Perfect Golf Bag – Tips for Selecting The Best One

If you are planning to play a round of golf, then you might need a golf bag. But before we go into the different types of golf bags, you might want to know about the best golf bag for you! 

Top 5 tips for selecting Golf Bags

The following tips will help you find the perfect golf bag for your golf game. When choosing the right golf bag, the best thing you can do is to determine which kind of bag fits you the best. 

Tip 1 – Perfect Golf Bag Storage Space 

First and foremost, consider how much space you are going to need to store your golf clubs. For example, if you are a beginner golfer or if you don’t have as much space as you may have expected, then the perfect golf bag with a lot of storage space might be not what you’re looking for. This is especially true if you are a golfer who frequently changes clubs. 

If your bag is small enough to carry around, then it should be able to carry your clubs and all of your other stuff.  

Tip 2 – Carrying Style  

Now, let’s talk about the second tip – selecting how you will carry the perfect bag. The top golf bag is one that can be carried around in different ways. Therefore, there is a lot of flexibility when selecting one, especially if you tend to switch up your golf bag often. 

When looking at your options for choosing your next perfect bag, consider what kind of bag you are most comfortable carrying around. If you need a bag that is going to fit easily and comfortably into your trunk, then you may want to choose a backpack style. 

However, if you are more of a hands-on golfer who prefers to carry your bag on your shoulder, then you might want to consider a golf bag that folds up. These are great for those golfers who are always on the move. They can also be very useful if you are traveling with a perfect golf bag. 

Tip 3 – Materials & Quality Construction 

Finally, look into the materials used to make your golf bag. Make sure that it is going to be durable and that it will protect your expensive clubs. 

When choosing your bag, it is important to look into durable materials such as leather. Leather bags are going to last longer and they will be able to protect your clubs better than most other options. 

Tip 4 – Vehicle Fit 

One of the most important factors to consider is going to be how the bag fits perfectly into your vehicle, making sure that your bag, including clubs, will fit into your trunk without any difficulty. 

Also, make sure that the bag is going to fold down easily so that you don’t have to unpack it every time you have to travel. When you fold it down, make sure that you take into consideration how long the bag is going to be. 

Tip 5 – Ample Storage Pockets 

You also want to make sure that the bag has a number of pockets for storage. When it comes to golfing, it is important that you have all the items that you need handy. For instance, if you have lots of golf accessories, make sure you have ample pockets for storing them. 

Now that we shared our top 5 tips for selecting the perfect golf bag, we are about to make your selection process a whole lot easier for you.  

If you’re still stuck on which golf bag is the best one for you, and one that will last you a lifetime, then look at the ones we have reviewed below! 



  • All-new 14 Way top with individual full-length dividers 

  • padded OptiFit Comfort Strap design provides increased carry comfort 

  • Improved pocket design for increased storage water-resistant valuables pocket, hidden rain hood pocket behind the hip pad 

  • Individual cell phone sleeve and insulated water bottle pocket 

  • Updated Self-balancing X-Act Fit Strap System; carabineer-style towel hook with glove attachment

  • Weight: 5. 4 lbs. 


The quality of the bag and its craftsmanship are excellent. It is very robust and has very good quality components used in its production. There are tons of pockets, plenty of room and even a cooler pouch! The "backpack straps" are often incredibly supportive, since they are constructed of rubber material with air between them as a shoulder cushion. The specifics on the bag, including the emblem of the tiny Callaway golf ball, are also a nice touch. Finally, the mechanism of the kick stand is genius, and the foot of the legs are broader and of good standard. The Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway Stand Bag will definitely last you a lifetime. 


"I liked this bag right away even though it too me a while to get used to the differences between it and my old bag. There are lots of pockets so getting used to where I put things is the challenge. But the type of pockets are great. One is insulated for a bottle of water. One is nicely lined and could be used for personal items like a wallet or sunglasses. Plenty of deep pockets for extra balls and even my golf shoes. My only complaint is that the bag is fairly new and already loose threads are coming out from the club storage areas. During my last round I pulled out a club to find a small ball of black threads stuck to my club grip."

"Bought this as a gift for my hubby! He’s in love! It has enough club slots and then some for his clubs and he raved about all the zippered compartments! Excellent quality for the price!!"


✔For its size, it’s pretty lightweight 

✔Lots of space, pockets, and compartments 

✔Clubs don’t clash because of the built-in dividers 


❌A little pricey 


  • 9 pockets(refer to images) including 2 full lengths for Apparel (each side), 2 for valuables with velour-lined, and Insulated 

  • Cooler Pocket: 9 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 5 inches deep, it can hold 8 bottles of 12 oz cans plus 4 thin ice packs. 

  • 3 integrated molded grab handles for easy lifting, which makes it easy to get in and out of the car and cart. E-Trolley base system designed to fit push/pull carts as well as riding carts 

  • 5 years manufacture Limited, Fabric: Nylon (super light), 

  • Comfortable transport with strap on the back, Rain hood included. 


