The Best Nikon Golf Distance Measuring Devices

The Best Nikon Golf Distance Measuring Devices

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Whether you are an avid golfer who wants to improve your game, or you are just a beginner, Nikon has something for you. Nikon golf distance measuring devices will help to take your game so much farther than it would be without them.

A golf club is simple enough to use but what about how far it goes? The answer is not as easy as it seems. Especially if you want accuracy under different conditions like rough terrain, the height of the ball, and many other variables. Wouldn’t your game improve if you knew exactly how far your shots were going? Sure it would! Nikon has specially designed golf distance measuring devices that will help make things easier on both the professional and amateur golfer alike.

We reviewed the top five Nikon golf distance measuring devices, how they work and how accurate they are. Let’s get started.



⛳️ Get the slope-adjusted distance for any uphill or downhill shot, thanks to Nikon’s highly advanced ID Technology

⛳️ When Golf mode is selected, the COOLSHOT 20i GII displays slope-adjusted distance so that you can choose the right club and hit the ball at the proper trajectory

⛳️ Complies with USGA Local Rule 14-3 for tournament play when actual distance mode is selected

⛳️ First Target Priority displays the range to the nearest target among the multiple results obtained. This assures that the measurement shown is the pin and not any objects in the background

⛳️ Featuring renowned Nikon glass & multicoating technology, for clear, high contrast views, COOLSHOT 20i GII’s 6-power monocular has eyeglass-friendly long eye relief and an adjustable diopter for tack-sharp focusing


All shots can be accurately measured with Nikon's COOLSHOT 20i GII rangefinder, even those that have a steep slope (elevation changes). Using Nikon's ID Technology, the COOLSHOT 20i GII eliminates the guesswork of how far up or down a shot will go when faced with an elevation change. Elevation change on a golf course can be one of the most unforgiving elements on a course. Nikon’s COOLSHOT 20i Gll rangefinder also comes with a 5-year warranty.


“Was looking to replace my old rangefinder so that I could let my daughter use my old one. I also wanted one with the slope calculations for doing 3D archery shooting. I had purchased a different one but noticed that the eye relief on it wasn't large enough to get the black halo around everything. I did some checking and found this, and it works perfectly. It has an eye relief of 16.5mm, which is ample for anyone with glasses.


* Great eye relief so you can easily wear glasses

* Slope calculation so you can get the true distance with the angles

* Easy to use and has a nice little pouch for it

* Has an extra skin for it too that has a snap-on front cover too, so the lens and laser are protected.”


✅ Provides incredibly fast, accurate distance measurements for every shot

✅ 8-Second continuous measurement

✅ 6-power monocular has eyeglass-friendly long eye relief and an adjustable diopter

✅ Can range virtually any object within sight


❌ The reading would have some issues, especially when there are trees directly behind the flag

❌ It is pretty small, so if you have really big hands, this device might seem pretty tiny


⛳️ Nikon's ID (Incline/Decline) Technology eliminates second-guessing on how far uphill or downhill a shot will play

⛳️ COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED features an Actual Distance Indicator that clearly signals to observers that the Incline/Decline measurement function (ID Technology) is not in use

⛳️ Nikon’s Locked On Technology green circle visually tells you that the distance is to the closest subject, the flagstick

⛳️ Nikon’s next-gen Hyper Read consistently displays your measurement results in approx. 0.3 seconds - regardless of distance

⛳️ Integral monocular features Nikon's multicoated optics for bright, clear viewing and a rear diopter ring for fast focus to each user's eyesight


Unwavering confidence is a major advantage for golfers who use accurate distance measurements before taking a shot with the new Coolshot Pro stabilized.

You can use Coolshot Pro stabilized to quickly and confidently aim the laser at any target, especially small objects like flagsticks, thanks to the stabilization technology built into the device.


“I was on the fence as to whether it was time to update my bag with a new range finder. I spent the summer paying attention to what my golfing buddies use and even tried out a few products at the pro shops. I had concluded that paying extra for slope adjustment and stability control was unnecessary, at best, for a weekend warrior such as myself. Boy, was I wrong. At the recommendation of a friend, I took the plunge and purchased the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder. While I'm an average golfer, the stability control and slope adjustment have made a big difference in my confidence and course management. I've taken approach shots that shoot 150 with a regular rangefinder, only to find the true distance is 165 with slope factored in. For me, that's the difference between a birdie attempt and trying to get up n' down to save par. These opportunities add up over the course of around. What before seemed like an unnecessary expense is now a luxury I can't live without. I would recommend this product to any golfer interested in improving their game and course management.”


