The Perfect Golf Shoes To Give Your Game An Edge

The Perfect Golf Shoes To Give Your Game An Edge

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If you want to be able to wear golf shoes while you play golf, you need to choose the right pair of shoes. Golf is a sport that requires many things from your body. Your feet and legs are used to walking and running around the course, so you will want to choose the best golf shoe for them. You will also need to get the proper arch support and other features for your feet as well.

Golf shoes come in a variety of styles and designs, but they all do the same thing. The purpose of the shoe is to protect your feet from getting damaged from all the different types of surfaces on the golf course. The main types of golf are 18-hole and nine-hole golf.

There are four main types of golfing shoes: soled, non-sole, spiked, and non-spiked.

Soled Golf Shoes are designed with one sole that has a rubber layer that allows it to grip the ground. This makes it ideal for those with flat feet. This type of shoe is the most popular, as it provides the best grip and traction.

Non-sole Golf Shoes, on the other hand, do not have any kind of rubber layer for traction. However, some people may prefer these because the non-soles can also be taken off to let your feet air out during the game.

Spiked Golf Shoes, in general, the most popular golfing shoes are made with leather and spikes. While spiked shoes were once illegal in most golf courses, these are now permitted.

Spikeless golf shoes are commonly perceived to have a better grip on the ground without sinking into it. However, this is not always the case. When striking on a slope, the spikeless styles deliver less traction and stability control than conventional spiked cleats. Here is what we recommend to consider when buying golf shoes:



  • 75% Microfiber, 25% Leather

  • Lightweight 

  • Mesh 

  • Synthetic sole 

  • Removable insole 


The Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes are pretty much the whole package. With both a lightweight structure and a solid, robust sole, these shoes will bring you so much comfort in your golf game. In designing this shoe, Adidas really took comfort into consideration, from improved breathability to the lightweight mesh. With these shoes, your feet definitely won't get sore regardless of how long you got them on for. EVA foam on the inside of the sole gives you cushioning in every move, stoke and swing, regardless of whether you’re doing 36, 18 or 9 holes. For golfers who favor a spiked sole but want the comfort of a spikeless shoe while walking, then the Adidas Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe is the best option. 


“Love, love, love these shoes. I've been golfing 38 years and have gone through more than a few golf shoes. These shoes, by far, are the most comfortable yet! Easy on/off too. They are light and the grip is just right. I'm very pleased with these shoes and I expect they'll wear well. I do not expect them to be waterproof but I haven't experience any issues playing in morning dew. I convinced you'll be pleased if you get these shoes. ”

“I'd recommend these for anyone who plans on walking 18. i was concerned about getting golf-specific shoes because they 1)are expensive and 2)they often look uncomfortable to wear while walking a whole course... these fit like normal running/tennis/athletic shoes, and we're about half the price of many of the other options. They're light, breathable(definitely not waterproof), and comfortable. I bought them along with a separate pair of inserts(which I'd recommend), and was able to comfortably walk 18 without having to break them in and without getting any hot spots.”


✔Lightweight Mesh Design 

✔Six Spike Sole for great traction 

✔EVA Form Inside Sole for Good support and cushioning

✔Ankle flexibility 

✔Very durable 

✔Breathable Fabrics 


❌Not that waterproof 

❌Sizing runs small 


  • Leather and Synthetic 

  • Synthetic sole 

  • Shaft measures approximately low-top" from arch

  • Leather deco-stitched upper 

  • Durable grip TPU bottom plate  

  • Lightweight 

  • Waterproof 

  • High performance Resamax cushioned insole


The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 is an extremely comfortable golf shoe with a waterproof exterior made of quality leather that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. You can expect footwear made from high-quality components from any Go Golf line with a lightness that soothes the feet and does not cause uncomfortable friction which become painful blisters later on. It all starts with the high-end sole for the Elite 3. Although the bottom of the shoe is made of synthetic material, it still fits snugly and does wonders for your feet while walking on the golf course.  Overall, Elite 3 is a versatile golf shoe that is suitable for any golfer, including players with low-handicap. 


“With one caveat, I'm giving these shoes the highest endorsement possible, based on one very wet round of golf. I ordered the shoes half a size over my regular size of 9 1/2 M, and it's a good thing I did. I could barely get the 10's

on. I wore them around the house all evening, then went and played this morning, wearing the thinnest pair of socks I own. The shoes broke in nicely, and were comfortable by the end of eighteen holes, however. More importantly, my feet were bone dry--the only dry part of me by that time.

