5 Top-Rated Golf Gloves For A Better Grip

5 Top-Rated Golf Gloves For A Better Grip

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To hit a perfect shot, the golfer needs the perfect grip on the club. That is why golf gloves are the essential equipment of any game.  

Buying suitable quality gloves can improve your game. Golf gloves are very important if you play regularly. Gloves protect your hands from blisters and other weather conditions, allowing players to concentrate on the game without worrying about the grip. The holes on golf gloves help the air to flow, keeping your hands and gloves dry. 

Without the proper equipment, you’ll be missing out on some of the most important skills that can keep you from being successful at this sport. Not only will it make a difference in your performance on the course, but it will also increase your confidence and allow you to play better. But just because golf gloves make you play better does not mean that they are worth the high price tag. 

Golf gloves generally come in three varieties, Leather, Synthetic, and Hybrid. Leather gloves are the softest ones, but wear out faster. The synthetic ones are more flexible and last longer than the leather ones but are not as breathable. The hybrid gloves are a combination of the first two, leather on the palm for grip and synthetic on joints for flexibility. The glove fitting can vary based on the material used, choose the right size by trying them on. 

If you want to buy a golf glove, the first thing you should do is read reviews to see what others think about the product you are thinking of buying. Don’t settle for the one that has the most positive reviews, but go with the ones that have a decent amount of them. You don’t want to end up buying something that has no real quality to it, especially if you are playing for money.  



  • Ultimate flexibility: 4-way stretch nylon insert offers optimal fit and comfort 

  • Enhanced breathability: strategically placed perforated leather for increased airflow 

  • Superior fit: contoured fit wrist band with moisture wicking


The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove gives you a thin shaped glove that molds to your hand while providing wonderful versatility and breathability. The glove has a dynamic nylon insert which maximizes mobility and flexibility when you wrap your hand around the grip of the club. The insert runs from the outside of your hand, on the side away from your thumb, and stops at the center knuckle. When you wrap your hand around irons and hybrids, you’ll find that the insert really provides extra flexibility. You're not going to find a better glove with breathability. TaylorMade has given the Tour Preferred several holes for ventilation along the fingers and knuckles to keep the hand dry and cool throughout. ventilation is specially designed to reach the fingers and palms of your hand for optimum airflow. 


“Great golf towel. Matches my bag perfectly.”

“I have a Titleist bag and this is my go to towel. I feel like I’m cheating on them but I like this towel. Lasts pretty well in the rain. For under $20, this towel is worth buying.”

“Very good towel for the price. I see quite a few reviewers saying they received a plastic clasp but mine is metal. Perhaps Callaway listened to the complaints and fixed the problem.”


✔4-way stretch nylon insert helps expand the glove for better fit 

✔ Outstanding venting with plenty of perforation along fingers and top of hand 

✔ Contoured wrist helps craft glove that fits closely to the hand with maximum comfort 


❌ Smaller fastener on the wrist 

❌ Slimmer fit, good with smaller hands, but not big hands 

2. BEST ALL-LEATHER : Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove 


  • All Leather Constructions: Great Feel, Fit & Durability 

  • Perforations on Palm, Fingers and Thumb: Moisture Reduction & Increased Breathability 

  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure: Thin, Light & Secure Fit 

  • Cotton Terry Cuff: Soft Feel & Moisture Absorption 


Callaway's Dawn Patrol Leather Golf Glove is a real classic; 100% cabretta leather is the type of glove That still enjoys worldwide popularity. It reminds us of the classic FootJoy leather glove, but provides the same high performance at a much lower price. FootJoy, ironically, is the market's leading golf glove company. It is the only brand of glove available in many golf shops. Nevertheless, I think you pay more for the brand name because of its dominance. You can get a glove from a big manufacturer like Callaway that's just as good for a better price.  

The best way to extend the life of a golf glove is to remove it between shots and allow your glove to rest for a day after you use it. With the low price of the Callaway Dawn Patrol, you can easily buy several pairs and use them alternately if you intend to play in straight days. Giving the glove a day to dry completely after a round will really prolong its life. The Dawn Patrol is an all-leather, well-made glove. It is very robust and lasts for more than 15 rounds before signs of having to be replaced start to appear.  

For the average golfer, that means it’ll last several months. The Callaway Dawn Patrol fits great: snug soft, cozy. The Velcro tabs stick well and gives a really nice feel to it. However, this is not a rainy weather glove. When the rains arrive, the glove easily absorbs the water and the club immediately begins to feel slippery. Getting a cabretta leather wet can quickly reduce its lifespan. If it starts to rain or the glove starts to get soaked in your sweat, I would recommend putting it into your bag and use a glove designed for wet-conditions 


“Excellent quality glove. I have had no issues whatsoever after many rounds at the driving range, practice in the back yard, and course. I read many complaints in previous reviews about holes or tears between the fingers. This is no defect. The gloves are designed to be that way for ventilation. I am very satisfied and will purchase these gloves again in the future!”