✅ Stabilizes not only the viewfinder but also the outbound laser for unequaled accuracy and control

✅ Legal for Tournament play when on USGA conforming mode

✅ Allows for quick, easy measurements to multiple targets

✅ Made to withstand even the worst conditions


❌ It's pricey but well worth it if you have an issue getting locked onto flags







⛳️ Nikon’s advanced ID [Incline/Decline] Technology provides the horizontal distance to the target, even when ranging at various incline or decline shooting angles

⛳️ Choose between two different ranging modes depending on the situation. The first target priority mode allows you to range an object as small as a fence post, while distant target priority mode displays the range of the farthest target among a group of targets measured

⛳️ O-ring sealed to prevent moisture from entering the body


With a 1,600-yard* maximum range, Nikon’s LASER 30 6x21 Rangefinder features advanced laser technology. When you use the LASER 30, you can range with confidence because it is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand.

To succeed in any field requiring a high degree of accuracy and precision over time, you need a rangefinder that can keep up with your speed, accuracy, and durability demands.

We have a new rangefinder, the LASER 30, which can quickly measure horizontal and vertical ranges in 0.1-yard increments up to 1,600 yards* in the most challenging conditions.


“I've had this little gem for about a week. It's fast and easy to read—clear and bright glass.

Lazing trucks on the highway can reach out over 2020 yards. Nevada hillsides (rocks & sand/dirt) can do over 1900 yards.

I believe this Laser 30 is an updated version of the monarch 2000.”


✅ Waterproof because is it O-ring sealed

✅ Purged using nitrogen gas for total reliability against thermal shock and internal fogging

✅ Ergonomically designed to fit your hand


❌ The battery life could be better



⛳️ Fast and accurate measurements are comfortably visible within the bright, crystal-clear OLED display

⛳️ With an innovative built-in mounting magnet, the COOLSHOT 50i safely connects to metal surfaces—your bag carrier or even your cart 

⛳️ Anti-glare and high-contrast coatings on the glass with a 6x power monocular, plus a diopter adjustment to fine-tune your vision 

⛳️ Dual locked on quake confirms you've hit the flag and not something in the background with a visual cue plus a gentle vibration 

⛳️ Rainproof so bad weather or the rain will not be a problem


The Coolshot 50i's view is stunning, thanks to its brilliant optics, which are bright, clear, and sharp. The most important metrics are displayed on an OLED screen.

Mounting magnet so it's always ready and out of the way and can be stored when you don't need it.


The OLED display's brightness and clarity make it easy to see measurements taken quickly and accurately. You can attach the COOLSHOT 50i securely to your bag carrier or even your shopping cart, thanks to an innovative magnet that is built into the device.


“Great rangefinder! Very clear optics, red numbering, and lettering are brilliant and easy to read, magnet built in to stick to the metal surface, i.e., golf cart frame, nice faux leather protective carrying case, and a five-year warranty, longest warranty I've seen. Locks on target fast and has visual and vibrating indicators. I love this device.”


✅ Completely waterproof

✅ Compact and lightweight design. It only weighs 6.2 oz.

✅ Can easily fit into your pocket, make it easy to use 

✅ Anti-glare and high-contrast coatings on the glass


❌ Not recommended for shaky hands

5. BEST ON BUDGET: Prostaff 1000 and 1000i


⛳️ Tru-Target Technology allows you to choose between First and Distant target priority modes depending on the situation 

⛳️ High Quality 6x Monocular 

⛳️ Press and hold the power button to activate the continuous measurement function (up to 8 seconds) 

⛳️ Multilayer coating is applied to one or more lens and prism surfaces


PROSTAFF 1000 Laser Rangefinder is a pocket-sized laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 1,000 yds. Fast target acquisition with 6-power illumination optics

Depending on the situation, you can select one of two ranging modes. You can range objects as small as a fence post in the first target priority mode and the farthest target in a group of targets in the distant priority mode.

Because of the PROSTAFF 1000's waterproof design, you can focus on the game rather than worrying about the weather.


“I bought the pro staff 1000i and typically used it for ranging up to 200 meters. It measures consistently and flawlessly. I’ve not used it to its fullest potential, but it takes care of my ranging needs to determine the best point of aim.”


✅ Rainproof 

✅ Compact ergonomics that will fit your pocket

✅ Highly accurate

✅ Inexpensive


❌ The rangefinder works for reasonably short ranging like 100 yards


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