Golf Swing Analyzer For A Better Swing 

Golf Swing Analyzer For A Better Swing 

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A golf swing analyzer is a tracking sensing unit that offers you real-time statistics on your swing.  

Numerous newbies have difficulty with their hands’ flipping’ with their swing, which can cause hooking and also slicing  

Moreover, a golf swing analyzer uses the capacity to acquire instantaneous responses on all touchpoints related to club and sphere to let you reduce your handicaps by each and every single shot you take.  

If you’re still thinking about which golf swing analyzer you want to get, then look at the ones we have reviewed below! 



  • PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL ACCURACY- Distance accuracy is within 2. 5% of Trackman at just 2.5% of the price 

  • SET UP IN UNDER 30 SECONDS- Simply open the app, connect your device via bluetooth and start hitting 

  • INSTANT FEEDBACK- The real-time video feedback comes with a SHOT TRACE and DATA OVERLAY making it easier than ever to understand cause and effect. Access your stat history to view AVERAGES, DISPERSION, TRAJECTORY and STANDARD DEVIATION for each club. 

  • GPS SATELLITE VIEW- Use your phone's GPS to see where all of your shots land on your actual range or course 


If you're the kind of golfer who loves to watch replays of your swing, can do a deep dive to your swing analytics, and want to be able to monitor progress over time with your phone? Then the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is the one for youo. The built-in camera is where it truly sets itself apart.  Any single shot you hit, is recorded and played back while also adding a shot tracer. Generally, it provides good statistics, nice video feedback, is fun to use and gives you all the stats on your phone to access whenever you want.  It's not perfect, but in this price range, I don't think any of the similar devices are. But If you really want to focus on your golf game, swing, and want to visibly see the improvement? This is the device for you. 


“have been researching personal launch monitors for last few years and each time the product had its limited. I stumbled upon this product last week and after doing my research I said let me give it a shot. Well I will say this if you want a game changer then this is what you need. all the aspects of it are amazing. the video , shot tracker , ease of use makes it a five star. I will promise this to anyone that gets it well worth every penny. my handicap index is a 4.8 and this is just what I was looking for to be able to review not only my good shots but the bad ones to correct and better my game. Well done to Rapsodo”

“This is a nifty little device. I am in the middle of some lessons now and seeing my shots get better and better is a big confidence boost. Having the video playback I can immediately see where I need improvement in my swing. Having the ability to properly gap my bag will certainly help my game. I initially had some issues updating the firmware and support had an immediate answer and the app was updated to allow the update to complete. Much welcomed addition to the golf bag.”

“This is amazing. The video feedback and tracer feature gives you instant feedback. A few shared swings with the instructor and he identified a flaw in my back swing. Invaluable tool if you really want to improve. There’s a line at the driving range of golfers wanting to try it out. Love the GPS feature - gives you a good sense of the dispersion of your shots to the target flag.”


✔Rapsodo shows you balls fight path using a red fracking line. It identifies each swing as a fade, draw, straight etc. 
✔Rapsodo provides a google map type image of your range or course and the gps locations of where you hit your balls. You can see patterns clearly

✔Session accumulative data 

✔Ability to save and share videos 

✔Ability to change clubs in the session and they are marked on the dispersion chart 


❌Accuracy is comparable to its price range 

❌Set up can be quite challenging 

❌The initial set up was not as simple as most plug and play / stand-alone devices 

❌It requires 8 ft of space behind you to place the device and that is not very common in most covered practice facilities with mats 


  • Winner of four-straight Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards for “Best Game Analyzer, ” Arccos Caddie is golf’s first and only fully-automatic performance tracking system. It features 14 sensors, one for every club in your bag

  • Automatic shot tracking, hands-free fully automatic data capture. 

  • A. I. Powered GPS Rangefinder, first-ever rangefinder that adjusts in real-time for wind (including gusts), elevation, temperature, humidity and altitude providing the most precise yardage

  • Personalized Caddie Advice that leverages A. I. to provide you with your optimal strategy. 

  • Smart Distance Club Averages, know how far to actually hit all your clubs so you select the right one for every shot


The precision of the Arccos golf swing analyzer is good, possibly because it is larger than most and the capture of 'hands-free' statistics during the game is still a key advantage, particularly for those who do not want to wear a device on their wrist. To be honest, all players strive to get a 100 percent accurate system, and this is due to the fact that the accuracy of data and measurement technology is still developing and is not at a stage yet where there are no discrepancies. So, what can Arcos Sensors offer you? With this price range, it is still definitely enough to improve your game with.  


