Best Golf Balls To Improve Your Game For High Handicap Golfers

Best Golf Balls To Improve Your Game For High Handicap Golfers

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The best golf balls for high handicappers can assist average golfers in fast and firmly increasing their scores and upgrading their levels.

A good ball can help you get more yards and do more tricks on the greenside. Most importantly, a decent golf ball can work effectively with your clubs to allow you to shoot as many scores as you wish. It would also be beneficial if it could endure long enough for you to practice and play on the tour.

However, which golf balls are the best for high handicappers out of the hundreds on the market? How much time should you devote to studying a product you intend to purchase? Don’t worry; we are here to assist you. 

Choosing the Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Golfers

Before you decide to buy golf balls for high handicappers, you should be aware that all of these factors can influence your decision. To alleviate your concerns, We’ve listed the five points we evaluated. We hope this information is useful to you.


Even if you have a high or low handicap, the first and most important thing to look for in a golf ball is its material. What makes a ball’s exterior and core pieces determine how much power it can absorb, how it spins, and even how far it can fly.

Typically, the cover is constructed of urethane or ionomer. High-end brands such as Callaway and Titleist will occasionally create a hybrid material. This revolutionary technological cover can enhance the benefits of traditional materials while minimizing their drawbacks.

The larger the core, the thinner the outside layer. It implies you’ll have a softer feel and a louder sound when you hit the ball off the tee. However, there is a drawback here. If you have a high handicap but a medium or fast swing speed, the softer ball can be easily scratched.

As a result, when purchasing golf balls, evaluate what substance best suits your speeds and matches your clubs. It can save you money and effort by allowing you to return unwanted purchases.


The more the compression, the more durable the ball. If you wish to reduce your handicap score, use a compression rate that is in the middle or lower range.

You may be wondering why we recommended mid-compression golf balls. This is due to the fact that not all high handicappers are seniors, ladies, or have slow swing speeds. They can strike the ball too hard and too hard, but they lack the ability to regulate the ball’s flight.

Furthermore, mid-swing speed players want something sturdy enough to endure longer in protracted games. As a result, nothing is more suited to them than mid-compression golf balls.

After knowing the substance, the second thing you need to know to choose the finest balls is your swing speed. Use it to match the compression; this way, you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong ones.


A good golf ball will typically have more than 300 dimples. These patterns can take various shapes according to the brand, but in general, they try to reduce air drag and increase contact with your clubface.

These dimples are now improved with micro-patterns within them, similar to the Mizuno or Bridgestones e12 2021 versions. This new technology has the potential to quadruple the advantage and make it easier for golfers to control ball trajectory and consistency.


Most high-quality golf balls are made of two pieces or more. Making each piece, on the other hand, is more difficult, so the more elements the ball contains, the greater its price.

A golf ball’s structure can influence its feel and even its distance. Professionals frequently utilize four or five-piece balls. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to improve your handicap, a two or three-piece construction will suffice.


If the ball has a low long game spin, it will fly straight to the target and roll further before landing. In short games, though, you need something that spins more to have greater contact and ball flight control.

Our recommendation here is to figure out what kinds of play you want to improve in and where you get big handicaps. Then you compare it to the spin of a ball to determine your future one.

If you’re still undecided, the best option is to go with something in the middle with mid spinning or alter it to meet your needs, such as the Wilson Smart Core balls.

Top 5 Golf Balls For Beginner And High Handicap Golfers


1. TOP PICK: Bridgestone e12 Contact
2. BUDGET PICK: Wilson Smart Core
3. BEST LOW SPIN: Bridgestone e6
4. BEST DISTANCE: Titleist Velocity
5. BEST QUALITY: Titleist Tour Soft


⛳️ Active Acceleration Mantle: e12 SOFT features the Active Acceleration Mantle which is comprised of a new High Performance Polymer material with added surfactant that creates increased thrust and higher initial ball velocity at impact.

⛳️ Delta Dimple: The e12 SOFT utilizes Bridgestone’s patented Delta Wing Dimple pattern for less drag and smoother airflow when the ball is in flight. The enhanced aerodynamics increase the straight distance properties of e12 SOFT.

