5 Essential Retractable Golf Club Brushes: Boost Your Game with Precision and Cleanliness

Retractable Golf Club Brush 

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Golf clubs are an expensive investment, and if you want to keep them looking like new, it is essential to clean them frequently. You can clean the club with a golf towel or a golf club brush, but sometimes the dirt can be too stubborn to clean only with the towel.   

Most golf brushes have nylon bristles to clean woods and shoes; iron bristles for your irons, wedges, and hybrids; and a spike to help you get deep into your grooves as well as the cleats on the bottom of your shoes for heavy mud build-up. 

A Retractable Golf Club Brush is an even better way to clean up. The best brushes in the market have two sides, one with hard bristles for cleaning the rust, while the soft one to clean delicate parts or to clean with water. The retractable golf club brush has a huge cord that helps to clean the entire club, even when the retractable golf club brush is attached to your golf bag.  

It is a good option to choose retractable golf club brushes that attach to the bag, so you don’t lose them and can access them easily after every round. You can find various types of retractable golf club brushes with different styles and qualities of bristles. 

Don’t forget to protect clubs with these head covers.



  • Wire bristles for quick and efficient cleaning of irons while on the fairway, Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves (Comes with plastic cover)

  •  The handle is made with extremely durable plastic for strength but it has ergonomically designed soft rubber grips for comfort even when applying heavy scrubbing pressure

  • The retractable 2 ft. zip-line carabiner makes it easy to attach to your golf bag for blazing fast access


Convenience, simplicity and price are three of the key factors for the success of the Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner. With wire bristles for wedges, and nylon bristles for woods, you have everything you need to keep your clubs clean as possible. And if you notice that the dirt is actually matted into the grooves, there is a single retractable point built in to dig deep and get it cleaned out. There is an easy to connect carabiner clip and a retractable zip line that reaches up to 2 feet so that the brush does not have to be removed while in use. Available in 3 colors — Blue/Black, Green/Black, and Red/Black — the handle is made of sturdy plastic and rubber grips to improve comfort while you clean.   


“This lightweight and compact cleaning brush is very effective for cleaning your irons and wood clubs. It allows for quick maintenance to remove dirt or grass stains that may have accumulated over time on the range or in the fairway. Easy to use and easy to hold onto. You can just clip it on your club bag for quick and easy access.”

“Love it, honestly. Use it More than I’d like to admit, but especially since I’m slowly upgrading and replacing clubs individually through Amazon’s amazing partnership with Callaway and their cert. Refurbished clubs. I literally clean them every stroke -.-

This is coming from use in florida during the wet season, so lots of mud. A couple knocks against the cart breaks off large chunks that have accumulated, then brush it a couple times on something and it’s good to go again. I mean, let’s be real, a little care goes a long way 😉 rinse it off from time to time, yadda yadda.

Callaway pre owned/Amazon Golf dept: I love my rogue draw, rogue individual pro’s, and the rogue 3hybrid 😉 Could ya maybe dig up a 4 and 5iron rogue pro individual too? Rh, steel shaft?? ;););)”


✔Does the job




❌Some users felt the retractable tip was too sharp and could damage clubs 

2. BEST BUNDLE : Ace Golf Club Groove Cleaner Set 


  • Wire bristles for cleaning of irons and nylon bristles for cleaning of woods. Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves

  • Looks great hanging off any golf bag

  • Great stocking stuffer! 

  • Retractable 2 ft. zip-line carabiner makes it easy to attach to your golf bag

  • Lifetime warranty


If you are searching for a bundle with other accessories aside from a retractable golf club brush, then this is one of the best golf club cleaning sets you can get. Ace Golf has six helpful golf accessories in the bundle. including a nylon brush to clean the woods, a wire brush to clean the iron and wedges, a groove sharpener, a groove cleaner, a divot tool, and a magnetic ball marker.  The groove cleaning spike can also be used to remove dirt from the base of your shoes. Other features include a carabiner clip for conveniently attaching it to your golf bag, a retractable zip line stretching up to 2 feet in order not to remove the tool from the bag while using it and a clip-on cover to secure the cleaning brush. The Ace Golf Club Cleaning Bundle comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. 


“Excellent tool to keep your golf club clean and in tip top condition. The sharp point at the top of the brush cleans the grooves and removes the grime that has collected in the groves all the years you haven’t cleaned. The soft side brush works well to swipe away the dirt after hitting the ball – however the hard steel brush may not be as good as the other competing product. However the steel tip makes up for any deficiency. Definitely a great tool. Also the tool kit comes with a divot repairer which has a magnetic ball marker, that you can’t possibly lose.”

“Had this set for about a year and I play at least once a week. The ball marker/divot tool is so so. It’s kind of a pain to remove the ball marker from the magnetic divot tool. I pitched it after a few months. The brush and groove tool have held up well.”


✔Includes golf ball marker, divot tool, and a groove sharpener 



❌On the pricey side 


  • 2 feet retractable zip-line aluminum carabiner

  • Lightweight and Stylish

  • Wire bristles for cleaning of irons. Nylon bristles for cleaning of woods and shoe spikes/cleats. Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves 

  • 7 different colors to choose from

  • 12 Months Warranty


Why get just 1 if you can get 2 cleaning brushes for your golf clubs? Get one for yourself and give another one to a golfer friend. Or keep both of them so that you can have a replacement. One has a brush for drivers and woods (nylon bristles), and one for iron and wedges (wire bristles). There is also a sharp spike mounted, which can be used to clean up the club head grooves, as well as the dirt/mud matted in the base of the shoes. The brush can be conveniently connected to a golf bag with the carabiner clip. And the zip-liner can reach up to 2 feet so that the clubs can be cleaned and brushed without removing the brush.