“My wife got me the Arccos system as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and I loved it pretty much from day 1. I love the stats and data it provides and how it’s helped me be smarter about club selection and figuring out how I should spend my practice time. I also love going back and re-living my rounds whenever I’m not able to get out on the course.

In fact, I love Arccos so much that when my clubs got stolen out of my car recently with the Arccos sensors attached, I had to buy it again (hence the review title) as I just can’t go back to playing without it after having it these past few years.”

“This is a pretty good product for golfers that want to have better course management, improvement club selection, and who are into statistical data of their rounds.. Setup is pretty easy as you just open app add clubs and scan the sensors for each club. When using, you have to keep the phone on at all times, with location on as well in the left pocket or right pocket if you hit left handed. Make sure you have a power bank handy in case your phone uses up battery if you have other background apps running simultaneously. Other GPS apps that use NFC is cumbersome as you have to authenticate each club before you hit. Arccos is automatic so when you get your club and setup for hitting it is detected till the next club is used at the new spot of the ball. In order to enable Arcoss caddie you have to play about 90 holes to activate it. It would be nice to have an option/feature of voice feedback from what the caddie says on your next shot rather than taking out your phone and looking at the screen on what it shows you.

Note: They also have a new device where you can leave your phone in your cart and this other Arccos sensor clips to your belt and tracks your clubs.”

“I've played 4 rounds with this system so far and can already see how this will improve anyone's game. It took like 5 minutes to set up and download the course and then you just play and it records all your shots. Then after the round, you get a ton of stats back that are super helpful. Have gotten my club distances dialed in and constantly using the rangefinder to get plays-like distances during the round. I've just unlocked the Caddie feature so I'm sure that's a game-changer too. My only question is why did I wait so long to get this??”


✔Easy Installation and pairing 

✔Set up and installation: This was a breeze, download the app, register, attach the sensors and then pair them. Total process is about 10-15 minutes. 

✔Tracks useful information 



❌The biggest flaw is that the sensors fit on the end of your club at the grip. So, when you put your club back in your bag it's one the sensor so they get damaged very easily 

❌It tracks everything but runs your phone down


  • Attaches to your own golf clubs - play real rounds of golf with your friends! 
    Includes The Golf Club game for stunning simulation of 15 top courses 

  • Runs on your PC - no launch monitor or projector required.4 hour battery life 
    Includes club swing and ball launch data for every shot - analyze your game!  

  • Extremely easy to use - just provide your own mat and net and start playing! 

  • Comes with one sensor, clip, USB dongle, and charging cord 

  • PC Requirements Windows 10 (64bit) Processor: Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVidia GTX 970 DirectX: version 11


Golf simulators have reshaped the way we play a round of golf. These golf simulators allow you to enjoy a good game of golf any time, whether you wish to play indoors or when the weather isn’t too good for outside to go to the course. With a wide variety out in the market these days, you need to find one that would match your needs and budget. That is why the Rapsodo R-Motion, Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable golf simulator. The pricing and features are reasonable for a high-level player or a beginner. You can choose to play solo or to engage your family and friends. The only downside is that you will have to purchase additional mats, but the mat won’t cost a lot. 


“I can’t speak highly enough about R-Motion golf. With a family I don’t have time to practice as much as I like. I purchased it as a practice tool and it’s great to be able to use R-Motion in the evening when everyone goes to bed. I use it almost nightly for both the range and course play. My ball striking and consistency has improved due to the ability to practice and receive real feedback. The Golf Club comes with some fun courses and the simulator is more accurate than I would have hoped for. Just remember to measure your clubs for accurate sensor placement and that since it measure path and face at impact it's not great at detecting thin / fat. For the $$$$, I don’t think you can beat it.”

“This arrived a few days ago and honestly I could not be happier with the purchase. It came with one clip, but as others have suggested, some putty goes a long way for moving the sensor to different clubs.

The first day I got it I put it on my 7 iron and used it for all shots, just changed the club in the software.

Great graphics and a much better experience than I was expecting. Can't recommend this enough for all golfers.”

