf organizers will offer golfers tons of convenience in tidying up their car or home between rounds. There are many types of golf trunk organizers available, from small hand-held ones that fold down to larger units that can fit into your trunk.

With just one place to store all your golf balls, shirts, tee-shirts, golf gloves, and other accessories, it’s easy to quickly go from the driving range to the course at a moment’s notice. 

Here’s a quick guide to finding the best golf trunk organizer. 

Before buying, it’s always a good idea to check the ratings and reviews of the different organizers out there. It’s not only going to save you money in the long run, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your golf gear is kept organized and safe.

Look for a product that has excellent customer reviews and gives great service. 

The first thing to consider when looking for the right golf organizer for you is your size. If you are a small person, you may want to avoid a large organizer, especially if you are playing a game with several other people.

If you have a larger player at home, you will want to get the best golf trunk organizer for them. Remember, small players and larger players both have their own set of things that they need. 

Think about what kind of golf bag you have already. If you have a golf bag that is relatively new, you may want to look for a golf trunk organizer that will fit over that bag and attach to your existing golf bag.

This way, the organizer won’t take up much space, but it will still allow you to quickly find your golf clubs, golf gloves, tee-shirt, etc.

Take the time to make sure your golf organizer fits your golfing needs and the style of your golf bag. 

Another important consideration when looking for a golf organizer is the price. A cheap golf trunk organizer is nice, but you need to make sure it offers the proper features and quality for long-term use. Cheap organizers may not offer the best quality. 

When buying your golf trunk organizer, look around at different prices and brands before you make a final purchase. This way, you can easily determine which organizer will work well for you and your golfing needs. 

When choosing a golf trunk organizer, be sure to take the weight of the load into account. If you have a lot of golfing gear, choose an organizer that is sturdy. However, if you don’t have as much golfing gear, a lighter storage case is a better choice. 

The best way to make sure you choose an organizer that’s right for your needs is to shop around and make sure you know exactly what you need. and how much room you have to store.

If you’re trying to decide the size golf organizer, take measurements of your current golf bag and where you will be storing the organizer to make sure it will fit in your car trunk or truck and where you will be placing the organizer in your home. 

Remember, a golf trunk organizer can help you stay organized, in your car or home. Whether you play golf in a public or private setting, it’s important to have the correct golf organizer so you can find all of your items easily, without having to lug them around with you on the course. 

If you want to have a dependable, durable golf trunk organizer that will store all of your golfing needs and will last you a lifetime, then look at some we have reviewed below! 



  • 600D Water-Resistant Oxford Fabric with Ventilation Grommets 

  • ADJUSTABLE DIVIDERS - This golf locker comes with multiple removable dividers to customize the storage to your needs. 

  • BACKED BY THE ATHLETICO 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with your new Golf Trunk Organizer for any reason, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked! 


If you are the most disorganized golfer in the world, then this golf trunk organizer from Athletico will put that to an end quickly. There is ample space for shoes, balls, gloves, tees, and other accessories. Several of the sections are formed with Velcro separators which can be adjusted for size. There are many different sized permanent sections too that are very useful for your other belongings. This serves as a great time-saver too. You can save so much time gathering all of your things before heading to the golf course since everything you need is all in one place. This golf trunk organizer definitely serves its purpose and is a great gift for golfers that are hard to buy for or already have everything. 


"I am a weekly golfer and, if I'm like most people, I have golf stuff everywhere-in the trunk, in the garage and on my golf bag stand. I found this item and it works great. There is ample space for shoes, balls, gloves, tees and other accessories. Several of the sections are formed with velcro separators which can be adjusted for size. There are many different sized permanent sections also that are very useful. I filled it up immediately and love the organization. Highly recommended."

"I just got this on July 2nd 2020. It assembled easy. The dividers are Velcro so one can adjust them a little to create about 1/2-1 inch more space in one section vs another.
I’m new to golf this year so I needed something to organize all my equipment. At this time I have found it to be more than large enough to handle what I own so far.
The vinyl appears to be durable, only time will tell. My only disappointment if I had to identify one, is that the only vent holes are the two 1 inch slots on lid. I suspect I will need to leave my shoes out of the bag for a time after a round to air out."


