Must-Have Toe Hang Putter For Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

Must-Have Toe Hang Putter For Beginner and High Handicap Golfers

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There are numerous types of golf putters on the market. Every day, it seems like there are new possibilities to try, each with its own set of advantages.

A toe hang putter is one of the things that many golfers benefit from. The toe hang is intended to help golfers square up the clubface, which is especially crucial with a mallet putter.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 toe hang putters so you can choose one that works for you. We chose putters in a variety of pricing ranges to ensure that there is a solution for any budget.

Toe Hang Putter: Understanding and Measuring

Much has been said in recent years regarding the relationship between putter toe hang and choosing the proper putter based on their path. Before we get there, we need to grasp what putter toe hang is and how to measure it. Maybe you scrolled past a number of putters that were laying on a table or lying on a rack and observed that the inscriptions on the sole were in all different places.

Toe Hang Putter Explained

First of all, the putter can freely revolve along the shaft’s axis.

We can categorize each of the putters. A face-balanced putter has a face that is parallel to the ground when the putter is horizontally rested on a surface and the head is permitted to hang over an edge, such as a tabletop. 

Most face-balanced putters are mallets with a center-shafted shaft or a complex double-bend shaft where the top axis intersects the head’s center of gravity. Manufacturers have created mallet designs with a slight hang by placing the shaft closer to the heel in recent years.

Blade putters with a Plumber’s neck hosel are the most common. They will normally have a toe hang of 30° to 45° degrees, depending on the length of the hosel and the distance between the neck and the heel. Putters that have a lot of toe hang are called heel-shafted.

Toe Hang Putter to Putting Path Matching

The course of a putter can be classified into three categories. Straight back – straight through the stroke (or SBST for short), a small arc, and a noticeable arcing path are the most prevalent. And, for optimum results, each kind suggests a different amount of putter toe hang that complements the path. The SBST stroke is somewhat deceptive. 

To have the putter go back and forth straight, the putter must be perpendicular to the ground or the golfer must control the face with their hands throughout the stroke. Putters have a built-in lying angle that causes us to stand a set distance away from the ball. 

The closer we stand to the ball, the more upright or center shafted the putter is. Some golfers like to putt with their eyes within the target line (or ball), which moves the putter away from the body. The further away the putter is from the hands, the more prominent the arcing path. Hold your putter at a 45° angle and make a putting stroke to see how that works. When the putter head is closer to your feet, the arc will be significantly greater.

A heel-toe weight The most popular putter style has been the plumber’s neck blade. The toe hang on this design putter is normally around 35°, and most golfers have a small arcing path. Golfers that have a prominent arcing path or a more exaggerated inside-square-inside stroke choose heel-shafted putters with a lot of toe hang (60° and higher).

How to Select the Best Toe Hang Putter


When evaluating a putter’s forgiveness, examine the outcome of the putt if it is struck off-center. On these types of putts, most putters offer a variety of forgiveness, but for serious golfers, the toe-hang offers the balanced and distance control of a mallet with the adaptability of a blade.

Because of the weight of the mallet’s club head design, the club can produce a forgiving face that maintains the putt moving along the target line at the same speed.


The loft on the face of these putters encourages a lot of forward roll. Golfers will notice that their strokes tend to produce a smooth roll with the loft when using these balanced putters. The performance of these putters may have a learning curve, but the distance control and soft feel of the putters are clearly different when compared to mallet putters manufactured years ago.

To begin the ball rolling for your putting game, a toe hang putter will have 2-4 degrees of loft on the face.


Because the mallet putter is designed to provide a smooth roll after impact, the face is compact. Instead of having a lengthy face-like blade putters, the toe hang allows for improved alignment with a tiny offset.

A face-balanced putter differs from a toe hang putter in that the balance comes from the center of the face, whereas the sweet spot on the mallet may be slight nearer the hosel.


