The Best Golf Shoe Bag For Your Golf Shoes

The Best Golf Shoe Bag  For Your Golf Shoes

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If you are a seasoned golfer, you know how important it is to keep your shoes in good condition. The constant use of your club or a slice will eventually leave your shoes smelling awful. Know this: the grass, dirt, and oil will find their way onto your shoes if you don’t have a golf shoe bag. 

When you first pick up a new golf shoe bag, you will want to go for a bag that has a variety of compartments. This will allow you to keep your shoes from getting dirty or mucked up. There are different styles of bags available. Some look like a traditional suitcase while others have extra pockets and compartments. 

Your golf shoes can be very messy after you finish the round, and you may not want to walk around. Using a golf shoe bag is a smart choice, no matter whether you are traveling to another part of the world, or just going to your car.  

Golf shoe bags are available in plenty of options; you need to decide what suits you the best. You can find golf shoe bags big enough to fit all the golf accessories, or small enough to fit a pair of shoes.  

 You can use the extra space in the shoe bags to put other essential accessories like socks. Or you can carry another pair of shoes to put on before and after the game. Shoe bags come in different fabrics like nylon, leather, and polyester. While choosing a golf shoe bag, check if it is well ventilated so that the wet shoes can dry quickly. 

When you purchase your golf shoe bag, keep in mind what is in your closet. Do you put your shoes in your closet, do you throw them in the garage, or keep them outside on the porch? Your closet will be filled with tennis shoes, walking shoes, or whatever else you may need when you go out to the golf course. 

Don’t worry about taking all your stuff out where it can be seen as clutter. Just store your golf shoes and related accessories in your golf shoe bag where it will be hidden away in the trunk or in the garage. If you keep your shoes in the garage, you won’t have to worry about stashing them somewhere you might forget about. 

There are some golf shoe bag models that fold so that they can be easily transported into your vehicle. This makes it possible to take all of your shoes inside and still have room for a golf bag. You can even carry them when you travel as long as you choose to. They are perfect for traveling with other golfers who often play in the same club or course. 

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1. TOP PICK : Athletico Golf Shoe Bag


  • Keep this stored in your trunk for a day on the course. Convenient side pockets can be used to store tees, golf balls, socks, etc. 

  • Built with side ventilation to air out the contents, giving your shoes room to breathe and the smell to dissipate. 

  • Versatile

  • Constructed of durable 600D polyester fabric that is meant to last. 

  • 100% money back guarantee! 


The Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is built to last. The design is simple but effective: a wide horseshoe opening with two extra zip pockets for your accessories on the outside. Not every shoe bag has these extra pockets (often those that aren't specifically designed for golf shoes) and we think that’s why this is such good value for money. The sturdy polyester fabric makes it simple to clean and ventilation panels are incorporated in the sides to combat the unavoidable smells. It is also a decent size and can accommodate up to 14 sized shoes. Again, if you don't seek a major golf brand, Athletico is definitely the way to go. 


“I just received my shoe bag today as I am replacing an older Nike shoe bag. This Athletico shoe bag quality is pretty good. The material feels solid and the zippers are smooth. The side pockets kn both ends come in handy when you want to add in a few small items. This shoe bag is used for my Dexter hybrid newly bowling shoes which are pretty wide and they fit in here with no problem. I also stuff this shoe bag in the shoe area for my 2 ball Storm bowling bag and it fits in there pretty snugly. Overall I would say this is a great shoe bag for my needs and I hope it will last me a few years. My other Nike shoe bag, the stitching was coming loose and the bag was slowly falling apart. Hope this one holds up better. I rate this shoe bag as 5 STARS at the $14.99 price point with free Amazon Prime shipping.”

“I purchased the golf shoe bag for my husband. He has been using it for a while now and is very happy with it. He can fit his golf shoes and other miscellaneous items that he takes golfing with him in the bag with no problem. It has actually made it easier to transfer his golf items from the car to the house or one car to another car since he no longer has to grab a handful of items at a time- he just grabs this bag and moves it.

