The Top 5 Golf Grips You Should Consider

The Top 5 Golf Grips You Should Consider

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A golf grip is where the energy you generate with the club is transferred to the shaft, the club face, and ultimately to the golf ball. There’s no use in having the most up-to-date club technology if your relationship to the club is flawed.

Having a good grip on your golf club means that you don’t even have to think about it when you’re at the tee. The best way of getting there is to sample out an array of golf grips and play a range of strokes, evaluating the golf grip’s feel, response, and steadiness.

Most of us are unable to carry out this type of exploration on a daily basis. The more practical approach is to eliminate all but a handful of the many golf grip options available. Getting the proper club grip is easy if you follow these suggestions.

Golf Grip Size Matters

The size of the golf grip is the subject of heated dispute. The older generation of golfers believes that thinner golf grips enhance wrist motion, which results in a hook shot. Larger golf grips, according to some, encourage the opposite effect; quieter hands, on the other hand, generate more of a fade in the ball flight. There is also a school of thought that believes bigger golf grips are preferable for elderly players who suffer from arthritis. 

Flipping the club over and taking your hold near the clubhead on the shaft is an easy method to understand the impact of a larger grip. As the shaft becomes thinner, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a secure grip and may even feel rather uncomfortable.

Turn the club over and re-adjust your grip. A lighter grip allows you to feel more in control of the club.  Similarly, if you were to repeat this procedure through the various sizes of golf club grips, you would see that the bigger the diameter of the grip makes it simpler to maintain quiet hands. Your shots will be more accurate and consistent if your wrists are less likely to roll.

Trial and error is the only way to determine what diameter club grip is best for you. To their surprise, even golfers who’ve never tested out various golf grip sizes find that it has a significant impact on their swing.

It actually doesn’t take a swing to notice the change. The lack of familiarity or connection between a bigger or smaller golf grip size to the wearer is often enough to put a golfer off into making a change in grip size altogether.

When experimenting with different sizes, don’t forget to account for the swing weight. The feel of the club head may be affected by the weight of the handle.

Types of Golf Grips

Overlapping, interlocking, and 10-finger grips are the three main types of golf grips. When it comes to knowing how to properly hold a golf club, there’s no one-size-fits-all golf grip, but knowing the variations may greatly help.

Overlapping Golf Grip

One of the most common golf grip types is the overlapping or the “Vardon Overlap” grip (made famous by Harry Vardon in the late 19th or early 20th centuries). The pinkie finger of one hand is placed in the ridge between the index and middle fingers of the other hand.

The most significant benefit of this grip is that it is especially advantageous for those who have exceptionally large hands.

Interlocking Golf Grip

The interlocking grip begins with the 10-finger grip; merely interlock the pinkie finger of one hand with the index finger of the other hand to bring your hands closer together.

The most significant benefit is that this locks in your fingers together, allowing both of your hands to work together more effectively, which may result in more power in your golf swing.

10-Finger Golf Grip

“10-finger golf grip” refers to how many fingers you have on the club. Although this grip is not often used by pros, some newbies to the sport find this grip to be more suitable than others.

This is an impressive golf grip since each of your fingers is in contact with the surface of the grip.

This golf grip may be more befitting to golfers with small hands.

Get ready for our list of the top five golf grips, along with hacks and tips. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled all the information we could find on golf grips into one place.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re interested in learning more about how golf grips affect your game. We’ll go over the best golf grips for sweaty hands, playing in the rain, arthritis, and so on. First, we’ve compiled a list of the finest golf grips, with reviews and comparisons included.

Top 5 Golf Grips


1. TOP PICK: Lamkin Sonar Golf Grips
2. LOW PRICE FOR GOOD VALUE: Wedge Guys Multi-Material Performance
3. MOST COMFORTABLE: Golf Pride CP2 Wrap
5. GREAT TACK: SuperStroke S-Tech


⛳️ Reduced-taper profile reduces grip tension, which adds power

⛳️ Designed to provide high-traction, torsion control, and slip-free comfort

⛳️ Manufactured using Lamkin’s own Fingerprint Technology and patented Genesis Material

⛳️ Features an intricate microtextured surface pattern developed to sync with your hand texture; encouraging lighter grip pressure and improved feel

⛳️ Material is a hybrid rubber compound created to provide a highly-tacky feel while also providing comfort and performance


Lamkin's Sonar is a new kid on the block, and it has a few unique features. They're said to be quite tacky and have a tremendous response when you hit the ball with them. It's worth checking out even though they aren't as well-proven as the Golf Prides.

There are a lot of micro-grooves designed in the same way as a human fingerprint on the surface. Combining all of these tiny textures provides a lot of traction and is more pleasant than typical grips because bigger grooves are avoided.

The Sonar grips, along with the new Genesis material, which has increased tackiness and durability, are up to date with today's grip technology. If you're in the mood to branch out and try something new, this is a great option.

In what ways does this grip stand out from the rest of the pack?

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, Sonar is a clear leader. In fact, Lamkins grips use the new material and texture technology in almost all of their designs. As far as grip innovation goes, Lamkin is going above and beyond what we've come to expect. This is something that the Sonar exemplifies.