“Best thing about these is the recoil is strong enough to keep the brush from hanging down. I’ve paid twice as much for 1 brush and the recoil was awful. The brush was always hanging down and getting in the way.”

“The price for 2 was great. The retractable cord is awesome for use. The brush is well made and exactly what I was hoping for in such a simple but convenient tool. I have only played 3 rounds using it, but the metal brushes are holding together nicely, not fraying or splaying in different directions.”


✔You get 2 brushes at the price of what 1 normally costs 

✔Does the job

✔Best value


❌There is no protective cover for the brush 


  • Premium microfiber waffle construction

  • Stitched Loop

  • Powerful Brush with an extremely durable body and comfortable handle, Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves (Comes with plastic cover)

  • Sset includes 1 towel,1 brush and a beautifully designed box


What makes the Perfshot Golf Club Cleaner Set standout is the microfiber towel that is included. The towel, which measures 16 by 24 inches generously, is 3 times more absorbent and 5 times stronger than cotton. The brush itself has nylon bristles for your woods and wire bristles for your irons. There is a protruding spike to clean the club head grooves and it also works to extract dirt build up from the bottom of your shoes. There is a protective case that clips over the head of the brush. With a retractable zipline, which stretches 2 feet for convenient use the brush is easily attached to any golf bag. 


“Made a good gift for a friend that lost his due to not having the retractable leash. Sturdy deign and good quality mico cloth.”

“Had another retractable club cleaner before. The retractable part broke off the clip after a couple rounds. This design is so much better and I’m sure there’ll be no issue. Being winter right now haven’t been able to put it to the test at the driving range. Also the micro fiber cloth is great to have over a regular towel.”


✔Includes a large microfiber towel – 3 times more absorbent than cotton

✔Has brushes for both irons and woods, and a spike for groove cleaning 


❌Only 1 color available 


  • Lasts over 500 sprays 

  • Recoiling tether

  • Non-scratch scrub pad, washable, and durable

  • Flat and pointed brass groove cleaning tools (won’t scratch and will not wear down grooves) 

  • 100% premium cotton golf towel with hook included 


The Caddy-Clean the All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner has a bit of everything to guarantee that all golf clubs are always shining and free of any type of dirt. The dispenser will accommodate up to 500 sprays with adequate liquid. Spray your club, then use the non-scratch scrub pad or wire brush to clean it. There is also a groove cleaning spike to clear thick dirt. When cleaning is over, use the golf towel included to wipe the head of the club. It can be easily be attached to your golf bag and you can simply and effortlessly clean your clubs without removing them thanks to the retractable zip-line. 


“This product was made to do it all. I bought two, one for myself and one for a friend who is an avid golfer. We use our Caddy Cleans all of the time and have seen a huge difference in how well our clubs are cleaned and maintained. I would recommend this product to others, no matter what level of golf player you are. The quality, down to the packaging, is absolutely worth it.. especially for the price!”

“I recently purchased a caddy clean and all I can say is WOW. Not only is the club cleaning system described step by step, but it is efficient and really cleans your clubs well. I have always had a hard time getting my clubs as clean as possible but the Caddy-Clean makes cleaning easier while you are on the course. Great Product overall all of my friends plan on ordering one now!”


✔Includes a non-scratch scrub pad, wire cleaning brush, groove cleaning spike 

✔The bottle holds enough liquid for 500 sprays 

✔Full size, 100 percent cotton towel with bag attachment included 


❌On the pricey side 


What is a retractable golf club brush? 

A retractable golf club brush is necessary to prolong the life of your equipment and ensure they are at their best to help improve your game. A retractable golf club brush will make a great difference for those who want to guarantee the longevity of their clubs, woods, drivers, and others.  Not only will a retractable golf club brush keep your gear looking brand new, but it will also improve your overall performance.  

If a club is not properly and consistently cleaned, it will not be able to perform at its best. A  retractable golf club brush is important to maintain the golf equipment’s longevity and performance, and every player should have this on hand. Whether it’s a brush or a full bundle of cleaning tools, retractable golf club brushes are some of the best accessories you must have, and they can conveniently be attached to your golf bag without having to remove it while in use. 

Why do I need a retractable golf club brush?  

Your clubs would probably look a little worse for wear after a long day on the golf course. Your clubs would have collected a lot of dirt and debris – particularly in wet conditions. You should invest in a couple of tools specially made for cleaning golf clubs, tools like a retractable golf club brush or a complete golf club cleaning set, in order to keep your clubs looking and playing like new ones. It can be easy to clip a retractable golf club brush on your y9ur bag or belt for easy access. 

What type of retractable golf club brush is best? 

It all depends on what kind of club you are cleaning.

The method of cleaning irons and woods is different and should be taken into account. The cleaning of woods demands good quality bristle brushes, while the cleaning of iron is done with a wire brush end. It is important to keep in mind that using the wrong brush on your woods can damage them, 

Does a retractable golf club brush clean golf club grooves? 

You want to make sure that your club brush has a spike on the end if your goal is to clean the ridges and grooves of your clubs. Usually, this spike is made from steel and is very sharp, so it normally has a rubber tip cover as a safety measure.

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