5 Best Utility Irons for Every Type of Golfer

Best Utility Irons for Every Type of Golfer

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Good utility irons, similar to a good set of golf irons, may be a game-changer, providing a fantastic mix of versatility and forgiveness in a single club. When it comes to shot-making, the long iron is one of the most adaptable clubs in the bag, giving several possibilities ranging from the long high ball to a punch into the wind. However, for many golfers, the long iron is the most difficult club in the bag to master since it requires the greatest precision. Because of this, every slightly misplaced shot is likely to result in a penalty.

As a result, many people choose to replace their long irons with more forgiving hybrid clubs rather than straight irons. The distance generated by them is constant and they are significantly simpler to hit with a high launch angle. However, they are not always as functional as they may be, and the odds of making a shot are diminished.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. As previously said, the greatest utility irons golf clubs available on the market combine the best features of both worlds. They provide you the ability to shape the ball and control the flight of the ball while still providing a high degree of forgiving power. Take a look at our selection of the top 5 best utility irons in the section below.

Top 5 Utility Irons


1. TOP PICK: Srixon ZX Utility Iron
2. VALUE FOR MONEY: Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron
3. BUDGET PICK: Cobra King Utility Iron
4. MOST FORGIVING: TaylorMade SIM DHY Utility Iron
5. BEST FOR BETTER PLAYERS: Callaway X-Forged Utility Iron

1. TOP PICK: Srixon ZX Utility Iron


⛳️ Tight fairways, windy days, and lengthy approach shots all benefit from the use of a utility iron. Even tour professionals depend on the extra forgiveness and control that these long iron replacements provide.

⛳️The redesigned ZX Utility is more compact, smaller, and blade-like. It packs more power into a smaller profile while maintaining the same level of forgiving.

⛳️A milled design on the rear of the face of the ZX Utility increases COR for increased ball speed and distance on every stroke.

⛳️The additional forgiveness provided by the totally hollow design makes it simpler to use utility irons, which offer distance, control, and a high launch off the tee or from the fairway.

⛳️Tungsten at the base of each ZX Utility reduces its center of gravity, allowing for a higher launch. A forged SUP10 face improves speed and distance, while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for a very soft feel.


The Srixon ZX utility iron is designed to function as both a long iron in a typical set of irons and as a stand-alone driving iron, and it fulfills both duties well.

We’ll start with the aesthetics, which include traditional chrome design on a head that seems to be a blade but is really a hollow head composed of 1020 carbon steel. Srixon refers to this as their Mainframe design, which is a fancy word for a chassis with a front face insert. To maximize ball speeds, the insert is forged from SUP10 steel and features a variable thickness pattern behind it.

This face has superb feel, and if you are a better player seeking for a forgiving long iron with a forged feel, look no further. It’s a little head, but it plays larger than it seems owing to a tungsten weight in the sole that helps with launch, so even players with modest swing speeds will be able to launch the Srixon ZX utility with ease.

The back of the club is neatly disguised at address, as is the amply broad sole. This gives the Srixon ZX the blade-style appearance that many utility irons aim to achieve, but few succeed as well as the Srixon ZX.

The Srixon ZX utility is available in three lofts: 2 (18), 3 (20), and 4 (23), and is available with either a KBS steel shaft or the silver UST Mamiya Recoil graphite shaft that we tried. Both are ideal for the ZX, providing solidity while maintaining a light feel, which is essential in a long iron.

The Srixon ZX driving iron performs best off the tee and in the fairway, with the sole dealing well with a wide range of lies.

We could go on and on about how much we like this utility iron, but the simplicity of the design is mirrored in the simplicity of the performance. So there isn’t much more to say other that this is one of the finest forged utility irons on the market.

The ZX provides dependability as a utility iron because of its high consistency. Most golfers’ initial choice may not be utility irons. The Srixon ZX, on the other hand, may be worth looking at. Whether you need a long iron replacement or just a “driving iron,” the ZX might be the solution.


“Despite being halfway across the globe, I got the item in a safe and secure shipment far ahead of the planned delivery date. I am quite pleased with the Driving Iron and would gladly suggest the vendor for future transactions. After all of the lockdowns, I can’t wait to go back on the course!”