It has held up really well so far, looks brand new still and no issues with the zipper. My husband golfs several times a week to it has gotten plenty of use. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.”

“Got this bag to hold my golf shoes and keep my golf bag interior grass/mud/debris free. The bag interior is big enough for size 12.5 mens shoes and seems durable. The added side compartments for additional items are great too. I use them for tees, balls and my extra gloves. The handle allows you to clip onto your golf bag easily to allow your shoes to dry after finishing a round in a monsoon and not mess up your bag. The product seems like great quality at a fantastic price. I would recommend for any situation where you want to keep your athletic shoes separate from other items (due to dirt or smell).”



✔Easy to wash

✔Two extra pockets for accessories


❌Standard polyester aesthetic


  • Dimensions (inches): 16 x 12 x 4; Weight: 1 lbs 

  • Full zipper opening, extra pocket for additional storage, & carry handle 

  • Two locations of embroidery & two team colors, 

  • You'll be sure to stand out with this sporty travel bag! 

  • Great gift for the holidays, Father's Day, and special events! 


For years Team Golf has been creating NFL-themed products and we are a big fan of their shoe bags. There are different team designs and it is a perfect way to display your team spirit throughout the course. They're very well made, too. There is plenty of meshing on the sides which increases the ventilation, and like the majority of the bags designed specifically for golf shoes, there are lots of pockets for your accessories. As with all Team Golf products, this would make a great gift for the right person…as long you know which team they support! 


“Great quality bag. It’s a perfect addition to any MLB fans collection. My husband keeps his softball cleats in it. I love that it keeps mud and dirt out of my trunk!!”

“This was a gift for my brother and he liked it.”


✔Available in different team designs

✔Extra pocket for accessories

✔Well Ventilated. Reduces risk of odor


❌Not available in every team design

❌Risk raking up team rivalries on the course! 

3. BEST PREMIUM : Footjoy Deluxe Golf Shoe Bag


  • Easy-access accessories pocket 

  • Full zipper opening 

  • FJ logo 

  • Accommodates up to a UK size 15 shoe. 

  • Features a shoe divider 


With its exceptional size, the Footjoy Deluxe Golf Shoe Bag earns its title. It makes the most out of this storage by a divider that runs through the center and we especially like how the front part unzips the whole way around the bag so it's very easy to get your shoes in and out. It also has a huge outside pocket on the front so that no accessories are left behind. The ventilation isn’t quite as breathable as the other golf shoe bags on our list but it is enough to help combat foul odors.  One of the most expensive bags on our list, but it's worth the money if you want anything with a little more room. 


“Was stunned at the high quality construction of this bag. Really nice having the shoe divider.”

“The shoe bag is great and it fits shoes up to 13 with plenty of room for soxs shoe strings and shoe horn. You can even put extra spikes.”

“A perfect golf shoe bag. Fits shoes, socks, etc. and looks great.”


✔Plenty of room for bigger shoes

✔Interior divider - No scuffs

✔Large front pocket for accessories


❌More expensive than most shoe bags


  • 100% Polyester 

  • Gently wash by hand. Do not bleach. Line dry 

  • Ventilated shoe bag 

  • Lined main compartment 

  • Webbing loop haul handle 


This Adidas shoe bag is a multifunctional shoe bag that is actually great for golfing shoes. While not specifically designed for golfing shoes, Stadium II is a versatile shoe bag that fits perfectly for golf footwear as well as any other sporting shoes. Made with a Polyester design and has excellent quality of construction, as you would expect with Adidas. The webbing loop handle feels really comfortable. Then there is the Fresh Pak ventilation section at the top to keep your shoes from smelling bad. Not made for golf means that the bag doesn't have any additional pockets for accessories, but inside, if you want to keep some stuff loose, there is plenty of room. 


