The Traditional Golf Pants & Golf Trousers

The Traditional Golf Pants & Golf Trousers

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Golf trousers and golf pants are essential to keep you comfortable on the golf course. 

Golf trousers are longer and preferred because they allow your swing to move more freely in all directions. Trousers are a more classic and comfortable choice than golf pants, but this does not mean that pants are not suitable for a round of golf.

The most important part of your wardrobe for a round of golf is your footwear, but don’t forget those other important pieces – your trouser or pant selection can also make or break a good game. 

So what is the difference between trousers and pants? We help you better understand the differences between these two garments.

Difference Between Golf Pants vs. Golf Trousers

Golf trousers and golf pants are typically designed with no pockets in the back.

This design feature is intended to prevent an unwanted fold from forming at the back of your knee when you are bent over, which can be very uncomfortable and cause difficulty swinging a golf club.

In contrast, most true golf pants will have pockets in the back and reinforced seat seams that allow for greater freedom of movement and comfort while playing golf.

Do you know which one suits you? Golf Pants or Golf Trousers

Golf play requires constant bending and stretching between shots, so it is important for players to wear comfortable clothes that fit right. Even if not wearing golf trousers or shirts specifically designed for golf, many people enjoy wearing cotton or sweatpants while playing around on a hot day. 

Well, in days gone by (pre-1990’s), many men would choose to play in long, baggy shorts, often with a belt around their waist and with no accompanying outer trousers.

They would be comfortable on the golf course; it was not uncommon for some people to not wear anything underneath their trousers or shorts. Nowadays, however, many players still choose to wear long pants with their belts. Longer trousers are preferred because they allow your swing to move more freely in all directions.

Golfers who play in hotter climates often choose to wear golf shorts because they prefer the way they feel on their skin and knees while playing the game. However, they do provide less protection for your knees against the rough surface of the golf course.

Factors Influencing Choice

As we have discussed above, there are many factors that influence the choice of trousers. These include:


Trousers can differ in structure from each other; for example, they might have no pleats or two pleats in the front. The overall appearance is also different between ten different pairs of trousers. The choice of structure is important because it will affect comfort and ease of movement.


The important point is that certain types of trousers are made for particular functions. For example, suit pants or dress pants are made for formal occasions such as office work or dinner parties. Baseball pants are intended to be worn while playing baseball, and hence they include special features such as padding in the knees along with a space for the knee cap and pads under the crotch.


The size of trousers is determined by their waist measurement. There can be considerable variation between different pairs of trousers depending on how carefully they have been tailored to fit specific waist sizes. Therefore, it is important to look for trousers with a fit that suits you.


Color is closely related to size because it affects the appearance of the trousers. For example, some colors such as black or dark blue are more formal than others like red or bright blue. However, in many cases, the choice of color will be determined by factors other than formality (e.g., color with a particular shirt).


Comfort is a very important consideration, and hence different trousers will vary according to how comfortable they are during wear. Factors influencing comfort include material used and its quality (e.g., how comfortable does it feel when brushed against the skin?) as well as size and shape (e.g., are the thighs too wide so that they bunch up when sitting?).


Durability is closely related to comfort. If a pair of trousers is uncomfortable, they will likely be returned to the store and replaced with another pair. It will therefore be important for manufacturers to try and ensure comfort and durability in their products.

This involves selecting materials that are durable (e.g., special fibers do not break down quickly) and paying attention to details in tailoring (e.g., preventing staining or fraying).

Why Do Professional Golfers Not Wear Shorts?

Another difference between golf trousers and golf pants is that most true golfers are required to wear either all white or all black attire while playing in order to remain consistent with traditional golf fashion.

This is different from the golf pants that are worn off the course because they do not have to be all black or all white. You can even choose to wear your golf pants or trousers with a pair of shorts as well!

Just make sure that you choose a pair specifically designed for golfing, such as Nike Golf, so they are comfortable and functional for your game. 

Until 2019, the PGA Tour’s policy required all players to wear pants during competitive rounds. To accommodate non-competitive rounds, this meant practice rounds and pro-ams, along with knee-length knee-jerk shorts tailored to look neat and presentable.

With these important things in mind, both variants of pants are critical to a person’s ability to play golf comfortably in whatever environment they may be in at any particular time.

From hot summers to cool spring days and rainy fall afternoons, both garments can be worn regardless of the weather conditions and offer protection from the elements while maintaining maximum functionality and comfort.

What Brand Of Pants Do Pro Golfers Wear?

Golf trousers and pants come in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. You can find a selection at Golf Town, which will include well-known brands like Callaway, Mizuno, and New Balance.

Golf trousers are also useful for keeping you warm on those cooler days at the golf course, so it is recommended to have a couple in your wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you want to look slightly more traditional, you can buy men’s golfing trousers from brands such as Nike and Adidas who have started making trousers to their own specifications.

To know our top five golf pants for each brand, check out these review articles: Callaway, New Balance, Nike, and Adidas

Where Can I Buy Golf Pants & Golf Trousers?

You will be able to find a pair of golf trousers or pants in most of the shops across the globe. If you are going on a holiday, many shops will allow you to make alterations such as hemming the trousers for free, just ask at the counter!

Make sure you buy your men’s golfing trousers and pants in good time before any big tournaments that you might be playing at so that you have sufficient time to alter them if need be.

Also, keep your personal style in mind when choosing what type of trousers and pants to buy.

Both the golf trousers and the golf pants are designed to be worn during play in order to provide protection for an individual’s lower body while performing various activities, but in some cases, they are also intended for use when not playing.

Based on a person’s personal preference, one of these two types of clothing could be selected over the other.

What Is So Special About Golf Pants & Golf Trousers?

Golf trousers are often paired with golf shirts, a type of collared shirt typically made from fine polyester or cotton fabric. Golf shirts are worn with collars fastened, and sleeves rolled down for display.

The most common color choices are white, blue, or red, but black is also a very common color to see out on the course.

To give your golf outfit that final touch you can look into getting some golf shoes as well. They are made up of lightweight, water-resistant leather to help keep you dry and comfortable for all 18 holes.

Golf shoes are designed very similarly to regular athletic shoes and can come in both high tops and low tops.

Golf pants and trousers are worn by golfers to protect their legs from the various elements that they will encounter, such as water, divots, sand, or other debris.

A lot of golf trousers and pants are also designed with a special stretchy panel right on the inside of the knee that allows for greater movement without the worry of your pants leg bunching up or falling down.

This is especially helpful when you need to bend over to pick up a ball or smooth out a divot in your line before taking a shot.

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