“I bought the ZX 2, 3, and 4 utility irons and I am very satisfied. I change the makeup I wear according to the wind, the circumstances, and the course I’m playing on. With the insane wind right now, I have both the 2 and 4 in my backpack. Other times, I’ll go 3 utility 7 wood. I suppose it partly relies on how I perform off the tee. Srixon has gone a long way in a short period of time. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.”


✅ Considered to be the best utility iron by a majority of golfers

✅ Second place in forgiveness

✅ Beautiful design and shape

✅ VERY consistent!


❌ Some might find the sound too loud

2. VALUE FOR MONEY: Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron


⛳️ These clubs, designed to match the needs of our Tour Staff players, provide remarkable performance and dependability for golfers who want the most from their equipment.

⛳️ Distance, forgiveness, and better launch all combine to create a highly playable long iron with optimal launch angles.

⛳️ A high-strength C300 face generates faster ball speeds over the whole face, allowing every shot to go farther.

⛳️ Seven grams of weight are placed low in the club head, making the utility irons forgiving and simple to hit with higher launch angles.


Seven grams of weight are strategically placed low in the clubhead to boost launch for greater distance and accuracy. – A high-strength maraging steel face increases ball speed over the whole face, resulting in increased distance. – With a stock shaft from KBS Tour Hybrid, it’s available in three lofts: 18°, 21°, and 24°.

First impressions were correct, and it proved to be a versatile club capable of a wide range of tasks. To put it another way, the launch monitor translated club speed into remarkable ball speeds on a powerful, penetrating trajectory.

It’s a flattering form with a somewhat thicker topline that doesn’t seem bulky. In spite of the polished surface, some may prefer a less offset address.

Even while the sound and flight of the 21-degree option we tried were a bit lower than our expectations, with a little more spin, it was still able to create a solid balance between distance and stopping force. In addition, the KBS hybrid shaft excelled, providing both stability and power while yet allowing for maximum speed.

This club performed well on the course, especially from tight par four tees and from the grass, despite the fact that dirt tends to collect in the screw hole on the sole.

If you are looking for an iron-like club that can be used as a hybrid between your fairway wood and your longest iron, this Wilson Staff utility is a fantastic option.


“This club was designed for someone who prefers the appearance of a standard iron over the wide crop of hybrids available. Yes, it is somewhat larger than a regular player’s iron. The fact that there is very little offset in the face is a bonus in my opinion.

The club’s performance is on par with any hybrid I’ve ever used. You can manipulate the ball to a point, but it prefers straight above anything other. One significant advantage of the club is its performance on missed shots. Yes, the distance suffers, but not nearly as much as you would think. Another advantage is that it still follows a pretty straight path. 

I wish they’d all come in stiff.”

“In March of ’21, I purchased the 21 and 24. I was seeking a replacement for my hybrids. Although I’ve never been good with long irons, I gave them a go. The feel off the face was buttery. I only purchased the 24 since I was still apprehensive after playing on the simulator at the shop. After using it in my first round of the year, I was certain that these were the perfect clubs for me and went out and purchased the 21. I don’t think I’ll go back to hybrids after a full season with them. These long sticks are fantastic.”


✅ Looked amazing at address

✅ There’s a lot of forgiveness throughout the face

✅ Excellent stock shaft that is light and provides confidence

✅ Off-center hits go a good distance

✅ Price is quite competitive


❌ Spin is rather low

3. BUDGET PICK: Cobra King Utility Iron


⛳️ PWRSHELL FACE – A forged face insert wraps around the sole, resulting in a bigger sweet zone and quicker ball speed.

⛳️ HOLLOW BODY CONSTRUCTION – A hollow design results in a more unsupported face that can flex more freely, resulting in a higher ball speed over the face.

⛳️ TUNGSTEN WEIGHTING – A 66 gram tungsten weight places the CG just below the striking zone, imparting maximum speed on the ball for maximum penetrating distance.

⛳️ MYFLY ADJUSTABLE LOFTS – No utility iron is complete without the ability to be adjusted. You can fine-tune launch and spin with 8 readily changeable MyFly loft settings to obtain your ideal trajectory and gapping.