✔Easy to assemble 

✔More than enough space to store all your golfing needs  
✔Adjustable dividers 


❌Needs more ventilation. Vent holes are two 1-inch slots on the lid 

❌Would be better if it had a heavier zipper 


  • BUILT TO LAST - The Trunk-It Golf Gear Organizer is made of a durable 600 Denier. It features sturdy zippers and reinforced plastic walls for increased strength. 

  • LOTS OF STORAGE SPACE - 19"x 15"x 6" Keep all your extra gear from rolling around the back of your vehicle.

  • ADJUSTABLE DIVIDERS - The Trunk-It allows you to customize your storage to suit your needs so you can easily find and access all your gear. 

  • CARRY HANDLE – Grab all your gear at once or transfer it to a different vehicle effortlessly with the convenient carry handle. 


This golf trunk organizer is great for organizing all your golf necessities. It can also be used for keeping on-the-road wardrobe clean and easily “searchable”. The movable dividers allow for customization of the compartments. The stiff sides allow them to stack, and the label holder on the side lets you know what is in which organizer or who it belongs to. It's good to be able to move your golf equipment conveniently to another vehicle or a locker to have it all stored in one place. This is the must-have of every golfer. All in one storage without needing to overload your golf bag and to make sure that if you go golfing spur of the moment, you have everything you need. 


"If you are looking for a gift for a golf lover, look no further! I bought this for my husband to help him stay organized during golf season and he loves it. When he gets to the course, instead of having to filter through his golf bag, everything he needs is now all in one spot. I highly recommend this organizer."

"Bought this as a gift, so I didn’t get to see it, but the recipient reported liking it. It’s a great gift for the golfer who’s hard to buy for and has their golf accessories rolling around in their trunk."


✔Great for organizing clothes for keeping on-the-road wardrobe clean and easily “searchable” 
✔Durable. It will last a long time.  

✔Big enough to fit your shoes and other golfing necessities  


❌No Velcro at the bottom. No means of attaching the organizer to the trunk 

❌Dividers used to separate different compartments kind of flimsy 

3. VALUE FOR MONEY: Callaway Golf Trunk Locker 


  • Easy-access storage compartments with rigid wall dividers 

  • Shoe compartment with mesh ventilation panel 

  • Collapses flat for easy storage 

  • Size: 19' x 15' x 6.5"


With all the bad reviews about inadequate support on 2 level golf trunk organizers, this Callaway is the way to go. Purchase 2 of these instead of a double-decker bag to prevent all support problems. Depending on how many of the 3 Velcro dividers will be used, the right side will accommodate up to 4 storage compartments, each more than sufficient for one box of 12 golf balls. The right side has more than enough shoe room, leaving space to fill the area with socks, head covers, towels, or something else that is flexible. With Velcro'd internal side supports and Velcro'd compartment dividers, this golf trunk organizer is of robust design. A premium product that is required by all avid golfers to organize all their other items that don't fit in the golf bag. 


"Perfect size for a trunk (even on a small car) fits with clubs alongside with room to spare. Great for any golfer who wants to throw an extra outfit in just in case"

"I use this trunk locker to keep golf balls, extra gloves, and most importantly my shoes! Never again will my trunk be full of random golf equipment rolling around. Seems sturdy, you're not gonna be afraid to get this thing a little dirty either."


✔Rather than a double-decker bag, buy 2 of these and avoid all the support issues.  
✔Well ventilated 

✔Ample storage space and sturdy  
✔Great gift for the holidays, Father's Day, and special events! 


❌Walls a bit thin. Can break your fragile items like sunglasses if dropped   


  • Made of durable ripstop polyester and a waterproof backing 

  • The top lid organizer has large mesh sections for gloves, tees, snacks, and sunscreen 

  • With movable dividers, you can customize your storage requirements to fit your needs 

  • Holds up to 3 pairs of shoes and keeps them protected with compartment dividers 

  • The ventilated mesh front door provides quick visibility, easy access, and maximum aeration 

  • Ergonomic, cushioned carry handles on each end 

  • Self-healing nylon zippers & oversized zipper pulls  


This is a golf trunk organizer that's well-made. For a full change of clothing, your golf gear, and several pairs of shoes, there's plenty of room. It's great that this bag isn't so big. It shouldn't be. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to carry it around with you.  You can also use this during your travels. It's so compact, you can carry it with you on an aircraft. It's also quickly toted, unloaded, and stowed in a locker space. It will fit in many lockers without having the need to unload. In this one convenient bag, you can hold anything you need for several rounds. It does not take up so much room in the car, is there when you need it, and, honestly, makes it simpler to plan a golf outing. Overall, this bag is well made, holds together, can take a beating. 


