Must-Have Men’s Winter Golf Gloves For Cold Weather Play

Must-Have Men’s Winter Golf Gloves For Cold Weather Play

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Golfing in the winter is difficult because it is more difficult to hang on to the club in the cold, wind, and rain. However, the correct equipment can alleviate some of the strain. The best winter golf gloves for this purpose can assist to keep your hands warm and dry, allowing you to maintain control of the club and your game.

These high-performance accessories are intended to make playing in chilly weather a little less intimidating. Many have thermal qualities to keep your hands warm, while others aid in providing a strong grip in damp conditions.

If you haven’t tried winter golf gloves yet, they could be a game-changer. They can undoubtedly improve your performance on the course during the cooler months. So, what are the best golf gloves for winter on the market right now? We’ve reviewed and tried them, and we’ve chosen our favorites to help you decide which will work best for you as the temperature decreases.

What To Consider When Buying Winter Golf Gloves

When shopping for a golf glove for those chilly winter months on the course, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve talked about them below:

Golf Glove Materials


Tanned Cabretta leather, which is shaped by properly placed seams, is the most commonly used material in high-quality golf gloves. To provide the best in luxury, premium winter leather gloves are made from 100 percent Cabretta leather.


On hot summer days, synthetic gloves are designed to be flexible and breathe, preventing the grip from slipping in your hands. They’re made of leather, satin, and spandex, among other materials.

The breathability of synthetic textiles suffers during the winter months. They are, however, easier to maintain clean.

Types of Golf Gloves

All-Weather Gloves

All-weather gloves are designed for golfers who play in a variety of circumstances, from hot, humid days to rainy days and winter days. The sturdy design will keep your hands toasty while keeping the wind at bay.

These gloves are less bulky than thermal gloves, making them more convenient to use while playing.

They are sometimes marketed in pairs in order to keep both hands warm and dry in a variety of weather conditions.

Thermal Golf Gloves

Thermal heated golf gloves are larger in size than the others mentioned above. They contain strong cotton inside and synthetic fabric to provide maximum hand-warming but at the expense of some playability.

Golf Mitts

Golf mitts are not suitable for usage during the swing sequence, but they do allow you to keep your hands, gloved or ungloved, warm when moving between shots.

The warmth will allow you to re-establish the feeling in your hands in order to execute a better shot.

Weather Protection

Wet Weather Protection

Obviously, the most crucial item here is protection from wet conditions, especially if your country has a lot of rain throughout the winter months. The last thing you want to be concerned about in those conditions is whether your hands will slip on your golf grips, and happily, several brands make models that provide additional traction as they become wetter. Quick-drying variants are also very beneficial. In this case, we recommend being aware of which models are only water-resistant and which are completely waterproof.

Cold Weather Protection

Because the winter months in the northern hemisphere may be very cold, a decent pair of winter gloves will also aid with warmth. This could be in the form of a thermal or fleece liner, which would undoubtedly come in handy, especially if you capture a thin shot!

Key Features To Look for Aside From Warmth

Control and Grip

Cold weather puts your ability to the test more than in regular settings, and it can ruin your score. It is critical that your golf gloves allow you to preserve a firm grip while also keeping your hands warm.

The wintry conditions will intensify the feedback to your hands, and thinner shots will sting your fingers. A firm grip with the proper glove will be beneficial and result in improved control.

Club Swinging

Most winter gloves have an extra layer, are thicker, and have different features. This is different from the glove you normally use, and it’s worth testing swinging a club to see if you’ll be able to swing the club on the course without losing control.


Because winter gloves add layers to protect your hands from frigid temperatures, the size you need may change from your standard glove. It is critical to try it on and check that it fits snugly and that there are no loose hanging elements that could interfere with your control.


Durability is another important consideration. A good pair will be able to perform under the most adverse situations and for an extended amount of time.


You may like a black golf glove, which is the most frequent design for winter golf gloves; however, other firms make them in the classic white finish, as well as different color alternatives, such as the Zoom model seen above.


Of course, there are a variety of models available at various price ranges, so consider how much you want to spend here.