The MyFly adjustable hosel on the Cobra King Utility iron not only provides forgiveness, but also a degree of customization to the long iron category. Five different loft settings and three different draw settings are available by a screw at the heel of the club. It also comes in a 2, 3, and 4 iron form, with loft ranges that overlap so you may experiment with the lie and shaft length across models to find the best fit for your bag.

Is this all too much to handle? Then a professional fitting is in order, as KBS Steel or Project X graphite shafts are available. In the 3-iron we tested, the typical shaft length is 39 inches, which is shorter than other models of the same loft. There is a standard Cobra Connect grip with an Arccos sensor in the butt to monitor the performance of your King Utility on a smartphone app.

It’s rare to find an iron with this much versatility, but when you need to use a single long iron to cover a wide variety of distances on different types of courses, it’s a godsend.

The Cobra King Utility’s adjustability is effective in altering the ball’s trajectory, and it is a simple club to hit. At first glance, this seems to be a little head, but it really has a lot of room for error. Having a square-looking head and a little offset on the hosel gives the club face more time to square up, increasing its margin for mistakes. Despite the fact that you can see the empty rear of the head while addressing it, the traditional chrome style maintains the iron’s appearance.

The 66g tungsten weight in the hollow head’s sole is located just below the center of the face, which helps to maintain the center of gravity (CG) low for a smooth launch. PWRShell’s forged face cup extends across the leading edge, which increases the sweet spot even more. Because of the forged construction, the feel was excellent as well, and it should appeal to a wide range of single-digit handicappers.

Those who like the precision of an iron at the long end of their bag will find the Cobra King Utility to be a good fit with its combination of the latest in face technology and loft adjustment in a sleek and contemporary-looking head.

The Cobra King Utility Iron is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a driving iron that is simple to launch. At the top of the bag, the adjustable hosel provides a 3° range of loft.


“Excellent craftsmanship. Amazing swing balance. On fairways, I gained 25 yards over my 4 iron. In regulation, I can now reach the greens.”

“This is one of the most forgiving driving irons available. Furthermore, the ability to alter the loft to meet the course or circumstances makes this a simple buy. Cobra gets an A+.”


✅ Excellent feel.   The face insert is constructed of forged stainless steel, which increases ball speed upon impact while also providing a somewhat softer feel

✅ Adjustability. With the ability to modify the loft and lie angle, you can fine-tune the club for the circumstances at hand

✅ A draw setting helps individuals who are struggling with a push or fade to straighten up their flight or perhaps encourage a tiny pull for extra distance

✅ With the choice of a basic lightweight steel shaft or a lightweight graphite shaft for a nominal additional fee, it is suitable for every golfer


❌ The stock lightweight shafts are ideal for players with medium to slow swing speed.

4. MOST FORGIVING: TaylorMade SIM DHY Utility Iron


⛳️ Flexible Clubhead Shape: A versatile clubhead shape with a broad but playable sole intended for all circumstances – off the tee, off the fairway, and from tricky lies; delivers a polished and clean appearance at address.

⛳️ SpeedFoam: An ultralight urethane foam injected within the head that is designed to push the design boundaries of face speed while increasing feel.

⛳️ Low CG Hollow Body Construction: Provides clean looks while also allowing for a low and back CG location for a greater trajectory and peak height with increased gameplay and superior sound control over SIM UDI.

⛳️ C300 Face Forged With ICT: A lightweight ultra-thin face forged from C300 steel provides for a stronger face and explosive ball speeds; designed with Inverted Cone Technology for an improved sweet spot and straighter ball flight.

⛳️ Thru Slot Speed Pocket: The most adaptable Speed Pocket design, designed to increase ball speed while still providing forgiveness on low face strokes.


Such a club targets players who choose utility irons over hybrids but yet want the most current playability possible.

In addition to the Speed Foam filling to decrease vibrations, the SIM DHY utility features a hollow head that is meant to increase distance and forgiveness for players.

It features a thicker topline and greater offset than the SIM UDI utility, making it a more trust-inspiring package for people in need of additional help at the top of the bag.

