Golf Cart Parts & Accessories To Improve Performance

Golf Cart Parts & Accessories To Improve Performance

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It can be tough to know where to start when it comes to shopping for golf cart parts and accessories, as there are so many different options. We have included a diagram below, which shows you the different parts of a golf cart so that you can make sure that your accessory purchase is going to be compatible with your particular cart.

The parts of a golf cart would depend on the type and design. Some carts are one-piece where the seat and body are combined to form the frame, whilst others are split into two sections where the body is separate from the seat.

Parts Of A Golf Cart

Part of a golf cart


The body of a golf cart is the main part of the frame that houses and holds the parts. The design for this is usually tailored to the purpose of the vehicle in terms of its intended use. For an off-road vehicle, a sturdy body with reinforced panels would be ideal as this will protect it from bumping into trees and other obstacles.

In comparison, on-road vehicles can have thinner bodies as they rarely bump into anything and are more likely to be transported on a trailer rather than driving themselves. Due to their size, golf carts are usually thin-bodied vehicles so that they can maneuver through narrow pathways easily.


The hood is the part of the body that contains the engine. It protects the engine from harm even if it is not armored, which makes a golf cart in this design very sturdy.

In most models, golf carts usually have their engines mounted on top of the wheelbase. There are other designs where they are positioned underneath, but this is less common as it would require more space to accommodate it.


All vehicles have bumpers fitted for protection when in use. They are usually made of a hard material so that they can withstand impact and protect other parts from damage.

Golf carts have one or two bumpers, depending on their design and intended use. On-road vehicles tend to have bigger and stronger bumpers made from durable materials. Off-road vehicles, on the other hand, are more likely to have smaller and thinner bumpers so that they can be easily maneuvered through narrow pathways.


The engine of a golf cart is what powers it and is usually located at the rear or at the front of the vehicle. In most cases, there would only be one engine per vehicle, although some models may have two engines depending on their design.

The power rating determines how fast the vehicle can go. Most golf carts can go up to 30mph (48kph), but there are many that would go faster than this to cater for racing events.


The seat of a golf cart houses the driver. It can be made from leather for an upscale feel or nylon for comfort. These are usually customizable so that they can be fitted with accessories such as cup holders or other storage options to make them more convenient for the driver.

Wheels / Tires

Golf carts come with rubber tires which are common on most vehicles nowadays. The tires usually range in size depending on the type and model of the cart, and they are required to compress properly as this helps improve the efficiency and speed of the vehicle.

The bigger the tire is, the faster it would normally go, but it also may not be able to fit through smaller pathways if it is too big.

Accessories / Fittings

Golf Cart Accessories Can Improve your Golf Game
Golf Cart Accessories Can Improve your Golf Game

Some accessories such as cup holders, child seats, seat covers, and steering wheel covers are included as standard with the cart, while others can be purchased separately. 

Cup holders can come in handy if the driver wants to take refreshments while driving.

Child seats would be useful if you have small children to transport. Seat covers can help protect your seat from all sorts of spills.

Steering wheel covers are usually made for comfort, and they also add a personalized touch to your vehicle.

Some carts also have a canopy for protection from the sun.

A horn can be fitted to your cart so that you can use it to warn other road users of your arrival.

Mirrors are useful as they allow you to see what is behind you without having to turn your entire body.

Lights are usually fitted on the front and rear of your cart so that other vehicles can see you easily.

A GPS system is a useful feature for a golf cart as it allows you to know where you are. You also do not have to rely on signs or street names when you get lost.

A radio can be a good option for entertainment purposes, especially when driving long distances.

New tires can improve the speed and efficiency of your vehicle.

Spinning wheels can be fitted to carts with a narrow wheelbase for better maneuverability.

Some carts also have storage space underneath the seat which can come in handy if you want to bring a blanket or any other item with you.

Extra batteries are useful if you want to take your vehicle off-road as they would give you more power to last the entire day.

Safety features are an important aspect of any vehicle. Golf carts are driven by people, so they have a responsibility to ensure that their passengers are safe at all times. Safety features should be incorporated into the design of the vehicle for optimum protection as well as convenience for both drivers and passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose accessories for my golf cart?

When choosing the accessories for your golf cart, you need to consider the following things:

1. The purpose of the accessory – is it for comfort, performance, or protection? 

2. Your budget – how much can you spend on golf cart parts and accessories? Some accessories are more expensive than others so make sure you buy only those that you really need. 

3. The design of your vehicle – does it match the design of the accessory that you want to buy? You can also choose something that would blend well with your cart’s color if possible. 

4. The size – are the golf cart parts and accessories easily portable? The portability of the accessory will be important if you are planning to travel with your vehicle. 

This is only a suggestion, but if you want an easy time picking out golf cart accessories, you can opt for those that already match the color scheme and design of your vehicle so as not to waste money on something that you won’t use.

Make sure to choose enough accessories that you may need for your vehicles as you won’t be able to replace them easily in case they get damaged or broken.

2. Do I have to replace my old golf cart accessories with new ones?

This will depend on your golf cart. Some golf carts can be upgraded with different parts, so it would be good to read the user’s manual first and look at your vehicle.

But if you decide to replace the old parts, make sure to check out the size and design of the new accessories as you don’t want them not to fit on your cart.

3. Is it better to buy accessories from the golf cart brand or third-party accessory manufacturers?

It really just depends on your budget. If you can afford more expensive accessories like those that are manufactured by golf cart brands, then go for it. Just be aware of counterfeit products and be sure that what you’re buying is a genuine product.

You also have the option to choose less expensive accessories instead if you don’t want to spend too much money on them.

4. How can I make my golf cart faster?

You can speed up your golf cart by replacing the standard tires with bigger ones. You can also add a larger engine to make it go faster. These are just some suggestions that you can opt for if you want your golf cart to go faster. To learn more about golf carts, this article is for you.

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