"My DH loves his trunk organizer. Let me premise this by stating that he golfs 5+ times a week, and is very organized. It does take up some space, as he has a MX6, if you are constantly needing to cargo things, this will have to be taken out, if you do not want your items to be stashed. However, he easily can keep a light change of clothes, his shoes, extra balls, towels, etc all contained in there spaces. It is lightweight with a somewhat firm edging, with multiple compartments. If this does need to be taken out all of your possible necessities are easily taken in and out of the car. It does not feel like heavy duty quality- however, it has had heavy use and still looks just as good as new. Definitely recommend, especially for the organized golfer."


✔Keeps your golf gear and personal items organized and handy 

✔You can carry it around with you 

✔Big storage capacity 

✔The ventilated mesh front door provides quick visibility, easy access, and maximum aeration for drying and airing out shoes  


❌Support isn’t very sturdy as the bottom level collapses and can squish your shoes 

❌The Velcro dividers don’t work well to keep the bottom expanded 


  • 9 x 15 x 12 inches (W x D x H)  

  • Store your golf accessories in one convenient place

  • Shoes and balls storage  

  • Storage for tees and books 

  • Holds shirts, towels, and other golf accessories 

  • Mesh panel allows airflow for quick drying 


This golf trunk organizer will be a permanent fixture in the back of your car and it stores all the items that a weekend golfer may possibly need. Whether it's rain gear, a pullover, golf balls, shoes, etc. The inserts make it adjustable for the size of the compartment you need. This is perfect for putting all your golf things together without them flopping around in the trunk of your car. No more forgotten gloves, or running out of tee's or balls. Everything you need is right here. This trunk will definitely inspire you to keep everything neat and organized. 


"Bought this on a whim when its price dropped to less than $18 not knowing what I'd use it for, since I don't golf, but it looked like a handy product.

I have since decided that it is perfect for storing my cross stitching supplies. The bottom compartments work great for storing three organizer containers with threads in it on one side, and large kits that I haven't started yet on the other. The top compartments are great for smaller kits and miscellaneous items on one side, the other I keep the project I'm working on. The little mesh pockets in both the top and bottom are wonderful for storing notions in.

All in all, this could be used for numerous different reasons. I'm likely to pick up a few more, should the price drop that low again. It'd be handy to keep many different things in."


✔Compartment separators are movable to fit your needs  

✔Big and wide compartments 

✔Perfect gift for any golfer in your life 


❌The top comes separate, and you have to attach it to the rest with the zipper which is of cheap quality

❌The quality of the "walls" especially the lower half of the trunk is quite flimsy. 


What is a golf trunk organizer? 

If you are a beginner or a pro, as you head out for your latest golf venture, the golf bags and accessories you use to bring your golf equipment will make a huge difference in how you feel. When you head to the golf course, a decent golf trunk organizer or locker can keep your gear from rolling around and being lost under the seats of your car. It’s quick to go out to the course at a moment’s notice to have a single place to store your golf gloves, tees, balls, and a change of shoes. Not to mention that it makes the car much cleaner! 

Why do I need a golf trunk organizer? 

Golf trunk organizers give you an easier time carrying your things all intact, as compared to most standard bags. As the organizers come with nice storage compartments, you don’t have to mess up your valuable things so that each item has its own respective place. You can conveniently know where each and every object you need is stored with different storage compartments, so you can reach it with ease. They even come with optimized zippers to make opening and closing the trunk organizer simple for you. 

What is the best golf trunk organizer? 

The best golf trunk organizer is the one that does what it’s supposed to, would last a long time before having to replace it, and one that can be used for your specific golfing needs.  Others prefer huge trunk organizers that stay put in their car. While some prefer the more compact kind so that they can carry it with them wherever they go. We can say this organizer is better than the other. But at the end of the day, what matters is what meets your needs. 

Where to buy a golf trunk organizer? 

Good news! You’re in the right place if you’re in search of a golf trunk organizer. By now you already know that, whatever golf related item you are looking for, you’re sure to find it here. We placed links on all the items we feature so that you can safely and conveniently make a purchase. 

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