Best Rated Golf Umbrellas – Stay Dry On The Course

Best Rated Golf Umbrellas - Stay Dry On The Course

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Golf Umbrellas are another essential element in your golf kit, especially if it is either very hot or when it is raining. Rain can damage the golf gear. Also, the golfer cannot focus on the game, with the water dripping on them.  

Golf umbrellas come in different sizes and sshapes, like a canopy or round shape. They are typically bigger than ordinary umbrellas, so they can easily cover the golfer and the golf kit. Umbrellas are also often used as a corporate gift for promotions. Different fabric materials used are polyester, nylon, or a PVC transparent umbrella.  

Because the golf umbrellas are larger, they can be slightly heavy. Manufacturers resolved this inconvenience by building these umbrellas using fiberglass drums for axles and separators. This material is resistant to lightning, hence protecting the golfers while playing, even during thunder. Most umbrellas have ergonomic handles, so the golfers can play their game without affecting their swing. 

When you shop for golf umbrellas, look at all of the different models that are available, you will see that there are several different types. You have the golf umbrellas with a strap and a handle or you have the golf umbrellas with a canopy that will completely shade your head and keep you from getting sunburns and other kinds of problems.  

If you are looking for high-quality golf umbrellas, you need to look in this article, and I will give you a quick review of some of the top brands that you can buy from.



  • THE ULTIMATE GOLF UMBRELLA with a 54/62/68-inch canopy and heavy duty design. With its sleek all black design, comfortable EVA grip, sturdy frame and auto open mechanism.

  • PROTECTS FROM THE ELEMENTS the canopy uses ultra water resistant 210T pongee fabric. This silk derived material is lightweight, and water resistant with SPF 50+ protection.

  • YOU (WON'T) BE BLOWN AWAY The double-canopy design and fiberglasses frame will ensure that your umbrella is VIRTUALLY WINDPROOF. 

  • OPENS FAST Simply press the button on the handle to open.



The G4 Free is an inexpensive umbrella that is perfect enough to be our top overall choice due to quality construction and lots of other features considering its low price. Made from silk-like 210T pongee fabric, the G4Free blocks UV rays and repels water. The frame is a blend of stainless steel and lightweight fiberglass, easily available in 54-, 62- and 68-inch sizes. The vented design allows hot air to escape, allowing wind to move, instead of sending your umbrella across the green. 

Depending on the canopy size, this umbrella weights 1.35-2 pounds. Remember, however, that when closed it does not shrink vertically so the umbrella remains about 40 inches long, meaning those who need a compact umbrella should check other options on this list. Besides getting most of the features you want in a golf umbrella, the G4 Free comes in 21 different color choices, so if that's not your style, you don't have to settle for basic black. 


“This umbrella is awesome. I've used it a few times already since purchasing it a week ago, and it works perfectly. I receive a LOT of high winds where I live, and this umbrella functioned perfectly, just as advertised. I love that you can fit up to three people under this thing (I wouldn't try four as the ad suggests, as you'll be tripping over each other). The foam handle is a nice touch, the release button to open the umbrella is nicely concealed without being hard to locate, and it closes just as easily as it opens. It's rather difficult to close while you're trying to get into your vehicle, but that's the price you pay for having such a large amount of protection from the rain. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this umbrella again should the need arise.”

“A great umbrella! Very large and sturdy, great quality. This umbrella opens easily, quickly, and smoothly with the push of a button. It closes smoothly and feels very strong. The handle is comfortable to hold and the material is very nice quality.

I monogrammed this with heat transfer vinyl on a press and it came out perfect as well.”


✔The canopy is made of 210T pongee fabric thata also boasts SPF 50+ sun protection 

✔Has an ergonomic design easy grip EVA handle 

✔Double canopy design helps keep you protected from the wind 


❌Doesn’t automatically close 


  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – We will send you a replacement with no return required.

  •  55-INCH UPGRADED LARGE PROFESSIONAL UMBRELLA: 49 inch double canopy design and has an anti-slip EVA grip.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The frame is made of fiberglass. The canopy uses 210T micro-weave fabric that is coated with DuPont Teflon. This silk is light weight, dries instantly and has SPF 50+ UV Protect

  • DOUBLE VENT FABRIC: This ensures the umbrella is windproof. Hot air will flow through the vent which makes shade cooler

  • AUTO OPEN: Easy one-click auto open design.


Despite the price tag, this golf umbrella doesn't save up on functionality or style. Similar in higher-priced options features, the Vedouci is a smaller 55-inch vented umbrella with a Teflon-coated micro-weave fabric spread over an all-fiberglass frame. The auto-open function means opening the umbrella with one hand if needed. The 210T silk fabric is available in 16 different colors and patterns to match your golf bag or even your golf outfit. In addition to an ultra-low inexpensive price tag, the Vedouci provides a lifetime replacement guarantee that can be the last dollars you ever spend on an umbrella. 