⛳️ Four choices of color 

⛳️ 372 delta dimples with contact force design 

⛳️ New high-performance polymer material

⛳️ Two choices of model (2019, 2021)

⛳️ Low compression (50)


If you locate some balls that can provide additional distance and spin, go with the Bridgestones e12 Contact. These are the only three-piece golf balls available on the market for $30.

The e12 comes in two models: 2019 and 2021, and both offer four color options, including three mattes.

In general, the Bridgestones e12's cover material was updated with a new high-performance polymer. This means you won't have to worry about scuffing or scratching the ball as easily as you would with other balls with the same ionomer or urethane cover.

If you practice putting, you can improve the sound and feel of these Bridgestones balls.

The dimple pattern is the most noticeable variation between the e12 2019 and 2021. The dimples in the 2019 model are in the shape of delta wings. After two years, these dimples were updated to innovative designs that claimed to increase surface contact with your clubface by 38%.

The 2021 edition's dimples are still delta forms, but each one has a little round pattern inside. This unique design allows the ball to transmit energy to distance more effectively than conventional balls. This benefit, combined with a softer core, can help you achieve straighter ball flight and cure your slices or hooks.


“The e12 promises long and straight shots. I had played a few e6s I had found over the years and my only complaint was that I could not work my shots when needed; the e6 just went straight … as advertised. So I tried the e12 yesterday. Same results. The e12 delivers on its promise. It provides long and straight shots, but I could not work the ball. I also found it "soft" and "mushy" off the club face, which robbed me of the haptic feedback I need to learn from each swing so I can adjust and improve on the next shots. Overall, the e12 is not a ball I will play regularly. I usually play the 330-Rx. I find it more suited to my needs than the Titleist ProV1.

Now the good news.

I played with an older man named Ralph. I gave him an e12 to try out. I had played with Ralph several times before. He struggles to get the ball in the air and could use all the distance he can get from a ball.

WOW! The 12 totally changed his game within two holes. He got his shots up in the air and they went MUCH longer and straighter. He shot his best round EVER. So I gave him the rest of the sleeve and I will give the rest of the box to Ralph next time we pair up next time I see him. It was great to see someone enjoy himself so much.

The e12 may be just the ball for all the Ralphs out there. If you need to hit your shots straighter and longer, the e12 may be just the ball for you. It is not the ball for me.”


✅ Improve your side spin around the greens and off the tee.

✅ Brilliant colors make it easy to see on the course.

✅ Suitable for players with a medium to high handicap. 

✅ Increase distance, feel, and sound


❌ Not suitable for high swing speeds

2. BUDGET PICK: Wilson Smart Core


⛳️ Durable, thin ionomer cover

⛳️ Smart core technology

⛳️ 432 dimples in round shape with different sizes and depths

⛳️ Mid compression (85)

⛳️ Smart Core technology that reacts to a player's swing speed

⛳️ Yields spin and control on short shots

⛳️ Minimizes spin for distance and accuracy on long shots

⛳️ Durable lonomer cover provides long-lasting playability through a range of condition


If your budget is limited but you still want to improve your golf game, give the Wilson Smart Core golf balls a try. You can acquire twenty-four balls for less than twenty-five dollars! These golf balls are suitable for average players like us.

These Smart Core golf balls, in my opinion, can be excellent practice balls for anyone attempting to lower their handicap. They are made of two pieces and have around 400 dimples. The most important aspect is that their core is intelligent enough to adjust to both long and short games.

Long shots, where slicing is common, might benefit from these balls' low spin and low air drag, allowing them to travel directly to the point and deliver additional yards. Meanwhile, in short games, they can generate spins to help them control the ball flight more easily.

The only disadvantage of these Wilson Smart Core balls, in my opinion, is their color. There are only white ones available. If you play on a course with a lot of leaves, bushes, or snow, you should use a different brand with bright colors.