Top 5 Winter Golf Gloves For Men


1. TOP PICK: Footjoy Wintersof
2. FOR WET WEATHER PROTECTION: MacWet Climatec Sports Gloves
3. TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: Cobra Golf Stormgrip Winter
4. MOST COMFORTABLE: Callaway Golf Thermal Grip
5. BEST FOR COLD WEATHER: Under Armour ColdGear Infrared

1. TOP PICK: Footjoy Wintersof


⛳️ Cool-weather grip - the proven water-resistant sure-grip auto suede knit palm provides a soft feel and consistent fit with a secure grip during cool weather conditions

⛳️ Weather-shield cuff - an extended knit cuff keeps the warmth in and cold out

⛳️ Sold in pairs - FJ winters of gloves are sold in pairs

⛳️ On plus off the course versatility - highly reflective Piping is added to the back of the glove for high-visibility on and off the course

⛳️ Warm plus Windproof - Waterproof structured nylon and weather-shield foam fleece on the back of the glove retains warmth and resists cold


If you're seeking the best golf gloves for winter, this FootJoy option is a must-consider. FootJoy's WinterSof gloves, which are always at the forefront of golf glove innovation, deliver on a variety of levels. For starters, they have the same suede knit palm as their RainGrip rain glove, which provides outstanding grip in wetter circumstances and actually becomes more sticky as it becomes wetter.

Then, with waterproof structural nylon construction and a weather shield foam fleece on the back of the glove, they'll keep your hands toasty and dry in inclement weather. The expanded knit cuff provides additional warmth and comfort by keeping out the wind and cold.

Furthermore, these gloves are useful both on and off the course. They could be worn for running, cycling, or other outdoor winter sports because of the grip and thermal properties, as well as the high-visibility piping on the rear of the glove.


“I have searched for a winter glove that is thick enough to be warm but thin enough to be playable. That is no easy task. I've tried numerous brands and all have only been able to check one of the boxes. These gloves check both! They are warm but still allow for some feel needed on touch shots around the green or when putting. They are extremely durable and fit my hand perfectly. I doubt I'll need it but I bought an extra pair because I don't want them to be discontinued. I'd recommend anyone who plays winter golf in a place like the Pacific Northwest. These are hands down the best of the best! Hit em straight!”

“These gloves are noticeably warmer than your standard glove and even more so than rain gloves. Now I got both rain gloves and winter gloves and to be honest, rain gloves + some kind of other heating method is the preferred route.

These are definitely great if you are riding a power cart or playing in the dry, cool weather. However, with that said I find using rain gloves to not only have more grip but reasonably more comfortable using either electronic hard warmers in a hand pocket of some sort or using push cart mitts. The reason maybe because of the added warmth and the possibility that you will not get the temp perfectly, your hands are either cold, semi-cold with winter golf gloves like these, or warm and sweaty. Rarely hard to get in between properly.

With that said, I recommend getting the FootJoy rain gloves and using either hand mits on your cart or an electronic hand warmer. To me, this is the more reasonable approach to keeping your hands warm during winter rounds.”


✅ Flexible and warm

✅ Fairly priced

✅ Excellent for cold and windy conditions

✅ Weather shield cuff to keep warmth in

✅ Comes in a pair

✅ Water-resistant

✅ Has thermal properties


❌ Only available in black

2. FOR WET WEATHER PROTECTION: MacWet Climatec Sports Gloves


⛳️ Thick elasticated cuff with Velcro fastening, glove rests just above wrist

⛳️ Lightweight sports glove

⛳️ Soft, slightly shiny finish

⛳️ Made from unique aquatic & climatic material

⛳️ Hook and loop closure


As we enter the off-season, being prepared to play golf in any and all weather can be worth countless shots. So, if you're the sort that likes to log hours on the course all year, it's time to start planning your winter gear.

We're not just talking about waterproof clothing and bottoms, though those are crucial as well. No, an often-overlooked piece of clothing is the wet weather golf glove, which is why we put the MacWet Climatec Winter Gloves to the test.

