The Best Waterproof Golf Bags You Must Consider

The Best Waterproof Golf Bags You Must Consider

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Some excellent waterproof golf bags are currently on the market, both stand and cart/trolley bags, and they can help you deal better with challenging weather.

Your golf bag should be strong and versatile so that you can play as many rounds as possible, regardless of the weather. As a serious golfer, it is imperative that you do not get a bag that is overly heavy or large, or clunky.

In order to avoid fumbling around with a bag that is either too large or does not adequately fit your cart, make sure there are enough slots for all of your clubs. For heavy fog and even mild rain, you’ll want a waterproof bag. We’ll start with the best waterproof golf bags, shall we?

Waterproof Golf Bag Buying Guide: What to Look for?

Golf rain gear is no different from a waterproof golf bag in this regard. It won’t work properly without some sort of waterproofing. A waterproof golf bag isn’t always necessary, as many aren’t. 

For those who live in an area where it rains frequently, a waterproof bag is a must. Slick grips might be difficult to hold. If you’re swinging with a wet glove on top of it, you’ll have a hard time keeping the people around you safe. When shopping for a waterproof golf bag, here are some things to keep in mind.


The material used to construct some golf bags is completely impervious to water. However, even if a bag is completely waterproof, it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t get wet or be slick to the touch if it is exposed to water. If you don’t use a rain hood or cover, water will get into the top of your bag. In order to keep their clubs safe from the elements, many golfers choose to use their golf umbrellas as a bag cover. To keep your clubs dry while in a cart, you can draw down the club cover, which is very beneficial.

Nylon is the most common material used for waterproofing. Most of the moisture will be wicked away. When the weather cooperates, you’ll be able to play for a longer period of time.

Alternatively, you can use a waterproofing spray to get the same effect. If it starts to rain suddenly, you can grab it and utilize it right away. You may keep your clubs and luggage drier by using a water-resistant material or by altering your existing fabric.

Rain Hood or Cover

To keep your clubs dry, you’ll want a rain hood or cover. Your clubs will be protected from the rain with this waterproof bag cover. The grips and club heads will both be kept dry this way. 

Grab your balls and go when you arrive at the rink. When it rains, a rain hood will keep you dry. In most cases, the hood may be snapped on and then zipped up to protect your clubs.

Golf Bag Style

This is true regardless of whether you use a stand bag or carry-on luggage; all of them feature watertight bags. A cart bag is necessary for those who just ride. A carry bag is required for those who plan to use a caddy. 

A stand bag makes the most sense because most people will either stroll or bike. Waterproof bags are available in a variety of styles. If you’re wondering how to get a waterproof bag, you don’t have to pay attention to just one of these styles.


This isn’t a feature of a golf bag, but rather the location where you play. For those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, a waterproof bag that is proven to be long-lasting is a good investment. If you’re planning a trip to England or Scotland, you’ll likely encounter more extreme weather conditions. 

Rain is less of an issue if you live in the Southwest of the United States. However, everybody who has ever played a game of golf in Florida, particularly during the summer, knows that there is a probability that you will feel rain at some time during your four to five-hour round. A waterproof bag, on the other hand, would make perfect sense.

Top Waterproof Golf Bags



⛳️ Waterproof Construction with Seam Sealed pockets and snap-on rain hood keeps your clubs and gear safe and dry on rainy days on the golf course

⛳️ Light Weight and Easy to Handle- This bag weighs in at 5.5 pounds and has 6 different handles to make getting the bag out of your car and onto your cart a breeze

⛳️ Comfortable to Carry- Bag comes with a single padded carry strap to help you get the back from your car to your cart

⛳️ Durable Construction and solid base designed to work with most riding and push carts. The bag comes with a 1-year warranty

⛳️ Spacious Bag with 15 Way Full-length dividers including front access putter tube to prevent clubs from tangling


With this bag, driving in the rain or sun will be a breeze. It's made of waterproof material, and each of the pockets is seam-sealed. You can also keep your clubs dry with the included rain hood. To keep your valuables and the contents of your pockets safe, the zippers are waterproof. The bag only weighs 5.5 pounds with nothing in it.

You can keep a wet glove in place while you switch to a dry one using a glove storage compartment. There are 15 dividers for your clubs and nine compartments in this bag. Shoes, gear, balls, drinks, and other items can be stored in them. There are six separate handles, so you can easily move it from your car to the shopping cart in a matter of minutes. It comes with a one-year warranty. The D-clip, beverage storage, and umbrella holder ring are all welcome additions.

