Must-Have Face Balanced Putters For Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

Must-Have Face Balanced Putters For Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

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Many golfers believe that hitting a straight stroke is more comfortable and efficient. A face balanced putter, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for certain golfers who wish to enhance their shots.

However, which of the various options on the market today is the greatest face-balanced putter? This question surfaced on numerous social networking sites, sparking numerous disputes. Then the following article will be of use to you.

We will supply you with the greatest face-balanced putters available. They are not only well-balanced putters but also a popular choice among players.

Let’s go through this topic to make sure we’re on the same page!

What Exactly Is A Face Balanced Putter?

A face balanced putter is a golf club that aids with upward strokes. It differs from the balanced toe putter in several ways.

If you’re a toe-balanced putter user, you should point your toe down while placing the face balanced putter on the finder and facing the sky.

You should choose a face balanced Putter for two main reasons:

First and foremost, the face balanced weight of the putter is shifted to the back. This feature is frequently found on big putters or mallets. On the one hand, they are very similar to traditional blades, with the exception that they are significantly wider.

The face balanced Putter is distinguished from other golf clubs by its thinner appearance and more conventional design.

In other words, this is one of the ways to distinguish a face balanced putter from a toe-balanced putter.

The face balanced Putter’s shaft design is the second factor. This design allows you to stabilize your face while directing the ball upward.

The majority of face balanced putters do not have hostels. It is synonymous with a shaft that is inserted directly into the putter head. While not all face balanced putters have this design, the majority of them do not have a hosel.

Top 5 Face Balanced Putters for Beginners and High Handicap Golfers


1. TOP PICK: Odyssey Stroke Versa Putter
2. BEST IN ALIGNMENT: Odyssey 2020 Putters
3. FIRST TIMER’S CHOICE: Ray Cook Silver SR500
4. MOST ACCURATE: TaylorMade Prior Putters
5. BUDGET FRIENDLY CHOICE: Pinemeadow Golf SL Putter


⛳️ Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique new method of weight distribution, led by the innovative new Stroke Lab shaft to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.

⛳️ The tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that’s relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.

⛳️ The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.

⛳️ Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip change the putter’s dynamics to help golfers consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke.

⛳️ ​​Combines legendary White Hot feel with dozens of micro hinges embedded across the face that promote topspin for smooth roll and acute distance control.


A stick from the Odyssey is at the top of our list. Odyssey's items are sought after by many people, particularly professionals, as a well-known brand. And the Odyssey Stroke Versa is an excellent solution for controlling your stroke.

Odyssey creates a more substantial design that is more stable and constant. Nonetheless, this Odyssey has a great weight and balance. This design gives you better control over the ball.

The Odyssey has a pristine finish in addition to having excellent performance. It has an extremely long lifespan. 

In conclusion,

Choose the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa if you want a good face-balanced Putter to make the perfect shot.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa, with its well-balanced head design and appropriate weight, is the best solution for you to control and optimize your ball.


“Damn nice putter. I’ve had many Odyssey putters as well as a few Cameron’s and I’m surprised by how good this putter feels. The initial quality seems very good and makes me feel better about the higher price tag compared to previous Odyssey lines. They did a nice job on the updated insert. It feels a little firmer than both the white hot and O works inserts but not overdone. It feels to me like there’s just a hint more feedback than what you’d get out of the other inserts. As for the new tech, it’s not super noticeable in the stroke (which is a good thing). It has the added benefits of a counter-balanced putter but without being extra heavy. In the small sample size I’ve used I have noticed my distance control has improved.

Prior to ordering, I noticed some confusion about the oversized grip in the questions section. The oversized grip is the stock Odyssey oversized grip, NOT the superstroke grip shown in the picture. See Odyssey’s website if you need further clarification.

Also, the counterweight is glued into the shaft so it’s no problem to swap out the grip.”


✅ Reasonably priced

✅ Easy to control

✅ Good grip

✅ High-quality design


❌ Not too comfortable when hitting

2. BEST IN ALIGNMENT: Odyssey 2020 Putters


⛳️ Unmatched roll with our micro hinge face insert

⛳️ All-black finish driven by tour feedback

⛳️ Tour-proven shapes & mallets with toe hang

⛳️ Included components: putter and headcover

⛳️ O-Works Black Putters were driven by extensive feedback from our staffers. Some players prefer a clean, simple look at address and this all-black finish has been a popular choice with the pros for years. They asked us to combine this finish with our revolutionary Microhinge insert technology, so we got to work and made it happen quickly. As the established leader on Tour, it’s our mission to constantly work with the world’s best players, and take what we learn from their input to develop high-performance designs that help every golfer make more putts.


In our selection, the Odyssey Works putter is the greatest overall face-balanced putter.