When you're looking for new grips, this is a unique option to consider. The micro-texture gives them an unmistakable sensation that we haven't experienced with any other brands. If you're still not convinced, consider your other possibilities. As a side benefit, the variety of offerings at Lamkin is another. If you want a wrap-style grip, you can use Sonar Wrap. The Comfort Plus provides a luxuriously plush ball impact feel.


“I am 70+ years old, and play golf a couple of times a week. Almost all clubs come with stock grips that are too narrow and hard for my old, arthritic hands. I've tried a few different grips to find something more comfortable. These Lamkin Sonar midsize grips work well. They are easier on my hands but still provide a good "feel" and control of the club.” 

“These grips provide excellent grip and have a nice blend of being easy on the hands but not overly soft. I have dry hands and cord grips tear my hands apart. I used to use Golf Pride CP2 Pro which is also really good, but I like these better as I prefer a more firm feel. These also have excellent durability.”


✅  Technology rich

✅  Great tackiness and fee;

✅  Alignment aid

✅  Excellent grip and easy on the hands


❌  Doesn’t come in a corded version

2. LOW PRICE FOR GOOD VALUE: Wedge Guys Multi-Material Performance


⛳️ Golf Grip is ideal for the professional or avid golfer with its supreme surface texture, responsive feel, and high-performance materials

⛳️ Engineered with a unique combination of firm, responsive rubber and moisture-wicking brushed cotton cord for maximum performance

⛳️ The moisture-wicking brushed cotton cord for the upper hand and firm, high-performance rubber for the lower hand of the golf grip  provides you with the comfort & confidence needed for better shot dispersion and shot distance

⛳️ Gives you more control of your golf club with its double plus sign pattern and pebbled texture, perfect for use in any weather


There are no parallels between these grips and the Golf Pride MCC grips when it comes to price. When it comes to hybrid grips, the Wedge Guys might be worth a look if you don't want to spend a fortune on pricey grips. Their size isn't very exact, and this is one of the few drawbacks they have to offer. Even though the grips are smaller than intended, the vast majority of consumers have no complaints.

In what ways does this grip stand out from the rest of the pack?

Corded rubber is used for the upper portion of the shoe. Wet conditions need the use of a cord to maintain the club in your hand. These grips are the finest for golfers with sweaty hands because of their unique structure.

An adhesive is used to affix the corded upper section to the non-cord lower section. Using a firm, high-performance rubber in the lower half increases control and feel.

Many people are astonished at the high degree of quality for such a low cost. They resemble the Golf Prides to some extent, but the design and surface feel are distinct. It's not likely to be of great significance.

These grips are the best-selling low-cost option. They are well-built and contain a number of useful options. However, there are many imitators of Golf Pride Multicompounds, and the grips made by Wedge Guys are among the most excellent. The quality isn't quite as good as the GPs, but for the price, it's near enough.

If you want to experiment with hybrid grips, this is a good investment. Different hues are available, so there should be something to suit everyone. However, be in mind that the size can be a little off.


“These grips are a superior replacement for any set of irons or wedges. I have used replacement grips from all the major suppliers and I must say I am very impressed with the quality and feel. I just installed them on a set of my own AP1's , time will tell, so far very pleased. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality grips replacement.”

“These grips look and feel great! it took me almost 2 hours to swap 10 grips. the toughest part was just peeling the old tape off the club. if I used a tool for that it probably would have taken me far less time and I would have felt like putting the last 3 grips I got on. for now, I will just hold on to them. when I was finished I took a few practice swings with the clubs and they all felt great. highly recommend it for people who are looking to regrip their clubs but don't want to spend a butt load of money on name brands. the only thing I cannot talk about is the durability as they are so new.”


✅  Best for sweaty hands

✅  Low price for good value

✅  All-weather control

✅  Comes in different colors


❌  Sizing can be a bit off

❌  Colors can smudge during installation


3. MOST COMFORTABLE: Golf Pride CP2 Wrap


⛳️ State-of-the-art rubber-blend compound combines with a computer-designed non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence.

⛳️ For over seven decades, we’ve been in golf grip innovation and technology, from the invention of the slip-on grip to groundbreaking advancements in cord with our new Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT) to the introduction of the hybrid category of grips.


There are numerous excellent elements included in the CP2 Wrap that make it stand out from other grips. This grip's Control Core is one of its most impressive features. It's made to limit the amount of torque generated by your hands twisting during the swing.

For added comfort and reduced grip pressure, the CP2's lower hand is bigger. A majority of golfers are happy with the grips' comfort levels, according to the reviews. They're the greatest grips we've found for players who don't wear gloves or who have arthritis.

In what ways does this grip stand out from the rest of the pack?

For those looking for a grip that is soft, pleasant, and sticky, this might be the right choice. The CP2 Pro is also available in a non-wrapped version if you like. The two are made of the same material, however, the outside design is different.

For a greater transfer of feel from the club to your hand, the larger diameter on the lower hand area of the grip reduces grip pressure, making it even more comfortable.

Because of the grip's tackiness and lower hand diameter, it's great for players who don't wear gloves. The best golf grip for arthritis maybe this one as well, as it's a terrific alternative for those who suffer from joint pain.