The first thing to mention about this product is that it not only keeps rain out, but it also keeps you warm when the temperature decreases. The influence of the elements was reduced as long as we kept them on.

In fact, the wetter it got, the better our grip became. This is due to the Aquatec microfibre material utilized in the production of the fingers and palm. Even in conditions worse than we'd ordinarily play in, we kept enough grip on the club and feel in our hands to get the ball rolling.

In reality, the most difficult obstacle we had to overcome was getting used to playing golf with two gloves on. Making the switch to a left-handed winter glove is rather simple, but getting comfortable enough to swing with both gloves on required a few rounds.

The fit and feel supplied were one of the things that made it a little simpler. It goes without saying that a new pair of gloves, golf or otherwise, should be comfortable, and these were.

Even without putting them on, the fabric has a quality feel to it - these are unquestionably among the best winter golf gloves. Furthermore, the elasticated cuff and velcro closing system provide a snug and precise fit, while stretch qualities strengthen this feature and allow for finger flexibility.

There are also eight sizes available for men and women, and the fact that they can be washed without losing performance is the frosting on the cake.

It's critical to be able to rely on your equipment when the skies open and the temperature lowers, and this set of winter gloves delivers on all fronts.

This winter glove set has everything a golfer may want during the winter months. They are comfortable, fit well, and, most importantly, provide adequate warmth and traction in the rain.


“I ordered these as a last-minute addition to my gear in the event I needed them for a winter outing here in Ohio. I did not have high expectations of quality or comfort but these have actually become my "go-to" gloves recently. I usually will not go out if it's under 50 but have been out on a sunny, 44-degree windless day and these gloves were great. I was concerned about durability/comfort more than anything but they fit perfectly, are amazingly comfortable, and well honestly well made. Bonus: Because I was so concerned about durability it caused me to loosen my grip, which caused me to swing with less tension and that's been nothing but a good thing. I cannot speak for every pair made but based on my experience I'll be ordering more in the future if available. After two full rounds, you cannot even tell they've been worn.”

See what else others have to say about this item...


✅ Excellent grip in wet conditions

✅ Windproof

✅ Ensures consistent comfortable grip


❌ Has no ball marker attachment

3. TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: Cobra Golf Stormgrip Winter


⛳️ 89% Polyester, 11% Elastane

⛳️ Premium MicroGrip + Lycra. MicroGrip leather paired with 360 stretch panels provide ultimate comfort, breathability, and grip.

⛳️ Purfit Tech-Form fitted construction and contoured wrist band for ultimate comfort.

⛳️ PURFIT Tech-Lightweight mesh and form-fitted wristband provide exceptional comfort

⛳️ Storm Grip suede in the palm provide maximum grip in wet conditions. A tailored cuff provides an optimal fit and feel. The index finger is electronic touch screen compatible. DWR coating helps keep hands dry.


These gloves work nicely as a pair and have a fantastic fit. They're elegant and comfy, and the grip doesn't suffer. The StormGrip suede fabric provides excellent traction, and we noticed that performance improved as they became wetter.

A fitted, elasticated cuff keeps a cool breeze out and keeps your hands dry. The index finger is touch screen compatible, so you can operate an electric trolley, GPS gadget, or phone without taking them off.

Overall, the Cobra StormGrip checks a lot of boxes if you're looking for a good winter golf glove — it's sturdy, comfortable, has a good fit, has a good grip, and looks great.


“Really like the way they feel and look would recommend this product”


✅ Excellent grip in wet weather conditions

✅ Index finger is touch screen compatible

✅ Keeps your hands dry even in that harvest conditions

✅ Lightweight and comfortable


❌ No ball marker attachment

4. MOST COMFORTABLE: Callaway Golf Thermal Grip


⛳️ Digitized synthetic leather palm improved grip in wet conditions

⛳️ Opti shield microfiber outer shell repels water & provides wind protection

⛳️ Opti therm thermal fleece inner lining keeps hands warm

⛳️ Opti fit adjustable closure thin, light & secure fit

⛳️ The thermal grip gloves are built for optimal warmth in extreme conditions.