Odyssey Works provides an extremely flawless hitting feeling because of its great performance. Not only that, but the stunning exterior design boosts your confidence in each of your shots.

The Odyssey Works 2020 putter incorporates a redesigned face insert known as the Microhinge face insert. This is an improved version of White Hot technology.

So, if you've used it, you'll be pleased with how soft and consistent it feels. At the same time, the insert offers excellent performance.

Not only does the Odyssey Works 2020 putter have modern inlays, but it also features great alignment technology. The Marxman distinction is imprinted on the clubhead. Alignment technology helps you to effortlessly line up for your shot.

In conclusion,

If you're seeking a face-balanced Putter to make a steady and consistent shot, the Odyssey Works 2020 putter is a must-have. It assists you in overcoming the majority of the obstacles to having a stable putter. Overall, the Odyssey Works 2020 putter is a fantastic club for any golfer.


“Putter is an upgrade from my original Odyssey putter. Great feel and sound when putting. I’m not sinking 25-foot putts, but I’m a lot closer to the hole for very makable second putts. That is the goal after all.” 

“Excellent putter. Great feel. The ball rolls beautifully.”

“It came with a regular-sized pistol grip and I changed it to midsize to fit my hands better. The wide sole makes alignment very easy.”


✅ Insert face Microhinge

✅ High-performance putter

✅ Great stability

✅ Impressive design


❌ Only suitable for straight shots

3. FIRST TIMER’S CHOICE: Ray Cook Silver SR500


⛳️ Lie = 70 degrees, Loft = 3 degrees

⛳️ Rich charcoal grey finish

⛳️ Several Styles Available

⛳️ Head is slightly weighted to improve a more fluid stroke

⛳️ Soft mid-size paddle-style grip


Ray Cook Silver SR500 is a reasonably priced face-balanced putter with a slew of exceptional features. Ray Cook is an excellent pick if you want to play your shot easily.

Its slightly heavier head design ensures stability and good accuracy in every ball fired.

Nonetheless, the Ray Cook Silver SR500 provides exceptional performance, allowing you to hit the ball without worrying about the outcome.

In terms of design, the mid-sized Ray Cook Silver SR500's handle aids in creating a sense of lightness during the process.

Furthermore, Ray Cook makes an impression with fantastic red and white points to assist you to feel confident in the match.

You may get uniformity in your images by using the Ray Cook Silver SR500. Simultaneously, it enables you to play more comfortably and confidently.

In conclusion,

This putter is a face-balanced putter that is both comfortable and reliable. With its paddle-style grip design, the Ray Cook Silver SR500 is a dependable alternative for beginner-level players.


“First off this is a great putter. I was in a store using the Taylormade Spider and really liked it until I looked at the price. But I really liked the feel. I saw this Ray Cook and thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. It's outstanding. It lines up easily to the eye. The balance with the offset it has feels great. I'm not going to tell you I'm draining more putts because 3's are still showing up but with this, I'm dropping more putts from 6 to 10 feet than I ever have.

My Odyssey two ball weighs 19 ounces, My Wilson Inifinity Southside weighs 20 ounces. My Ping Anser weighs 17 ounces. How at the 20 ounces that this putter weighs people are saying this is "light" or "heavy" is beyond me.

I have the 35" model. Keep the cover on because it chips paint easily. Very easily.”


✅ Great and solid design

✅ Good price

✅ Medium size handle

✅ Suitable for beginners


❌ Not suitable for high-level shots

4. MOST ACCURATE: TaylorMade Prior Putters


⛳️ Tour Proven performance

⛳️ Smooth crown and no sightline

⛳️ Short Slant neck hosel

⛳️ Created to meet the exact specifications of Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. Spider Tour putters embody the clean look, stability, and pure roll technology demanded by the world's best. Vibration dampening PU foam embedded between the body and frame for consistent sound and feel.


TaylorMade Golf's previous Generation club boasts a spaceship-inspired shape. TaylorMade's sleek design makes it an excellent choice for professional balancing shots. TaylorMade, in comparison to the other names on our list, does not fit the more tourist-oriented stroke.

TaylorMade's alignment line on the head is a feature that travel sticks do not have.

Despite its balanced weight, the finish is effortless and steady, restricting the player's ability to handle the backswing. As a result, your shot will be borrowed and slimmer than ever before.

Another TaylorMade variant is the metal insert in place of the travel pad. This piece of aluminum provides strength and dependability, and it is precise because of this piece that TaylorMade is the preferred brand for many professional golfers.

TaylorMade also won points for its distinctive shaft design. The shaft has a dual-curved design that is unique to TaylorMade. The shaft is aimed at the clubhead, which improves swing stability and uniformity.

