When you load certain muscle groups in your backswing, then correctly unload that built-up energy as you swing through the ball, the game gets easy. However, it’s complicated kinematic stuff. Luckily, you can feel it — and learn it — with a simple training aid. Secure one end of an elastic band under your trail foot and the other under your grip.
Golf is an enjoyable and competitive sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels, but it does require some form of physical exercise to maintain your health. For beginners, the best form of exercise is golf-specific exercises, which will help you learn and improve as you play more golf.
Golf is a very physically intensive sport while at the same time requires you to possess a lot of mental discipline. You can have the strongest and athletic body in the world but if you don’t have strong mental discipline and focus, you will never be able to unleash your true potential in this game.
Golfers need to be in tip-top shape to play this great game. The swing and contact with the ball is very physically demanding, so a player has to have good stamina to maintain this for 18 holes, and good flexibility to swing smoothly.

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