Because of the nine pockets and 15 dividers, this provides a lot of storage space. Because it's a cart bag, this one isn't too heavy. It also has a compartment for wet gloves.


“I have used this bag several times now, both on a golf cart and my push cart, and it is excellent in both cases. The straps on both a golf cart and my push cart work well with the bag and do not interfere with access to the pockets. The bag is light but appears to be solidly constructed. It seems light enough to use as a carry bag as well. It has a single well-padded carry strap in the back. The bag has 14 separate full-length club dividers in addition to a separate putter well, which is very handy. It has plenty of pockets for my cell phone, wallet, keys, balls, rangefinder, tees, clothes, snacks, etc. The bag easily stands by itself on its wide, solid base. It has numerous handles built-in so it is easy to transfer in and out of trunks, golf carts, etc. I haven't used it in the rain yet, so no input on the waterproofing aspects. All in all, so far I am very satisfied with this bag.”


✅ Stands on its own

✅ Includes a detachable rain hood

✅ Insulated cooler pouch


❌ Umbrella holder is a bit flimsy

❌ One too many handles


⛳️ StaDry Waterproof construction with seam-sealed zippers

⛳️ High-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability

⛳️ Self-balancing, convertible strap system

⛳️ Dual-density foam for long-lasting comfort

⛳️ Spacious full-length apparel pocket


You can put this up anywhere you like. It boasts a sturdy stand mechanism that can withstand even the most challenging of playing environments. You won't have to worry about it tumbling over and falling into any puddles with this one. The fabric used here is a proprietary nylon fabric that is completely impervious to water. The form of the compartments and zippers helps to keep water out of the bag's most important things.

Seam-sealed zippers prevent water from getting in. Premium twin straps on the shoulder provide additional support. Tossing them over your shoulders is tricky since they can get a little soggy. A magnetic accessories compartment is included for easy access to your belongings. The innovative hinged bottom provides outstanding traction on any terrain. It weighs less than four pounds, making it an exceptionally light option. A water bottle can be stored in the bag's external water bottle pocket.


“Very lightweight! Plenty of storage for 95% of golfers. I carry a lot of unnecessary stuff and it all still fits easily. Perfect bag for carrying, riding or pushing.”


✅ Aluminum stand legs

✅ Comfortable to carry

✅ Enough space for all our stuff


❌ Clubs rattle around a little

❌ Sags a bit when standing                                                    


⛳️ Ultimate waterproof carry bag

⛳️ 14-way arched top with full-length dividers

⛳️ 5 front-facing pockets including a velour-lined valuables pocket with waterproof zipper, and two large apparel pockets

⛳️ Hook and loop glove attachment

⛳️ Lightweight and durable ripstop fabric


There are seam-sealed compartment dividers, as well as waterproof zippers, to keep water out. To make carrying your clubs from shot to shot more comfortable, this bag is equipped with a padded comfort strap. Whether the legs are extended outward, the bag will remain upright. This is the latest version of the X-Act Fit Strap System. The previous model's grab handle has been upgraded. It's easy to take it up and go with it.

If you need to, just sling it over your shoulder and go. Taking it with you as you go across more difficult terrain is a breeze. Seam-sealed dividers prevent water from getting into your various compartments.


“I've been using this bag for several months. I play nearly every weekend and some weekdays in-between. It's very durable and I've had no issues with it.”


✅ Convenient mesh side pockets

✅ Durable design

✅ Convenient cart strap design


❌ The base material could use reinforcement                       





⛳️ 100% waterproof materials with every zip taped to ensure it’s a waterproof seal as well, this bag will keep your gear dry so you can focus on your shots.

⛳️ Built so that every pocket is easily accessible from the front whilst on a golf cart

⛳️ Every zip has been ‘taped’ – this is the industry expression for making it waterproof

⛳️ Large 9.5” 14-way divider top to keep your clubs inline

⛳️ Lots of feature-driven pockets – a lined valuables pocket to keep your phone and watch scratch-free, an XL cooler pocket for your drinks that can squeeze in 4 500ml bottles, plus plenty of other waterproof pockets for your gear


The bag’s zippers are designed to keep your belongings safe. The zippers are completely waterproof because they have been taped. In total, there are eight compartments for stowing away various bits of the kit. The bag is completely waterproof thanks to the material used to make it. The top has a big, 9.5" x 14-way divider that makes it easy to organize your clubs.