In conclusion,

TaylorMade has a balanced weight with aluminum inlays on the shaft to assist golfers with their backswing.

Simultaneously, the innovative dual-curve shaft design allows you to easily adjust the speed over long distances. TaylorMade is still the preferred brand of professional golfers, despite the fact that it is not appropriate for the journey shot.


“This is a great putter. This is a slight variant on the putter being used by Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, John Rahm, Rory, and others. The difference between this putter and the one used on tour are as follows:

1. Design - The tour putters are either solid red or solid black, and they don't have an alignment line on them (this one does).

2. Face balanced - This putter is face balanced, which is for people with a "straight back and through" putting stroke. The tour versions have a "toe hang" balance, ideal for someone using an arced stroke.

3. Insert - This putter has an aluminum insert, as opposed to the much softer insert on the tour putters. This putter gives you a nice "click" of the head and has a great feel. Definitely personal preference.

4. Shaft - The tour versions have a slight offset plumber's neck, while this putter has a double bend "S" shape and the shaft goes right into the head.

5. Loft - 2.5* on this one versus 3.5* on the tour model. The extra loft on the tour version is needed to offset the slight offset in the neck.

6. Price- This one is ~$80 cheaper.

I have a straight back and through putting stroke, and my previous putter was not face balanced. What I immediately noticed when using this putter was how it is almost impossible to get the putter off line in the stroke. Even if I try, the putter just pulls itself back into the correct path. That's going to make 3-5' putts that much easier. I have yet to put it through all its paces, but this is a clear winner.

UPDATE: I have a couple of rounds under my belt with this putter, and it is really starting to shine. For the season I am averaging 1.85 putts per hole, but with this putter, that's down to 1.63 putts. I also have not had a 3 putt in the past 27 holes. My bugaboo was short putts, and those are now non-issues. All of the apprehension I felt over 3 footers is gone. Putts now just hit the back of the hole. I love this putter.”


✅ Ideal for professional straight shots

✅ Highly durable

✅ High stability and accuracy

✅ Easy to control speed


❌ Not suitable for travel shots

5. BUDGET FRIENDLY CHOICE: Pinemeadow Golf SL Putter


⛳️ The "Plumber Neck" hosel on the putter is offset to help with alignment, by making sure your putt is on the right path from the start.

⛳️ The black and green grip is a popular putter grip we carry. It is manufactured with polyurethane and fiber layers that give it a firm feel while being comfortable and providing excellent shock absorption.

⛳️ Our head cover provides protection when it is not in play. The white color on this putter model is designed to enhance aim and improve vision clarity at address. Using a head cover is strongly recommended to maintain the beauty of the finish.

⛳️ The PGX SL putter has a premiere alignment system that will help you sink more putts. The top line will help your eye make sure you are on target. The result should be more made putts from all distances. Give the PGX SL putter a try and see how improves your game.


The Pinemeadow PGX is an excellent cheap face-balanced putter that is ideal for novices. Even if you wish to experiment with this style, the Pinemeadow Golf PGX remains our top suggestion.

It's not worth it to spend a lot of money on an expensive golf club only to improve your shot when you're a beginner.

Expensive clubs, in my opinion, cannot guarantee a better novice's shot. All they need is this club to make a lot of shots, and it's simple to alter if necessary.

The Pinemeadow PGX is 34 inches long, making it the perfect length for most players. Aside from that, the PGX is well-rated in terms of overall weight and balance.

The Pinemeadow PGX isn't as good as our other recommendations, but it's still a solid pick because of the price advantage and is suitable for newbies.

The alignment help is a feature that many players love in Pinemeadow PGX.

Few traditional golf clubs provide as many alignment options as the Pinemeadow. It is what makes it tough for players to execute their shots. You will have a more stable and accurate shot using PGX.

In conclusion,

Although the Pinemeadow PGX does not have many distinguishing features, you will almost certainly not encounter any issues at an affordable price.

Furthermore, Pinemeadow Golf PGX provides a variety of alignment tools to assist you in making a more stable and accurate shot. Overall, Pinemeadow Golf PGX is an excellent pick for beginners.


“I was looking for a two-ball putter but also liked the claw look and feel and came across this guy. I could have spent many times more than this one but I gave it a chance. The head-on this is smaller than its more expensive cousins. I like the mesh-type putter blade too. Of course, the first putt I made on the course was a 15-foot bender for a birdie, but then the rest of this summer I kept making putts with this guy and it led me to win my local league playoffs. Someone may convince you that spending $400 for a putter will have you make more putts but for me, this budget putter is worth every penny. Yes, I would like to have a little longer shaft on this guy and a super stroke grip. I also have some paint chip off around the edges, but I keep reminding myself that it's not a super expensive putter and is holding up just fine. I'll just remember to touch the edges this winter and keep the included head cover on more often.

