Golf Scorecard Holders – Best Choice For Keeping Score & Notes

Golf Scorecard Holders - Best Choice For Keeping Score & Notes

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If you are walking and carrying your golf bag, keeping a golf scorecard holder can come in very handy. You don’t want to keep the golf scorecard in your bag and take it out after every stroke, diverting your focus from the game.
The scorecard can get lost or damaged while doing so. Instead, you can put it in the holder and keep the golf scorecard holder in your back or front pocket.  

Golf scorecard holders come in different varieties and materials. They are usually made up of waterproof synthetic leather to prevent it from rain and sweat.

The golf scorecard holders commonly have an elastic loop to hold a pencil. The holders can also have statistic sheets to keep a record of your hits and putts. You can also get a stylish custom-made scorecard holder with your initials on it. 

The first thing that you want to do is look for golf scorecard holders that are sturdy and durable.

You don’t want to spend your money on something that is going to fall apart a couple of weeks later. This means that the scorecard holder you buy needs to be strong enough to keep your scorecards secure and also needs to be easy to clean.

Most of these scorecard holders are made out of steel, which means they will withstand lots of use without rusting. 

Another good feature to look for is something called “Quick Release” golf scorecard holders. This is especially important if you are holding your scorecards while you are on the course.

This allows you to quickly take them off when you need to.  With this kind of golf scorecard holder, you can take them off your hands quickly and then quickly put them back in again. 

Using a golf scorecard keeps track of everything that happens during your swing so that you can make adjustments and be a better golfer. Here is a list of some of the best golf scorecard holders on the market today: 



  • Synthetic leather protective covering 

  • Compatible with most standard scorecards - includes elastic loop for pencil 

  • Easily fits in back pocket, offers "sturdy" writing surface 

  • Also works with yardage books available at many resort courses 

  • Great gift idea for the golfer in your life 


The synthetic leather is the ideal protective cover for your next round. This leather cover guarantees no water damage to the scorecard if it comes into contact with water. You can also store this scorecard holder in your pocket, without crushing or damaging your scorecard. This design works by keeping scorecards with an elastic band that can be seen while opening scorecard holder. This feature is useful as this model can hold nearly any scorecard size. It also contains an elastic loop to carry a leather holder pencil. This means golfers can easily keep their scorecard and pencil in the holder that can fit comfortably in your back pocket.

Often compatible with yardage books from most golf courses. The solid scorecard holder back provides a sturdy writing surface that makes writing in your scorecard easier. This is particularly useful if your golfer enjoys writing notes on their scorecard during the round. This product's cost and value is another reason we prefer this Callaway product as our best scorecard holder. For major brand scorecard holders, this Callaway model is the cheapest. Although some cheaper versions do not come from major brands, this however makes the product a little more trustworthy. Overall, we found this Callaway model a great value for yourself or as a gift for others. 


"This is basic but does the job. Has two bands to hold the score card and an extra band to hold a pen or pencil. I am glad to see them not charging over $20 for this. If you walk a lot like me then this is nice and handy and will give you something firm to write on and look nice at the same time. As far as protecting the scorecard from the elements the box says this is made of leather on the box so you may not want to use it in the rain. I would reccomend this product."


✔Quality synthetic leather.

✔Compatible with many standard scorecards.

✔Also works with yardage books.

✔Can fit in your back pocket.


❌Does not accommodate the large scorecards.

❌Does not come with scorecard.

2. BEST LEATHER DESIGN: Fuzzy Bunkers Scorecard Holder 


  • GOLF PENCIL AND GOLF SCORECARD TRACKING PDF – With our golf score counter, you can print unlimited sheets that will let you track putts, fairways hit, etc

  • WELL MADE LEATHER COVER – Our golf caddie book cover is made from imitation leather alligator skin design that's unique and easy to grip

  • FITS IN YOUR BACK POCKET - At 7.25" x 4.25", our golf notebook will easily fit into your back pocket


This Fuzzy Bunkers Scorecard is our pick in best design in our golf scorecard listing. Our reason for choosing this model was primarily based on visual choices and overall product quality. One of our favorite aspects of this golf scorecard holder was your choice of different colors. This gives you plenty of choices to suit this product to your golf gear. 

Another fascinating aspect of this package is the included PDF. Upon purchase, you will obtain a PDF which is a file you can print on your computer. This product also comes with a wooden pencil that is useful for those who prefer to write with proper pencils as opposed to plastic golf pencils on the course. Fuzy Bunkers' cost  is  higher than a few other alternatives, but this product makes up for quality and features. The price difference on these items is very minimal at the end of the day so we found that paying extra few dollars for a quality product like this was worth it in terms of value. 


"Amazing yardage book!! I love the fact that it fits perfect in my back pocket and has a sturdy back cover, not making your score looking like chicken scratch. It holds my write in the rain journal perfectly with the sliding back pocket. The straps are durable for when your walking the course and just need the add the scorecard on the go and it fits 95% of scorecards ( I have a collection of scorecards of all the courses I played) but if the scorecard is longer it will still hold. Love the small pencil that was included and it has an eraser for all those pars that turn to bogies at times. I got the white one since it seems more clean and the inside its black to contrast and help with the sun. I give this yardage book a 5 out of 5, amazing product!!."


✔Quality design and easy to use.

✔Strong cover and construction.

✔Soft alligator imitation skin cover.

✔Interior elastic bands.

✔Four color choices available.


❌Does not fit into a pocket very well.

❌The “B” logo is not attractive.