The length of a putter is determined by the shaft. Most putter shafts are between 33 and 35 inches in length. This length of the shaft is also dictated by the golfer’s height. Shorter golfers require shorter flatstick shafts.

The length of the putter can have an impact on roll, feel, weighing, balance, and the grip golfers use during address.

On the PGA Tour, long shaft putters are common. However, for novices, these putters can be too expensive.


A well-made toe hang putter costs between $100 and $300. Golfers get premium performance and a putter with excellent design at this price. The toe hang putter provides a firm impact that retains the putt on the target line in addition to great distance control and balanced loading.

For mallets at this price point, you can expect to find the greatest putters from the best companies, such as TaylorMade, Odyssey, and Cleveland.


The hosel of a mallet putter is the point at which the shaft and club head come together. The configuration of the hosel can aid in offset or the creation of a straight-back, straight-through, or arc putting action. Unless the player applies a forward press at address, face-balanced putters can raise the loft of the face and produce bouncing and hopping.

A toe hang putter allows the golfer to play the club more neutrally, allowing for improved balance, a more comfortable grip, and a clear view of the alignment assistance on top of the club head.


Although some putters merely employ milled steel to generate a soft feel and increased control, the insert is placed on the face. Inserts are often constructed of soft polymer compounds that attenuate vibration while providing a smooth, continuous roll to the cup.

Most inserts run down the center of the face and do not extend to the putter’s toe or heel.

Top 5 Toe Hang Putter for Beginner and High Handicap Golfers


1. TOP PICK: TaylorMade Spider X
2. BEST IN ACCURACY: Odyssey 2-Ball Works
3. PREMIUM CHOICE: Odyssey White Hot OG Seven S
4. BEST FOR BEGINNERS: Cleveland Frontline Elevado
5. MOST FORGIVING: Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S EXO

1. TOP PICK: TaylorMade Spider X


⛳️ The X Philosophy: Spider X revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal stability and alignment by reengineering the mass properties of the head and introducing a new optically engineered True Path Alignment System

⛳️ Increased Stability: Spider X features a redesigned head with a steel frame that is 30% heavier to minimize twisting

⛳️ The X Design: New True Path Alignment System helps visualize the intended target line for improved putting accuracy; Spider X improves mass properties and stability by utilizing a heavy 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting

⛳️ Redesigned Weight Ports: Redesigned weight ports (2g, 6g, or 12g) enable personalization of feel and stability


The TaylorMade Spider X is the best toe hang putter on the market. The Spider X, which is used by professional players, maintains your putts on-line, produces solid forward rolling from the middle of the face, and provides excellent control on mid-distance putts.

The putter has a flared head that is insulated with unique vibration-damping foam, which helps to solidify the grip and alignment at address. For golf enthusiasts, the Spider X features a tour design that gives a soft feel regardless of how many strokes you post in your most recent round.

The large alignment guide at the top of the putter head is an added feature. The guide's narrow white line in the center makes it easier to visualize the putt, allowing you to immediately begin your backswing.

The single bend hosel distributes weight to the toe for slight drag, allowing players to hit the golf ball with their favored arcing stroke. The hosel works nicely with the stainless alloy steel to keep the club in pristine condition throughout your greenside strokes.

The Pure Roll insert is another area where the TaylorMade Spider X excels. The sweet spot provides the forgiving striking area that all golfers want, particularly on off-center strikes where the golf ball travels off the target line to the cup.

With its SuperStroke grip, chrome finish shaft, and lightweight aluminum head, the Spider X screams tour-level. A superbly crafted putter suitable for players of all ability levels.


“This putter is so well balanced and the pure roll insert is the difference between any other putter and a TaylorMade putter. The alignment line is perfect. Buy it if you would like to save strokes. Impress yourself, your golf buddies, and the golf gods with this magical tool. Expensive? yes, but don't be like me and buy eight other putters before you give in to buying your last putter.”


