The Best Jump Ropes – Burn Calories & Have Fun

The Best Jump Ropes - Burn Calories & Have Fun

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About Jump Ropes

It is widely recommended that you perform a cardio-based exercise to improve your golf game. Jumping rope is one of the most practical methods for performing cardio, and in this article, we present the top 5 jump ropes on the market.



???? Easy to Use - Just wrap the rope around some objects such as tree, telephone pole and then get it start. Diameter: 1.5 inch;Length: 30 ft.

???? High-Quality Material - Domaker battle rope is 100% high-quality material made of polyester, wear-resistant and durable, especially the 600D Oxford waterproof can protect the rope from friction damage and abrasion.

???? Save Money - Just a simple skipping exercise,you can achieve the same strength workout effect in the gym.Get your weighted jump rope,easily accomplish your goals at home or at the office rather than cost many time and money to gym


???? Whole Body Exercise - battle ropes are dynamic in nature and can be a godsend for improving training conditions and overall strength. Exercise hands, arms, shoulders, back, core and even legs for full body exercise.


The Outroad Jump Rope Sports Battle Rope has an adjustable rope that is from 8 inches to 15.7 inches in diameter. The rope is made of a special kind of material called "Polypropylene" which is designed to be more durable than most ropes on the market. The rope also features a "braided design" to prevent tangling while you jump and a "hand-held grip handle" for comfortable handling.


“Great product. Rope loosens up after you start using it so don't be deterred by the stiffness when it arrives. Wrapped mine around a tree in the back yard and it's awesome.”

“Great product for the price! Love the easy adjusting! “


✅ Great for beginners 


✅ Easy to use

✅ 100% high-quality material made of polyester

✅ wear-resistant and durable

✅ Whole body exercise


❌ Weight is slightly different

2. SLEEK & SMART DESIGN: Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie 


???? The most efficient cardio exercise now improved with the Smart Jump Rope Rookie.

???? TThe jump rope connects to the SmartRope mobile app (iOS, Android, Apple Watch) via Bluetooth to tell you about your cardio exercise.

???? TSmartRope app keeps track of workout data: jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping.

???? TStay motivated to jump rope by unlocking awards, doing interval trainings, and challenging other Smart Rope users to ever more intense cardio exercises.

???? TThe rope itself is completely adjustable; the Rookie is powered by a coin battery that can last up to 9 months.


This jump rope from Tangram Smart Jump Rope features a "fold-able design", which makes it easy to carry around when not in use. It is lightweight, yet sturdy; this gives you the ability to burn calories and improve your golf game. This jump rope also has an "adjustable speed" feature, so you can adjust it to your preferred speed as you exercise.


“I wanted to get something to do some workouts at home since gyms are all closed right now. This is easy to use and connect to the app. I like the app because it monitors how many jumps, how long you jumped for, and lets you set goals for yourself similar to how your apple watch or similar device has step goals. If you had other friends that have this product you could even compete with them using the app. The "rope" part is adjustable which is good because I am only 4'11 so the rope was superrr long when I got it. I think this is perfect for some simple at home work outs.”

“Such a cool product! I love how my jumps are recorded .. it somehow feels like i am getting “credit” for jumping , whereas a regular old jump rope doesn’t care one bit how many jumps you did and doesn’t even bother to count . I know , how could it. I’m not sure what all theses sad reviews are about .. no troubles here! I did boil the cord for 3 minutes on the stove which worked perfectly to straighten out . Thanks to whoever suggested that! And thank you Rookie makers for making a magic jump rope!”


✅ Comes in four Colors & Fabric Pouch


✅ Adjustable Rope that Fits All


✅ SmartRope App is for iOS and Android

✅ Durable & High quality


❌ Does not come with batteries

❌ Jump rope sensor is a bit sensitive (it would record other movements)


???? First weighted jump rope system built to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals

???? Highly-rated workout app gives you access to fast and effective workouts wherever you go (iOS + Android)

???? Fast-clip connection system lets you switch between light and heavy ropes for a more fun and versatile workout experience

???? Durable weighted ropes make it easier for beginners to learn. No coiling or tangling

???? Online community of over 80,000 jumpers will keep you motivated and inspired


This jump rope from Crossrope offers a wide range of benefits. It features a "standard weighted rope" that is adjustable, allowing you to burn calories and improve your golf game at your preferred speed. Just as its name suggests, it also comes with a stretching strap that can be used to improve your flexibility and coordination; this can help you prevent injury while exercising.


“I must say I was skeptical about spending this much for a Jump rope and I do think they could come down on the price but they are really nice ropes. The heavier one (white) is a killer on your arms. It really gives you a workout! The one thing that sold me on these ropes and why I decided to keep them is that they do not tangle. I own multiple jump ropes and they all tangle up on themselves especially when trying to do Criss cross and other tricks. These do not tangle ever.

I will update as more time goes by but so far I love them.”

“Hands down my new favorite workout tool. The weighted handles, speed rope and weighted rope all feel of top quality and have yet to cause me issues. The workout app is killer and whenever I skip rope at the gym people always ask about my Crossrope. As a former amateur boxer I've used more than a few ropes and sure cheap ones can get the job done but in my experience they 1) degrade quickly 2) bind up after a few weeks to months and 3) aren't weighted and having used the crossrope for a few weeks now I can say there's no going back.”


✅ Weighted - can easily change between light and heavy rope


✅ You Can Take Your Workouts on the Go


✅ Quick, Convenient, and Efficient


✅ Beginner friendly


✅ Smart Jump rope


✅ High quality and very durable


❌Quite Expensive








???? SMART JUMP ROPE - DATA RECORD & SHARING - The jump rope will link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the free SkipJoy app can measure the number of jumps, calories burned, time elapsed and your overall fitness progress. 