The smooth lines guarantee that it has a sleek look behind the ball, and it marks a substantial advance over the GAPR in this respect.

We checked the performance of the SIM DHY with a launch monitor, and the enhanced launch and peak height offered by the SIM DHY utility stood out in similar static lofts.

The higher flight of the SIM DHY makes it a good choice for both off the tee and from the deck, making it a versatile club.

Since it was recently joined by two new SIM2 Rescue clubs, golfers now have even more options thanks to TaylorMade’s SIM family.


“This is a fantastic utility club in the bag – I’m replacing my Titleist Hybrid and needed something with a little more length to bridge the gap between my 4 iron and 3 wood. Based on an online fitting with Alex Betts (a legend), I bought the Ventus Blue Velicore 80 shaft. Off the tee, out of the rough, or for those 580-yard par 5s, this is a club you can rely on. I believe the velicore is to blame for my low dispersion, yet the ball came off the face hot, most likely due to the speed foam. I’m a little prejudiced since I’m a TM fan, but I believe this is a fantastic product and had no problem placing it straight in my bag on the first round. Party on people!” 

“I bought this a few weeks ago to replace the two iron MB in my set. I no longer need a 3, 4, or 5w! I obtained it while using the Project X 6.5 Rifle. Any hole shorter than 430 yards is now a 2i UDI off the tee, putting the fairway in play! Fantastic feel and a ferocious face! It’s good not to have to change the clubs in my bag depending on the course. Extremely dependable and constant! Fantastic club! It’s worth it!”


✅ Super easy to launch

✅ If you’re having trouble with your woods, this is a good tool to have

✅ Players will gain confidence thanks to the forgiving profile


❌ Some might find the clubhead too big

5. BEST FOR BETTER PLAYERS: Callaway X-Forged Utility Iron


⛳️ Triple net forging with extreme precision for outstanding feel and performance.

⛳️ The Tour soles are intended to provide good turf engagement from a variety of lies.

⛳️ The 20V grooves are designed to provide a high degree of control and outstanding spin in a variety of playing circumstances.

⛳️ Inspired by some of our most popular forged irons, this iron is clean and traditional with a smooth, attractive appearance at address.


If you are looking for more forgiveness in your driving irons, you should consider the Callaway X-Forged Utility Iron.

You get the best of both worlds with Callaway’s forgings when they’re combined with cutting-edge technology. Callaway’s AI algorithm created the Flash Face Cup, which optimizes performance and forgiveness. It’s simple to launch the ball with the Callaway X-Forged UT’s short profile thanks to the leading edge of the face wrapping around the front of the chassis.

The 1025 carbon steel body is hollow and has a tungsten weight on the back to help pull the center of gravity (CG) back during launch. The 18° 2-iron shown here has a small head, but the curving trailing edge is apparent at address because of the design. As a result, the center of the sole is broader than on most blades, which aids with forgiving.

Those who already own a set of blades and want more forgiveness will like the availability of the 21° 3-iron and 24° 4-iron models, which have a distinctive appearance at address. With its brushed chrome finish, the X-Forged UT may be easily included in any set of blades.

The True Temper Project X U steel or HZRDUS Smoke Black graphite shaft is an option for the Callaway X-Forged UT Utility Iron. We tried the steel shaft and were pleasantly surprised by how light it was in stiff (110g), making it feel nearly like a graphite shaft.

It was simple to launch this kind of driving iron with a decent feel and a mid-height flight from the X-Forged UT. As a result of the small head, golfers who already own a set of Callaway’s and are looking to add a blade-style driving iron to their bag may find this appealing. A simple appearance belies the complexity of the design, which blends cutting-edge technology and traditional aesthetics to produce an excellent utility iron.

As a whole, the X-Forged UT Utility Iron from Callaway is a high-end blade-style long iron that has a great feel and a refined appearance. Despite its compact head, it provides a decent amount of forgiveness than other heads of this size.


“Many utility irons are marketed just as driving irons. This is not a driving iron, but rather a proper long iron replacement.

