Protect Your Gear – Golf Club Head Covers

Protect Your Gear - Golf Club Head Covers

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The driver is usually the most expensive golf accessory in your bag, costing anywhere from $250 to over $1000+. Using golf club head covers are highly recommended to protect your investment in the club. These golf club head covers will protect your gear from damages like scratches, scrapes, and dents. 

Golf club head covers are made of materials like cloth and neoprene and can have a latex or rubber lining inside. The golf club head covers are generally included along with the driver club purchase, but the golfers can also select other styles off the shelf. 

The novelty or specialty golf club head covers are made especially for the drivers.

There is a wide variety of golf club head covers to choose from, ranging from funny puppet style stuffed animal covers like frogs, lions to logos of NFL teams and universities. You can also find golf club head covers with President Trump or a cover shaped like a boxing glove. 

Here are a handful of practical and unique golf club head covers we recommend: 



  • Synthetic white PU leather  

  • TaylorMade branding  

  • Comes in individual sizes for your Driver, Fairway, Putter, and Rescue 


TaylorMade has always been at the forefront of producing quality headcovers that are atheistically pleasing to a wide range of golfers. The 2017 headcover is still highly regarded and loved by many golfers and can be found in many golf bags. The headcover is fabricated from a synthetic PU leather that will protect the clubhead and a short portion of the shaft. This headcover has a phenomenal look to it. The red and black alternation offer just enough style that it is not dull. The TaylorMade range will protect your driver, fairway woods and putter. The only problem that we can foresee is that it is aimed specifically at TaylorMade clubs and is unlikely to find a huge following from golfers that prefer alternative brands. 


"I have an R-11 TaylorMade 3-wood with a very worn out headcover. This headcover was the best looking option I found on-line, a great value, and I received the item ahead of the promised delivery date. It looks great, fits perfectly, and I couldn't be happier!"

"This head cover has a phenomenal look to it.The red and black alternation offer just enough style that it is not dull but still is very crisp. I actually just went out and bought the Driver version of this same head cover, the hybrid version looked so good. If only they made a 5 wood cover, I could complete my set."


✔Velcro closure 

✔Classic design 

✔High quality materials and construction 


❌Might not fit a few non-TaylorMade clubs 


  • STYLISH, HIGH QUALITY -Featuring hand sewn panels and construction with an embroidered face and design. The 45th POTUS & Gadsden Flag themed golf club cover set is PGA tour inspired and trusted by pros on tour. 

  • BUILT GOLF COURSE READY -Fits all modern drivers 

  • 100% GUARANTEE -Pins & Aces Golf Co. backs all of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This premium driver headcover will last as long as your clubs!


This was made in the image of the 45th American president and to reflect his Make America Great Again motto and his love for golf. The headcover is quite satirical in the depiction of the use of the red tie and the president’s hair that has been quite a point of discussion during his time in the Oval office. Staying in the image portrayed by the president the quality of this headcover is extremely high and the soft and durable leather used in the fabrication will ensure that the headcover will withstand the most terrible weather conditions and retain the good looks and colors for at least the years that the president will spend in the Oval office. Perfect for the most arduous POTUS supporters and the detractors of the 45th president. One that is most likely to be remembered and serve as a point for discussion for a long time to come.   


"Love it, pisses a lot of people when they see it. Have a feeling someone will steal it or destroy it one day when I’m in the clubhouse. That’s fine, mission accomplished, I’ll buy another one or 2"

"So happy with this headcover, fits nice and snug on my TM M5. I can’t wait to get on the course this weekend and some bombs, they’re gonna be uuugggeee! Great color and overall quality, definitely don’t want to lose this one on the course!"