This comes with a Velcro glove pad to keep your hands dry while you work. The Umbrella ring allows you to attach and detach it from your bag. The attached rain pad is also a plus. 


“Lightweight with many pockets for various items that you may need during your round of golf. Very stylish and a good price.”


✅ Very affordable

✅ Fleece-lined valuables pocket

✅ Comes in a variety of colors


❌ No stand legs

❌ Club divider pockets aren’t stitched near the bottom. 




⛳️ This golf stand bag was made of 420D Nylon, this golf shoulder bag is water-resistant to avoid any liquid permeating. And its sturdiness can well up to the additional wear and tear while using it. It surely guarantees you a durable lifetime for its sturdy construction

⛳️ This Tangkula golf bag has 8-way dividers surprisingly offers you enough space to accommodate your golf clubs. There are 7 zipper pockets on this bag to bring you additional storage space, which you can put various accessories in

⛳️ backpack-style shoulder strap for extra comfort provides you a convenient handle on the side to quickly carry and go

⛳️ It is quite great for traveling for it takes up very little space in a trailer, camper, or car trunk due to its compact body

⛳️ With a mixed color of black and orange lines and aluminum paint foot pipe support, it can stand steadily and balanced as you want to release your hands


It's impossible not to adore this golf bag. You can rest assured that liquids won't seep into the bag because it is composed of 420D nylon and is water-resistant. This has an umbrella ring that can be adjusted to fit your particular golf umbrella. The strengthened handle and padded straps make it easy to carry the bag, no matter how you like to carry it. It's reasonably priced for a golf bag of this size, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Even with your clubs, you'll have plenty of room thanks to the eight-way partition. Additional storage is provided by seven zippered compartments. For a golf bag, it takes up very little space in the trunk. The mechanism for standing is strong and long-lasting. Whether its legs are extended or not, you'll be able to balance it. This bag is made to last a lifetime. It's a bag that may be used by both men and women.


“The bag was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, my bag had a defective strap and the main connection became unsowed. However, these things happen and what impressed me the most is that once I communicated with their Customer Service dept. they were very responsive. I provided them with pictures of where it tore and without hesitation, they gave me a full refund. Once again, defects happen so sure I might have been disappointed that my new bag came apart, but how they handled the issue is worthy of writing about.”


✅ Made from 420D nylon to avoid any liquid to permeate

✅ Provides a lot of space

✅ Backpack-style shoulder strap for extra comfort

✅ Great for traveling


❌ A little heavier than expected                                           







Final Thoughts

When your favorite golf bag isn’t water-resistant, you can simply spray it with waterproofing spray and get on with your day. Your best bet, though, is a nylon bag. A waterproof label should be included, but it’s also a good idea to check the reviews to discover how well it performs in more extreme situations.

If you want to keep water out of your bag, use zippers and pockets with seam seals. When an unexpected thunderstorm occurs and you weren’t expecting it, you’ll want to protect your possessions. A rain hood is an absolute necessity. Even if you don’t use a waterproof bag, you’ll be glad you have one on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in the best waterproof golf bag?

How do you know what to look for when choosing a waterproof golf bag? Here’s a peek at what we found out.

Waterproof – The degree of waterproofing is, of course, the first consideration when evaluating a product. In the rain or during the cold months, a bag that protects your clubs and other equipment is a requirement. As a result, you should choose one of the types listed above because they were all built to handle bad weather.

Stand or Cart – Are you a player who prefers to utilize a stand bag or a cart bag? Whichever category you fall into, there is a waterproof model for you.

Storage Capacity – Bags with more and larger pockets are better if you need to store a lot of things. It’s common for the best models to have a variety of pockets, including ones for clothing, balls, accessories, and even a drinking container. It’s best to store these items in a waterproof golf bag to avoid them becoming wet.

Design or Look — Many companies have begun to realize that golf bags should not only work well but also look attractive. Due to the variety of styles and colors available, you’re sure to discover something you enjoy.

Budget – The final thing to examine is, of course, the cost of the product or service. When shopping for a golf bag, keep in mind your budget because there are great options at every price point, and different models, whether more expensive or less, will offer varying degrees of waterproofing protection.

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