Because of the Control Core inlay and the large lower part, the grip is a breeze to put on. When sliding it on the shaft, it has a degree of stiffness.

The CP2 family of grips is deserving of its place at the top of the list. It's quite well-designed and addresses a number of difficulties that can affect the vast majority of amateur golfers. In total, there are eight possible combinations for each of the two styles, with four different sizes in each.

They live up to high standards of quality and play even when it's not raining. If you suffer from arthritis or aching hands, they are the perfect fit for you. They are the greatest golf grips for those who prefer to play without a glove as well.


“I ordered 7 identical grips on a Wednesday with an expected delivery date of Friday, two days later. The grips were sold by Amazon, not an independent vendor. One grip arrived Sunday, one on Monday and the remaining grips came in a single delivery on Wednesday, one week after ordering. The grips are fine and went on easily. Due to hand issues, I needed a slightly wider grip than standard. These work perfectly for me.”

“I've regripped a couple of sets of irons and woods with these grips. The midsize is perfect for my L/XL-sized hands, soft feel, and grippy texture. I am getting a small rip at the bottom on one of my wedges after a year, but not bad enough to replace yet. Absolutely did wonders for my swing and grip after using green victory grips for years.”


✅  Very easy to install

✅  Soft and tacky

✅  Very comfortable


❌ Not so great in wet conditions

❌ Control core is not that noticeable



⛳️ UTx Cord is a revolutionary multi-layer grip that takes all-weather performance and great-feeling playability to a new extreme. 

⛳️ Made with Laminas patented ACE (Advanced Cohesive Elastomer) material, UTx grips provide a super tacky, and shock-absorbing


Lamkin has come up with an unusual grip that mixes cord with tackiness. The grip business rarely sees a combination like this, and it gives players extraordinary control over the club with no effort.

Looks are deceiving, but Lamkins Tri-layer technology is found inside. As a result of the new technology, Lamkin is able to design grips with varying degrees of stiffness over the length of the grip. This is also excellent for controlling torsion.

In what ways does this grip stand out from the rest of the pack?

The mix of rope and tacky rubber compound is the best thing ever. The UTx grip is the only one on the market capable of providing players with high swing speeds with the greatest level of control.

Because of the hard rubber composition on the grip's upper portion, it is primarily designed for players with faster swing speeds. Torsion control is superb, resulting in the least amount of twisting of the grip conceivable.

Do you have a fast swing speed on the golf course? Do you want better traction in both good and bad weather? There's no need to look any further; the Lamkin UTxs will meet your requirements. Moreover, they're excellent for your money as well.

Because they don't deform during a swing, they help you keep the club face square to your target. Fast swing speeds put additional stress on grip rubber, thus these are the best golf grips for high swing speeds.


“Great feel. I must have put them on upside down because that wicked slice is still there.”


✅ Best for high swing speeds

✅ Excellent torsion control

✅High-quality construction


❌Not the best for slower swing speeds

❌ Comfort levels are mediocre      

5. GREAT TACK: SuperStroke S-Tech


⛳️ A cross-shaped surface texture that provides excellent control in all weather conditions.

⛳️ A tacky feel that offers extreme stability and feedback golfers need to play their best.

⛳️ Grip shape: round and Grip size: Standard

⛳️ 52 grams in weight

⛳️ A tour-inspired profile with a minimal taper that helps golfers even hand pressure so they can swing faster and square the clubface more naturally.


It's Sergio Garcia and Jordan Spieth's preferred grip style. Superior feedback and control are provided by SuperStrokes S-high-seat Tech's design. New and improved rubber compounds have been used to create this grip, which is designed for maximum performance. Improved tackiness and a softer feel are the main advantages of this new composition.

When used in conjunction with tack, the Cross-Traction surface pattern ensures a secure grasp on the grip. This ensures that the grip works in all weather situations, even when it's raining out.

In what ways does this grip stand out from the rest of the pack?

The rubber compound used in this grip is extremely soft and sticky. With this grip, players who don't want a cord in their grips but still need optimum traction with minimal effort can have it.

As a result of the unique rubber blend and the SuperStrokes cross-traction surface pattern, you get a fantastic grip with minimal effort.

In addition to the aforesaid advantages, the grip's design was motivated by input from professional golfers. The taper is kept to a minimum to ensure that both hands have the same amount of grip pressure.

With the SuperStroke S-Tech, amateur golfers may experience grip performance on par with the best players in the world. The fact that a number of professional players are using it is a good sign of its quality. On the other hand, performance soon deteriorates, and amateur golfers cannot regrip as frequently as professionals.


“Not many needs to be said about this brand. My dad wanted a new driver grip and we threw this on. Came in perfect condition, slip perfectly on the shaft. Definitely will be buying from this brand again when it is time to upgrade the iron grips.”

“Very nice grip. soft feel, better than Win” 

“Really needed to change the grips. I'm 1 season in. No hole in ones, but my game has returned to previous expectations. Installed them myself. Good fit, good feel.”


✅ Great tack

✅ Soft feel

✅ Good price


❌Durability can be low

❌ Features are limited                      

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