???? HIGH QUALITY - DURABLE SPORTS FITNESS SET - The rope is coated with PVC, durable, and smooth, which can ensure the longest service life and avoid cracking or breaking. 

???? HD LED display & USB charging - The jump rope with counter with HD LED screen which displays precisely counts time, and the number of circles you jump and the calories been burn without counting how many circles you have jumped by yourself. 

???? THREE SKIPPING ROPE MODES & DYNAMIC CHALLENGE MODE - Smart Jump Rope have "Free Skip", "Countdown Timer" & "Countdown Number" three skipping modes for you to choose, stay motivated, and work out smarter. 

???? Adjustable Jumping Rope & Cordless Jump Rope】 The jumping rope counter adopts in 3M/9.85ft PVC steel wire rope that is durable and non-tangling.


This professional jump rope from SIZI is made of sturdy, lightweight materials. This means that you can burn calories and improve your golf game at your preferred speed. The jump rope also comes with a "durable carrying case", which allows you to conveniently carry it around while you are not using it and prevent it from getting tangled.


“Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. I bought it to do some indoor cardio during this Covid period, and it works perfectly for that. Great price and good functionality. I just wish it had an RPM reading! Maybe in a future app update?“

“Great to use for jumping jacks workout. I love that you can track the number of jumps and it is easy to use. “


✅ Non-slip Solicone Handle

✅ Precisely time, weight,circles and calorie counting

✅ Adjustable rope length

✅ One Button for All & USB charging

✅ 360°Flexible Turn Head

✅ Clear LED Display screen


❌ Cordless option is a little difficult to use






???? HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS FOR MAXIMUM USE: Our Bear KompleX rope has the highest quality cable which will not kink. Made with a slick bearing casing which allows you to control your speed and keep a steady pace. 

???? FASTEST SETUP TIME ON THE MARKET: When you get to the gym or fitness center, we know there's no time for having to mess with your equipment to get your workout in. 
???? REACH PEAK FITNESS GOALS: Bear KompleX Hummer Speed Jump Rope is great for Crossfit, Double-unders, boxing, fitness & conditioning. 
???? FREE CARRYING BAG: Our extremely durable handle provides a great feel for performing high repetitions. You also get a FREE carrying bag to hold your ropes!


The Bear KompleX Speed Jump Rope is one of the most popular jump ropes on the market. This means that it is durable and works well. This jump rope also has an "adjustable speed", which gives you the ability to adjust it to your preferred speed as you exercise.


“This Bear KompleX jump rope was recommended to me by a crossfitter when I i expressed frustration about another less expensive speed rope I had purchased a couple weeks before. I wish I had this recommendation before I bought the first one. Thanks to the ability to store a little extra length, others at the gym have been trying my rope out and are also impressed with it. Spend the extra dollars for this one. It's worth it.”

“I'm a CrossFit member and jumping rope is part of the WOD at least twice a week. I was sharing a rope with one of the trainers because the ropes in the box were a bit worn. I finally decided to buy my own. I'm glad I bought this one. It's made well and serves it's purpose. I've always been able to do "double unders" so I can't say that it's made that activity any easier. I will say that it is light, easy to adjust, and that everyone asks me where I bought it.”


✅ Lightweight cable and easily adjustable aluminum handle allow you to dominate your WODs

✅ Great for Crossfit, Double-Unders, Boxing, Fitness & Conditioning

✅ Comes in Black or Blue handle. Each comes with 2 cables


❌ Not a smart jump rope

❌ Handles are quite heavy

❌ Handles can be slippery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size is the rope?

The jump rope comes in 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes. A larger rope means that you will have to exert more energy, while a smaller rope means that you can move at a faster speed.

2. What are the benefits of using a jump rope?

Using a jump rope is one of the most effective ways for burning calories and losing weight. It can also improve your coordination and balance, which can help prevent injury while playing golf.

3. How do I measure the jump rope?

The jump rope’s length is measured from the outermost tip of one handle to the other. The rope can also be held by a hand, like a whip, from one end to the other.

4. What weight should I use?

This depends on your individual preference. A lighter rope allows you to move faster; this is better for improving your coordination and balance than a heavier one, but you will have to work harder as well.

5. Do men’s jump ropes differ from women’s?

No; men’s and women’s jump ropes are designed in exactly the same way, so they should work equally well for both genders.

6. How do I choose the right jump rope?

To choose the right jump rope, first you should consider your own personal preferences. The next thing to consider is the design and build quality; a high-quality rope will be more durable and last longer than a low-quality rope. Finally, you should also consider the speed of the skipping motion; this is important for improving your coordination and balance.

7. How much space do I need to use a jump rope?

You will need about 5 feet of free space behind you for proper use of this exercise equipment. It should preferably be in an area where there are no obstacles, such as chairs or tables, as this can make using it much more difficult.

8. How can I keep my rope and handles clean?

You should always refrain from using harsh detergents or cleansers to clean your rope; simply wash your ropes with warm, soapy water. It is also wise to avoid cleaning them with abrasive brushes because this can damage your rope.

9. What types of materials are used in jump ropes?

Jump ropes are typically made from latex rubber. Some jump ropes are made out of polypropylene, which is designed to last longer than most other materials on the market. Ropes are usually made out of different types of nylon or polyester as well, and some are made out of welded steel wire rather than nylon or polypropylene material.

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