“Look, I know this is a shoe bag... I began using an adidas shoe bag as a makeup bag in like the 90's. Great size and durability, plus they're washable. Well, my bag from the 90's was finally wearing out. I decided to try another adidas shoe bag, and I am sure glad I did. The interior of this is bright/lime green. Perfect for seeing all of your stuff! I would definitely buy this again.”

“My son loves these to keep his soccer cleats in before and after games. The bag fits various sizes of cleats and keeps his backpack clean.”

“Excellent product. Exactly what i wanted. I use these as a wash bag when i travel overseas. Zipper opens in a U shape pattern to allow easy access without collapsing the bag like a single central zip does. Very happy.”


✔Very durable

✔Ventilation thanks to Adidas Fresh Pak



❌No extra pockets for accessories 

5. BEST VALUE : CaddyDaddy Golf Shoe Bag


  • Internal full-length shoe divider keeps shoes scuff free

  • 3 zippered pockets for additional storage 

  • 600D durable Nylon construction 

  • 1 easy-grip rubber handle 

  • Large horseshoe opening for easy access 


The CaddyDaddy Golf Shoe Bag is incredibly versatile and also an inexpensive way to store your golf shoes. The design is relatively basic but ticks all the right boxes. There are three extra pockets for easy access for all your accessories, such as spikes and cleaning supplies, are easy to use. We particularly like the dividers that run along inside the bag.  This makes sure that your shoes don't get squished when stored. When it comes to value for money, the Caddy Daddy is definitely right along that alley. 


“This bag would work great for high top sneakers or larger shoes. These are definitely larger than my other golf shoe bags. My golf shoes (size 11.5) are dwarfed in this shoe bag. I would not have purchased them for my "Golf Shoes" had I looked into the dimensions a little more. But if you like to keep extra pair(s) of socks and perhaps a shoe horn, this bag can fit it all. Good quality shoe bag but not for me.”

“I really like this bag. It has three extra zipper pockets to hold socks, extra cleats, cleat tool, and small wire cleaning brush. NO zipper problems whatsoever. I also bought the Proactive Supreme bag, but returned it because it was way too small (and $2 more)... instead, I just ordered another one of these CaddyDaddy bags. I'm buying these for my new Adidas Tech Response golf shoes, size 13M.... they fit perfectly with room to spare. I guess I will have to see if there are any zipper problems with the second bag when I receive it tomorrow (Amazon Prime - 2-Day shipping).”

“I wear heels/dressier shoes to work, but walking to and from the office, I switch to my sneakers/workout shoes (Women's size 10 New Balance), which are bulky. Love that they fit perfectly in the bag, separated by the (removable) divider so the shoes don't roll around (not even my heels), and with outside zippered pocket to hold my bulky socks. I HAD been carrying them in a tote bag, but they did roll around and sometimes the dressy shoes would get scuffed. This is far superior; a great product.”



✔Internal divider - No scuffs

✔Three extra pockets for accessories


❌Standard nylon aesthetic 

❌Limited colors available 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need a golf shoe bag? 

Golf shoe bags are simply your way to transport your shoes conveniently, while ensuring that they are well and neatly stored. Whether you keep it kept for a day in your trunk or car, your shoes will stay clean and dirt will not scatter. Added convenience is provided by side pockets for storing tees, golf balls, socks, etc.  

Although built mainly for golf, they can be used very well for any type of footwear, whether athletic shoes like baseball, basketball, football, dress shoes, heels or even your casual footwear, etc. 

What Golf Shoe Bag Should You Buy? 

Some players choose to stick with their favorite golf brand or another when choosing a golf shoe bag or they can pick their shoe bag to match the design of their golf gear bag.    While nothing is wrong with this strategy, a good bag can often be purchased from brands that do not make golf gear.   

It is necessary to choose a golf shoe bag that’s functional for the right price. There are also custom options available that can make your bag stand out and fit your other personalized gear The

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