Good buy for the money! The bag is lightweight, attractive, has plenty of pockets, and has a large rain cover that suits all of your clubs. As far as durability is concerned, the nylon/Dacron composition of the bag is uncertain, but time will tell just how robust this bag is. The bag stands up really well with no signs of tipping over. The 14 full length dividers are definitely a plus at this price range providing easy access to clubs. This bag from EG Eagole is comparable to some bags from top brand names minus the hefty price tag. 


"After comparing various cart bags in this price range along with their accompanying reviews I decided to purchase the Eagole Super Light cart bag in black. The seller provided prompt and free shipping and the bag arrived well packaged and in good condition with UPS.

My initial reaction after removing from the box was how good it looks, which was confirmed by my golf buddies the first time I used it at the course. The design of this cart bag includes easy access grab handles for a quick on-off from cart, along with plenty of storage for all your course essentials. I will agree with other reviews stating the top pockets on both sides of bag are somewhat small but for me it wasn't a deal breaker because I use them for extra tees, markers, a few balls, gloves, money clip and loose change etc....

The 14 full length dividers is definitely a plus at this price range providing easy access to clubs. As to the durability of this cart bag the fabric feels durable and the construction solid for such a light bag which by the way fully loaded is much lighter than my Wilson Canvas bag which our course cart attendant will agree with. I will post an update on the fabric and construction of this bag after about six months of 2-3 rounds per week of golf and the overall condition of bag.

My initial conclusion for this cart bag is at this price range of $75-$90 the bag offers a design that more expensive name brand bags have, 14 full length dividers, sturdy shoulder strap, plenty of storage, a solid base while on cart and standing on ground, full snap on head cover along with an attractive look is a great value. If you appreciate a value, do the research and compare for yourself."



✔Plenty of storage for your course essentials 


✔Attractive design

✔Large cooler pocket 


❌dividers are not connected to the bag 

❌Not effective for keeping shafts separate. 

❌Small pockets


  • 36 x 12 x 11 inches 

  • 14-way top with all full-length dividers and dual top grab handles 

  • Dual oversized apparel pockets with key clip, Dual Fleece-lined valuables pockets, Fleece lined range finder pocket 

  • Insulated Cooler pocket holds 12 twelve-ounce cans 

  • Cart Strap Pass-Thru keeps the bag secure on the cart while allowing access to every pocket. 

  • Total pockets=13 weight=5. 3LBS 


Through and through, Cobra makes quality equipment and this cart bag is no different. High quality, stunning, and a well thought out bag. The Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag has a lot of awesome features. It has a large cooler, mount, tons of different pockets to stow anything you need and it looks great too! The only downside I can say is that although in the description it said it had FULL-LENGTH dividers, it isn’t. Unless the clubs are put straight down into the bag, they can get tangled at the bottom.  Other than that minor setback, this bag is definitely a hole in one.  


"First and foremost, Cobra is a name-brand that's owned by Puma that supposedly is now Adidas. I understand you can find more generic bags, possibly in the same quality, for the range of 100-150. With that said this bag at 180-209 is fantastic for the price. Cobra makes quality equipment through and through and their cart bag is no exception. Quality build, amazing looks, and well thought out bag.

The orange/gray scheme is stunning with the right amount of flash while not being overly loud. The red/white/blue is also stunning and not overly shouty as would the color make you believe.

Very happy with my purchase, I see this bag lasting over 6 years of frequent use. Hits all the marks and on par with the best bags on the market."


✔ Large oversized pockets 

✔ Huge storage capacity 

✔ Lightweight 

✔ Durable 


❌ Dividers are not full length



  • 14 Full-length dividers 

  • Organization and separation of clubs 

  • Strong polyester fabric 

  • Durability through travel and weather conditions 

  • Allows the base to fit securely in a riding cart or trolley 


With this bag, no one will overlook your team spirit on the golf course. The NFL team emblem is probably the main attraction of the bag, but it's a pretty good cart bag no matter what's on it. The top of the 14-way full-length dividers is outstanding with an extra putter well. This ensures that you have 15 spaces in this bag for your clubs. The Wilson NFL Cart Bag is filled with pockets.  There are 3 of them along the bag's spine. The bottom pocket is a cooler pocket for the round so you can hold a few drinks cold. It would still be a good option if the Wilson NFL Cart Bag was only a simple golf bag without the logos on them. Now, with the inclusion of NFL logos of your favorite team, it makes it the best choice for fans. Obviously, not everyone likes the NFL, but for those who still do, you can use this team bag for each round to show support for your favorite team. 


"This bag is great, living outside of philly nothing brings me more joy then loading this up onto my cart and getting all the comments! highly recommend!"

"Excellent well designed bag for the price paid. Devided club separations for each club including the putter. Sits square and well on the cart which is what I had hoped for after using my carry bag with fold out legs for years on a golf cart. Still use my carry bag when I walk."