✅ High MOI for stability and accuracy

✅ Excellent weight and balance which makes it stable 

✅ Improves short game reliability to be able to putt from off the green


❌ It has a very small nick on the face

2. BEST IN ACCURACY: Odyssey 2-Ball Works


⛳️ Unmatched Roll with our Microhinge Face Insert

⛳️ All-Black Finish Driven By Tour Feedback

⛳️ Tour Proven Shapes & Mallets With Toe Hang

⛳️ Included Components: Putter And Headcover

⛳️ O-Works Black Putters were driven by extensive feedback from our staffers. Some players prefer a clean, simple look at address and this all-black finish has been a popular choice with the pros for years. They asked us to combine this finish with our revolutionary Microhinge insert technology, so we got to work and made it happen quickly. As the established leader on Tour, it’s our mission to constantly work with the world’s best players, and take what we learn from their input to develop high-performance designs that help every golfer make more putts.


The Odyssey 2-Ball has an excellent grip, an alignment-first head design, and exceptional accuracy on long and mid-range shots.

For the Works model, the manufacturer opts for a matte black finish rather than the normal grey. The white 2-ball alignment guide allows the player to visualize the putter's route to the cup.

The micro hinge insert is another feature of the putter worth mentioning. The insert, which spans the breadth of the hitting area, is popular among players because it delivers a soft feel and excellent contact putt after putt. The Odyssey model provides players with the right amount of toe-hang that emulates a blade putter throughout your attempts on the green for mallet putters that are exceptionally well-designed, such as the 2-Ball Works.

The 2-ball's hosel is a twin twist from the shaft that helps the golfer to open the face on the backswing. This model, we believe, does not twist as easily as lower face-balanced brand putters, resulting in greater accuracy and straight simplicity at address.

Clubs like this make use of their superb craftsmanship by allowing for easy alignment and a soft approach to contact. Combining the two traits results in one of the best mallet putters ever created.

The 2-Ball Works is a fantastic toe-hang mallet putter that is well worth your time on the green.


“It came with a regular-sized pistol grip and I changed it to midsize to fit my hands better. The wide sole makes alignment very easy.”

“Great weight and feel. Will always buy an Odyssey putter.” 

“LOVE this putter. Smooth as can be.”


✅ Outstanding forward rolling 

✅ Comes with micro hinge face insert

✅ Toe-hand design resists twisting for more controlled strokes

✅ Excellent swing with smooth and effortless power


❌ As a mallet, it is a little airier than other putters

3. PREMIUM CHOICE: Odyssey White Hot OG Seven S


⛳️ Odyssey White Hot OG Putters feature the original White Hot formulation, feel, sound and performance in one exceptional two-part urethane insert.

⛳️ Odyssey engineers have combined a rich silver PVD finish with fine milling on the surfaces.

⛳️ Available in a premium step-less steel shaft or our Tour proven, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft is a new candy apple red.

⛳️ Both of these stock options are precisely fitted with a gray DFX Rubber Grip for a classic look and feel.


The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven S is a knockout, with highly accurate forward rolling after impact and tremendous adaptability that works well with intermediate putting distances.

Toe-hang putters, like the Seven S, strive really hard to make an arc stroke as easy as possible. While established golfers may find it easier to learn this method, putters such as the White Hot model offer a shortcut to the learning curve for high handicappers and beginners because it is quite advanced.

The Seven S has a slant neck that places the golfer's hands in front of the ball during address. With the loft angle in mind, players can utilize a tiny forward press on the putter to keep the golf ball moving quickly.

Most players, though, prefer to take a neutral stance and allow the offset of their toe-hang mallet putter to do the work. Golfers must be precise with their rhythm when using this putter type, especially when the ball strikes off-center. Finding a forgiving putter, such as any of the mallet putters in the White Hot OG series, allows you to produce precision even when you are not at your best.

Throughout the putter swing, the two-wing mallet head anchors the club. The high-quality urethane insert in the head provides delicate, elegant power that remains consistent during impact.

The Seven S should be at the top of the list for advanced players looking for a quality putter that will last for years.