✔Will definitely get some laughs from your golf buddies

✔High quality  

✔Fits most club brands 


❌Might get a few haters 


  • 100% Acrylic  

  • Elastic closure  

  • Anti-pilling, anti-wrinkle  

  • Dirt resistant and washable  

  • Long neck from the club head to the golf bag divider 

  • Easy to put on and off 


The well sought-after Scott Edward Golf Hybrid Headcovers comes in a retro-style featuring an old school striped design and a pom-pom. They are available in a multitude of colors and style combinations including the much-loved Argyle pattern which has long been a clubhouse favorite. Fabricated from extra-soft acrylic yarn with double-layered knitting they are unlikely to wrinkle and are extremely washable to keep them in perfect condition for an extended period. They are not suitable for larger drivers and woods but are ideal for hybrids and even suitable for irons. The stretch material will enable the headcovers to protect every club from your wedges through to the hybrid selection. The number of the club rotates comfortably enabling the golfer to identify the club and make the selection process much easier. The long neck provides protection for the clubhead, connection, and a sizeable portion of the shaft. 


"Them being knitted they fit real tight over my set of woods and the numbering tag make picking out the clubs from the bag easier"

"This was a great gift package for an uncles 70th birthday. We utilized the knit driver headcover with a silver squirrel stuffed animal because of our uncles nickname silver squirrel. We just removed the Pom and attached the squirrel atop the knit cover, had to leave my driver with the alteration business but the finished product was worth the excitement from him! Thank you!!"


✔Comes on and off easily  

✔Great stretch  

✔Does the job nicely for a reasonable price
✔Rotatable club indicator events! 


❌Not heavy duty  

❌Might immediately show signs of wear and tear if not cared for properly  


  • Product dimensions (inches): 12 x 5 x 14; Weight: 0.54 lbs 

  • Protect your clubs in style and show off your team spirit on the course 

  • Features include: 3 location team embroidery, Fits all oversized drivers, utility clubs, rescue clubs and fairway clubs, Nylon sock protects shafts from damage, & Velour lined for extra club protection 

  • Made with Buffalo Vinyl, Polyester Knit and Mesh 


What better way to show off your team spirit than with these Team Golf NFL Contour Golf Club Headcovers. These headcovers have been making an appearance in golf courses for years. They come in a three-pack and are available in a variety of different teams and styles. The quality and the materials used to make these headcovers are definitely Super Bowl worthy. They’ll look great in your golf bag since they Are made of buffalo vinyl and suede material. They come in a three-pack and are available in different teams. The building standard is deserving of a super bowl, too. They're made of buffalo vinyl and suede material, so your bag looks fantastic. There is also adequate shaft protection. So If you're crazy about the NFL, or you know anyone who is, then this set is a must-have! 


"These club covers are of good quality. They fit the drivers well. Easy on but snug enough to stay on. Will not slip off on their own and not difficult to put on slip on. Very satisfied."

"Gave these to my husband for father's day and he was so in awe of the quality I had to tell him how little I spent! Amazing value. So wonderful and beautifully crafted!"

"Love to rep my team on the course and have gotten many compliments on these covers. Great conversation starter."


✔Covers stay put and don’t fall off  

✔Great quality   

✔Can fit most drivers  

✔Perfect gift for any sports fan   


❌Limited team logos available  

❌Quite difficult to put on  


  • HIGH QUALITY TRADITIONAL STYLE COVER WITH A MODERN TWIST; Elasticated midsection allows the headcover to fit all Wood Clubs, Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, and strong stretch Nylon has been added to the inside, increasing product durability.

  • NO RISK AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: ALL Finger Ten Products Are Eligible For Amazon 30 Days Return And Change Policy. Finger Ten Aims To Make All Our Customers 100% Satisfied. 


The Pomp-Pom headcovers are aimed at taking you back to a time when the knitted headcover was ruling the roost and could be found in virtually every bag. The Finger Ten team created a modernistic design keeping the retro look in mind. They are fabricated from a strong and stretchy nylon material increasing durability and washability. There is an immense variety of colors to select from and you are almost certain to find one that will reflect your personality and mood while still matching the color of your bag. Unfortunately, you cannot have the number of the club embroidered in your preference and will have to do with the standard numbers which will not suit everyone’s taste. While it fits comfortably over the clubhead the mid-section contains elastic to tighten it around the shaft 


"I recently bought a set of Ben Hogan irons and also got a new Ben Hogan golf bag that is red, white and blue. I have a Ping G400 driver, 3-metal and hybrid and wanted to get new headcovers to go with the golf bag and these fit the bill perfectly. These knit headcovers are good quality and the pom pom on top is proportionally correct. I also bought a new headcover for my putter that coordinates well (see picture). Highly recommend!"

