REVIEW: 5 Best Golf Balls for Experienced Golfers & Low Handicappers

REVIEW: 5 Best Golf Balls for Experienced Golfers & Low Handicappers

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It’s important to choose the right golf ball for everyone. Experienced golfers have different needs than beginners.A golf ball is what helps determine the way you play your game. It helps you hit those balls straight down the fairway, and it keeps you from losing them in ponds or sand traps, too.

Choosing The Right Golf Ball For You

Choosing a golf ball can be daunting because there are so many brands and options to choose from today. If you’re an experienced golfer, you probably know a lot about the game and how to play it.

If not…well, then it’s still important that you learn how all of this works before choosing one because there are other factors that go into it besides just price and preference.

Experienced golfers like yourself should know the type of ball you need to use for your game when you’re playing. Some may like the feel of the wind, while others might prefer a soft touch. Some may like the feel of leather, while others might prefer rubber.

Generally speaking, golfers will have different preferences when it comes to the type of ball that they use. It all depends on what kind of a game they wish to play with and how they wish to get there.

If you’re an experienced golfer, then you should know all about this and what to look for in your next purchase. You should know there are many kinds of golf balls out there. There are spin balls, pro v1s, and a lot more kinds. Each ball is designed to fit your needs best.

Your Game, Your Rules!

It all comes down to what you want, though. If you’re an experienced golfer who has been playing the game for a while and you have more experience now than ever before, then this means that you’ve done your homework on your game; the type of ball you need is crucial to how well you play and how well you get your score out there in the end.

So what will it be? A rubber ball? A urethane ball? Something else entirely? Only you can decide that.

Golf balls have come a long way today, but they’re always evolving to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible when they’re playing the game with them on the course.

If you’re an experienced golfer, then you know all about how this works and what new technologies are out there. You may even be excited to learn more about it as time goes on.

Performance is what you want from a golf ball, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay for it. Today, there are a number of balls that can give you excellent performance without breaking the bank.

Here’s a selection of some of the best golf balls for low handicappers and experienced golfers, so if you want nothing less than the best, read on.


1. OUR TOP PICK : Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball


  • Extraordinary distance with consistent flight

  • Very low long game spin and penetrating trajectory

  • Drop-and-stop short game control


Titleist Pro V1x golf ball is a simple design of a golf ball, but it still manages to be a golf ball with great distance potential. This is a golf ball that will help the person who can already hit the ball decently far continue to improve his game. This is also a good option for people who choose to not purchase the more expensive models of golf balls on the market.


"I have always used the white pro V1X but found a new yellow ball on the course and put it in play. I just completed my third round with the same ball and it still looks brand new and plays like a new ball. So, I bought two dozen of these balls and haven’t had to put a new ball in play. Interestingly, my white pro V1Xs are usually good for only one round. I’m impressed."


"Great ball. Very Hard, Need to be a good golfer with a very fast swing speed. More for a pro or low handicapper." 


"These balls are the cream of the crop when it comes to Golf. They have excellent response off the club face, great carry and keep in good shape for a very long time. I think you'll love these!"


✔Firmer feel matches better with softer-feeling putters

✔Offers a higher, low-spinning trajectory than the Pro V1


❌The slightly firmer feel compared to Pro V1 may not be right for some golfers

2. TOP SPEED: TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball 


  • Tri-fast core, XL low compression core

  • New Speed Layer System with HFM, 4 Increasingly stiff layers for higher ball speed

  • Dual-Spin Cover, Softer cast urethane cover

  • Material Name: Urethane


TaylorMade is a brand that has been around for a while now. They make decent golf balls, and the TP5x is one of their best. The TP5x is an excellent choice for those who are interested in speed, spin and control when it comes to their game. For people who already have decent distance and accuracy the TP5x would be a great upgrade as it will help them to get the ball into perfect position for optimum scoring potential.


"I'm a much better than average golfer, an 8 handicap having been established on PGA tournament courses. I can tell the difference between a Pro V1 and a Pro V1x by how they feel coming off the club face and the path of their flight.
I could play the TP5x or the Pro V1x every day and be delighted with either and both." 


"What can I say about these golf balls? They’re smooth and shiny and have the perfect amount of dimples - just like my balls. When I whack them around they feel soft and I like that. Also when I’m driving them balls deep off the tee they really penetrate! Adding much needed inches into the slot. Would buy again and the wife agrees!"


"My older brother will not play with anything else. Perfect Christmas gift for him since they are not super cheap, but know for sure they will be used. Honestly, when I play with them I do see a difference, but I do not play all the time like he does. So if he says they are great and will not use anything else then I take his word since he golfs almost every day."


✔Impressive driver ball speeds and low spin

✔Engineered for a higher launch and more piercing ball flight


❌Only faster swing speeds will get the most out of the TP5x model

3. BEST SPIN CONTROL: Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball


  • Maximum Ball Speed

  • Consistent Spin

  • High-Speed Dual Mantle System

  • Reduces drag for increased overall distance


Callaway does it again. The Chrome Soft X is a great golf ball for people who are interested in distance, accuracy and feel. This golf ball has a softer feel to it which might be a pro or con depending on your personal preference. If you are looking for increased distance this is definitely the golf ball for you.