“I am so glad that I opted for this particular brand and color. Maybe the color would not have been my first choice, I would have gone for the forest green perhaps, but pink was priced lower so I went for it and after all, rainy season here is summer and pink is rather a summer color, right? Loved the soft handle, the size which provides ample protection, the double canopy, the mechanism which works flawlessly, and the careful packing and delivery. I am small (5'1") and did not find it heavy at all. So, 10/10 all around, strongly recommend. ”

“I’m ssooooo happy with this umbrella! I unfortunately am of the complexion that can burn at midnight. Living in Florida with two boys who are very active in sports makes it so that I spend numerous hours each weekend chasing shade outside. Rather than putting a tent up at each field I can just open this very large and effective umbrella and have a nice cool area to hang out. It has been very sturdy and has withstood the afternoon tropical storms that Florida is known for. ”


✔Excellent price 

✔Lifetime replacement guarantee 

✔Easy operation 


❌More premium models are available 


  • 210T pongee double canopy design creates a vent for wind to pass out, no fear of strong storms and nasty winds

  • This ultra large oversize 68”golf umbrella provide 68-inch arc canopy, 49.6inch in diameter. Roomy enough for 2 or 3 persons

  • The frame is made of reinforced durable fiberglass. 8 ribs and double canopy design, make the umbrella sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and heavy downpour

  • Opens with just one click. Anti-slip foam rubber handle provides you comfortable grip. Adjustable straps on the carry case



If you want an umbrella that will provide you with shade and weather protection, consider this XL square umbrella from G4Free. this umbrella is about as wide as it comes, and the square shape will make you stand out from the crowd of round umbrellas all along. The specifications here are essentially the same as other G4Free umbrellas: 210T water-resistant fabric, auto-open button, fiberglass frame, and various colors. The 6.6 x 1.3-inch handle works in most golf cart and bag umbrella holders, so you can keep your gear dry even when you're playing through weather. 


“Who would have thought that a square umbrella would protect better than a traditional round one? Brilliant design! I think the nylon strapped carry needs to be made of a more durable material.... or better yet make a high end collection in different materials and sell them separately so the user could express a preference or switch multiple ones of different color to suit any occasion. ” 

“Living in California we don't typically get a ton of rain, but we do get some and lots of wind. I was worried about how sturdy this umbrella was going to be at first, but it has held up to some very strong wind and rain. I loved it so much I purchased a second one and leave it in my trunk for when I need it and I'm out. I'm not sure how it works but the different shape of the umbrella (round umbrellas) allows the umbrella to withstand the wind. ”


✔It's total carbon fiber design eliminates the risk of rust. 

✔There square design is very helpful to start dry while leaving against a wall during  lunch/smoke breaks. 

✔The about 1.5 inch diameter firm foam rubber handle makes it comfortable to hold 


❌Very heavy 

❌Doesn’t automatically close

4. TOP UV PROTECTION: Umenice UV Golf Umbrella 


  • WIND RESISTANT: The latest high-tech components, materials and design prevent high winds from turning your umbrella inside-out.

  • KEEPS YOU DRY IN RAIN: Ultra high density micro weave fabric repels water and dries quickly.

  • PROTECTS YOUR SKIN: UPF 50+ . Blocks 99.75% of UVA and 99.85% of UVB.

  • KEEPS YOU COOLER UNDER THE SUN: Silver color coating reflects heat and creates your own personal shade zone. Unique Double Diamond canopy vents hot air.


Any golf umbrella provides some level of UV protection simply by blocking the sun, but if your search for an umbrella that has sun protection as one of its features, it's worth buying one specifically designed to protect you from the suns dangerous UV. The double-coated polyester fabric is reflective on top, not only repelling more sun, but keeping you cooler. Also using polyester instead of nylon means that if it rains hard on you the material won't stretch and sag like nylon. 
Besides being rated UPF 50+ and blocking 99% of UVA and 99% of UVB, the vented design allows hot air trapped under the umbrella to escape, making it a great umbrella for high heat and intense sun. The 60-inch arc provides 51-inch coverage, blocking more sun in a medium-sized frame than other deeper umbrellas. 


“This umbrella is great at shielding from the sun on a hot sports field. It's the perfect size to create shade around a chair. Folds up easily and slips into the nice sleeve provided. I'm happy with this purchase. “

“Bought this because I spend a lot of hours on the weekends watching my son play soccer. This umbrella is definitely much cooler under the sun than a regular umbrella and the coverage is great.and It is so much cooler walking in the shade than in the direct sun. Makes for a pleasurable walk in the park. ” 

“I adore this umbrella, especially under the hot Californian sun. I've always protected my skin from the sun but this umbrella tops everything. I still wear sunscreen on my arms and hands but this protects my face so well even when I'm wearing makeup. It's also fantastic protection in the rain. It's a little heavy and tricky in the wind but because of its sturdiness there's no turning inside, or other problems with flimsy umbrellas. I've had this over a year and it's still like brand new. Definitely worth purchasing. ”


✔Silver color reflecting  

✔Double layer of it adds to the protection 


❌Good for 1 person 


  • Auto Open/Close feature.