"If you’re looking for a great pom pom head cover, look no further. These are very high-quality, very thick head covers. I’ve seen lesser quality versions of these in retail stores for $60 each. The #1 fits my 460cc driver Perfectly. You can tell there was care put into the making of these head covers. I highly recommend giving them a try and stop wasting your time with other wanna be’s. I am a real customer and truly appreciate a great product when I see one!!!"


✔Easy to put on and off 

✔Great quality   

✔Tons of colors and designs to choose from 


❌Cannot customize number embroidery 

❌Not very tight fitting 


What is a golf club headcover? 

Golf club head covers protect your expensive golf gear from damages like scratches, scrapes, and dents. 

Headcovers are deemed unnecessary to some, but in fact they are one of the accessories that make your golf bag exceptional. Even when their main function is to protect your expensive golf clubs, majority of golfers take this chance to express their creative side.  

Using golf club head covers is highly recommended to protect your investment in your clubs. 

Do I need a golf club headcover? 

The headcover is more of a personal choice than many other components of your golf bag. It reflects your personality and preferences from a long distance and does not hide it away from your fellow golfers. 

Besides, putting your personality up for display they can show that you have a sense of humor when you make use of cartoon characters or other unique designs. 

The ultimate goal of the headcover is to protect your clubs and it is not that easy to find the best mix between personality and protection. Personal preference will dictate your purchase at the end of the day. 

What are the different types of golf headcovers? 

Whenever you buy a new golf club, they most often come with its own headcover. They usually would match the color of the brand and their logo but often times, they come in plain colors and designs. 

Although they still get the job done, they don’t give your bag any uniqueness.  Many golfers finally decide to upgrade their headcovers to show something about themselves. It can be from the college they graduated from, the sports team they’re rooting for and even their favorite animal. These headcovers are constructed of similar components, but the quality of protection may differ. 

There are 4 common types of golf club headcovers: 


Character or animal club head covers are the best choice for players who have a sense of humor, or want to really stand out with their head covers. While all covers can be customized with colors, the ultimate way to unveil your presence is with character-based headcovers. 


Manufacturers and businesses who want to promote their brand commonly use fabric golf headcovers. Made with water and stain-resistant materials, this also helps to retain a structured form. The main point of a fabric cover is the form-fitting fabric that gives secure coverage. The lined walls on these covers make an even thicker barrier to keep your club heads from getting dents and scratches. 


Leather headcovers are for players who are looking for a more modern but simple design.  The leather is water resistant and does not stain, enabling it to last for years.  Leather head covers often have some sort of personalized embroidery because they will be owned by the golfer for a significant period of time and this material gives your golf bag an elegant finish. 


Knit is the most popular type of headcover since it comes in a broad range of colors while maintaining a tidy and classic look on a golf bag.  These are usually made of 100 percent acrylic, often referred to as Techno Wool. This material helps maintain the club head dry and since it’s also soft and stretchable the form fitting snug minimizes the risks of the headcover from falling off. Knit golf club headcovers are also made with long socks attached that go all the way down to the shaft, protecting it as well. This not only gives your clubs the ultimate protection but also gives your golf bag that old school feel. 

What is the best golf club headcover? 

There are several things to remember before making the final decision when buying headcovers. The cover must protect the clubhead from dents and scratches as well as part of the shaft that may come into contact with the rest of your things in the golf bag. 

  • Durability 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Style 
  • Shape 

We listed down our top 5 favorite headcovers for your golf clubs. We think all of our picks will do an excellent job in protecting your investment, so choosing which headcover you feel like getting will be the choice you’ll have to make. 

Golf clubs deserve to be taken care of and what better way than kept in the perfect golf bag. Read more about it here.

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