“ changed my golf analyzer from Golf Swing by GolfZon to this sensor. For me was a good upgrade as this device gives you a ball trajectory. The step by step instructions once you download the software are pretty accurate except that sensor has a motion sensor that saves energy if doesn’t feel movement. There’s really no push button to turn on/off the device, at least I haven’t found mine yet. The app for your phone is pretty neat and also provides ball trajectory. The software for your PC is powered by Golf Club which is the best in class when talking about golf simulators. I’ve played the Golf Club PS4 video games 1&2 versions and are pretty much the same graphics. I installed the software on a i3 PC and is working fine. In terms of battery thus far can’t complain, first time that used it did around 50 swings and battery was a bit off from mid tank. Tried the putting but can’t really provide a good review on that as did some putting on my yard with some heavy grass. Bought some artificial turf to give it a try. My only complaint thus far is that you need to swap the bracket every time that you change a club. For this price at least 2 to 3 adapters would be a blast. Will update my review once I try the putting on my mat.”


✔Great for winter play/practice 

✔Can be used for game improvement indoors 

✔Gives you a nice golfing experience right in your home/garage or game room 


❌Set up can be quite challenging 

❌Need to have a powerful pc otherwise it will run slow 

4. VALUE FOR MONEY : Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer 


  • 3D swing analysis measures the most important aspects of your swing; club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length etc

  • Instant evaluations help you see where you can improve the most and focus your training 

  • Smart coach offers personalized training programs, based on your data, from PGA/LPGA players and Tour instructors to make you a better player faster 

  • Replay and review your swing in 360 degree from any angle. Connectivity : Bluetooth LE.

  • Battery: 1.5 hour full charge cycle lasts up to 8 hour 

  • Record your swing in HD video and compare directly to the pros. Sensors: Dual accelerometers, Dual 3-axis gyroscopes 


This analyzer has more than the usual features that most swing analyzers have. To boost your swing and all-round game, Zepp Golf 2 come full loaded with in-app content and tools such as drills, training, and SmartCoach.  Although all the stats it offers is helpful, it takes some time to familiarize yourself and understand how it can perform effectively to fit your training. It will take a while to get used to it but once you do, you can take full advantage of all its features and get the most out of this device. The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer system is easy to use and will make your training much more efficient and enjoyable, especially as you can monitor your efforts and watch your game improve significantly   


“This product help my game. i was having TEMPO issue with my downswing. very easy to use and if your into competition it emails you, your nationwide standing. You can upload pictures/video of your shot if you like. It is a very nice product. I never did have any issue with it paring to my phone or battery life, great assistance to show your coach/pro if you take lesson. Tracks your progress too.”

“I can not stress enough how much this will build consistency in the golf swing from wedges to driver once you realize where your mistakes are the device will actually recommend oh, yes I said recommend videos to solve it.”

“This is the next best thing to having a golf professional teaching you about your golf swing.

The instant analysis is easy to understand. If you are keen on improving your swing and club speed, this is one tool that you should have.”


✔Zepp 2 is an inexpensive alternative to swing analysis

✔It contains many useful instruction videos and tips
It allows you to adjust the goals for the five swing metrics

✔The metrics do allow you to work on specific areas of you swing to make improvements


❌Zepp 2 is not accurate for shorter clubs 

❌Does not register club face angle at impact and launch angle


  • MEASURE: Mevo provides ACCURATE real-time performance data to help you train and improve with every club in the bag, whether on the range, on the course, or in your home.  

  • EVALUATE: Practice INDOOR or OUTDOOR with data parameters that include carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin, apex height and flight time.  

  • VISUALIZE: Automatically capture data and video on your mobile device. Practice without interruption using the Mevo app on your phone or tablet to automatically record, clip, and save each video with data overlay.  

  • OPTIMIZE: Save and compare data over time to track your progress. Your videos and data are captured and stored automatically, allowing you to review each session, share with your coach, and analyze your progress over time.  

  • PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE with this LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE 3D Doppler radar based launch monitor. 


The MEVO flightscope really a "personal" golf monitor and golf swing analyzer. It enables players to analyze their ball flight whether theyre indoors or out in the range. This compact golf launch monitor conveniently tucks into a golf bag or carrying case and is simple to use during drills or warmups . the best standout feature of the flightscope MEVO swing analyzer is that its not just the fact that its  below $1000 which makes it more accessible to many players. but the fact that they make use of radar technology to track golf shots and your ball speed. 


“This a great gadget for the golfer who loves to practice or tinker. It can record video and spits out data on each shot. I used it to identify a poor swing path. That took my drives from the 220-250 yds range with nice slice to 265 and straight. Next I looked at my swing speed and googled what my potential carry distance was with optimal launch conditions. Using the my data from the mevo vs this optimal data, I saw that I was launching the ball at 10° rather than the 12-14° needed. Rather than try to swing up more, I adjusted my driver from 8° stated loft to 10° and now I’m carrying the ball 280+ yds. This thing isn’t going to fix your swing for you but it’s a great tool to help you see somewhat of what’s going on and maximize the swing speed you’re already producing.”