“The Odyssey Rossie putter head is a classic shape, giving you great forgiveness and pleasing looks. I prefer the plumber’s hosel because it has some toe down and suits my stroke better than the face-balanced version. It has a very solid feel at impact. I can’t tell you why I like the upgraded shaft, but I do. Possibly the placebo effect of new golf gear. My putter didn’t come from a warehouse full of stock. Instead, it was quickly made to order in the Callaway factory in Mexico. Even came with a custom build sheet with my name on it.” 

“I am not a great Golfer but I know when the problem is me or the club. My accuracy and speed on putts have improved with this item. It just seems to be easier to align the putts and stroke speed improved with practice. I practiced more to justify the cost!!!!

Great Putter in my brain.”


✅ The slanted neck aids in hosel stabilization and weight redistribution for improved balancing.

✅ The putter head is perfectly compact, which improves the feel.

✅ Excellent golf club for golfers looking to enhance their short game scoring.


❌ A few find this putter a little too light and it will take some time to get used to

4. BEST FOR BEGINNERS: Cleveland Frontline Elevado


⛳️ Forward weights - with tungsten forward weighting and the center of gravity positioned closer to the face, Frontline provides better stability through impact for straighter, more accurate putts.

⛳️ Speed optimized face Technology - Cleveland's proprietary speed optimized face Technology pattern normalizes ball speed across the face, ensuring consistent distance performance on all your putts.

⛳️ Better aim - achieve perfect alignment on every putt, regardless of where your eyes are at address, with Cleveland's proprietary 2135 technology.

⛳️ Additional housel configurations - find a superior fit for your stroke type with two different* housel configurations to suit every player's needs. Featured on the El EVA Do, cero, and ISO models.

⛳️ Stroke Type: Slight Arc


Cleveland Golf Club Equipment has created their new mallet putter, the Frontline Elevado, to make precise contact from all distances on the green. For players who believe mallet putters are too difficult to learn, the Frontline Elevado dispels such stereotypes by featuring a toe-hang design that allows for face opening on the backswing.

Instead of competing with the golfer, these mallets are designed to generate the smoothest forward rolling of the golfer's career. The Elevado gives an outstanding feel that smoothly powers the ball to the cup with accuracy, thanks to the soft insert along the hitting region.

For advanced clubs, this two-wing mallet putter provides a crisp feel. While it may appear to be a complicatedly built putter on the surface, this mallet features a first-rate grip, a lovely appearance that adds style to any golf bag, and a reduced price point that makes it accessible to both beginners and high handicap golfers.

Let's chat about the one-of-a-kind face design for a minute. Cleveland has developed speed-optimized technology that anchors the putter with two weights located to the west and east of the compact center insert. Players may feel the point of impact on each stroke.

This mallet putter is always balanced in the golfer's hands. Unlike lesser mallet flatsticks, the Elevado provides style and excellent execution for a variety of lengths of green attempts.

The Cleveland Frontline Elevado is a forceful mallet that has undoubtedly earned its stripes among the difficult competitors. It has won its honors and will gain your attention and admiration.


“Simple aiming tech, very smooth roll, nice grip, and noticeably improved distance control. The price is excellent.

UPDATE: Four months later, I am loving this putter even more. I can dial in distance and know I'll get smooth roll even from off-green putts.”

“Really enjoying this putter. The black color scheme is slick, doesn’t reflect light on sunny days, and the whole package is really very premium. 2135 technology is really very interesting and enables me to have confidence in setting up correctly over the ball.”


✅ For high handicappers, this mallet putter is ideal.

✅ A well-balanced green club with a straight edge design.

✅ The mallet putter has a fantastic feel because of the soft insert.


❌ A few find this putter too heavy and short


⛳️ Maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction

⛳️ Legendary White hot feel and immediate roll

⛳️ Face balanced and toe hang options

⛳️ Micro hinge technology that creates immediate forward roll

⛳️ Stroke lab shaft weighting to enhance your performance

⛳️ Our revolutionary new multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft is designed for innovative weight distribution, dramatically changing performance dynamics to promote a smoother and more accurate stroke.