From the picture on the website, I was a little concerned about wet traction, as the spike pattern seemed very non-aggressive, but this was dispelled by playing our very hilly local course. The traction was outstanding, remarkable for shoes that feel like street shoes walking indoors. It remains to be seen how they'll hold up, both in water-proofness and traction, but as of now, I couldn't be more pleased with thesde shoes. ”


✔Very soft and comfortable 

✔Can easily be worn for 36 holes 

✔Variety of traction elements provide ample grip, even in wet conditions 


❌Styling and design are a little bland, no white colorway available 

❌Extended break-in period due to the new leather and synthetic sole combination 


  • Synthetic sole 

  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

  • Adaptive Fit System 

  • Ignite Foam 

  • PowerCage 

  • PwrFrame 

  • PwrAdapt 


These shoes feature state-of-the-art comfort technology. It uses a system to improve temperature regulation so the feet don't sweat. These shoes have many striking features. The Ignite PwrAdapt Caged Disc Golf Shoes are more than just supportive, they are also incredibly comfortable. The full-length Ignite foam cushioning by Puma offers energy return and responsive comfort, so that you can easily walk 18. The PwrAdapt Sole System features an innovative 3-dimensional traction that keeps you steady throughout a golf swing. It includes removable stealth cleats. When you're not on the green, you can remove the braces that will make them last longer. These shoes also use strong materials and are promised to remain waterproof for up to 1 year. These are ultimately quality professional golf shoes at a reasonable price. 


“These golf shoes are very comfortable and look great! The puma boa system works great and makes getting in and out of your shoes a breeze. The shoe is a little heavier than expected but not too heavy to bother me. I'm a size 12 and they fit good, maybe a little more room in the toes than I'd like but I think a half size down would be too small so I'd say they fit pretty true to size but maybe a little on the larger side” 

“I have used these a few times on the course now. They have great traction. Not too heavy. the disc lacing system is nice for adjusting during the match. I also wore these in a complete downpour and the waterproof held up well. These obviously are going to shed or withhold water like rubber boots but what would you expect. These shoes also look great on the course. I normally wear an 8.5 casually but went with the 8s to get a snug athletic fit.”


✔Available in 6 colors 


✔Lace closure for a snug fit 

✔Removable stealth cleats 


❌Fit and 'bootie' may not suit everyone 

❌Looks like your average trainers 


  • 100% Textile 

  • Synthetic sole 

  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch

  • Cushioned Fit-Bed insole 

  • Genuine leather linings  

  • Fiberglass composite support bridge  

  • Cyclone golf spike from Soft Spikes 


This is what most people imagine when they think of golf shoes. FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes are chic and elegant, with a classic saddle-shoe style and an overall synthetic construction, with a superb traction and comfort that improves the more you wear them. It gives the ankle 3D FoamCollar, which molds for an optimal fit and just the shape to provide the ankle added support.  The DNA DryJoy series offers excellent comfort and durability due to the ChromoSkin Full Grain Leather design. The TPU outsole structure provides lightweight resilience with extra performance capacity in grassy areas even when wet.  This feature is definitely a plus for any golfer. All in all, the FootJoy  DryJoys Tour Golf Shoe is a beautiful golf shoe. With a 1-year waterproof warranty and FootJoy's reliable design, it will have you looking good and feeling confident out on the golf course. 


“Been wearing Footjoy golf shoes for decades. Dryjoys Tour has an overextended foot bed that protrudes from the outsole. Initially, I was skeptical of getting it due to being odd looking on a classic looking golf shoe but now accept it due to the fact it feels it has more stability than other golf shoes. Like other reviewers have said, the shoe needs to be broken in. The shoe is hard at first and I found adding leather conditioner helps to soften the leather. Very happy with my purchase!” 

“Nothing fits better or wear’s better than Footjoys. My last pair of Dryjoys Lasted almost 20 years. These look every bit as good. Also it is the only pair of golf shoes that I could find in 8.5 extra wide.”