“The Dawn Patrol glove stays playable longer than any other glove I've tried in my 15 years of playing golf. I've made direct comparisons to cheaper and more expensive gloves and none outlasts the Dawn Patrol. I play in North Texas and May-Oct it's HOT. Even on the hottest day, DP stays usable, even when soaked with sweat. Most other gloves will stay usable for four or five holes in that weather and then they get wet and slippery, but I get away with using two gloves per round with the Dawn Patrol. It's just another thing I don't have to worry about during my round. Highly recommend these golf gloves.”

“Great glove. Very comfortable. Fits as expected. I wouldn't hesitate to get another one next season if needed.”


✔ Soft 

✔ Comfortable 

✔ Elegant 


❌ Slippery when wet 

❌ Not as breathable as more modern fabrics 

3. BEST FOR SWEATY HANDS : Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove


  • A Best Choice for Rain Hot Wet Weather Daily Practice. Unbeatable Wet Weather Grip and Quick- Drying Comfort

  • High Quality 3D Performance Mesh, Provides Perfect Fit and Solve Your Moisture Wicking & Breathable

  • Finger Ten Products Are Eligible for Amazon 30 Days Return and Change Policy. Finger Ten Aims to Make All Our Customers 100% Satisfied


The Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove is a synthetic mesh glove built for rainy or particularly hot days when your hands are likely to get wet. The mesh material is made from wicks moisture from your hands and dries fast, so it's worth the look if you're likely to sweat a lot in the warm weather. Finger Ten claims to be an all-weather glove, but on rainy and very hot days we found it most beneficial. During the dry days, you’ll be giving up feel by not using a glove with a leather palm and more tackiness. But the glove really stands out when tarts to rain.

The patented Suede mark microfiber palm material retains a strong grip when it starts getting wet and hangs well on the club when it is soaked. If you are caught in a downpour, this glove will become very useful. It dries rapidly so that your hand is warm until the sun comes out. Most rain gloves come in two pairs, so note that the finger ten is just one glove. When buying one for each hand, it remains budget-friendly, but you must note that they are not available in pairs. We advise you to wear gloves on both hands when it rains to avoid slippage. 


“My footjoy leather glove is horrible when my hands get wet from sweat or rain. So i bought one of these for the hot humid Oklahoma summer weather. I have only played with this Finger Ten glove once and we ended up getting rained on so hard we had to quit, but my grip was great the whole time it was sprinkling to moderate rain on me. We only stopped playing when it started downpouring on us.”

“I was ripping through normal golf gloves for years then started wearing actual rain gloves...which broke down after a few rounds because they aren't made for 'every day' use per se.

Then I found the Finger 10 glove and couldn't be happier. I lost mine the other day and at this price range had no problem buying another one...almost bought 2 but I dont play golf that much.

Honestly no complaints at all. I've only worn the black ones, but may pick up some colored ones to step up my style game.”

“104-degree heat factor and I still held the club securely for the entire round. Cabretta gloves turned into wet chamois in the humidity and never really dried. I thought I'd give synthetic gloves a chance. Of those I've tried these are the best by far. I've ordered extras to use in the future and a couple for my other hand as well. If you need a good grip for golf, try these. Great value compared to over priced leather gloves.”


✔ Better-than-leather grip in wet conditions 

✔ Dries fast on hot, sweaty days 


❌ Slightly reduced feel 


  • Opti feel+ leather - premium feel, fit and comfort 

  • Perforations on palm, fingers and thumb - moisture reduction and increased breathability 

  • Opti fit adjustable closure - thin, light and secure fit


The Callaway OptiColor Leather Golf Glove is primarily is the Dawn Patrol glove which has been examined above but available in different colors. Although it is several dollars higher than the classic white Dawn Patrol glove, it still only costs half the price of the famous G-Fore glove line. I will call the Callaway OptiColor glove excellent performance. It is a soft, comfortable leather glove.

Callaway OptiColor has conventional breathability perforations to help disperse heat, but we'd also suggest that you remove the glove between shots. So, when you are looking for a tour-level performance and some interesting color splashes to highlight your golf equipment, Callaway OptiColor is our option for a high-quality glove that looks amazing. 


“I'll used this golf glove today in 97 degree weather. Unlike some of the previous posts, I did NOT experience any bleeding of the color on my hands. The glove goes on easily, and comes off for putts nicely without any issues. The seams are well constructed, with plenty of palm space for medium/large hands. The leather gripped well against my club grips without any issues. I'll most likely place another order for a different color given the quality of this glove. I liked this product very much, and would recommend it to other golfers.”

“After trying a bunch of driving gloves i got fed up with ink running, poor fit, crappy quality etc. Then i had the bright idea of trying golf gloves. Good manufacturing process probably and ink that doesnt run because ya know golf and all. Well it turns out i was right. These gloves are perfect for driving. Skin tight fight and exceptional quality. They are also very tacky providing necessary grip when needed. I highly recommend these for anyone who needs driving gloves.”