With its big, balanced putter head, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S EXO provides excellent forgiveness. On the golf field, the EXO is here to sink as many balls as possible, which is great news for those looking for an advanced weapon on the greens.

The EXO offers stability, softness, smooth forward rolling, and the toe-hang weighting that arc motion putters prefer on the greens.

The Seven S, made of lightweight aluminum, keeps the hands flexible throughout the takeout for tension-free shots on the green. Instead of having the hands seize up during the process, a flatstick like the EXO removes the load, allowing the player to concentrate on their approach.

The EXO also comes with the Stroke Lab shaft, which provides superior weight distribution.

The EXO has the company's famous White Hot insert, which works with the micro hinge technology to create an immediacy to the forward rolling that provides improved control and precision. The EXO separates out from the multitude of toe-hang mallet putters because of its intangibles, such as the soft insert and superior accuracy.

The EXO is available with either a large grip or a pistol grip. Either provide easy mallet putter handling or a more ergonomic function for the weekend warrior aiming to put a number on their scorecard.

The Seven S EXO from the renowned Stroke Lab series gives a fantastic experience that will have players making more efforts and lowering their scores on the green.


“I like a mallet so this is excellent. The two balls are great for alignment and the MOI is very good. It stays very stable. I added some length and use a long (15 inch) grip. I also added a bit more weight because I like a heavy putter (see photo) I found a product that is the adhesive weight that is easily cut to the needed size; it's used to add weight to pinewood derby cars. This worked great to add weight to the wings and can easily be trimmed once it's on the putter. It would work for club heads as well.” 

“I’m not gonna talk about how great the putter is(IT IS AWESOME) because putters are a very personal thing. What I will say is how fantastic the Callaway Golf Pre-Owned golf club buying experience is. Quite simply, it’s the best. Trust me!”


✅ Excellent mallet putter with a novel soft insert along the hitting area.

✅ A well-made multi-colored head provides style to blaze on the course.

✅ The EXO provides the ideal feel with either a large grip or a pistol grip.


❌ Quite pricey

Final Thoughts

Toe hang putters are not for everyone, but for those who enjoy putting with an arcing stroke, these flatsticks provide style, accuracy, control, and greater results. Despite the fact that mallets have a larger weight, the rotation during the putting process leads to improved consistency over time.

Putters with particular elements, such as the toe hang, make the game more entertaining for golf enthusiasts. With the great feel, we think you should check out the toe hang putters on this list to see whether they may help you lower your scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a toe hang putter?

A toe hang putter is a club with a higher weight toward the toe end of the face. The weight has been shifted there to assist golfers who like to open the club face on the backswing of their putting stroke, creating an arc with the head.

This rotation helps the player to return the putter to a square position in the hitting area. The rotational portion of the stroke might provide a more difficult learning curve for the rookie golfer who requires more practice before identifying their stroke with mallets that incorporate toe hang balancing systems.

Who should consider purchasing a toe hang putter?

Toe hang putters are ideal for advanced golfers who desire a circular arc putting stroke. These clubs have the same forgiving impact, tour-level weighting, and exceptional distance management as the putter.

In addition, the putters come with either an insert or a milled face hitting area. The use of a putter with an insert has the advantage of having a soft sweet spot for a cushioned feel. A milled face is firmer, and although the milling adds texture, the golf ball exits the face faster.

What are the advantages of using a toe hang putter?

A toe hang putter allows the golfer to employ an inside-out putting stroke, sometimes known as an arc stroke, to bring the face back to square at contact. A toe hang putter provides balance and consistency for skilled golfers who seek a club with a well-built hosel that anchors the club during the stroke.

A toe hang putter with an inside-out putting path is more difficult to use, but for golfers who prefer an arc stroke, this putter is the best option.

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