“These balls are great. For those who say there are better balls out there, check the price on these - it's like saying a $100,000 Mercedes is a nicer car than a $30,000 Dodge charger - they are made to do different things, for different reasons, and intentionally placed in different price points. When it comes to a brand-name golf ball, it doesn't get much cheaper. All that being considered, these balls are fantastic. For the price, they are an incredible value. Are there better, nicer, MORE EXPENSIVE balls out there? Sure. Are there cheaper balls out there that perform as well or better? I have yet to find any. Enough said.”


✅ Affordable

✅ Great for both long and short games

✅ A long-lasting cover can withstand a variety of conditions

✅ Suitable for mid to high handicappers


❌ Only available in white

3. BEST LOW SPIN: Bridgestone e6


⛳️ Two choices of color 

⛳️ 330 round dimples in different sizes

⛳️ Two types of version

⛳️ Side stamp design

⛳️ Low compression (45)

⛳️ Engineered for consistency

⛳️ Improved aerodynamics for added distance

⛳️ Soft golf ball that also provides long-distance


The Bridgestone e6, like the e12, comes in two versions: 2019 and 2021, with certain structural technology updates. In general, both versions have the same two-piece design, two color options, and low compression.

Because of the larger core, the e6 of 2021 has a softer feel than the earlier version. The structure of the ball was reengineered by the manufacturer to provide a softer feel and faster compression. Your force will transfer to distance faster, allowing the ball to travel further.

If you want to improve your driver shots, the e6 balls – both the 2019 and 2021 models – are a good option. Another unique feature is that they may be used with putters. They don't spin as much as the premium balls, but I believe they're good enough for high handicappers to get more scores.

A fun tidbit for you is that the Bridgestones e6 is the low-cost golf ball used by many professionals, including Tiger Woods, when competing in tournaments. That is, they are not unlawful golf balls, even if they assist you in doing additional stunts on the greenside.


“For a 70 year old with a club speed of 85-90 I really liked the feel, I hit 230+ with my Ping Driver and they feel great off the irons with the softer design. Maybe they don't spin as much around the greens and maybe that's my low standard of play. I gave a sleeve to a friend who was younger and better than I and he liked them too. I recommend them for the average player”

“I enjoyed playing with these balls a great deal. They seemed to have plenty of distance and handled well around the green. The only time I had trouble was during the fall when leaves were on the ground. Once in a while, a ball would just disappear under the leaves. It would be helpful if I simply keep all my shots in the fairway, but that's my fault. I'm a high handicap golfer so a few errant shots are just part of my game. I am very satisfied with the performance of these balls and will likely buy them again.”


✅ Delivers soft feel, long-distance

✅ Enhance side spin around the green

✅ Works well with both driver and putter

✅ Easy alignment


❌ Gloss ball not great under sunlight

4. BEST DISTANCE: Titleist Velocity


⛳️ Longer distance

⛳️ Extremely low long game spin

⛳️ Greater iron stoppability

⛳️ High flight on all shots

⛳️ Large LSX core, thin NAZ +Surlyn cover

⛳️ 328 round dimples with different sizes

⛳️ Four choices of color (1 gloss, 3 mattes)


These balls' names speak for themselves. If you are looking for distance, don't hesitate to try the Titleist Velocity golf balls. They're made of two pieces: a huge LSX core and a thin NAZ + Surlyn cover.

These balls are designed for players with a mid-swing pace who don't want to hit something overly soft. They still provide a pleasant feel off the tee while keeping the cover durable enough to endure longer than standard balls.

The Velocity balls were advertised as having reduced long game spin. That means you'll be able to observe your ball flight more clearly after you hit it. It can correct your errant strokes while also assisting you in improving your golf swing. Furthermore, even if you hit them with your driver, these balls can return additional yards.

Furthermore, these Velocity balls contain 328 circular dimples. This design can reduce air drag, increase launch, and let the ball fly more smoothly. If money isn't an issue, you can put your trust in Titleist items like these Velocity balls.


