The 5 Best Golf Push Carts For The Walking Golfer

The 5 Best Golf Push Carts For The Walking Golfer

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About Golf Push Carts

We, golfers, know that walking 18 holes can take a toll on us. The best possible way to make the game of golf more enjoyable for the walking golfer is to have the right equipment. The best golf push cart is one that will not only be able to use on most golf courses but is also easy to push downhills. It should also be lightweight enough so you don’t get overtired and heavy enough so that it won’t tip over while you are flat pushing it down a hill.

We found the best golf push carts from a wide range of companies on the market. The vital things that we look for in a pushcart is how easy it will be to pull and push downhills, the capacity, if it is easy to fold up, the stability and durability of it, and lastly its overall weight. 

We have reviewed all these golf push carts into one distinct list and our rating of them.


1. OUR TOP PICK: Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX
3. PREMIUM CHOICE: Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart
5. MOST BASIC: How True 2 Wheel Foldable Golf Push Cart


???? Improved upper and lower bag brackets easily adjust to hold cart or stand bags

???? Redesigned handle allows for a larger mesh tray
???? Built-in bracket holds the Speed Cart seat or an industrial sand/seed bottle holder
???? Tracking system allows for easy adjustment as needed
???? Folds in two easy steps


This Sun Mountain Golf push cart is a great choice for casual golfers. The pushcart has a good design, is lightweight, and easy to fold up. It is also very stable and has been tested to withstand 30 pounds of weight in tests. This means that this golf pushcart will be able to withstand most golfers without any problem.

If you love the hiking aspect of golfing, then this would be your best pick. You can use it on most courses without a problem, whether you want to play 18 holes or 9 holes because the wheels are in all directions. You can even use it on very hilly courses.

The Sun Mountain Golf pushcart is also a great value for your money because you get an umbrella holder when you buy it. This is good if you want to take advantage of the golfing weather in the morning and afternoon when it is sunny and clear. The pushcart also has a large capacity so that you can fit all your equipment in for easy transport.

If you want to carry more than one bag of golf clubs, then this golf pushcart would be perfect for you.


“This is my second Sun Mountain golf cart purchase over the years. This cart has a few nice revisions including the elastic straps to hold the bag on the cart, more storage, easier folding and unfoldiing, an improved water cup holder, added pencil holder, added cell phone holder, and of course a smooth ride. ”

“I walk all the time, 50 rounds per year, and used the Sun Mt. V1 Speedcart for at least 10 years, right after they changed the tires from inflatable to hard rubber. The GX is a great update to an already great push cart. The extra storage bag, and the adjustable straps really secure the bag to the cart. I purchased the larger cup holder and I recommend that addition.”


✅ Built-in bracket

✅ Comes with tracking system.

✅ Collapsible

✅ Large mesh tray


❌ Quite expensive

❌ It pulls to the right



???? MADE TO LAST: golf push cart, golf cart accessories is made w/ heavy-duty aluminum frame construction material & is equipped w/ upper & lower brackets w/ elastic strap & can fix any size of golf bag and Golf clubs, Ideal golf accessories for men and women

???? HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: golf cart collapsible, golf bag push cart for different heights. golf push carts 3 wheel folding weighs 11 pounds, max weight capacity of 33 lbs
???? FOLD DESIGN: golf pull cart ,golf carts is golf accessories for men and kids golf clubs, golf push cart suitable for golf clubs, golf cart accessories and necessitie for golf clubs set for men women.
???? VERSATILE: Golf push carts beverage holder and Storage bags included.It also include Mobile Phone Selfie Stand. For maximum portability, this foldable golf cart also has ball wheels for smooth driving on any terrain.


The Janus Golf Push Cart is ideal for the golfer who would prefer to walk on small, tight golf courses that are not too hilly. It is also very lightweight and comes with a padded handle for your comfort. This golf push cart will be great if you want to walk in the grass because it has good cleats that keep the cart stable even on rough or wet surfaces.

In terms of storage room, this golf pushcart has ample space and can hold up to 4 bags of golf clubs at a time so that you can have all your equipment at hand without taking up too much space in your car or in your garage when you get home.


“Love it. It is easy to assemble, push and steer. Definitely a snap to open and close. Great to have an umbrella holder sunny and rainy days. It is much better than carts from years past. My golf friends like mine so much, they purchased new carts also. You can order a cart in a color that matches your bag. It’s great!! ”

“Great product takes no more than 5 minutes to assemble. Rolls fine on the course and extremely light. Fits all sizes of bags mine is full size and is fine. Wish the front wheel swiveled but for this price awesome pushcart.”


✅ Made with heavy duty aluminum

✅ Collapsible and adjustable

✅ Comes with beverage holder and storage bag


❌ Umbrella holder could be better


???? NEW 2020 MODEL – New features include: infinitely adjustable silicone bag strap system to secure your bag, adjustable upper saddle which adapts to fit virtually any size of bag, new lower saddle support to prevent your bag from rubbing on the front wheel

???? LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE – Aircraft grade, scratch-resistant, aluminum tubing and maintenance-free airless tires ensures the cart will last and weighs just 21 pounds
???? EXTRA STORAGE – Storage net and full console with built-in scorecard, golf ball, pencil & tee holders
???? PARKING HAND BRAKE – Prevents the cart from rolling when you walk away
???? ACCESSORIES – Includes standard cup holder, umbrella mount, and additional accessory tabs for adding more Clicgear accessories


This Clicgear golf push cart is a solid choice for those who have children. The cart has a wide range while maintaining the ergonomics of the golfer with a curved handle for better grip and comfort. It also has handles on both sides so that you can even push it down a steep slope when you are in your golfing mood.