"My buddy loves Callaway balls so I got him these for Xmas. I don't know why I did that. He used to hit a few yards further than me, but now he's crushing it! Good brand, good balls. Will not be buying them for him again since he hits these so much better than other balls. FORE!" 


"Husband loves these balls."


✔X model is more workable than the Chrome Soft

✔Ideal for faster swingers seeking maximum distance


❌Added workability makes it less stable

4. TOUR PERFORMANCE: Mizuno RB Tour Golf Ball


  • High energy 4 piece construction

  • C-Dimple for reduced drag

  • Urethane Cover: Ultra soft and responsive around the green

  • Mantle: High energy Ionomer

  • Dual Core: Graduated firmness Butadiene rubber


This golf ball is packed with distance, accuracy and feel. This is an excellent choice for players of all levels. Mizuno has been in the golf ball business for a long time, and they have plenty of experience bringing out things that are profitable and useful to their customers. The RB Tour golf ball will be worth your money if you are looking for a decent improvement in your game.


"Spin off the driver is extremely low resulting in long distance and an overall low-ish, penetrating trajectory.
Off the irons, the flight is overall very strong as well with plenty of spin as it hits the green.
Reaction and feel off of the wedge is soft and plenty of grab around the green.
With a putter, it has a surprisingly soft feel which gives nice distance control.
Overall, this ball performed very well and I would compare it closest with the standard Pro V1. "


"Distance off the driver was really long with what I’d call a mid ball flight.
Spin off of the irons and wedges was off the charts.
Loads of spin coming into the greens and I was able to get wedges to grab and spin even better than my Pro V1x.
This could easily be my go to ball form now on and being that this ball is a little bit less expensive than the Pro V1x is a bonus."


✔Superior performance in the wind courtesy of the C-Dimple

✔Ultra-soft cover for greenside feel and control


❌Slightly higher price than some other models on the market


  • New patented Reactive Urethane cover

  • Ball reacts to the unique needs of each club and shot

  • Exact ball and logo design that Tiger Woods plays


This golf ball is designed for the player who is looking for great distance. The Tour B XS – Tiger Woods Edition was designed in Tiger’s honor. It delivers the precise specifications and requirements that Woods demands, and comes with ‘Tiger’ imprinted on the ball. This golf ball also has control and feel. If you are looking for a ball that will help you to reach the green easier and more often then this is definitely a great option.


"I still cannot believe how a golf ball could’ve changed my game the way that these did. Of course it’s probably all in my head, but these are the softest balls on and around the green I’ve ever used. The only con and strange thing that I can say is all four sleeves have #1 balls. Any other packs of golf balls I’ve ever bought has balls in each sleeve that are numbered differently" 


 "Shot my best round ever with these balls. I’m about an 8 handicap and just broke par for the first time. A real step up from the original Tiger model. I’d always been sort of a wash on the tour balls (all felt similar and performed similar.). But these feel amazing and are super workable. I would highly recommend these to any singe digit handicap, they’ve blown past Pro V1, TP5, and Chrome Soft in my eyes."


✔Reduced driver sidespin for longer, straighter drives

✔REACTIV urethane cover for extra wedge spin and control

✔Tiger Woods uses the exact same ball!


❌Maximum performance benefits only for 105+mph swing speeds

If you are an experienced golfer who needs replacements for your old and worn out golf balls, this is a great list to help you choose. These golf balls were specifically chosen because they are great for slowing down your swing speed, which is what most low handicap players aspire to do. They will help you to get better at distance control and put more spin into your shots, so that even if your swing speed is slower than that of the standard golfer on the tour (approximately between 100-110 mph) you will still be able to hit a ball nearly as far as those guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a low handicapper?

Handicap is a rating of a golfer’s ability. Typically, golfers with a handicap of 18 or less are called low handicappers. People with an average score between 18-25 are called mid-handicappers, and those who average 26+ are high handicappers.

What do golf balls have to do with a low handicapper or experienced golfer?

Golf balls affect your game every time you play. That is why it is important to invest in quality golf balls that will not cause your score to go up or down too much while playing.

Most golfers don’t think their golf balls make a difference in how they play, but the truth is that it can be the difference between a good game and a great one.

What is the difference between Beginner golf balls and Tour golf balls?

A Beginner golf ball is designed for a player who is still learning the basics of the game of golf. They are typically labeled for beginning golfers, and they usually include a few features that will help players with their control as well as their distance.

Tour balls are designed for players who have already mastered the game of golf and know all the small details that make a difference between winning and losing.

What are some common features of beginner golf balls?

Most beginner golf balls include a few features that you can look for to help you get started with your game of golf.

Some beginner golf balls have louder or quieter sounds, which can help you hear where your shots are going so that you can adjust accordingly on your next shot if necessary. Some beginner golf balls also include extra weight, so that you can get more distance in your shots.

What are some common features of tour golf balls?

Some tour golf balls include a few features that can really help you get the most out of your game. These balls are usually designed to give you better spin, more distance, or better control over how far you hit the ball.

What are some common types of golf balls?

The two most common types of golf balls are the “distance ball” and the “traction ball.” Distance balls typically include weighting around the core of the ball to help it travel further into your shot.

Traction balls are designed with a softer cover on them so that they will create more friction when you hit them, allowing you to have more control over your shots.

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