  • 100% leather 

  • This golf gift is a must-have for the golfer in your life, use as a tracking score card or yardage journal for up to 48 games 

  • Genuine, top grain leather with free embossing up to 15 characters 

  • Fits in your golf bag, but is big enough to track scores & even weather, measures 5.5"x3.5" 

  • The perfect golfing accessory arrives in a signature gift box for an impressive gift presentation 


The golf journal is somewhat different from the other choices on our list, but we considered it to be a welcome change from the conventional golf scorecard holder. Although this product has a higher price, we found it to be a perfect gift for a golfer who really loves the game. This Golf Journal and scorekeeper is made from 100% genuine leather, which makes it the highest quality product on our list. This distinguishes this commodity from the rest of the pack as almost all scorecard holders are made of synthetic leather.

This item provides far more statistic than your regular scorecard. This includes your total score, birdies, putts, etc. The value of this item depends very much on what you're looking for in a scorecard holder. If you just want to buy the best value, it's probably not your best bet, since the price point is considerably higher. Although we found that this is the best value at this price point if you are in the market for the highest quality scorecard holder. 


"I purchased this for my granddaughter, who has just recently gotten into golfing. This golf journal is attractive, well-made, and she's going to love it! I feel this will be an exciting Christmas gift for a 16-year-old golfer."

"I was excited about this when I ordered it; however, once I actually received it I was even more excited! The packaging was so professional and beautiful! The engraving was perfection. And it arrived very quickly. I was surprised that it was smaller than I thought, but I think it’s perfect for golfers. I ordered it as a stocking stuffer, but it was so nicely done that I have wrapped it and put it under the tree. I am 100% impressed!!! I can’t wait for my husband to open it!"


✔Quality material design.

✔High quality and durable leather construction.

✔Encourages you to improve

✔Great for journaling





  • Crocodile Design 

  • Durable faux leather outer cover 

  • Holds all scorecard sizes and includes a link to unlimited printable golf game trackers sheets 

  • Course guide holder and Pencil holder

  • Size 7.28inches x 4.33inches 


This On Par score cardholder is the cheapest model on our list and a great choice for value hunters searching for a low-cost, but functional product. The outside leather cover does what you need from a scorecard holder while providing a good look. This model's blue and white design is very distinctive in sporting crocodile faux leather and  can also fit snuggly in your back pocket.Like our top model,

Callaway, it also keeps the scorecard and pencil with elastic bands. This makes this scorecard almost compatible with nearly all scorecards. The key reason why this product is so high on our list of the best scorecard holders is its cost and value. The cheapest model in our list while still providing anything you need from a scorecard holder, we suggest this scorecard holder for all golfers seeking a functional scorecard with no bells or whistles. 


"For $10 it is amazing! Super great quality and perfect size to fit in your back pocket! cannot wait to bring it on to the course this season!"

"Bought as a gift for my son, and he seems to love it. Bought as a package with other items, the SHOTCARDS do not fit, they are too big for the holder. Not a deal breaker, but would have only bought the Holder and a card that actually fits instead"


✔Super affordable

✔Sleek and simple design


❌Need to take extra care in order for it to last long


  • Durable Synthetic Leather 

  • It has five elastic bands to hold your scorecard, yardage book, hole location sheet, and even your pencil. 

  • Definitely can protect your scorecard well from your sweat, dust, or scratches. 


Want to show of your love for your country while golfing? Well, this one from the Craftsman Golf should be the perfect piece. The American flag clover design on the holder makes it quite aesthetic. One of the most important elements to look at when purchasing a golf scorecard holder is the holder's construction material. With its premium synthetic leather material this one has no doubts about its quality. What if the golf scorecard holder can be used to protect your yardage book too? Well, it's very likely with this one. For matching and keeping the scorecard, dimension is always an important factor. The universal size ensures that you can keep it anywhere you like even in your back pocket. 


"My son likes this one better than a freebie he received at a golf torment."

"Good quality and it’s holding up so far. I use it when I caddy for my daughter in her golf tournaments. There are elastic bands to hold a note pad (4”x6” in the photo) and the score card. Love the embroidered logo."




✔Best way to show your love for your country


❌Doesn't keep water out very well


When should I use a scorecard holder? 

 The decision to use one of these items is reached by many golfers after losing one to too many scorecards. Especially while walking as it can easily fall out of your bag or pocket. 

Another justification to use a scorecard holder is that your scorecards can easily get damaged. Whether it’s rain-water damage or just from bending too much to fit in your pockets, it can make a mess out of your fragile scorecard. You don’t want that to be the case particularly if you have to frame your card after a hole in one   

Does taking notes help improve my game? 

Many golfers use their holders to write notes during the game, and yes, it can help your game significantly. For instance, something as simple as counting your putts might make a big difference in your game. 

Taking notes helps players recall which aspects of their game and some information about the home course that might be beneficial for later. 

What Golf Scorecard Holder Should You Get for A Gift? 

If you want to purchase a scorecard holder as a present, you will want to find out more about the person you’re buying for. If they are a casual golfer, you may want to give one of the simpler holders just to keep score. 

If the person you’re buying for is a seasoned golfer, you might want to look into the golf scorecard holders that also allow you to take down notes. More experienced golfers prefer to write notes throughout the game that can help them improve.  

Are most scorecard holders’ waterproof? 

Many cardholders are not built to be 100% waterproof, but they can definitely handle a bit of splash. The genuine and faux leather holder offer much better safety than a scorecard without one. 

While these scorecard holders are not inherently waterproof, they will do well in the rain and will protect the scorecard from being damaged. 

Where Can I Buy A Scorecard Holder? 

You may find one at your local sports shop or golf course if you want to purchase a scorecard holder. Your best bet is to shop online if you want to find a holder that has specific features or for a cheaper price. 

Online shopping allows you to choose many more scorecard holders in different styles and ranges of prices. This allows you to find a scorecard holder that fits your needs. 

Here’s another article on some must have golf accessories.

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