The Clicgear golf pushcart is also very lightweight and therefore not too heavy for you to carry. Its wheels are in all directions which means that you will be able to maneuver through most tough terrain without any problem whatsoever. It also has a very good counterbalance on both wheels so that it will be easy to push downhills and uphill.


“This cart is really nice and not too difficult to figure out. I am giving it 5 stars for function but I will bring up one thing.... The "LIME GREEN" cart is not really the same color as in the photos. The wheels and straps are "lime green" but the tubing is a softer color more like a "mint green". It still looks really great with my bagn but the color is a little off from the description and photo. Nevertheless, GREAT CART. ”


“I’ve had three previous golf carts and none compare to this one. It is easy to collapse and set up, much easier to push (I don’t get as tired). With my old push cart I could only do 9 holes, with this one I do 18! Also, the pink is just cute!”


✅ Adjustable upper straddle


✅ The improved Lower Saddle is designed to allow better clearance between stand bags and the front wheel. 

✅ A huge improvement from the old elastic straps, these silicone straps add bag grip and adjustability.  

✅ Never worry about losing your umbrella, scorecards or pencils with the improved security of the 4.0.


❌ Very pricey

❌ A little bulky



???? HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: The ergonomic height adjustable TPE handle is designed for multiple pushing positions and users of different heights (Designed for both Teenagers and Adults).

???? BALL BEARING WHEELS: With 9.5" front and two 11.5" rear maintenance-free EVA cover wheels with ball bearings provide a smooth ride and perfect traction on all kinds of terrain.
???? LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE DESIGN: The cart comes with strong and light aluminum frame which shows outstanding sturdiness and stability. It weighs only 13.6lbs, is very portable for both storage and transportation. 
???? QUICK FOOT-BRAKE AND QUICK FOLD MECHANISM: Just tap the brake pedal with your foot to engage and release the brake. It takes three steps to fold the cart to a smallest size of 19.1"L*14.6"W*23.2"H.
???? EASY TO INSTALL: You only need to insert 3 wheels within seconds after you open the package.


The KVV 3 golf pushcart is a great choice for those who prefer to walk on a wide and flat surface. It also has very long shaft grips that give you good support when you need it the most.

This golf push cart can carry as much as a bag of baseball equipment (18 clubs), and it will not take up too much space in your car or in your garage when you are getting home from the golf course. There is also ample room to put all your equipment as well as an umbrella holder at the back of the cart if you want to have an umbrella with you on many sunny days.


“Very smooth and easy to use. A little different folding than the typical push cart but way better quality. And it folds down to a much smaller footprint for my car to transport in trunk.  “

“We bought 2 of these for the family this year and I had visions of a terrible assembly process.... could not have been more wrong! These were together in less than 5 minutes each. All you need to do is put on the wheels.

While we haven't had them out on the course yet, I'm beyond thrilled with how small they fold up and light they are.”


✅Height Adjustable handle


✅ Scorecard Holder


✅ Quick foot-brake system

✅ Lightweight and durable design


❌ Quality of wheels could be better

❌ Does not come with umbrella holder



???? This collapsible cart with wide wheels is built with lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame that makes the golf pull cart easily maneuverable even for your kids.

???? Excellent, very light and good quality. For the golfer who does not like lugging a heavy cart around, this is the very thing for him/her. A very pleasing, and not expensive quality piece of equipment.
???? Wear-resistant and non-slip rubber tires have strong grip when moving forward.
???? Overall Dimension: approx. 51" x 28" x 40" Folded size: approx. 10" x 10" x 25" Wheel Size: 9"
???? Transport your golf accessories with this golf cart, save energy and keep your equipment safe and clean.


The How True golf pushcart is the most basic golf push cart on our list. It does not have anything fancy or cool about it, but that is precisely what makes it such a good little golf pushcart. It just does what it says and works well for the golfer who wants to enjoy himself as much as possible when he goes out to play golf with his friends and family.

It can carry a lot of your equipment and has an umbrella holder at the back so that you can always have an umbrella with you whether it is sunny or during rainy weather conditions.


“I bought this mainly for travel purposes. I wanted to carry it around, sometimes inside a suitcase during air travel. This trolley's handle retracts inside about a foot, which makes it possible to carry around in a suitcase. It's also very lightweight and easy to maneuver with. It is not sturdy or full of features like the more heavy-duty trolleys, but it serves my purpose very nicely. “

“Excellent, very light and good quality. For the golfer who does not like lugging a heavy cart around, this is the very thing for him/her. A very pleasing, and not expensive quality piece of equipment!”


✅ Lightweight and convenient


✅ Easy to fold


✅ Adjustable telescopic handle


✅ Stable and flexible hook link

✅ Affordable


❌ The straps could be more durable.




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a push cart?

A pushcart is a golf cart that has wheels that are in all directions. It can be used for golfing purposes or any other purpose where you would need to move from one place to another. It has a very solid construction and is made up of durable materials so that it will not break easily when you are using it on rough surfaces.

2. What difference does it make if the wheels of my golf pushcart are in all directions?

If you have seen the photos of the five golf carts listed here, then you would realize that each one of them has different wheels in different directions because they are not compatible with each other. You usually need to put the cart in a position in which the wheels will be able to move in one direction.

3. What is the purpose of a golf push cart?

A golf push cart is a great choice for those who golf on their own because it can carry as many as 18 bags of golf clubs. It also has large wheels that will be able to move on any surface, and you will not have to worry about bumping into any obstacles when you are playing the sport. It can also secure all your equipment so that nothing will fall off when you are using it. For more information about golf push carts, check out this article

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