2020 follow up - I was leaning a bit on this putter and it broke right where the shaft and head meet. I like this putter so much that I bought another one this time with a black body face over the white like the original. And this goes around I won’t lean on it too much :-)”


✅ Affordable

✅ Multiple alignment support

✅ Ideal shaft length

✅ Good grip

✅ Well-balanced


❌ Handle is a bit small

Final Thoughts

Face balanced putters are ideal for golfers who have a straight back and forward putting stroke.

Our recommendations for the best face balanced putters are listed above. We hope this post has assisted you in determining the best option for you.

It’s okay if you’re spending a lot of money on a high-end decent club like the Odyssey Stroke Versa Putter, but if you’re a beginner or want to attempt a straight-hitting style, search for less expensive options like the Pinemeadow PGX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a face balanced putter?

The face balanced Putter has the advantage of providing steadiness in the player’s shots. Your ball will be straighter and easier to hit if you use a low-spin shot.

That is, keep the clubface facing the target at all times. In addition, you can examine the shot’s balance. With a few touches on your fingertips, you can easily evaluate whether the ball is pointing straight up as you desire.

In general, the face balanced Putter will aid your shot by allowing it to push the ball high and fly towards the hole.

Who needs a face balanced putter?

Face balanced putters are golf clubs that are designed for golfers who prefer a straight backstroke. Because the face balanced Putter has a reduced opening and closing method while hitting the ball.

You’ll need something balanced and stable for straight-back shoots. Meanwhile, the face balanced putter features a stable design that prevents it from twisting or rotating as the ball strikes the clubface.

As a result, your shot will be more powerful than ever before. In other words, the face balanced Putter is insufficient for arching. Because the player tends to turn the clubhead when making this stroke. More twisting and turning are required.

On which tour do players employ face balanced putters?

For their shot, many tour players prefer the face balanced putter.

In practice, many professionals utilize it, although they regularly update it.

There are, of course, exceptions. Rory McIlroy is a well-known player that frequently uses the face balanced putter, and he just won the Wells Fargo Championship.

Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, and Jason Day are among more professional golfers who employ a face balanced putter.

What’s the distinction between a toe balanced and a face balanced putter?

The center of gravity is what distinguishes these two types of golf clubs.

The face balanced putter’s center of gravity of the putter is on the shaft, and the face is facing up. Meanwhile, the toe balanced putter’s center of gravity is not on the axis. These putts have a tendency to open and close during stroke.

Face balanced Because the putter is stable, you can hit straight shots with it. The golf club for the arch-style player is the balanced toe putter.

How to decide whether to use a toe hang or face balanced putter?

When looking for a new putter, golfers often focus on the head shape, and for good reason. It’s critical to have something that looks good. But a new putter is more than just a flashy appearance. Other elements to consider include grip size, alignment assistance, and overall length.

Another thing to think about is if you’d be better off with a toe hang or a face balanced putter. Pick up your existing putter and place the shaft on your index finger, closer to the head, if you’re not sure which category it belongs in. Adjust your finger placement until the putter is completely balanced.

After you’ve balanced the putter on your finger, look at how the “toe” — the region of the putter where the neck isn’t linked to the head — is positioned. If your toe is sagging slightly, it signifies you have some toe hang in your putter. A face balanced putter has the toe/face pointing towards the sky. The amount of toe hang in a putter is directly affected by the neck design (slant, plumber’s, etc.) and shaft bend.

Why is all of this information important? Depending on your stroke, one design may be superior to the other based merely on toe hang, or lack thereof.

With any putter, the goal is to have the face square to the target upon impact. The route you take to get there differs. A straight-back-straight-through stroke with minimal face rotation produces consistent results for some players. Then there are those golfers, such as Tiger Woods, who spin the face open-closed but still manage to make the face pretty square at impact.

Mallets are the most frequent face balanced alternative, however, toe-hang versions have emerged in recent years. So, if you have an arcing stroke, don’t rule out using a mallet. An arcing stroke, which does not return the putter head to the ball with minimal face rotation, might benefit from some toe hang.

If you find your putter opening and closing a lot during the stroke, you should consider a putter with maximum toe hang, where the toe droops a lot. Most major putter manufacturers provide minimal and moderate toe hang options, so even if you don’t have a distinct open-closed stroke, you should be able to find a putter that fits your stroke.

It’s crucial to realize that all of this information is intended to educate. Unless you’re an excellent putter who understands putter mechanics and what works and doesn’t for your stroke, you’d be better off enlisting the help of a trained club-fitter to examine your stroke. Some putter fitting specialists may be able to fit you in a putter/neck package that you would never have considered for your stroke.

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