“I wanted to get one of the affordable launch monitors to use to improve my game. I was looking at the Mevo vs. the Rapsodo. I tried the Rapsodo first but ended up returning it and getting the Mevo. I found the Mevo to give much more accurate numbers overall between the two units. Both gave good ball speed and club speed numbers, but the rest of the numbers the Rapsodo gave were way off. I used a laser distance finder to measure overall carry distances and the Mevo was very close while the Rapsodo was consistently wrong. If you are also trying to decide between these two units I recommend getting the Mevo.”

“I teach golf for a living and travel quite a bit for work. This device is very accurate and gives me all the information that I need. It does work best with the metallic stickers but can work without them. It gives you club and ball speed. Spin and smash factor as well as carry distance. It’s a great device and it is a great investment for any golfer trying to improve your game. It also reviews your practice session with videos for each swing. The internet portal is pretty unique also. If you’re looking for a product that is your best bang for your buck, you found it!”


✔Much more accurate than other devices in the same price range 


❌When you hit bad shots, or if you hit a fade or a draw, it gets less and less accurate 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf swing analyzer? 

A golf swing analyzer reliably calculates a number of data categories including ball speed, shot height, ball flight time, carrying distance, clubhead speed, spin rate, and start angle. Golfers may use data from a swing analyzer to help improve their golf game. 

How can a golf swing analyzer help? 

There are several types of golf swing analyzers available: launch monitors, ShotLink-style information providers, and camera mounts designed to get the best video of your swing. 

Launch monitors help by giving you numerical information about the ball flight. You’ll see these lined up along the driving range at PGA Tour events as the pros analyze every bit of RPM and launch angle that the launch monitor provides. 

Launch monitors can help you get fitted properly and to dial in the right settings on your adjustable clubs. They provide insight into what your clubhead and clubface are doing at impact once you learn how to analyze the numbers. 

The ShotLink-style systems that provide information like PGA Tour’s ShotLink will help you in the realm of course management. They’ll provide feedback on which of your clubs produces the best results and where you’re giving shots away. 

These are very useful for players who feel like they’re hitting the ball well but can’t quite figure out why their scores don’t reflect the quality of their play. 

The classic swing analyzer is simple: a video camera. Today’s smartphones almost universally have excellent video cameras that will allow you to take HD video of your swing and usually view it in slow motion. Even if you’re not able to determine where you need to improve, you can send your video to a pro or post it online for critique. 

There are several products available that make it easy to get great videos at the right angle with your smartphone. This can be a low-cost alternative to the more expensive launch monitors. 

Do I need a golf swing analyzer? 

There’s no doubt that swing analyzers provide a great deal of feedback on your golf swing. However, you’ll need to do some research to determine what all the numbers mean! 

If you have the time to learn how to interpret the numbers your launch monitor is returning, the launch monitor can be a great investment. However, if you’d rather have someone else look at the numbers and make recommendations, find a local pro with a TrackMan and take lessons from them. 

I very strongly believe that a shot-tracking system is well worth the time and investment. Course management is not necessarily intuitive and it’s very tough to teach. A lot of pros offer playing lessons, but since 9 holes usually takes at least 2 hours to play (and longer if you’re getting instruction before and after every shot), they can get quite expensive. 

Being able to track every shot and use an app to tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are can be very enlightening. You may think you’re a great iron player but find out that your long irons are above average but your wedges need work. Or maybe you hit it a long way, but missing fairway after fairway is costing you strokes. 

The information that shot-trackers provide can be used to immediately improve your scores without making any changes to your swing. You’ll find out how far you actually hit each club instead of having to guess, and you’ll get a better idea of when to hit a risky shot and when to play it safe. 

What is the best golf swing analyzer? 

So, which is swing analyzer is best? It all depends on what you’re looking for and what your skill level is. There is no size fits all. Think about what you want, your goals, and where you think your swing can improve, and find the technology that will best help you accomplish that. The new wave of technology means golfers have more resources at their fingertips than ever before. Use them wisely, and it’s never been easier to improve your game. No matter which swing analyzer you choose, the data that it will provide is truly invaluable. Combine this data with targeted practice and you can take your golf game to a whole new level! Here’s an article all about golf swing trainers.

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