The Callaway Thermal Grip gloves, which are sold in pairs, provide a nice balance of protection and performance. They're fleece-lined for warmth, yet the digitized synthetic leather palm provides a good sense of touch.

These aren't bulky and awkward gloves; they fit nicely, which is aided by the Opti Fit closure system — they're thin, lightweight, and pleasant. The Microfiber outer shell provides good protection against wind and water while also allowing for adequate finger movement. Overall, the Callaway Thermal Grip gloves are a good halfway house in terms of winter gloves, providing impressive warmth while retaining a respectable amount of feel.


“Shaped like hands, nice grippy material on one side and a Velcro closure strap. They're also black. Amazing” 

“Perfect for those days in the spring and fall when it's a little chilly. Not going to keep your hands extremely warm but does the job on the golf course. Will definitely buy again.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this product. Really a sturdy and comfortable fit.”


✅ Wind and water repellant

✅ Great fit

✅ Built for warmth and comfort

✅ Has excellent grip in wet conditions


❌ Has no extra protective cuff

5. BEST FOR COLD WEATHER: Under Armour ColdGear Infrared


⛳️ Water-resistant 3-layer bonded exterior fabric for lightweight durability 

⛳️ ColdGear Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive coating to absorb & retain your body heat

⛳️ Knit fleece fabric finger gussets for added stretch & mobility

⛳️ Extended ribbed cuffs for added coverage & warmth


The Under Armour ColdGear gloves are one of the best golf gloves for winter because they keep your hands warm in all but the harshest situations, thanks to a dual layer fabric on the top of the hand and a brushed inner, as well as ColdGear infrared lining. ColdGear technology was created to assist your body in absorbing and retaining body heat.

The supple leather palm of the gloves, which are sold in pairs, provides a terrific feel and a sleek finish. It may not provide the finest traction in wet conditions, but it is normally rather durable and strong. This is an excellent alternative in cooler, drier weather since it keeps you warm without sacrificing touch and feel.


“When you choose a brand like Under Armour, you know what you're going to get. It's a quality glove. I've played with this a handful of times. It is showing wear but there's no damage to the glove. Provides a good level of grip. Happy with the purchase.”

“Works just as well as in sweltering heat as it does in the rain. Highly durable, yet thin, and hasn't stretched. Comfortable, not sweaty. I used to get through 3 or 4 leather gloves a year. This one is still intact after over 100 rounds in one year. I've previously hated all synthetic gloves until I found this one. This one is different and way better. I'm never going back to leather.”


✅ Well-insulated for optimal warmth

✅ Soft leather delivers great feel

✅ Has extended cuffs for added warmth


❌ Sizing is a bit off

Final Thoughts

Playing golf all year is a luxury that few players have. Playing in the chilly winter months is difficult because the padding used to keep you warm has an impact on your ability to swing. In the cold, mishits cause a severe sting to your fingers and the ball travels farther in less time. However, golfers being golfers, every opportunity to get out on the course is welcomed and cherished. Keeping your hands warm adds to the enjoyment of the round.

Although there are other excellent candidates on the list, we believe that the FootJoy WinterSof glove is the most adaptable and will provide the best protection against wind, water, and temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the warmest winter golf gloves?

Many versions claim to be the warmest winter golf gloves on the market since they are made with a combination of fleece and leather to help insulate the hands. Under Armour ColdGear gloves and FootJoy Stasof Winter gloves are two good examples from our testing.

How do I keep my hands warm while playing winter golf?

There are various techniques to keep your hands warm while playing winter golf. First and foremost, we usually recommend investing in a nice pair of winter golf gloves or golf mitts because they are specifically created for this purpose. We also advocate using hand warmers and wearing outerwear with pockets where you can put the warmers and your hands.

Can winter golf gloves be used in the rain?

We discovered that some models are water-resistant, which can aid in mild rain, but in terms of sudden downpours, certain models, such as the FootJoy WinterSof gloves or the Callaway Thermal Grip gloves, are completely waterproof.

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