Valentine’s Day Golf Gifts for Women Golfers

Valentine's Day Golf Gifts for Women Golfers

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Do you have a friend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, sister, child, mother, or grandmother that golfs or wants to golf? You are probably here to get some golf gift ideas for the lady golfers in your life. 

It can be daunting to choose the right golf gifts for women because golf requires a lot of equipment just to play. From golf clubs, golf bags, shoes, balls, gadgets, training aids, and so on, the list seems to never end.

And if she has pretty much everything she needs, there are so many accessories that make her look stylish on the greens. 

And coincidently, it’s that time of year again, the time of year where everyone goes out for a night on the town, and couples get together and have a good time.

I think this is where the idea of golf gifts for women comes into play. 

Not everyone loves playing this fantastic sport. But there are some women who absolutely enjoy playing golf, so go ahead and give them golf gifts for women that they will absolutely love. 

When it comes to women, golf may not be her most popular sport. However, If she’s an avid golfer, then you just have to find the right golf gifts for women. 

So, what kind of golf gifts for women would be the best choice? 


There are several popular options available when it comes to giving the perfect golf gifts for women on Valentine’s Day. A great option for most women is jewelry.

Whether she has a special hobby or loves to wear fashionable attire, there is sure to be a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or any other type of accessory that will make her feel special.

If you are looking for the best gift option for a woman, consider giving a gift certificate for something she has recently purchased or is in the market for. 

A Date on the Greens

It has been known that women don’t care for sports as much as men do, but some sure do love golfing.

Women just love to play this great game, and they know that it makes their man happy when he plays with them. Give her one of these great golf gifts for women that let her be a part of your game.  

Let her know that you just can’t get enough of this wonderful game. Let her experience a day at the putting green with you.

If you are unable to run her around the course, then just show up at her place, and she will surely enjoy your company.

What a great way to start out the new season! And to top off the great gift you gave her, get her a gift card for the whole game. 

Another great golf date idea is taking her to TopGolf. As Kristina from, explains, you don’t need to be a great golfer to enjoy a night out whacking golf balls high up off the tee boxes.

Golf Gift Card 

Are you still looking for golf gift ideas? Get her a gift card to a local country club. You can purchase a gift certificate for her from anywhere.

It really depends on how far away you want to send her. This can be an exciting gift for any golfer man in your life. Just imagine all the fun she could have with a gift certificate for a round of golf with you! 

Of course, you will want to make sure that she knows that this golf gift is coming from you. Show her that you care about her and appreciate everything she has done for you.

But don’t spend too much time getting these golf gifts for women perfect. Take your time so that she can enjoy opening her present on Valentine’s Day. 

Customized Golf Gifts For Women 

To add a personalized touch to golf gifts for women, why not include a message or a poem? Perhaps you could have your kids write you a poem or tell you a story about the origin of the gift.

Why not just have a friendly game of golf? Let her know you would love to spend time with her and see her again on Valentine’s Day. That would really make her feel special and loved. 

Golf Shoes For Women

And lastly, don’t forget about the shoes. Women love to wear high heel shoes so bring her a pair of shoes to slip into while hitting the links.

If you really want to go all out, have her decked out in golf gear. These could be the perfect Valentine’s Day golf gifts for women if you know she is a huge sports fan.

It doesn’t even have to be a new shirt or a new pair of shoes; have her sign an official golf card for you to be able to find at the bottom of the gift card. 


If you have a woman on your list who is more of a homebody, then it’s time to treat her to a weekend away at some of the world’s most famous golf resorts.

If she loves the idea but can’t afford a trip yet, then suggest a round or two at her favorite course.

Show her what true romance is all about by booking a room for the night and buying her breakfast and cocktail tickets.

When you take her to meet her husband on Valentine’s Day, you’ve already created several memories that will last forever. 

Golf Gift Basket 

If you’re worried that she might be upset with you for sending her the wrong gift on Valentine’s Day, then don’t worry. Golf Gift baskets are a great option.

There are many online stores that offer a wide selection of golf gift baskets filled with everything your woman would love to see her face brightened with bright, colorful surprises!

You could include chocolates, tea, coffees, flavored teas, cookies, chocolates shaped like hearts, stuffed animals, flowers, and even candles.

If your recipient lives out in the country, then a basket filled with golf accessories and gourmet food might be a good idea as well.

Who knows, your special lady may just surprise you! 

In the end, if you want to give a woman who loves golf just as much as you do, these golf gifts for women will show her how much you love her on a special day, send her golf gift baskets. She’ll be sure to appreciate and enjoy them!

And who knows, if you get lucky enough, she might just ask you to join her on a relaxing vacay at a golf resort next year! Who knows? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): 

What are the best golf gifts for women?  

There may be no sport with more accessories than golf. When it comes to gift ideas, the options are almost limitless.

However, if you don’t play the game yourself, the gifting prospect can get pretty foggy.    

That’s why we created these comprehensive lists of gifts for golfers to give you some tips and answer questions you might have before buying your golfer a gift for Valentine’s Day.   

Are golf shoes considered to be good golf gifts for women?

This is a risk-reward equivalent to golf gifts. Get it wrong, and you’re remembered for the blisters they’ve gotten. Find a glorious fit, and you’re a golf gifting legend.  

Once again, before you rush out to buy anything, you should start with a few questions. Does your golfer have a favorite golf shoe brand or style? Do they think they could do better than what they have at the moment?

If they’re complaining a little about their shoes, consider switching them up. In recent years, the shoe space in golf shops has grown quite crowded.

FootJoy and Adidas are good brands for traditional models of performance. In the meantime, the lifestyle golf shoe has completely blown up. There are two leaders here, Ecco and Sketchers.  

What golf gifts for women should I avoid?  

Golf tees: Basic golf tees are practically free everywhere. That would be like offering ketchup packets to someone. Not unless you get them some premium golf tee’s which we have recommended here.  

Putting mat or driving range net: How they use their living room space is pretty much up to them.   

Training aid: These golf gifts for women is highly likely to end up in the back of the garage unless they have mentioned a particular issue with their swing and you are experienced enough to know which aid will do the trick. The exception may be a specific training aid that they have their eye on.  

A souvenir from a famous golf course they’ve played in but you haven’t: Thanks for the hat. How about an invite next time?  

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