“Been golfing 40 years. I'm still terrible. Well, maybe not terrible but just a 20 handicap. Weekend warrior. I have used many golf balls. I really, really, hit these well. Yes, I still really, really lose these well, too. But my drives are on-point with other lower handicapped players. My chips are soft. Plus, love the matte orange color. It isn't "loud" like other orange balls I have used and is very easy to spot in the rough. Highly recommend.”

“I have been using Callaway Chrome Soft to maintain control. Those worked well. But I definitely noticed I lost about 20+ yards in distance. I gave these Titleist a try and I not only have my distance back, but I seemed to have kept control. Maybe I am swinging better? So I can't give credit to the ball for better control, but I definitely can give them credit for my increase in the distance! I will move to these balls even though the cost is more.”


✅ Extremely low long game spin

✅ Easy to find on course

✅ Deliver long distance


❌ Not suitable for slow swing speed players

5. BEST QUALITY: Titleist Tour Soft


⛳️ Longer distance

⛳️ Responsive feel

⛳️ Greater short game control

⛳️ Penetrating trajectory and consistent flight

⛳️ High-quality ionomer cover

⛳️ 432 round dimples in different sizes

⛳️ Two types of color (all glosses)

⛳️ Low compression (65)


If you're looking for something soft enough to purchase more yards yet firm enough to survive longer even in tournaments, the Titleist Tour Soft balls are the answer. They come in two colors and come with twelve balls per pack, although they are more expensive than Mizuno or Bridgestones.

These Tour Soft balls are made of two pieces and feature a thin ionomer cover. We're all aware that the thinner the cover and the softer the core, the longer the golfers can go. These balls also have a greater launch than the Titleist brand's other premium siblings.

Furthermore, each Tour Soft ball has 432 dimples, which is 44 more than a ProV1. This design can make the ball fly even smoother and provide more control and feel in short games. These balls are a good option if you want to go a long distance.


“Distance with driver is very good. I am a senior (80 yo) man averaging about 185 yds with driver. This ball gets me 5 or so extra yds. Most important though is the spin with my short irons, 8 to wedges. I can finally stop or even back up the ball hit into green. I have not been able to do so in at least 10 years until I got the Tour Soft ball.”

“Honestly the best ball for the money for mid to high handicappers who are looking for a ball that does everything when u hit those few shots a hole the right way lol... 2 piece ball so the flight is high and spin is less without losing spin around the greens! Don't waste your money on 3/4/5 layer balls if you cant break 90 consistently.

These balls fly true and sit down .... super soft so I would play these all season until the weather gets below 50. Just an overall good feel and performance for $35. Plus this yrs ball has the alignment aid but you can save $5 a case if you don't care about that and buy last yrs models. I don't see any difference aside from these and I've played these for the last 2 yrs now”


✅ Low long game spin for better ball flight control

✅ 44 dimples more than a ProV1 to launch higher and fly smoother

✅ Helpful in alignment

✅ Suitable for mid to high handicappers


❌ Not suitable for slow swing speed players

Final Thoughts

If you are a high handicapper looking for a way to reduce this index, one of our top selections may be able to assist you. A decent golf ball can help you raise your game, improve your scores, and catch up to the best players.

The Callaway Supersoft is our preferred model. These balls come in a variety of colors and are easy to spot on the green. They also include an ultra-low compression core that is appropriate for ladies, elders, and even beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a golfer high handicap?

The handicap index indicates your ability on the course. You have a high golf handicap if your handicap score is 20 or above. According to USA Today Sports, the USGA’s maximum allowable handicap for men is 36 and 40 for women.

Do golf balls make a difference for high handicappers?

They do, indeed. Good golf balls can assist high handicappers in lowering their scores and forgiving the majority of their mistakes. They can assist golfers in correcting slices, hook shots, and even improving swing speed.

Is it better for a high handicapper to use a soft or firm golf ball?

If you’re a high handicapper who gets decent distance on your shots, a soft golf ball may be better for you; if you struggle with distance, a hard golf ball may be better for you. But it also boils down to personal preference. Some golfers prefer a gentle feel, but others want a firm feel. A soft golf ball will perform better around the greens, so keep that in mind as well.

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