  • ICONIC BRITISH DESIGN - Designed in Britain (made in PRC); Patented luxurious handmade wood handle.

  • BEST MATERIAL POSSIBLE: 300T finest fabric; Steel shaft; Fiberglass ribs; Vented Double Canopy.

  • ARTISAN CRAFTSMANSHIP & RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL: 146 painstaking steps, 18 points of inspection.

  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: ONE YEAR warranty; Replacement supplied absolutely FREE with NO limit.


Compact travel umbrellas shouldn't have to look and feel cheap, and that's evident in this beautiful wood-handled umbrella that’s only 14 inches long when closed.   The UK-based company not only advertises its European aesthetic, but also analyzes the umbrella at 18 different points, and provides a one-year guarantee. Built of tightly woven 300T fabric, despite its small size, the umbrella opens to about 40 inches in diameter for wide sun and weather protection. Fiberglass ribs keep the weight below a pound without sacrificing wind and strength. There is also an open/close button and a storage sleeve for easy transportation. 


“I absolutely love this umbrella. Simply put:

1. Sturdy construction, well-built.

2. Does not invert with strong winds.

3. Wood handle feels great in the grip.

4. Small enough to travel, big enough to keep me dry.

It hit all the check boxes and has been a great umbrella for me. “

“Beautifully crafted wooden handle and feels much better than expected. I always thought nothing would feel better than a rubberized handle for enhanced grip but boy I was wrong.

Though the true plus point of this umbrella is the material of the canopy. It is extremely water repellent and does not take much effort to shake any excess water off of it. If you are being thorough, it is actually possible to put the umbrella back in its case nearly completely dry.

Last but not least, the material for the canopy is also surprisingly soft and easily to tie up with the strap; adding to the comfort and joy of using this somewhat large umbrella on raining days.”


✔Lightweight (only 0.8lbs) 

✔Modern open/close system 

✔Silky smooth and stylish 


❌Need constant care to keep it from rusting

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do you need a golf umbrella? 

Most rain players need a golf umbrella. For summer and spring, when weather can often be unpredictable, it is important to have an umbrella on hand to take out and avoid getting drenched. Golf clubs are made of metal and can erode if exposed to lots of water; you can place an umbrella over your golf bag to avoid getting soaked and ruining your clubs’ grip or shaft. If you’re sensitive to heat or light, a well-designed double canopy umbrella will keep you cool, helping you escape the sun. Thicker materials block more UV and enable airflow vertically. 

What characteristics should I look for when buying a golf umbrella? 

Well-designed, solid construction. The underside of an umbrella where ribs and joints are mounted must be sturdy, the stronger the joints. The double canopy design is almost needed irrespective of intended use because it helps vent air, prevents parachute impact, and stops the umbrella from turning inward. You want to look for a fiberglass shaft and handle and some polyurethane material, respectively. 

Fiberglass flexes without breaking, and polyurethane is more stable over time with less deterioration than a foam handle. If you find umbrellas at the end of the handle with a loop, it’s easier to find places to put it in. Depending on how you want to store your umbrella, you’ll want to find one that’s over 48″ vertically folded to hold it in your pocket next to clubs. 

What are the features that matter in a golf umbrella? 

Features depend on your intended use and how much you plan to use in poor weather. The key features to look for are those that meet your needs. For example, if you play golf in an area where rain prevails, you’ll want a strong fiberglass construction to withstand stormy rain and high wind. You’ll also want a canopy-style Teflon pongee. 

This helps the water from the umbrella bead and wick and is more resilient against abrasion and tearing. A handle with waterproof material is preferable as it possibly gets wet. Anyway, an umbrella with a double canopy design and sturdy rib and joint canopy connection is a must. Material weight depends on what you need. Heavier materials convert into longer-lasting product applications. 

What’s the difference between Nylon, polyester, and Pongee Teflon fabric? 

These fabrics appear almost identical across the board, varying in cost and effect to temperature and other climatic conditions. Nylon, for example, is the costliest out of the three materials.   It’s great because it feels like silk and has low friction against other surfaces. Nylon’s big problem is it can shrink under certain outdoor conditions, making it not the ideal umbrella product. Polyester is the cheapest material but not as good as pongee or nylon. Polyester does not suffer from nylon-like shrinkage, but the material’s roughness and creases created when folding can cause stiffness when opening and closing an umbrella. 

Pongee is cost-in-the-middle of nylon and polyester and better quality than polyester. Pongee takes nylon and polyester’s best properties without several drawbacks. Because of the manufacturing process, it doesn’t shrink in different weather conditions such as nylon nor creases like polyester. The combination of price, material quality, and a few drawbacks makes it perfect for use in umbrellas. Add more protection to your clubs with these golf club head covers.

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