Long off the tee or from the deck. It’s highly forgiving and produces consistent long distances. It’s simple to launch the ball high and drop it on a dime, or to smash low, scorching stingers that may remain under the wind and roll out 20 to 30 yards.

Because the club is hollow, excellent hits may sometimes produce a tinging sound reminiscent of a metal fairway wood. The club, on the other hand, gives a good degree of feel and feedback for your off-center strikes.

I chose an 18-degree model bent to 17-degrees and have had no trouble launching the ball. This club will fly whether you swing easy or out of your shoes. When compared to a forged muscle back or cavity iron, this club is more of a game enhancement in terms of ease of usage.

The X-Forged UT is a stunning club. Its look is complementary to blades, cavities, or GIs. The club face has held up nicely after many weeks of usage in the range and on the course, hitting dozens of balls every day. The club’s sole displays slight wear but nothing out of the usual. For look and consistency concerns, I would prefer that the club be classified simply as “2” rather than “18*,” but that is my personal preference and is not a detriment to the club’s performance or overall image.

If you value having a versatile club in your bag that you can use to play off the tee, out of the woods, or target a green from 220 yards out, rather than carrying another wedge in your bag that is only good from 75 yards going in, and are willing to make a somewhat expensive investment, give the Callaway X-Forged UT a try.”


✅ It looks and feels fantastic

✅ Dispersion is excellent

✅ Ball flight that penetrates


❌ Some might find it too low-launching

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when choosing a utility iron?

While golfers have been conditioned to focus on the distance to the detriment of almost everything else, we propose focusing on the little numbers and small circles. When comparing measures such as distance and ball speed, be sure to check on your standard deviations, which are normally located underneath the large figures on the data screen. Smaller numbers indicate more consistency, which will generally improve your score more than an additional yard or two. Look for tighter dispersion ellipses as well. The necessity of consistency with utility irons cannot be overstated.

What is the purpose of a utility iron?

For golfers with faster swing rates, utility irons are a good option. Golfers having a tendency to spin their ball more than usual can use a utility iron, which may help them control the ball more effectively with less spin. Players who struggle with hybrids may benefit more from using utility irons.

Utility irons appeal to lower handicap players who don’t like hybrid golf clubs but are looking for an alternative to fairway woods and long irons. The utility iron has its advantages, but it’s not for everyone’s game. In most cases, hybrids are superior to utility irons for most players.

Do high handicappers benefit from a utility iron?

We’d say it depends. If you have a high handicap because you are not a long hitter, a driving iron will not assist you much. They aren’t very effective weapons unless you have a lot of clubhead speed. They may be useful if you are a long hitter who struggles to keep the ball on line. All of this being said, we’d be astonished if a high handicapper chooses a driving iron over a driver in the long run.

A driving iron is also less forgiving than a regular Game Improvement iron, which is made by the majority of manufacturers. A utility iron should be considered for a high handicapper if they are hitting the 3 Iron the best. Choosing a driving iron that is suited to their swing and skill can help high handicap golfers feel more at ease on the tee when they need to hit a low, accurate shot rather than one that goes for maximum distance.

Will my game benefit from a hybrid or utility iron?

Because the hybrid and utility are often used for the same distances, they are frequently compared. The hybrid clubs are ideal for tough shots out of the rough and for gaining a lot of distance quickly. The hybrids’ ball flight will be pretty high as well.

The disadvantage of the hybrid is that it is more difficult to control and does not stop and land as gently with spin as an iron does. As a result, the hybrid is a superior option for players with a medium to high handicap. It’s hard to determine whether a hybrid or a utility iron is superior to the other.

The actual issue is which one will be most suited to your golf game. You should assess your swing speed, and if it is less than 100 mph, you should avoid using the utility iron at this time. When comparing a utility iron to a long iron, you will most likely discover that the utility iron has some significant advantages for the player that should be considered.

With that said, the utility iron is likely to become more popular in the future. The utility iron’s popularity will only increase, making it more accessible to a wider spectrum of players. Give it a few years if you are presently in the group of players for whom utility irons are not the best option. Forgiving utility irons for slower swing speeds are very certainly in the works and on their way to market. These clubs will provide golfers with an alternative to hybrid golf clubs at all times.

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