✔Full-length dividers 

✔Lots of storage 


✔Perfect for any NFL fan 


❌Price could've included a stand 

❌The bag is a bit short 


  • 14-way top provides a slot for every club 

  • Cart strap pass-through for easy access to all pockets; 10 pockets 

  • Large internal insulated cooler pocket 

  • Easily accessible insulated water bottle pocket 

  • Full-length dividers to eliminate club crowding; 10 lbs 


Superb bag. The cooler pocket functions well and keeps beverages cold.  There are some pockets that provide a lot of flexibility and a lot of things can be kept. It's also convenient to have a ball pocket, a tee pocket, an outerwear/extra gloves pocket, and a golfing snacks pocket just in case you get hungry while on the course. While you are walking, there is also a useful pocket on the outside for your mobile device. The only drawback is that the dividers do not go all the way down on each club, so from time to time the grips rub and get tucked on each other, particularly if you have a larger aftermarket grip on there. But all in all, this is a great buy! 


"This bag is great! It is very lightweight, which is helpful while walking. It takes a bit of practice to get the straps just right, but once you do, it feels very lightweight.

There are several pockets, which presents a lot of versatility and you can store a lot of items. I like to have a ball pocket, a tee pocket, a pocket for outerwear/extra gloves, and a pocket for snacks while golfing. There is also a handy pocket for your phone on the outside if you are walking. All in all, its a great buy! The 14-hole top is the main reason I went with it, and it works great."


✔14 slots for you clubs 

✔Cooler works great for keeping drinks cold 

✔Plenty of compartment space 

✔Lots of pockets 


❌Dividers are not full length 


What are the different types of golf bags? 

Who knew that there are a lot of different types of golf cabs you can hold your golf equipment in?  In order to help you understand which golf bag is right for you, we listed down the 4 types of golf bags below. 

Sunday Bag 

This type of bag is the smallest of all the golf bags. Sunday bags are built to be the simplest bags to carry across the golf course, or more frequently referred to as ‘carry bags.’ These bags, constructed from lightweight materials, usually weigh between two and four pounds. Inside the bag, they have little or to no support structure and typically do not have a stand. You also have to lean them up against a tree or put them down somewhere safe while playing. Likewise, it is not possible to mount Sunday bags to the back of a cart. Another point to bear in mind is that you can only have less than 9 clubs in it. If you are searching for a lightweight, affordable bag to carry to your local nine-hole course, then this bag is the one for you. 

Stand Bag 

Stand bags are one of the most versatile type of golf bags. Stand bags are designed to hold all of your gear, unlike Sunday bags.  there are dividers and various pockets in them for all of your golfing equipment, including balls, tees, etc. They are built with some inner support framework, but just enough to still make it lightweight. This lightweight design enables the majority of standing bags to weigh about five pounds. Stand bags, which are mostly designed with double shoulder straps, reduce their extra weight by being more comfortable to carry around than Sunday bags. In addition, the legs of the stand make simple positioning across the course. There is no need to look for trees nearby or areas to rest your bag. There are also several new stand bags that have ways to attach the bag to a cart. 

Cart Bag 

Cart bags are bags intended to be used solely with a golf cart, as their name implies. They are supposed to hold all the equipment, just like stand-up bags. In comparison, because they are not intended to be carried across the course, they have a lot of internal structure and more robust walls. There are also several dividers built in. Both the extra stiffness and rigidity, though, renders cart bags heavier than stand bags. Usually, they weigh between five and 7 pounds. Although their flat bottoms and stiff structure render it simpler to put them down than Sunday bags, since they seldom incorporate holding straps, cart bags are deemed much less flexible than stand bags. If you see yourself using a cart each time you go golfing, even if you already have a stand/Sunday bag, a cart bag is a smart choice for you. 

Staff Bag 

When it comes to golf bags, staff bags are the most premium and expensive choice. Usually, these luxury golf bags are crafted from leather and other high-quality materials. These are the bags used by practitioners on tour. They typically have a strap and a sturdy bottom to be placed down. They are the biggest type of bag, too. These staff bags have   Dividers, sturdy walls, and wide pockets. In the weight department, however, they struggle the most. Staff bags can weigh over 13 pounds. While not a concern if you have a caddy, these bags will make even the most athletic golfers exhausted even before reaching   the eighteenth hole. If you want to show off to you golfing buddies, then this bag should do the trick.  These bags are however not suggested for the average golfer. 

Should I buy a cart bag or stand bag? 

It all comes down to how you travel across the golf course. It’s not uncommon for golfers to own both cart and stand bags.  Should you choose to get exercise by walking during a golf round and are invited to several golf days where pace is of the essence and you ride on a cart, depending on the circumstances, it will be highly helpful to have the choice of having either bag. 

What is the best golf bag to buy?  

We have reviewed several golf bags in various types, depending on your needs and standards, this review can provide you with a broad range of choices to choose from.  

The decision on whether you should use a big or small bag is determined by your preferences and requirements of what you may need during your round. 

The top pick in our opinion is the Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway Stand Bag.  

Truly an incredible bag, all in a durable but lightweight carry setup, with as much room as you might possibly need. 

Finally, the mechanism of the kick stand is genius, and the foot of the legs are broader and of good standard. The Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway Stand Bag is definitely a hole in one. 

Where can I buy the best golf bag? 

Good news! You’re in the right place if you’re in search of a new golf bag. By now you already know that, whatever golf-related item you are looking for, you’re sure to find it here. We placed links on all the items we feature so that you can safely and conveniently make a purchase. 

Check out some must-have golf accessories here.

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