Everything You Need To Know About Golf Carts

Everything You Need To Know About Golf Carts

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Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation for those who enjoy playing golf. They have become a popular choice for people with disabilities over the years, as well. It is important to understand the different types of golf carts and their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision on which one will work best for you.

There are gas-powered and electric-powered golf carts; both have their benefits and drawbacks, so take the time to examine them both before making your purchase decision.

You will also need to pay attention to your state’s laws about vehicle registration if you are going to use it for recreational purposes; this article has a section on each state’s car registration requirements.

What To Look For In A Golf Cart

How long of a charge does the battery hold? 

Before you buy a golf cart, check to see how long it can run on a single charge and how long it will take you to recharge once the battery is depleted. With an electric cart, the longer it can last on one charge, the more it is going to cost.

If you live in an area where you are able to plug in your vehicle at night, this may not be as much of a concern for you. The good news is that if your battery drains too quickly, this problem can be fixed with a new battery.

How many miles per gallon does it get?

Gas is not cheap these days, so it makes sense to buy a golf cart that gets the best gas mileage possible. Most of these vehicles are made for off-roading, so they are more likely to get stuck than they are to be efficient.

You want something that you can take out onto the green and feel good about how much money you will spend on fuel. Look into what other people are saying about gas mileage, because their experiences may not be the same as yours.

How big of a basket does it have?

Many people like to bring items out on the course with them or use their golf carts for reasons unrelated to golf. If you plan to haul items around with you, pay close attention to the size of the storage area.

It is also helpful to check to see how far you can go between charges; bigger baskets will mean longer trips between chargers.

One of the most important things that you need to look for in a golf cart is how comfortable it is. These carts are not made for long periods of driving; they are meant as a way to get from one place on the course to another without feeling like you need a golf cart.

You want something that is comfortable and easy to use, so keep this in mind when shopping around for your next ride on the course.

Are Electric Golf Carts Legal In Your State?

Are Electric Golf Carts Legal In Your State?

Before you buy your electric golf cart, you need to think about whether or not it is legal for you to drive in your state. Some states require that drivers be over 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record in order to operate an electric vehicle.

Other states have further restrictions on who can legally use an electric golf cart on the road; for example, some states require that operators of these vehicles wear a helmet.

If you fail to follow your state laws and are caught driving an electric golf cart on the road, you could get into serious trouble.

What Are The Different Types Of Golf Carts?

Gas-Powered Golf Carts VS Electric-Powered Golf Carts
Gas-Powered Golf Carts VS Electric-Powered Golf Carts

Gas-powered Golf Carts

Gas-Powered Golf Carts Gas-powered golf carts are a popular choice for people who have been playing the game for a long time. These vehicles are better for people who enjoy speeding and racing around the course.

They tend to be more expensive than their electric counterparts but also feature faster speeds and superior handling. Gas-powered models run on gasoline, so they also require more maintenance than their electric counterparts.

Gas-powered carts are the most popular choice for people who want to drive faster. Many of these vehicles feature two speeds; one is used for cruising around the course, and the other is for racing.

Gas-powered carts also tend to be higher off of the ground, making them easier to use for taller people. They have a lower cargo capacity than their electric counterparts, but this issue can be worked around with customizing your golf cart.

PROS of Gas Powered

Gas-powered golf carts are faster than electric golf carts, which makes them the better choice for people who enjoy speeding around the course. Gas-powered carts also tend to be higher off the ground than their electric counterparts, which means they are easier for taller people to use.

Gas-powered carts are more powerful than electric ones, so they can go faster and further, but your average golfer probably will not need this kind of speed or a long-range in most situations. Their extra power comes at the cost of maintenance, increased weight, and higher fuel costs. 

Electric-Powered Golf Carts

Electric-Powered Golf Carts Electric-powered golf carts do not use gasoline, which makes them more environmentally friendly than their gas counterpart. While this does not make a big difference to the casual golfer, it is an important fact for some people.

These vehicles run on electricity, so you will need to plug them into a charger in order to recharge. If you live in an area that allows you to re-charge your cart at home overnight, this is not a problem.

If you do not have access to an electric outlet in your garage or near your home, however, this may be a problem for you.

Electric-powered golf carts feature a lower center of gravity than gas-powered models, making them easier to handle and control.

They also have a larger cargo capacity, allowing you to haul more items when you drive. The downside to these vehicles is that they do not go as fast as gas-powered models.

They are also more expensive than gas-powered carts and require more maintenance.

PROS of Electric Powered

Electric golf carts are better for the environment but may not be as good for your wallet.

If money is tight or you plan on using your cart every weekend, an electric vehicle may be a better option for you; however, if you can afford to spend a little extra on gasoline now and then, it is probably worth spending the money on a gas model instead.

Electric carts have a lower center of gravity and feature more cargo space, so they do have some advantages over gas models.

Electric carts are much quieter than gas-powered golf carts. This can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing, depending on where you live and play. If your game takes place in a quiet neighborhood, you will not mind the quiet at all.

You can also drive electric carts on sidewalks and through bike lanes with less worry of being annoying to anybody nearby. But if you play in busy or urban areas, the quiet of an electric model may be a real disadvantage.

What Features Are Important In A Golf Cart?

Now that you know what kinds of golf carts are available, you need to think about how much you want to pay and what features a new cart will need to have before you start shopping.

The most important feature to look for in an electric golf cart is a seat that is comfortable for you. If you do not feel comfortable riding around the course, you will probably not enjoy using your cart very much.

What Features Are Important In A Golf Cart?
  • A good seat and a high center of gravity are important features for electric carts.
  • Other considerations include the cargo capacity of the vehicle and how fast it can go.
  • Electric carts can usually move faster than gas-powered ones, but this may not be practical or necessary. You should also think about whether or not your new golf cart needs to be able to go off-road. If you plan on taking it out on hilly terrain, this feature will be important; otherwise, it is probably unnecessary.
  • Before you make your final decision, think about what you want from your new cart. Do you just need something to drive around the golf course or will you be using it for a variety of purposes? If you plan on using it for other things, are there any specific features that are necessary?
  • Don’t forget that convenience is important too
  • Do not forget to think about how easy your electric vehicle will be to maintain and where the batteries go. If these issues are not important to you, do not worry; there are plenty of standard carts available that do not require upkeep and simple vehicles will get the job done just as well as high-tech models.
  • Safety is also very important.
  • Check the vehicle to make sure that it has turn signals and headlights. Your cart should also have enough brakes for stopping in hilly conditions. A horn and rearview mirrors are also vital for preventing accidents. You will want to be able to see what is behind you when you back up, and a horn will be needed if you get into any situations where quick acceleration is necessary to prevent any kind of problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Golf Carts Come With a Warranty?

Most manufacturers would offer you a 1-2 year warranty that will not cover your cart if it was involved in an accident.

However, if you have purchased the cart from an authorized dealer, then they should be able to help you make any necessary repairs and then get them covered under the original warranty.

2. What Are the Average Costs of Maintenance & Repairs?

Looking at average costs for repairs on gas and electric golf carts, there are many variables that affect how much you pay for maintenance. However, the average cost of maintaining both types of carts will be around $200-$300/year.

This will vary depending on the number of repairs that need to be made and whether or not you can do them yourself.

3. Are There Golf Cart Clubs?

Yes, there are several golf cart clubs out there, and most of them are centered around the maintenance and use of golf carts. The two most common clubs are

The Florida Golf Cart Association and The American Golf Cart Association (AGCA). Both offer many benefits, including group rides, exclusive accessories, sponsorship options, safety awareness courses, and much more.

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