“Who doesn’t love a black glove on a hot Texas day. Lord knows I love do. For realz, soft glove, good grip, nice fit. It doesn’t lead color on your hand like the cheaper colored golf gloves. I don’t wear my golf gloves a lot, not continuously anyway. Rotate. Worn about three times now. I like that it makes me look like that a hole caddy from Caddshack. You know the one with a red sleeveless shirt, cigs, and bell bottoms. You know, Tony D'Annunzio. He wore a black glove. Just say’in”


✔ Comfortable and soft 

✔ Lots of different colors available 


❌ Slightly more expensive  


  • All-Cabretta Leather  

  • Winner of several PGA Tour events

  • All-time best-seller-well over 10 million sold! 


MG Golf brings the all-cabretta leather glove DynaGrip at an unrivaled price point for an all-leather glove.  Most gloves below $10 are made of low-quality synthetic fabrics that offer little grip. The MG DynaGrip is all-leather and feels much superior than rivals in the same range of under $10.  You would have to find a glove like this or your budget, if you're the kind of player who wants to imitate tour pros who sport a new glove every round. The MG Dynagrip suits well and gives a strong grip.  It is smooth and snug with breathability perforations on the finger. It's marketed as having thin leather to feel better, and the leather is indeed quite thin and feels good. However, this is a little of the problem: the fine leather makes it more vulnerable to tearing and holes.

Most gloves we used do not have a problem with tearing but after 4-6 rounds MG DynaGrip appeared to rip along the thumb or outside part of the hand lengthwise. Hot days and rainy days have further shortened life, as the paper-thin leather only seemed to disintegrate when it wet.  For a player or golfer who enjoys a new glove every few rounds, the MG will fit into the bill and will not dissipate your budget too strongly.  But make sure that you have a spare or two in your pocket, as the MG DynaGrip really collapses and gets useless easily.  A glove, such as the Mizuno or Callaway, which has been examined before can develop a small hole at a point of contact but can at least be used until the end. When its lifetime expires, the MG begins to tear and become completely unwearable. 


“AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I play about 3 rounds a week weather permitting with an 11 handicap. My swing speed is just over 100 mph, which I'll admit tends to be too much effort at times, but whatever. With that said I tend to go through a glove about once every 4-6 weeks, over the last year I've really tried finding cheap/bulk deals for quality gloves online (amazon,golf galaxy,etc...) no where could I find a consistent source for inexpensive quality gloves in my size. I finally tried the DynaGrip golf glove and I love it. This glove has already lasted my over a month and don't plan on replacing for another couple weeks. BUY IT, TRY IT, LOVE IT”

“These gloves are like having a second skin on your hand. They provide protection, and good grip when grasping a golf club. The good design provides comfort and good looks.t”

“Didn't think I would like this glove much as a "no-name" (to me) brand. However, it's pretty comfortable and has held up much better than several Taylormade, Callaway, and Nike gloves that I have had before it. No holes and very little stretch (if any) after about 10 rounds of golf with it.”


✔ The price is right 

✔ Soft cabretta leather 


❌ Not very durable 

❌ Thin leather and questionable stitching

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best golf glove made of? 

Most gloves, particularly the ones used on tour are primarily constructed of cabretta leather. Cabretta is a leather made of sheep’s skin that produces hair instead of wool. It’s gentle, smooth and long lasting. 

Modern gloves can make the glove more flexible by adding Lycra or other synthetic materials. Most of these hybrid or compound grips also have Cabretta in places where you touch the club 

There are also some that use Kangaroo leather in the grip to boost its performance during rain. There are also fully synthetic rain gloves that work really well. 

Fully synthetic gloves are available but usually do not have the comfortable feeling coupled with the smart fit of leather gloves 

Which hand should wear the golf glove? 

If you want to wear gloves on both hands just like Tommy Gainey. Otherwise, you’ll want to wear a glove on your main hand: the left hand for right-handed golfers and vice versa for lefties.  The lead hand has a much higher friction during your swing and more grip pressure. 

A bad swing always leads to a one-handed follow-through, and if you want to hold on to the club, you’ll want your glove on that hand. With a glove on your lead, you can avoid painful blisters and calluses. 

What is the best golf glove for good grip? 

Unless they come up with a synthetic version that can match it, cabretta leather remains the holy grail in golf gloves. It gives the best grip and the best feeling. 

How will I know if a golf glove fits me? 

Your glove should be snug, but not too snug, but not too tight. It should feel like your second skin.  

There should be no loose fabric or threads but the hand should still be free to move as though it were not wearing a glove. 

What are the best features in a golf glove? 

The glove should fit you well first and foremost. When you find the perfect glove, you should hardly feel like you’re wearing anything at all that it’s got a pretty tacky grip. 

A proper glove holds the golf club well enough where as you don’t have to place heavy pressure on the club to prevent it from slipping while you swing. 

We prefer mostly leather with some flexible Lycra material that makes it stretchy and flexible. This guarantees a snug fit but also provides enough freedom for movement. 

The leather should be thin enough to create a comfortable feel but thick enough not to tear during a round. 

In rainy weather, you want a glove that grips when it is damp and one that dries out quickly. During cold weather, you’d want to look for a thin glove that can still keep your hands warm.

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