✔Classic look with great performance 

✔Comfortable and excellent traction and support 

✔Flexible outsole makes walking more comfortable 


❌Bit narrow around the toes



  • Leather 

  • Synthetic sole 

  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch 

  • Weather resistance: Naturally soft, breathable and strong yak leather 

  • Hydromax and an anti-stain formula

  • Tour Proven Traction Constructed from TPU  

  • Removable Technical Insole System 


The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoe is made of premium leather which provides the shoe a professional level of class and as well as amazing features for any golfer. The outside of the shoe is soft and highly breathable and treated with Hydromax and an anti-stain formula that keeps the water from soaking to the interior. The yak leather shell of the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe is maintains coolness in the interior to make walking on the golf course more comfortable. What is amazing about the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is that the texture of the shoe makes it lightweight, and even on uphill walks it doesn't feel suffocating on your feet. ECCO has spent years finding the best way to support the golfer's feet and their hard work has resulted to the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax, one of the best golf shoes for walking. 


“I now own two pair in different colors; one is a 43 and one a 44 (I typically wear 10-10.5 us). I think the 43s are just right; maybe a little tight depending on socks and time on feet; 44's just a little long. In general, I would recommend sticking with the conversion chart shown; if you are a 10 (or 11, 12, 9) you should get a good size conversion; 1/2 sizes not so much.

“These golf shoes were comfortable right out of the box. I wore them for about three days around the house and then walked eighteen with no issues. I’ve been a big fan of ecco street shoes for a long time so I was pretty confident their golf shoes would be great. Highly recommended!!! .”


✔Yak leather is used instead of cow 

✔BIOM system for better support and comfort 

✔Conforms to the shape of your foot 

✔Hydromax technology handles all weather 

✔Extra support for walking 


❌Thinner midsole may be uncomfortable for some users 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need shoes specifically for playing golf? 

The main reason why you need golf shoes is that the spikes on the base of the shoe keep the lower body planted during the golf swing.   

If your feet slip or become unstable during the swing, you lose your control as it is transferred to the golf ball. Golf shoes, therefore, serve the purpose of maintaining a stable lower body during the twisting and turning of the swing. 

Do beginners need golf shoes? 

There are so many expenditures for any beginner golfer. When you first see the price tag on your brand-new shiny golf clubs, your head will probably spin. Add some new shirts, green fees, these $48.00 golf balls and you may end up wearing no shoes the next time you go and play.  For beginners, golf shoes just aren’t worth it. If you feel as though golf will be your forever sport and expect to stick to it for a while, by all means, go for the golf shoes.  

But if you just want to test out the game to see if it’s for you, then sneakers would certainly suffice. You wouldn’t want to wear anything else other than your sneakers because some shoes can inflict damage to the green. The soft rubber base of a sneaker is a perfectly acceptable shoe to wear on the golf course. 

Spiked vs spikeless golf shoes? 

It is difficult to find an overall verdict, but we did our best to summarize this with three key points:  

  • We believe you should have both pairs of shoes if you’re an avid golfer or someone who plays or practices more than once a week.  
  • If you play in wet conditions on a regular basis, spiked shoes are without a doubt the perfect choice. You should get a better return on your investment as spiked golf shoes   usually last longer, as you can replace soft spikes or metal spikes anytime you want at a low cost.  
  • In the summer months, or if you want to go to the course from the range, spikeless shoes are the best option.  

Spikeless shoes are thus essentially more comfortable, more versatile, more lightweight and often cheaper, while spiked shoes last longer, provide the best stability and are great in unpredictable weather conditions.     

One of the main things that should come in to your decision is your own game, and what is best for you. For example, if you have a high swing velocity and like to play all year round, then the best option for you is to go with a spiked shoe as it will last longer and provide you with more traction during the swing. 

Again, we would advise you to acquire a pair of each, but if you’re only looking for one then take into account your own situation before coming to a conclusion. 

What type of golf shoes do Pros wear? 

Most pros continue to sport spiked golf shoes, including the increasingly uncommon metal spikes, but many of the world’s top golfers are going spikeless.   

Many experts in the golf industry agree that the spikeless golf shoe trend started during the first major in 2010 when ECCO BIOM Hybrid spikeless golf shoes were worn by one of the Tour’s most famous players throughout the tournament en route to a 6th place finish. Not only did he stand out for his style, but for his ability to play on golf’s biggest stage while wearing non-traditional golf shoe

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